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La Chapelle-aux-Saints Neanderthal burial site, © Musée de l’homme Néandertal

Prehistory for all The Museum of Neanderthal Man La Chapelle aux Saints, France / Author: Véronique Simbille


t La Chapelle-aux-Saints (France), the Museum of Neanderthal Man is an interpretation centre for all ages, with guided tours and activities on offer to understand the history of our humanity. This dynamic scientific place welcomes school children and students, as well as family holidaymakers. In addition to the regular program, two particularly outstanding events will take place in 2019:

7th Prehistoric Book Fair / 27-28 April 2019 This event is a unique book fair dedicated to prehistory showcasing twenty or so authors of scientific books, novels, children's books and comics. The programme includes four conferences: “Were ancient humans artists?”, “How can archaeology overturn preconceived knowledge?”, “Anthology of Prehistory” and “The Issues of Mediation in Prehistory”. Activities for children (and for adults who retain their childhood soul) include “Around the paper: the manufacturing process and exhibition”; watercolour painting using natural ingredients such as beetroot, coffee and spinach; an herb workshop entitled “From the leaf to the tree”; and stencilling tee-shirt with the words “Are you Cro Magnon or Neanderthal?”.

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Ice Age Europe Magazine, Issue 3 2019  

Ice Age Europe Magazine, Issue 3 2019