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The Future of the Neanderthal Museum: Of, by and for all Neanderthal Museum, Germany / Author: Bärbel Auffermann


ur core theme human evolution points to the perspective of humanity as a diverse community that is subject to constant change. Climate changes and migrations have led to our genetic mosaic that has never been static. In our permanent exhibition, we show our versatile family of hominin ancestors and also address the themes of skin colors and racism.

In our special exhibition "2 Million Years of Migration", we have shown with archaeological and paleogenetic exhibits and data

that migration is a natural part of being human. In this exhibition, we present each European carrying a genetic mosaic of the descendants of the first immigrants from Africa, early Anatolian and Middle Eastern peasants, and people from the Eurasian steppe areas. The exhibition ran successfully in the Neanderthal Museum in 2017 and is now touring as a traveling exhibition at other German museums. Since then, the district government has been using our input for their teacher training on migration. The work on this exhibition has shown us

Our permanent exhibition shows human evolution not as a directed process, but rather as the result of adaptation and chance, with a range of diverse hominin ancestors.

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Ice Age Europe Magazine, Issue 3 2019  

Ice Age Europe Magazine, Issue 3 2019