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Cave ceiling of Altamira caves, © Museum of Altamira

THE CAVE OF ALTAMIRA AND ITS PREVENTIVE CONSERVATION PLAN Museum of Altamira, Spain / Author: Alfredo Prada Freixedo


reventive Conservation as regard cultural heritage is defined as the conservation strategy that establishes a systematic method to identify, evaluate, detect and control the risk of damage in any cultural asset. The aim is to minimize those risks acting on the origin of the problem, which is usually not inherent to the cultural asset itself.

Indeed, the objective of conservation strategies is to eliminate the causes of deterioration, but the only guarantee for long term preservation is the control of the disruption agents that causes degradation and may activate it again in the future.

❝ Despite the fact that avoiding damage is almost impossible, it is in our hands to minimize it by applying control and stabilisation measures such as those proposed in the Altamira Preventive Conservation Plan. ❞

Boards layout in the floor of the cave of Altamira

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Ice Age Europe Magazine, Issue 3 2019  

Ice Age Europe Magazine, Issue 3 2019