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What is ice_ribh?

ice_ribh is the GIZ focal point for responsible and inclusive business based at icecairo. It powers a paradigm shift towards sustainable development in the Middle East and North Africa. We assist the private sector with skills, networks and business model development support around corporate social responsibility and inclusive business.


What is Inclusive Business?

Inclusive Business is a sustainable business that includes disadvantaged segments of society as consumers and/or producers into existing or new value chains. ice_ribh office: 32 Mohamed Sabry Abu Alam, Downtown, Cairo, Egypt Programme Coordinator Bernhard Rohkemper: Powered by:


INTEGRATING CONTEMPORARY DESIGN WITH TRADITIONAL SKILL - EGYPT Goal: Creating opportunities to the local communities of “Al Darb Al Ahmar” and “Al Gamalya” in Old Cairo to reach international markets by aiding them with the necessary trainings to develop a contemporary edge to their traditional designs Model: Vocational & technical training, providing craftsmen with design services to develop new innovative designs that appeal to local & international communities

Key Partners: UNDP Egypt IMC Industrial Modernization Center ENSAD Paris (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs) RIBH MENA Key ingredients: Qualifying craftsmen in contemporary design, opening new marketing channels Size & Reach: Small enterprise run by 3 people, investing in an average of 12 craftsmen in every round

Background: Craftsmen in “Al Darb Al Ahmar”, known for their ethnic Egyptian style and traditional products, started to face major challenges in selling their products due to the decreased appreciation of traditional designs. Despite their exceptional skills in craftsmanship, their products no longer met the modern-day market demand of contemporary designs. In addition to that, artisans lacked access to high-income customer segments in both Egypt and abroad.

Solution: Take Caire understood, developed, and enhanced the work of “Al Darb Al Ahmar” craftsmen. It offered a new label for Egyptian handicrafts and helped in opening a new channel to market for an Egyptian production line, locally and internationally. Understand: exploring through analysis, discussion, workshops & innovation. Develop: building a sustainable model of design and marketing services, branding this new label to create a line of products and approach new markets. Enhance: constantly repeat and consolidate the model; renew the collec­tions through elaboration in a cycle of analysis and workshops. Impact: Inclusive Business Impact: Take Caire provided the local communities with the know-how to innovate and integrate new processes with traditional skill, which help them tap into new income streams as well as improving their skills through technical and vocational trainings. Business Impact: Capitalizing on the craftsmen’s skills, Take Caire has become a design label that produces and sells an exclusive product collection at their showroom in downtown Cairo, and through other forums such as Dokkan Dilwa2ty. Social Impact: Take Caire created faith in Egypt’s potential to compete in the international crafts market and encouraging new stakeholders to invest in a new brand for the local crafts industry. Contact: Sylvie Blanchet

Sources: Take Caire


Take caire case study by ice ribh  
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