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Translation & eLearning-Issues and Challenges Spring 2012

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In This Issue Translation & eLearningIssues and Challenges ����������������� } Make Translation Reviews Easier���������������������������������� } Speak Hmong? Which Color? ....................................... 2 International Culinary Adventures .......................................... 2 Tallest, Fastest .................................. 2 Useful Tips When Exhibiting Internationally ..... 3 Have Your Bread and Eat It Too! . .................................. 3

Features Country Profile: South Africa ....................................... 3 Suggested International Films ......................................................... 3 ICD On the Road ............................... 4

ICD Travel Tip Less Lag

Get as much sleep during your flight as possible. Use sleep aids like blindfolds, ear plugs, neck rests and pillows to help you get some zzz’s while flying. Also, try taking off your shoes to get more comfortable in flight. It may just help you get more sleep!

 The languages you choose to translate Computer-based training is a growing trend and likely here to stay. Aside from the flexibility, ease of use and into could introduce challenges like text efficiency of using eLearning to carry out training, there’s expansion or require the accommodation also the factor of extreme portability. That is, eLearning of character-based languages. can happen virtually anywhere! For this reason,  Don’t forget to calculate the cost of multimany organizations endeavor to roll out eLearning lingual voice talent. The audio cues must programs to their international locations and also be dubbed over into the target language. subsidiaries. This can be a great way to extend  Remember that the source files for graphics and standardize training across multinational must be readily available or else you could companies. If you think that you’re up to the run into additional charges for recreating challenges of localizing (that is, adapting the those same images. training content for local use), here are some things to keep in mind:  The review process should include grammar and  The platform your eLearning

modules are based on will largely determine your process. Is there a localization module that is compatible with the translation process or must text be manually extracted?

punctuation, cultural appropriateness and finally testing of the modules so that they behave as expected after the localization has been performed.

Make Translation Reviews Easier Translation is a process that requires several steps of writing, reviewing and even customization for a particular use. Often, the “customization” element comes into play when organizations need translations to be reviewed for use in local markets. This process of reviewing translations after the professional translation step is complete is often known as in-country review (ICR) or peer reviews. In this stage, a local associate (such as an employee, distributor or agent) will usually review a translated document to provide suggestions that will improve the use and readability of a document for their purpose. For example, an employee reviewing translations for use in an instruction manual may have different suggestions than an employee using translations for sales & marketing purposes. While mostly helpful, peer reviews can often present additional challenges in the translation process. Without a See REVIEW on page 2 transparent system to track versions,

The best localization process starts with a plan. Sit down with your language service provider to go over expectations and concerns. This way, you can come up with a localization strategy that is suitable for your needs.

Humor in Translation

Picture of a small remote controlled helicopter reads:

If blade damage. don’t be fly. otherwise it will create the human body or blame damage. Source:

REVIEW from page 1

changes, authors, and updated file names, a collaborative translation approach can quickly become a confusing headache. Collaborators or reviewers that submit their contributions in handwritten form can bring even more inefficiency to the peer review stage. Despite the challenges, ICD sees the value in peer reviews. GroupShare, a tool available through our strategic technology partner SDL, makes this process simpler, more effective, and easier to track. With SDL’s GroupShare: Project managers, translators and peer reviewers can share resources on a single collaborative platform. Clientside reviewers can work in the same, easy-to-use, resource-rich interface as our professional linguists. There’s no file trafficking or need for updates on the project status. Important details are visible to all stakeholders in the translation process, even your reviewers. If you’d like to find out more about how ICD and GroupShare can make your Peer Review process more effective, contact ICD today for a demo.

Language Lesson Did you know the “&” or the ampersand was once the 27th letter of the alphabet? The sign itself was used to represent the Latin phrase “per se” meaning “by itself.” In English speaking schools, it was common to add the “&” sign as the 27th letter at the end of the alphabet. It was pronounced and. So, the recitation of the alphabet would end in: “X, Y, Z and per se and”. This last phrase was eventually slurred to “ampersand” and became a common term in English by the 1830s. Source: Wikipedia


Speak Hmong? Which Color? The Hmong language has two dialects: White Hmong and Blue (or Green) Hmong. The colors represent the colors used in the traditional women’s costumes of the different groups, reflecting somewhat different cultural heritages and residential distributions in distinct regions of China. However, the differences between White and Green Hmong are probably not much greater than those differences between British and American English. Neither White nor Green Hmong has ever had any official status in Laos, Thailand, or China. Thus, there are no grounds for

preferring one of the dialects over the other. In spite of this, White Hmong has been favored in many ways. The Hmong writing system most commonly used, the Romanized Practical Alphabet, generally is closest to the White Hmong pronunciation. Most dictionaries of Hmong only present the White Hmong dialect. In Laos, the majority of the well-educated Hmong population probably spoke the White Hmong dialect. The English name “Hmong” as opposed to “Mong” represents the White Hmong pronunciation. 

Tallest, Fastest

If you are travelling to Peru anytime soon, don’t forget to try a dish that’s sure to please: Cuy. Cuy is the local name for a dish that serves up whole cooked guinea pig. Cuy can be oven- roasted, stuffed or fried and is usually served with side dishes like potato fries or corn. ¡Buen provecho! (Spanish for “Bon Appetit”)

U.S. architectural firm Gensler is building what will be the world’s tallest skyscraper: the 2,073-foot Shanghai Tower, located in Shanghai’s Pudong district. The tower, which will be the world’s tallest after the Burj Khalifa, will be unique in another way: lightning fast “bullet elevators.” These elevators, developed by Mitsubishi Electric, will be capable of speeds of about 40 miles per hour, or about 1,080 meters (3,543 feet) per minute. The aerodynamically designed elevators have several convenient features that not only help them transport passengers very quickly, but also conserve energy.

Source: NPR

Source: International Business Times

Source: Wikipedia

International Culinary Adventures


Useful Tips When Exhibiting Internationally If you are going to be on the international tradeshow circuit this year, check out these useful tips for various regions:

São Paulo, Brazil – Have interpreters who speak English, Spanish and Portuguese available at your booth.

Moscow – It may be considered rude to stand with your hands in your pockets and use the American hand signal for “OK.” Also note

Proverbs from Around the World

that shaken-fist gestures are vulgarities in Russian culture.

— including customs — completely closes down.

Beijing – When shipping,

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E – Abu Dhabi is extremely hot in the summer (May through September) and sandstorms are common. Bring lightweight clothing and sunglasses.

be mindful of China’s three national holidays, the Lunar New Year (which varies, but is usually in February), May Day (May 1), and National Day (Oct. 1). During these holidays, the entire country

Source: Exhibitor Magazine

After years of experimenting, JeanLouis Hetch, a baker from northeast France, has finally deployed two 24 hour automated baguette dispensing machines. These vending machine-like dispensers bake baguettes on the spot for less than 2 Euros. The dispensers are designed to accommodate people who can’t get to their bakery during business hours, but still need access to the quintessential freshly-baked baguette. Hecht told the Associated Press, “This is the bakery of tomorrow. It is answering a real need. People who work at night or early in the morning can get their fresh bread. To me it’s a public utility.” Source: NPR

Land area: 463,323 sq. miles Population: 48.8 million Languages (2001 census): Sesotho...........8.0% IsiZulu.......... 23.8% IsiXhosa....... 17.6 Xitsonga.........4.4 Afrikaans... 13.4 siSwati.............2.7 Sepedi............... 9.4 Tshivenda......2.3 English.............8.2 isiNdebele....1.6 Setswana.......8.2 Other..................0.5 Major industries: Agriculture, industry, service

Suggested International Films Gomorrah (Italy 2008)

I do (France 2006)


At 41, Luis is a successful, content bachelor. He has one problem: His mother and five sisters, who form an intimidating family council, want him married. Luis contrives to hire a woman to pose as a fiancée who will jilt him at the altar, leaving him disconsolate, with an excuse not to marry. He hires Emma, the sister of a colleague to help execute his plan. Things go too well: when Emma doesn’t show up at the wedding, Luis’s mother requires hospitalization. It’s time for a new plan that involves more tangled webs. Available on Netflix.

zimbabwe namibia








Pretoria Johannesburg


South Africa Cape Town

Indian Ocean

Export/Import partners

Japan, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Netherlands Source: The CIA World Factbook; Wikipedia



Recently inducted into the BRIC, a group of fast growing economies comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China and now South Africa, this country is expected to gain increasing prominence in global realms of economics and politics.

- Chinese Proverb

The intertwining tales of a delivery boy, a tailor, a businessman and two cocky teenagers form the fabric of this gritty and lyrical examination of the influential Neapolitan mob known as the Camorra. Gomorrah was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Golden Globe and a Best Documentary Independent Spirit Award. Available on Netflix.

Have Your Bread and Eat It Too!

South Africa

“Govern a family as you would cook a small fish - very gently.”

Kurbaan (India 2009)

When a young Indian couple moves to the suburbs to claim their stake in the American dream, they are shocked to learn they’ve become enmeshed in a secret terrorist plot. As tensions escalate, the bride begins to wonder if her husband is being honest. Available on Netflix.

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