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The Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing WINTER 2011

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In This Issue The Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing ��������������������������������� } Multimedia: Changing how we communicate ���������������������������� } New kiosk dispenses wine ....... 2 Japanese Businessmen Get Back to Their Roots . .......... 2 China to develop its own aircraft ................................ 3 Translation for right-to-left languages ............................................. 3 Singapore’s Toast Restaurant ........................................... 3

Features Suggested International Films........................................................... 2 Country Profile: United Arab Emirates .................. 3 ICD on the road ................................ 4

ICD Travel Tip Octopus Card In Hong Kong, use the “Octopus Card” for the subway, trams, Star Ferry boat, and parking meters. You can purchase the card at the MTR (subway) stations throughout Hong Kong. You can add credit to it at various locations, and purchase items at certain businesses like Starbucks and McDonald’s. It’s a an easy and convenient way of travelling without having to carry cash.

The idea of crowdsourcing – or using a vast internet audience to contribute to a project – can take many forms from gathering ideas for marketing campaigns to writing content for online encyclopedias. Taking advantage of the knowledge of millions of internet users to further your corporate goals can be a productive and even profitable activity. But there are also pitfalls to this approach. One company that recently solicited ideas for a campaign to market their product found that within just two days, they had received hundreds of ideas. The time their director would have spent to sort Some major through and select the best suggestions far drawbacks outweighed the costs they would have incurred in and advantages to hiring a marketing campaign manager. Yet there using crowdsourcing: are benefits to this approach including identifying untapped talent and innovative ideas that would not have emerged when using just PRO one marketing vendor. + Many ideas from a large number of users Sites that provide research + Reduced or no cost material, such as Wikipedia, often benefit from the knowledge + Fast turnaround of multiple experts in a field. In addition, experts can review CON content being offered up and make - Lack of quality needed corrections where factual - Unreliability of errors exist. On the other hand, contributors in meeting deadlines with no designated oversight, errors and misinformation can - Lack of confidentiality for proprietary projects propagate when crowdsourcing is used.


Multimedia: Changing how we communicate challenges these content shifts represent. Although text to text translation is still prevalent, companies are finding new methods of Before creating a multimedia product for an communicating with users in their target languages international audience, businesses must consider a through graphics, sound, images, and video clips. number of factors including: With shifts in the approaches to delivering content, changes in the way that content is translated are also • TECHNOLOGY - Plan for the delivery devices, such as Blackberry® and Apple ® IPad® and learn to use necessary. current multimedia authoring platforms such as Over the past two years, ICD has observed a threeArticulate ® and Adobe® Captivate®. fold increase in the amount of video and multimedia • VOICE AND DUBBING - Choose voice talents content for translation. Before moving too quickly carefully and decide how you will record voices; into these areas, companies should consider the

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for example, decide whether to lipsynch the translated script or to use voiceovers. • IMAGE SUITABILITY – Understand the cultural preferences of the target audience and ensure that images are appropriate.

New kiosk dispenses wine through vending technology

• IMAGE ELEMENTS – Analyze lines, shapes and other graphic elements, especially color and how those elements will be perceived by the target audience. For example, some cultures respond well to red, while others may respond negatively. • ENGLISH ACRONYMS – Avoid using English acronyms to convey learning concepts as such acronyms do not translate well into other languages; for example: SELF = Selling Experience Like Fire or FOUR = Finalizing Our User Resources.

At a time when businesses are closely watching their budgets, companies are increasingly finding themselves in a position to make the call between “ideal” versus “good enough” in developing and delivering content to a global customer base. In making those decisions, ensure you are well-informed on the many considerations to take into account when delivering multimedia content to international audiences.

Suggested International Films Bienvenue chez les chtis

(Welcome to the Sticks) (France 2008) 

In an effort to please his wife, a French postal worker seeks a transfer to the French Riviera, but is instead caught scamming an inspector and is transferred to a town in the far north of France where the unemployed and hard-drinking residents speak a strange dialect called “Ch’ti”.

The White Ribbon (Germany 2009) As more and more consumers appreciate the convenience of self-checkout and vending machines, a French manufacturer has come up with a new idea for vending wine on demand. A greener approach than selling wine in individual bottles, the kiosks require that consumers bring their own reusable containers, reducing not just packaging but also transportation costs. Currently, the machines are available in eight supermarkets in France and if the idea takes off, it may spread to other European countries soon. Source:


Mitchell Donaldson Business Development Manager With his background as an Account Executive for a localization service provider, Mitch brings to ICD solid expertise in understanding the complete localization process, identifying client needs for translation, and ensuring that client requirements are met. Among Mitch’s activities at ICD are working at trade shows and serving as a consultant to clients requesting translation. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Mitch is uniquely qualified to advise customers on reaching the Chinese market through translated collateral. Having earned his BA in East Asian Languages and Literature at Indiana University in Bloomington, Mitch’s interest and proficiency in languages extends to French and Spanish as well. A frequent traveler, Mitch served as a Database Manager for a sports hospitality company at both the Beijing Olympics and the World Cup in South Africa. In his spare time, Mitch enjoys rollerblading and collecting subway maps from around the world. 2

Set in rural northern Germany in 1913, the film chronicles a series of violent acts and punishment that seem to foreshadow the impending world war and suggest the origins of Fascism.

I Am Love (Io Sono L’Amore) (Italy 2009) On the surface, a loving Italian family has its patina of propriety pulled back, revealing jealousies and tension at the family patriarch’s birthday gathering.

Japanese Businessmen Get Back to Their Roots With urban farming becoming more prevalent as a source of ingredients for upscale restaurants, it’s no surprise that businesses are finding ways to incorporate this trend into their work day. In the Otemachi business district near Tokyo, a 1,000-square-foot indoor rice paddy has been created and is being maintained by office workers and professional gardeners. While creators view the rice paddy as a way for office workers to relax and get back to their horticultural roots, the indoor farm also supplies about 100 pounds of rice to the building’s cafeteria. Source:


While EGOT has not been officially adopted by Webster’s as a new word, Hollywood personalities may be getting accustomed to using this new term coined in a television show to refer to actors who have earned the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards.

Translation tips for right-to-left languages When translating your content into languages — such as Arabic and Hebrew  — that are written from right to left, keep in mind these tips:

China to develop its own aircraft In a few years, China may be joining the ranks of large aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus when its new C919 passenger jet goes into full production in 2016. The recently unveiled C919 aircraft, billed as a high-capacity jet, is not expected to be comparable to the huge Airbus A380 and the Boeing 737. If the 156seat passenger aircraft proves to be successful, it will represent China’s first foray into the manufacturing and design of domestic-haul aircraft to meet the country’s own aviation needs. Source:


Determine whether the desktop publishing tool that you will use to author your English content supports right-to-left target languages. Desktop publishing of the translated content will be easier if you have used one of these DTP tools at the outset of your project. One of the popular desktop publishing tools that provides this support is Adobe® InDesign® Creative Suite for Middle East Languages (CS-ME). Microsoft Office® also supports rightto-left languages. Create graphics without any text if you are planning on translating into Arabic or Hebrew. Because most popular graphics tools do not currently support right-to-left content, translators cannot place the translated text within the versions of the graphics for the target

languages. Instead, create numbered callouts within the graphics. Then provide a separate table, as text, that provides the corresponding descriptions for each callout. Pay close attention to web site layout when you are localizing in a language like Arabic or Hebrew. Because these are right-to-left languages, you will likely need to redesign the layout of the translated web pages to suit the reading patterns. This point is especially important when your web site contains navigational elements such as navigation bars or menus on the left of the page. For example, your vertical navigation bar typically belongs on the left side of the web page for English, but on the right side for Arabic or Hebrew. Source:

This photograph of a creative translation into English was taken in Shanghai, China. COUNTRY PROFILE IRAN

The United Arab Emirates Source: “More Chinglish: Speaking in Tongues” Oliver Lutz Radtke, 2009, Gibbs Smith Publications


The UAE includes the states of Abu Zaby, ‘Ajman, Al Fujayrah, Ash Shariqah, Dubayy, Umm al Qaywayn, and Ra’s al Khaymah.

International Culinary Adventures:

LAND AREA: 83,600 sq km

A Restaurant Dedicated to Toast in Singapore

POPULATION: 4,975,593

Dining aficionados seeking to find yet another restaurant centered around a specific food might consider the Ya Kun restaurant chain in Singapore, which features dishes focused almost entirely on… toast. The restaurant uses a special thin toast to serve up a variety of dishes including cheese toast, French toast, cheesy French toast, and ice cream toast with flavors such as durian. One of the specialties is toast with kaya spread, consisting of eggs, sugar and coconut milk and flavored with pandan, an aromatic leaf that adds a sweet flavor. Source:

Persian Gulf

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

(slightly smaller than Maine) SAUDI ARABIA

(based on 2005 census)

LANGUAGES: Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Petroleum and petrochemicals; fishing, aluminum, cement, fertilizers, commercial ship repair, construction materials, some boat building, handicrafts, textiles Sources: The CIA World Factbook


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Export partners

Import partners

1. Japan............ 17.27% 2. South Korea.... 10.49% 3. India...............9.96% 4. Iran................6.82% 5. Thailand..........5.11%

1. China............. 15.03% 2. India............. 14.27% 3. U.S..................8.44% 4. Germany..........5.81% 5. Japan..............4.52%



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