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The Missing Bicycle

Jake walked into Mel’s office with a big smile on his face. He had a brand new red bicycle and it was his pride and joy.

While Jake was showing off his bicycle he didn’t see two people watching him. Katy and Noah were jealous because they had always wanted a bicycle like that.

Five minutes later, Katy and Noah were running towards the door. They had taken the bicycle from the office when nobody was looking.

Jake was so upset that he asked Mar and Silvia to help him find his bicycle. As soon as they got outside, Silvia spotted the thieves with the bicycle.

To Noah and Katy’s surprise, the bicycle was taken off them. Silvia grabbed the bicycle and Mar pulled Katy’s hair. As Jake held Noah’s head, he thought that he would never bring his bicycle to CIC again. It was too much trouble!

The Stolen Bicycle  

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