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Article Published in third issue of ICC Eves Newsletter, March Issue Conceptualized by TM Shanty Rose Compiled by TM Girija Chari Club No - 1334658 Area 68, Division S District 20

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Winners Give it All Contests are the tools with which we measure our growth over the previous year and motivate others to perform in the upcoming year. ICC Eves had its area contests on 24th March 2017. The winners, who will represent area 68 in Division S contests, were asked to answer a few questions to find out what made them outdo others in the contests. While there is no proven formula to win a contest, tricks are helpful. Here are their responses.

TM Asha Shiju Winner Evaluation Contest, Area 68 1.What are main elements required in a good evaluation? Main elements required in a good evaluation are motivation , truth and summation of the speech with praise and recommendations. Always evaluate to motivate. 2. Which are the important things to consider while evaluating a speech? While evaluating a speech one should see that they listen to the speech effectively, take notes of good usage of language, share the honest opinion of the message shared and evaluate it effectively using good technique. 3. Is there any method one can follow to effectively evaluate a speech? One can follow the sandwich method which is divided mainly into three components...First part which is the praise and encouragement, then areas of improvement with recommendations and third sum up with specific suggestions. 4. What are your suggestions for our new members who want to improve their evaluation skills? Suggestion to new members is to take up evaluations effectively following the basic technique. To be honest and raise one’s opinion about the message delivered through positive and constructive criticism. TM Kanthi Ravichandran

Table Topics Winner Area 68 1. How do you prepare for a Table topic contests, both club and area? Table topic is an interesting aspect in toastmasters. I really enjoy it, as this does not need much preparation like the other contests . It is nerve wracking, yet a stimulating adventure. We may not know what they are going to ask but we all know practice makes perfect. You can ask your friends to give you a topic and try speaking on it . Don't miss a chance to take part in club meetings where you have your friends to give you feedback and evaluate you. Quick thinking is the key. 2. Is there any specific method that you prefer while speaking on an impromptu topic? I mostly use the prep method ..that is point -response-example-point. This is time tested and easy to follow. I try to use my previous speeches. Your personal stories are always a success and connect well with your audience. I always like catchy phrases which I keep writing down. Sometimes these come in handy. Understanding the topic is the most important thing and how you relate to the topic helps you. 3. What are your suggestions for our fellow members who want to participate in Table Topic contests? The content and delivery are weighed equally by judges while thinking about content or message don't forget the delivery. Don't get stressed so much that it shows on your face, be cool ...I believe in luck, if it's your lucky day you will get a topic that you can speak volumes. The most important thing is "Begin with the end in mind". You just have just two minutes to end in time, so be precise in your delivery. My last advice is "Be yourself ". No one can be you in delivering your ideas. TM Latha Ramkrishnan Winner Humorous Speech Area 68, Division S 1. How do you pick a particular topic for a humorous speech? There is no trick as such! The basic principle for any speech topic - be it international or humorous - is to look within you & around you. If you find a particular topic or incident funny and it brings laughter or a smile on your face, then it might work with the audience as well; and that would make good humorous speech material! 2. What do you think makes people laugh? Funny stories you make up or your personal experiences? People laugh most when reality is presented in a subtle and humorous way. Basically, the audience should be able to visualize the whole thing. That’s how one connects to the speaker‌ and that gives maximum impact. Generally, the stories I come up with are small incidents that I have observed or experienced. Later on, exaggerated or elaborated as per my imagination! 3. What do you think is the most effective way of writing humorous speech?

Is there any method one can follow? The most effective way, I feel, is to start & conclude on a humorous note. Of course, the body too should have humor intertwined which should keep the audience in splits. Humor should spring out at unexpected quarters. In humorous speech, it is not only the script that carries weightage, but also the delivery part. The speaker should play around with his/her body, voice, the right pauses & gestures to convey the message. 4. What suggestions would you like to give our fellow members, who are eager to do humorous speeches in club as well as contests? Once you craft the speech, edit it with the help of your mentor & keep practicing until the speech and actions come natural to you. One must also avoid retelling jokes found on the internet as others would have probably heard or seen them. Also keep it clean, it shouldn’t embarrass or offend anybody. Be in a light mood, go with confidence and enjoy your speech!

Winners give it all duet shanty girija  
Winners give it all duet shanty girija