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THE QUEST VOLUME 8| ISSUE 1 September 20 |2016


Homemakers in TM Homemakers in TM

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Editor’s note


President’s corner


A message from our mentor DTM M I Farid


Words of Inspiration from Division S Director


Queen of Home—Cover Story


Know your Club Leaders


Pictures of EX-Com Installation


How to be an effective Table Topic Master


An Interview with DTM Susmita Patnaik


Eves at COT and combined meetings




Inspiration from a homemaker turned Entrepreneur


Learn To Create a Newsletter


First Meeting September



Editor’s Note Greetings my beautiful Eves!

It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that we, the editorial team release our first newsletter of ICC Eves for 2016-17. The zest and zeal after a rejuvenating summer break is reflected in the newsletter pages as well. It is your unwavering support and love that fetched us through this journey to proudly present it today. This year especially, we have some of our talented Eves gracing top leadership roles in area and division. In our newsletter pages you get to see inspiring messages and stories of their successful toastmaster journey.

TM Shanty Rose Editor

Further we have a spectacular cover story of a homemaker turned toastmaster, a vibrant travelogue, educational articles and lots more for your reading pleasure.

We look forward to your suggestions for further improvement along with your creative contributions for upcoming newsletters. I strongly believe that the newsletter is our iden-

Our Editorial Team

tity to the outside world. Hence, let us join hands to bring out the best in ourselves.

TM Kanthi Ravichandran, President TM Latha Ramakrishnan TM Usha Nagrani TM Shanty Rose is the current VPPR of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at Mob: 55917550


President’ s Corner “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This is very true and I am amazed at how accurately it reflects my entry into the world of toastmasters. . It was out of sheer curiosity that I ended up enrolling. I really wonder what draws me to the door of every toastmaster meeting. Is it the friendly Eves? Or the vision of myself becoming a good communicator? Whatever it is, I AM HERE...

TM Kanthi Ravichandran When I see the leaders who have served for decades in Toastmasters and mastered the art of communication and leadership, but are still here to motivate and inspire

others; those are the people who have taught me that there is more to toastmasters than just communication. Initiative is the first step towards success. In Toastmaster, every step you take is rejoiced by others and the overwhelming love makes you continue your journey. Let’s not be in a hurry to reach the finish line. I learnt that when you pause and reflect , you learn more. So enjoy the journey of Toastmasters. You have been given the platform to understand yourselves better.

I am absolutely touched by the good wishes and warmth extended to me by the toastmaster family. We have an excellent ExCom team who have accepted the noble task of taking our club forward to the next level. "The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there." Together we will strive and do this.


Message from our Mentor “If

you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done , ask a woman” - Margarret Thatcher The Indian Olympic Contingent 2016 personified this when all the medals were won by women athletes! Times have changed and we have prolific women as heads of multinational corporations, leaders of nations etc. As members of the leading Ladies Toastmaster Club in town, you have a golden opportunity to outshine yourself!

DTM M I Farid is the Founder President of ICC -One Toastmasters Club and the Mentor for ICC Eves

By joining the Toastmasters, you are shedding your ignorance and taking the first step towards effectively learning how to communicate properly. Rest assured that the toastmasters program will help in improving the following skills: Speaking Skills Listening Skills Time Management Skills Skills for Conduct of Effective meetings Leadership Skills English Vocabulary and Grammar Skills Evaluation Skills Lifestyle Skills. A Chinese Proverb says, “Tell me, I will forget; Show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.” That is what Toastmasters does, it involves all members! How well you verbalize your thoughts and ideas determine the impression you make on people and ultimately, how successful you are! Your club has given Champion Speakers, Charismatic Leaders and Extraordinary Organizers. You have an opportunity to learn from them, improve yourself and be better than them! Everybody has great inner hidden talents. Come, improve with the Toastmasters and discover your hidden talents! Unleash your hidden talents! M I Farid Founder President , ICC ONE . 5

Inspiration from our Director Every time I attend the ICC Eves Toastmasters Club nostalgic feelings and envy overwhelm me. ‘What if my mother were alive today, and she would be a Toastmasters?’ I would muse. I am sure her life would be more fulfilling and more meaningful just as the Eves of ICC are finding fulfillment and meaning in Toastmasters. Like members of the ICC Eves she was a wife, a mother and a homemaker.

Gil P Bangalan DTM Division S Director 9

DTM Gil P. Bangalan Division S Director, District 20A

Anyone who attends an ICC Eves club meeting, like I have done, is offered an experience in meticulous planning, organization, orderliness, adherence to time and protocol, and an ambience of friendliness and maternal love. This is no surprise as most if not all members are homemakers. The dictionary defines a homemaker as ‘one who manages a household.’ Managing a household, whether made up of a single family or more, is no mean feat. It demands from the homemaker organization and planning skills, budget management, time management, conflict management, collaboration and teamwork. In short the homemaker is a leader in his/her own right. We need homemakers in Toastmasters and ICC Eves is blazing the trail of homemaker leadership in Toastmasters. I am privileged to have 3 of our 4 Area Directors in the new Division S are ‘lady homemakers.’ We are the only Division in Qatar that have 2 clubs exclusively for ladies and homemakers – ICC Eves and FCC Vanitha. More homemakers are providing service in all the clubs in various leadership roles. They personify what Division S stands for – “we lead to serve!” To the Eves of ICC you have been the homemaker-trailblazers in Toastmasters. You have shown the path to other homemakers allowing them to grow in confidence and competence as leaders. You have taught us how to manage the household of a Toastmasters club. I ask you to be the homemakers of Division S, for as the late Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, said: “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman!”.

Queen Of Home…. Toastmasters are friends from all walks of life. Some might think Toastmasters is only for professional speakers. In fact, Toastmasters come from a wide range of occupations and backgrounds. There are doctors, engineers, business executives, teachers, accountants, salespersons, airlines officials and ....homemakers too! To explain what exactly Toastmasters does in a nutshell.....Toastmasters help improve speaking, listening, thinking and leadership skills. It is a self-driven program in which goals are set and the members encourage each other to succeed - to reach those goals.

TM Latha Ramakrishnan It was around September 2011, when I had called quits from my job, my friend Susmita Patnaik, Past President of ICC Eves Club, convinced me in joining the club. What started off with a halfhearted consent turned into a passion….gradually… to my utter surprise! I realized how wrong I was in my perception of Toastmasters, in particular to the homemakers’ concept. In fact, the skills acquired from Toastmasters helped me develop into a new personality. Communication is an important skill in the present world scenario. The way we communicate one-on-one can make or break a relationship. How we express ourselves, handle confrontations and work towards a compromise can make a real difference. Here are a few points on how it is Beneficial for Homemakers: Homemakers are considered to be the backbone of a family. Considerable time is spent at home attending to the needs of the family members. This is the place where a child is moulded, the spouse is given that extra care after a hard day’s work, and the older generation is kept happy and comfortable. To strike a balance and keep the whole family bonded is an art and comes with a great amount of love, patience and understanding. Someone rightly said, “A house is made of walls and beams, but a home is made of love and dreams.” .


Helps Couples Developing mechanisms for improvement are crucial to the growth of a relationship. Couples thrive on daily communication. Words and gestures nurture the relationship. My husband used to often complain that I look too preoccupied while conversing with him. My mind used to wander to the list of unfinished household chores or on my daughter’s assignment! Joining Toastmasters has helped me learn to focus and listen without getting distracted. In addition to developing listening skills, I have also learnt to give constructive feedback. These qualities definitely make a difference in marriage! Grow as a Parent A committed homemaker is seen as a strong, capable and intelligent person. Children look up to her for advice and right directions in life. Being in Toastmasters helps you to teach them the proper usage of a language from an early age, which in turn helps children to express themselves better. Children often complain that we don’t lend a patient ear to them and we are constantly lecturing. Listening is an art and this comes only with practice. Children also need motivational or pep-up talks which will help them aim for excellence. Expressing happiness, sadness, surprise, enthusiasm, etc stimulates young children. These are skills which can be further improved in Toastmasters; and this leads to healthier and happier parent-child relationships.

Exercises your brain Household mundane chores can get stressful. When you join Toastmasters, you automatically start reading a lot and keep abreast with the current happenings. Your brain gets ticking as you prepare for your project speech, which may need a lot of practice, research or presentation. As Roscoe Drummond quotes, “The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you are born, and never stops….” Being in Toastmasters helps this and keeps you mentally agile .

Develops & Inculcates Leadership skills As parents, we are always looking for ways to instill interpersonal and leadership skills in our children. Toastmasters facilitate these and gives you opportunities to learn and grow. ICC Eves past president, Susan Mathews discovered her passion for mentoring kids through Toastmasters. She has started a Children’s Program called “Charisma” which helps children develops their public speaking & leadership

skills. 8

Thus, homemakers too can be role models to the younger generation, depicting confidence, positivity and high energy. Definitely a win-win on both sides of the coin!

Overcome shyness Toastmasters makes its members more confident and overcome shyness. I am basically considered a shy person, who doesn’t speak much during family gatherings. Recently my family was taken by surprise when I went on stage, and that too opened up with a song! Needless to say, the session was met by a big round of applause, and my husband’s face was glowing with pride. The credit definitely goes to Toastmasters which made me embrace a challenge and overcome my shyness!

Membership leads to Friendship In Toastmasters we interact with many positive people, and these members soon become our extended family. When people ask me what I feel I have gained from my membership, they expect to hear: improved speaking skills, confidence, etc. I am sure some even wonder‌Being a homemaker, where is she going to apply these?!! But frankly, what I have gained is love and a host of friends. I have a lovely group on my Whatsapp & Facebook wherein there is daily interaction amongst the members.

That gives me the real kick in life!

TM Latha is a member of ICC Eves Club since 2011 , has held positions as secretary and VP membership and she can be reached for comments at


Know our Club Leaders Compiled by TM Shanty Rose Editor

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”.

Our EX-Com 2016-17 We proudly introduce our efficient team of EX-Com members for this year. We interviewed each one of them to know what are their aspirations as leaders and what inspires them to take up these challenging roles.

Club President Kanthi Ravichandran

Kanthi is a native of Chennai. She is a graduate in Science and presently a home maker. She enjoys reading, watching talk shows and listening to music. She has completed her Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leadership Bronze. Kanthi was introduced to Toastmasters by Asha Shiju. In her 6 years stint with Toastmasters she has won many awards in table of topics and evaluation at the area level and represented the club at the division level for humorous speech. As the ICC Eves president for the current year, she has set herself an objective of serving the club wholeheartedly. She says “It gives me immense pleasure that I can serve the club that has helped me to understand myself better. I believe everyone is born with some talent and not all of us are good in everything. As a president I will do my best to bring out the best potential of all Ex-com members”. .


The message she would like to convey to fellow toastmasters is, “I would urge my club members to come regularly for meetings ,which is the first step they should take for their personal success and for the club. It is okay to make mistakes, fumble or falter, as this is the sign you are learning. Nothing is more important than your happiness so learn and enjoy with a smile.

Vice President Education Girija Chari Girija hails from Chennai. She is a postgraduate in social work and presently a home maker. Her hobbies are reading, writing, travelling, cooking and listening to music. Toastmaster Latha Ramakrishnan and Susan Mathews were instrumental in bringing her to TM. Regarding her TM journey, Girija says it has helped her in many ways – “broadened my outlook on life, taught me to be more patient and understanding towards everyone, increased my self-confidence and above all it has taught me that I have to learn more. It has proved that it is never too late to learn anything in life”. As a VP Education for the club, she has set her objective as; “To establish a new benchmark in Division S in terms of awards, milestones and quality with all my fellow eves hand in hand”. The message Girija would like to impart to her fellow Eves is, “Never stop learning, questioning, performing and speaking. Success will just follow you.

Vice President Membership Rifna Sadath Rifna Sadath is a native of Tumkur, Karnataka. She is a graduate in English literature and presently a homemaker. Her hobbies include cooking, reading and driving. It was her husband who introduced her to Toastmasters and it was TM Asha Shiju who encouraged her to join Eves.


Rifna Sadath was inspired to join the club by watching the leadership qualities exhibited by the senior Toastmasters @ EVES. They motivated her to step out of her comfort zone and take up leadership roles. She plans to support the club and its members in every possible way by being a team player. She says the role of VP Membership will help her build successful business and marketing skills as well as being systematic at setting goals. The message that she would like to impart to the readers and club members is "Think about less fortunate more and your own happiness less and this in turn will make the earth a better place to live in."

Vice President Public Relations Shanty Rose Shanty hails from Kerala. She is a post graduate in Computer Science and presently a home maker. She enjoys reading, writing, travelling, music and gardening. Shanty was introduced to toastmasters by DTM Susmita Patnaik. At the very first meeting she had decided that this is her place to be in and was hugely encouraged by the communication and leadership skills of toastmasters. She is excited in her present role as VPPR and is all set to spread word about ICC Eves and their activities around. She will try her best to maintain the high standards of our newsletter and its quality.

A message that she would like to convey to her club members is, “Never be afraid of trying out new things, as this is the only way to achieve what we dream. In this beautiful TM journey, try to embrace each opportunity and thus evolve and rediscover ourselves�.


Secretary Kshipra Gore Kshipra is a native of Mumbai. She is a homemaker currently and some of her hobbies include reading, music and travelling. She was introduced to toastmasters by TM Susan Mathews and from then she was actively participating in our club activities. The toastmaster journey so far has helped her in improving her public speaking and communication skills. She says, “It helped me to gain confidence. I continue to learn new things at each Toastmasters meeting.” She takes her role as a secretary to learn more skills and thus improve herself. She is committed to fulfil this role of Secretary to the best of her ability. She will be there to help her fellow members in any capacity as may be required.


Usha Nagrani Usha is a native of New Delhi. She possesses an MBA from Delhi Productivity Council and has worked as HR Professional. Currently a homemaker, her hobbies include reading fiction books and listening to music. Usha was introduced to toastmasters by TM Mou Bera. She was really fascinated by the way people speaking so fluently and flawlessly in the meetings on various topics. She said “the Toastmasters helped me by giving me a platform to express myself without fear and has greatly helped me in regaining my self-confidence”. In her interview she told her objectives in the new role as; “to make club meetings successful interesting and inviting to all current and new members so as to motivate them to come every time with great enthusiasm and leave with a positive impression. And also on a personal level, to be a more confident speaker, able to hone my communication skills. Equip myself to be able to take responsibility and be regular in attending meetings. A message she would like to pass on to her fellow members is - Be confident as Confidence does not bring Success but it gives you power to face any challenge. 13

Treasurer Arivukannu Balaji Arivukannu is a native of Tamil Nadu. A successful homemaker, she likes to introduce herself as, “a house wife who enjoy being who I was, who I am and who i will be…”. In a conversation, she recollected how the toastmaster journey helped her to dig out her hidden humour sense, to reinvent herself and to think clearly and find joy in smallest things. Her objective as a treasurer to the club is to maintain and protect the financial security of the club. It includes collecting the membership fees from all the members of the club and keeping the record showing the expenses and assets of the club meetings. She will be open, approachable and cooperative with all the club members. Arivukannu’s message to our club members is to be positive and giggle for all the silly things to stay young and healthy.

Past President Sunita Saini

Sunita Saini is a native of Rajasthan. She is a graduate in Political Science and has an advanced Diploma in Marketing and Sales. Watching cricket match, playing games, dancing and listening to music are some of her hobbies. She was introduced to Toastmasters by her dear friend Susmita Patnaik and has been with the Toastmasters since 2011.She had won the club level Humorous contest in 2012.


Besides being the past president of ICC Eves, she is currently holding the higher level leadership position of Area Director for Area 68 of Division S. ICC Eves comes under Area 68 and TM Sunita’s guidance is going to help the club grow further. Sha said, “as a past president of ICC EVES my duty in EX- COM is defined as Advisor, the post itself describes my role. I’m here to share my experience with the ex-com and guide them whenever and wherever they need me. The message she would like to impart to fellow toastmasters is, “ When I joined Toastmasters I never realised I will come so far in leadership track. But as the toastmasters tag line says “where leaders are made”. Just one advice to the fellow toastmasters that is, to be truthful to your selves.”

TM Shanty Rose is the current VPPR of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at


New Ex-Com Installation


Felicitating dignitaries …..

Audience in Rapt Attention…...

Award for Newsletter 2015-16….

Keynote Speech— TM Mou Bera


How to be an effective Table Topic Master What is impromptu speaking? We are well aware of Table topics at Toastmasters, Impromptu Speaking is the ability to speak "off the cuff". Purpose: The purpose of the Table Topics section is to help members think on their feet and speak on a given subject for between one and two minutes. This is a regular part in every Toastmasters meeting. Usually the TT Master chooses or draws a lot from everyone, and the person who does not have a major speaking role at the meeting usually participates in "table topics", or impromptu speaking. TM Usha Nagrani

Given below are some ideas on how you can be better at playing your role.

Before the meeting : Draw up a list of Topics. Ideas can be found in The Toastmaster magazine, News Papers, Social Marketing sites or websites. Make sure not to repeat the previous meetings’ Table Topics ideas or items. Make a careful selection of topics so that they inspire the speakers and encourage them to give their opinions. The Topics should be worded in such a manner that, the speaker clearly will know what you want them to talk about. In order to be effective, get a copy of the Agenda to help you select members who are not carrying out any speaking role. Only if time permits at the end of the Topics session should you call on participants already on the program. Find out if there is a theme of the meeting and, if so, prepare Topics in line with that theme.

During the meeting : When introduced, briefly state the purpose of the Topics session. Set the stage for your Topics program. Keep your remarks brief but enthusiastic. State the Topic then call on a member. It adds to the value of the impromptu element by giving everyone an opportunity to improve his or her 'better listening and thinking' skills. Call on speakers at random. Avoid going around the room in the order in which people are sitting. Give each participant a different Topic. Don't ask two people the same thing unless you ask each specifically to give the 'pro' or 'con' side.


Watch the time you have available. Check the printed agenda for the total time allotted to Table Topics and adjust the number of Topics to end your segment on time. Even if your portion started late, try to end on time to avoid the total meeting running over time. Given below are Challenging Topic Ideas. There could be a lot more than this but this is a suggestive list: Fortune Cookies- Buy a bag of fortune cookies. Each Table Topics speaker breaks the cookie and speaks for their allotted time on the contents of the fortune cookie. Each Cookie has a proverb or a suggestion of something good happening to the person breaking the cookie open. They then eat the cookies. Look - no gestures! Describe how to do something without the use of hand gestures. Pick a prop - Pick a prop and do something creative around/using the prop. Use common household or kitchen items. Yesterday's News - Read out yesterday's horoscope and ask the speaker to say whether it turned out to be true or not! Pick a number - Choose a number and say how it relates to you, your life, your work etc. Let's debate it! - Split the audience into two teams. Speakers debate either for or against the topic. Those who have not spoken vote for the winning team based on the strength of the arguments. Pick a picture - Speakers are given a picture title, and asked to describe the picture and their motivation for taking it, without having the picture to refer to.


TM Usha Nagrani is the current Sergeant@Arms of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at


Interview with DTM Susmita DTM Susmita Patnaik is a founder member of ICC Eves , currently holding positions as Assistant Division Director for Division Q, as well as the president of ICC Advanced Club. We Eves are very proud of her for being achieved the highest education Award of Distinguished Toastmaster. In an interview she shared bits and pieces of her successful Toastmaster journey ‌.. Tell us about your current role at a higher level of leadership in Toastmasters and the responsibilities involved? TMI is all about communication and leadership; this makes the journey exciting. And the best part is both leader and communicator complement each other. Even though I joined TM to refine my communication skills, my intrinsic desire to lead, motivated me to embrace leadership roles with outstretched arms, initially at the club level. Later on, the amount of learning and networking that happened through these activities escalated my interest. Within no time I realized the magnitude of these roles. As I progressed as a communicator, I ascended as a leader. In spite of the challenges involved, those value added responsibilities made my journey worthwhile. The entire process has convinced me that it is essential for each and every toastmaster to adhere to the mission of TMI and give oneself an opportunity to grow as a leader and communicator as well. My tenure, as Area Director last year, provided me with adequate opportunity to expand my horizon. The exposure motivated me to experience the next level and that is how I became the ADD for the current term. In this tenure of mine I look forward to have a better vision of the nuances of leadership at large.

How was your entry in toastmasters and what motivated you to nurture your communication and leadership skills? The Power of both spoken and written words mesmerise me and I have always been fascinated by public speaking .I used to actively participate in all kinds of co-curricular activities during my school and college days and had taken up few leadership roles too. 20

They were the real boosters and had magical effects on my academics. Since I strongly believe in the holistic development of human personality I make the most of every opportunity that allows me to grow. Till date I cherish the moment that introduced me to TMI a decade back, after I landed in Doha. A casual visit to one of the regular club meetings made me realize that this was the forum to rediscover myself and that transformed everything. I decided to join TMI and there is no looking back since then.

How has the toastmaster journey helped you in personal life to grow from a homemaker to reach the other leadership roles that you have handled so far? I am a home maker by choice and enjoy every bit my role as a mother; but my quest for knowledge & self improvement is my constant companion. I live my dreams day in and day out, with the support of my family and friends. Entry in to TMI was a turning point of my life which strengthened my self esteem, giving wings to my dreams. I accepted challenges with renewed interest. Things that seemed impossible were made possible.’ I can do it’ became the Mantra of my life. My continuous strive for a finer self, received a face lift. The process was slow but I enjoyed the journey.

Now tell us more about your new role as an translator and your first book released recently? Poetry is very close to my heart and my identity as a poet is the biggest asset of my life. I started writing as a 8th grader and those captivating moments used to enliven me. Later on I focussed on story writing and won some awards. Soon I realized that writing was my forte which gave me immense creative fulfilment. That’s how I continue to write. Recently I got an opportunity to translate a set of books from English to my mother tongue Odia and that was quite an experience. Translation is definitely difficult since you need to do justice to the original author’s ideas and the message he wants to convey, still those moments were spellbinding. The book release function is one of the finest experiences of my life and an incident to remember for life time. The impact is overwhelming.

A message you want to give our fellow toastmasters and newcomers to emerge as successful communicators and leaders? “Perseverance” is the key word, applicable to people in all walks of life who want to excel. Anything on this planet is attainable by sheer perseverance. Each small step taken with honesty and sincerity has the potential to conquer the world. So let us discover the treasure, that the world around us provides in abundance to unfold the mysteries of the life. Let the never ending journey of learning continue...... DTM Susmita can be reached for comments at 21

Eves At COT….

Combined Meetings with ICC ONE and KEF


Travelogue… My little Jaunt with the Big fat Indian wedding… All set to go! I was so excited with the trip, and why not, this was my first holiday, alone and that too into the midst of the Thailand’s enigmatic capital Bangkok. ALONE! That was an adventure in itself. Another thrilling fact was that I was going to attend my first destination wedding of my very good friend, Rajani’s , son. He was marrying a beautiful Gujarati girl and he was from Andhra .

TM Anupama Kasibhatla Waving good bye to my husband and daughter at Doha airport (trying hard not to feel guilty) I set out by myself to the big international travel. The journey to Bangkok was about 7 hours by Qatar airways (Airbus 380!). I was too excited to take a nap even for couple of hours .I was seated beside an American executive who was on the way to Bangkok for a business trip. He had travelled many times to Bangkok and in the duration of my flight, many tips were passed on- on the dos and don’ts, places to visit, bargaining at the shopping stalls etc. As we landed I caught a glimpse of the Bangkok .What hit me was the lush greenery. About a dozen shades of mesmerizing green and the hustle and bustle of the capital. The visa on arrival was very easy to obtain .We were welcomed with great pomp and show which reflected the beautiful hospitality of Thailand. Three more close friends were on the way from Doha who were also welcomed with great pomp and show. Day 1-(the day we arrived) was meeting and greeting, the groom’s side and the bride’s side. It was an elaborate affair with dinner and Thai dance show called Lakhon. Lakhon dance movements are graceful, sensual, and fluid portraying different emotions. Dancers are usually female and perform as a group rather than representing individual characters. Lakhon plots feature a wider range of stories drawn from the Ramakien, the Jatakas (stories of previous lives of Siddharta Gautama Buddha) and folk stories. We were amazed to see the beauty of local girls and their performance. 23

By the time we finished it was past 11.30 in the night. That’s when we decided to go to the night souk which was just a 10 min boat ride away. What an adventure it turned out to be! A must visit .It is called Asiatique market, a souk with small boutique styled shops spread over 5 to 6 lanes ,few eateries and fantastic massage parlors.

Day 2- Up and about by 8 am we were all geared up to attack the day .It was the day of Mehandi ( henna ceremony)and the Sangeet was planned at evening. We just had 2 hours in hand to go around and so, we decided on the Wat Pho Buddha temple which was just 15 minutes ride from our resort. Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha), or Wat Phra Chetuphon, is located behind the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and a must-do for any first-time visitor in Bangkok. It's one of the largest temple complexes in the city and famed for its giant reclining Buddha that measures 46 meters long and is covered in gold leaf. We just had time for Wat Oho and the courtyards at Wat Pho Temple where there are some comical looking Chinese statutes that were once uses as ballasts on ships and 91 chedis (or stupas) decorated in ceramic pottery flowers and colorful tiles. I was blown away by the Thai tradition and bright colors which was so well preserved even though they were 100s of years old. . Thailand is one of the world's largest center for colored stones, specializing gem stones and semi-precious colored stones, so if you're looking for a variety of precious stones, Mahesak shopping area is your destination. We did have to rush through due to the shortage of time but loved every min of it. I did get a wonderful multi stones pendent set which is truly remarkable craftsmanship of Thailand gems. . Evening Sangeet ceremony was the best I had ever witnessed. Two families from different backgrounds coming together, the magic of love in the eyes of the most beautiful bride and the groom, a mother dancing to glory, showing her happiness of her son getting married. We danced away into the wee hours of the morning. Now, we just had one day left in hand. even though they quietly desire to do so. She stands by her principles at any point of time which is incredible.


Day 3 - The day of Haldi , the tying of the final knot, and the reception. Waking up at a relaxed pace, we attended the Haldi ceremony which was fun filled with the entire groom’s and the bride’s friends making it very joyous with love and laughter. Followed by scrumptious lunch we just had time for one final destination. Wat Arun, locally known as Wat Chaeng, is situated on the west (Thonburi) bank of the Chao Phraya River. It is easily one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok, not only because of its riverside location, but also because the design is very different to the other temples you can visit in Bangkok. Wat Arun (or temple of the dawn) is partly made up of colourfully decorated spires and stands majestically over the water.

We returned just in time to attend the Baraat and the main marriage ceremony which was like a piece of heaven, with a divine flute orchestra, the sun going down with picturesque sunset ,the love shining in the eyes of the bride ,dressed in deep red lehanga ,all of it just brought on tears . Catching an early return flight, landed in Doha with heavy heart. The great adventurous . three days, four fantastic sightseeing places, one great wedding flashed in my mind and I did thank my friend Rajani for the opportunity of the best holiday ever. Wow! Bangkok in a fantabulous new look, I am sure the memories will last a lifetime.

TM Anupama Kasibhatla can be reached for comments at 25

Inspiration from an Entrepreneur Susan Mathews is current Area Director, Area 52 and past president of ICC EVES Toastmasters club. She is actively involved in conducting personality development programs for children. A graduate engineer with more than 10 years of experience in IT sector, she is currently a successful entrepreneur. She was a Gavels club counselor for 6 years and later founded ‘CHARISMA’ – a children’s foundation course designed to foster public speaking and leadership skills in children aged 8-13years. In a chat with us, she shared her successful journey through Toastmasters…. What motivated you to join Toastmasters? The first toastmasters meeting I attended was in ICC GAVELS club. I was there to drop my son and I was curious to know what was in the agenda, so I decided to stay and see. That meeting was an eye-opener for me. I was very impressed to see 12-13 yearr olds oozing with confidence and speaking with flair. It reminded me of my school days when I had been a voracious speaker, actively participating in school debates and elocution. That very day, I decided to try out an adult Toastmasters club and soon signed up in ICC EVES Toastmasters.

What leadership roles have you taken up in Toastmasters? What responsibilities does your current leadership role involve? In ICC EVES, I was in the Executive committee for 4 years and I have taken up roles of treasurer, VP Education and President. I am also a member of ICC ADVANCED club and I have been their Secretary and the Immediate past VP Education. I have been counsellor of ICC Gavels club for 5 years and the founder counsellor of ICC EVES Gavels club. I also took up the role of Assistant Division Gavels Coordinator in 2015. As Area 52 Director this year, I am responsible for supporting and assisting the 4 clubs under my area to achieve their mission and fulfil their responsibilities to members. I also serve as a point of contact between the club and division leadership. 26

Tell us more about your new venture “CHARISMA”? While I was counselor of Gavels club, many parents requested speaking classes for children less than 12 years old. During summer of 2015, I conducted a vacation public speaking program for children aged 8-12yrs and it was a huge success. This motivated me to try out a regular program and ‘Charisma’ was launched in January 2016. ‘Charisma’ is a 10 days program conducted once a week, 2 hours per day and includes speech activities, games to encourage impromptu speaking, group activities to build leadership skills and worksheets to improve language. We have finished 5 batches so far and many children are lined up for future batches. I have also recently started a ‘CHARISMA LEVEL 2’ creative writing program which has been very well received by the participants. CHARISMA is a haven of opportunity for young minds to develop essential soft skills and I hope many will benefit from it.

How has the toastmaster journey helped you in personal life to grow from a homemaker to a trainer? Right from school days, I have always enjoyed public speaking but it was Toastmasters that helped me identify it as a passion and helped me gain the confidence to pursue it full time. The opportunity to work in gavels club was a wonderful experience and it helped me envision ‘CHARISMA,’ which I hope will inspire children to become better communicators and leaders. Researching for my project speeches has converted me into a voracious reader and I feel the wisdom I have collected from reading, hearing and writing speeches is my biggest asset. Last but not the least, the fun moments and the supportive friends that I have gained in toastmasters has truly helped me become a better and more whole individual. All in all, the day I started the toastmaster journey has been a turning point in my life and I will ever be indebted to Toastmasters.

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Learn To Create a Newsletter– While Having Fun…. Putting together a newsletter can be an exciting experience. With each newsletter the editor and her team imbibes a whole set of skills and techniques, which are to be shared. Here are some of the lessons I learnt as the newsletter editor last term: TM Prathibha Ramesh 1. You are never too old to learn- Learning new skills is an ongoing process so never feel you are too old to learn the nuances of creating a newsletter. Dive head on and learn all that you can. 2. Observe your predecessor- it’s the best way to learn the tricks of the trade. Keep all the ideas that worked for them, change those that didn’t. Try working on at least one newsletter with them. 3. Form an editorial team-A team who works hand in hand with the editor is crucial to a great newsletter and it should consist of proof readers, technical advisor, creative writer and the president. 4. Editor a team player- The editor should be the epitome of humility and humbleness. This is the secret of maintaining a great team and getting a steady flow of articles. 5. Creative writers hunt - Discover the dormant writing talents in your club members by encouraging them to contribute articles. Ensure all members contribute at least one article. 6. Record major club events—Keep track of all the events with photographs, happening both inside and outside the club. 7. Be a photographer- This is another skill you will master by the end of your tenure as an editor, so keep a good camera handy during all club events. 8. Applaud achievements- The newsletter is the best platform to shower appreciation for achievers of the club, so be liberal in applauses. 9. Being organized- Working in an organized manner from the beginning of the term helps you issue newsletters within deadlines. 10. Choosing a theme and cover picture- An interesting theme generates interest in the newsletter, so always be creative in deciding the theme and cover picture. Creating a great newsletter is a wonderful teambuilding exercise you will be exposed to for an entire year. Grab the opportunity to be the next VPPR and create a fantastic newsletter. TM Prathibha Ramesh is the past VPPR of ICC Eves and she can be reached for comments at 28

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Quest icc eves september 2016 17  

ICC Eves Toastmasters Newsletter, September 2016-17

Quest icc eves september 2016 17  

ICC Eves Toastmasters Newsletter, September 2016-17