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THE QUEST VOLUME 8| ISSUE 3 JMarch 20| 2017


Emerge A Winner

Career Women in TM

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Winners Give it All


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An Island to Escape


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Editor’s Note Greetings beautiful people! How has the Toastmasters Journey changed your life? I am sure that all of us are tremendously benefitted from this, in both personal and professional life. During this season of Toastmasters contests, we see many winners emerging in diverse areas. But, is there a finish line to our growth? I don’t think so; each moment of learning is a progression and we need to enjoy every bit of it. The success is not in the trophy, it is in the striving to do our best! It is then we emerge as winners for ourselves.

TM Shanty Rose Editor

Our Editorial Team TM Kanthi dran


President TM Latha Ramakrishnan

In toastmasters, we have ample opportunities to grow as we wish, by taking evaluations for our betterment. If we can improve ourselves in each speech we deliver and each role we play in meetings, winning is not far away. I remember the time I joined toastmasters and given my icebreaker with nervousness all over me. When I look back I can see the difference in my speeches then and now. This ongoing growth is the biggest reward and we can all emerge as winners here! This March issue of newsletter, is in line with our theme “Emerge a winner”. We have our champions from area talking about their journey. I am sure their tips can help others. We also have an inspiring story of an entrepreneur and a travelogue among other articles. Happy Reading!!!

TM Usha Nagrani TM Shanty Rose is the current VPPR of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at Mob: 55917550 3

Area Director’s MesThe will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”. Confucius Recently, I heard someone say “winning is not everything” but let me tell you, I differ from this statement. I believe that winning is everything. Those who believe in the former don’t have faith in themselves. But before you go and jump into the pool of winners you must know how to win.

TM Sunita Saini First you must know who your competitors are and secondly, the most important thing, know your weaknesses. You are your biggest competitor and you cant win if you carry your weaknesses along. Never let your weaknesses overtake you.

In life never try to imitate others but learn from them, you are unique. This is what I have followed in my Toastmasters journey, I have always tried to listen and learn not just from senior toastmasters but also from my team. I have always stood firm on my ground and raised questions when I thought things are not right. In these 6 years of journey with toastmasters I have not just evolved as a communicator ,but also as a leader. And after becoming Area Director I came across the areas where I was very strong and also which needed attention and I am still working on it. In the end if have been able to turn the weakness to strength, I am a winner.

TM Sunita Saini is the Area Director of Area 68 , Division S and she can be reached for comments at Mob: 55998461


President’s Corner Our dreams will become reality when we work together with passion ...These are the golden words that kept me going through this year as president of toastmaster.

TM Shanthi

We Ex-com have different strengths and weaknesses. I am proud we were able to work together as a team and have completed the first term with great accomplishments like Smedley award, the DCP points and Award for home grown area directors. We have three area directors from our club who are flying high with their achievements .

TM Kanthi Ravichandran A plan is crucial , when we have a plan to execute the best contest , our club Members worked closely with us to make our club contest session a grand success this term. We are proud of our eves who made it to the area level and division level. My heartfelt congratulations to all winners. The success of eves is attributed to this one quality "we rejoice in the happiness and success of other members". Members motivate and give honest evaluation to help us grow and transform into better speakers We Eves have the similar ideologies and fundamentals, which bind us together and that will not be altered or changed. As women, we face many impediments to progress due to various commitments. But spring up once again and prove your progress . The dream for each member of our eves club should be that our club should stand tall like a tree for generations and even if it falls should be like, a seed that spring s up again.

TM Kanthi can be reached for comments at MOB: 5546 4239 5

December Meetings Newsletter Release December 7

December 27th Meeting


A Multifaceted Winner TM

TM Rifna Sadath

TM Rifna Sadath is the current Vice President Membership of ICC Eves. Besides being a passionate toastmaster, she wears many hats; an entrepreneur par excellence who has a cooking blog with many followers, a teacher by profession, running a business in Indian fashion clothes, catering and a successful homemaker. Here she shares few things on what motivates and guides her to do so many things and how her toastmaster journey helped her in all these. : 1. When did you join toastmasters and what was your intention of joining ICC Eves? I joined Toastmasters three years ago, to develop my leadership and communication skills. Speaking in front of a group of people was never my forte.. After joining ICC Eves, I am more comfortable talking to people, even in large groups. 2. Tell us about your food blog. What motivated you to start something like this? I have a passion for cooking and I always enjoy trying something different. I like to experiment with ingredients which are easily accessible and healthy at the same time. My passion for cooking and desire to express. motivated me to start a blog. It's fun and Challenging. Sharing is caring. 3. What are your other activities apart from food blogging? I am into the field of Indian Fashion. I grew up seeing my mom being a successful entrepreneur. I followed her footsteps . I am handling a catering business. Presently I am working as a Teaching Assistant in an academy.



How did the toastmasters journey helped you as an entrepreneur?

Toastmasters changed me completely, my communication skills, my behavior, my dressing style, the way I carry myself. I feel proud to say that I am part of this fraternity.

5. What are your future plans as an entrepreneur and a toastmaster? It is a long journey. I like to be active in whatever I am doing. Looking forward to become a better communicator, leader, teacher and an entrepreneur.

Prepared by TM Shanty Rose TM Shanty is the current VPPR of ICC Eves, she can be reached for comments at TM Rifna Sadath is the current VP Membership of ICC Eves and she can be reached for comments at


Club Contests Jan 8th & 14th


Winners Give it All

Conceptualized by TM Shanty Rose Compiled by TM Girija Chari

Contests are the tools with which we measure our growth over the previous year and motivate others to perform in the upcoming year. ICC Eves had its area contests on 24th March 2017. The winners , who will represent area 68 in Division S contests, were asked to answer a few questions to find out what made them outdo others in the contests. While there is no proven formula to win a contest, tricks are helpful. Here are their responses. TM Asha Shiju Winner Evaluation Contest 1.What are main elements required in a good evaluation? Main elements required in a good evaluation are motivation , truth and summation of the speech with praise and recommendations. Always evaluate to motivate. 2. Which are the important things to consider while evaluating a speech? While evaluating a speech one should see that they listen to the speech effectively, take notes of good usage of language, share the honest opinion of the message shared and evaluate it effectively using good technique. 3. Is there any method one can follow to effectively evaluate a speech? One can follow the sandwich method which is divided mainly into three components...First part which is the praise and encouragement , then areas of improvement with recommendations and third sum up with specific suggestions. 4. What are your suggestions for our new members who want to improve their evaluation skills? Suggestion to new members is to take up evaluations effectively following the basic technique. To be honest and raise one’s opinion about the message delivered through positive and constructive criticism. 10

TM Kanthi Ravichandran Table Topics Winner 1. How do you prepare for a Table topic contests, both club and area? Table topic is an interesting aspect in toastmasters. I really enjoy it, as this does not need much preparation like the other contests . It is nerve wracking, yet a stimulating adventure. We may not know what they are going to ask but we all know practice makes perfect. You can ask your friends to give you a topic and try speaking on it . Don't miss a chance to take part in club meetings where you have your friends to give you feedback and evaluate you. Quick thinking is the key.

2. Is there any specific method that you prefer while speaking on an impromptu topic? I mostly use the prep method ..that is point -response-example-point. This is time tested and easy to follow . I try to use my previous speeches. Your personal stories are always a success and connects well with audience. I always like catchy phrases which I keep writing down. Sometimes these come in handy. Understanding the topic is the most important thing and how you relate to the topic helps you.

3. What are your suggestions for our fellow members who want to participate in Table Topic contests? The content and delivery are weighed equally by judges while thinking about content or message don't forget the delivery. Don't get stressed so much that it shows on your face, Be cool ...I believe in luck , if it's your lucky day you will get a topic that you can speak volumes .The most important thing is "Begin with the end in mind". you just have just two minutes to end in time, so be precise in your delivery. My last advice is "Be yourself ". No one can be you in delivering your 11

TM Latha Ramkrishnan Winner Humorous Speech 1. How do you pick a particular topic for a humorous speech? There is no trick as such! The basic principle for any speech topic - be it international or humorous - is to look within you & around you. If you find a particular topic or incident funny and it brings laughter or a smile on your face, then it might work with the audience as well; and that would make good humorous speech material!

2. What do you think makes people laugh? Funny stories you make up or your personal experiences? People laugh most when reality is presented in a subtle and humorous way. Basically the audience should be able to visualize the whole thing. That’s how one connects to the speaker… and that gives maximum impact. Generally the stories I come up with are small incidents that I have observed or experienced. Later on, exaggerated or elaborated as per my imagination! 3. What do you think is the most effective way of writing humorous speech? Is there any method one can follow? The most effective way, I feel, is to start & conclude on a humorous note. Of course the body too should have humor intertwined which should keep the audience in splits. Humor should spring out at unexpected quarters. In humorous speech it is not only the script that carries weightage, but also the delivery part. The speaker should play around with his/her body, voice, the right pauses & gestures to convey the message. 4. What suggestions would you like to give our fellow members, who are eager to do humorous speeches in club as well as contests? Once you craft the speech, edit it with the help of your mentor & keep practicing until the speech and actions come natural to you. One must also avoid retelling jokes found on the internet as others would have probably heard or seen them. Also keep it clean, it shouldn’t embarrass or offend anybody. Be in a light mood, go with confidence and enjoy your speech! Compiled by TM Girija Chari 12

February Meetings...


Targeted Troubles... When the year started on July 1st and I donned the cap of VP education, achieving 2 CC s by 31st December looked like a cakewalk. The members who had completed P6 and P7 in the previous year were identified and I sent them a mail detailing the target dates of each project literally making a green corridor to complete their speeches. As a precaution, I had a standby member to jump in when things went awry. If there was to be a delay in delivering the speeches, there was plan B and Plan C too! TM Girija Chari

I used my visibility as VP-E to request for speaking slots in other clubs, thereby helping my target members complete their projects and the host clubs to fill in their speaking slots. I developed a rapport with VP E of other clubs and was on first name terms with them. I arranged for mentors for the target speakers readily, if their own mentors were busy or travelling. But all these are easier said than done when one of the targets is a full time working professional with enormous responsibilities! The first member who was a homemaker, had an emergency back home in India and had to rush immediately after P8. I kept my fingers crossed as to whether she would return in time to do the rest of the speeches. Keeping the club goal in mind, she came back and finished P9. Then again, she went back to India to attend her father-in-law’s funeral. Finally by November first week when she completed her P 10 I was relieved. That was when I understood the commitment level of the members. If a VP-E goes one step forward, the club members are ready to take 10 steps forward! For the second CC, the member targeted was a special needs teacher and after one speech and 2 more to go, she decided to opt out of the speeches for another year. I waited a little but I understood she was busy and had to be left to finish the speeches at her own pace. I then had to put plan B in place. I approached another member who is an experienced teacher and academic coordinator with many responsibilities. Till P8 she also delivered the speeches as planned. For her P9, she had prepared the script but didn’t find time to practice. When she requested to use notes, I did not agree and prodded her to look for some other way to memorize her speech in a short time. Instead she came up with an innovative idea to use a power point presentation or a short video clip. She completed P9 on the allotted date in November. 14

This was acceptable as she would be incorporating all that she had learnt in the previous projects and would engage the audience too. This way she had less script to memorize. She completed P9 on the allotted date in November. Then came December and the date of P10! The second speaker was not ready on that date in December. She didn’t want to do a shoddy job by rushing through. Since it was her P 10, She wanted to do it in style. I was wondering how would she do it in the last meeting of the year which was just 15 days away. I didn’t lose hope but was very patient in persuading her to prepare. I even suggested some sites for reading and to get an idea for P 10. Still after all these, I was very optimistic that our club will achieve the required CC. That was when I understood the power of positive thinking. Our area director wanted a Confluence meeting with all the 4 clubs under her area and after lot of discussions, 27 th of December became my D day. This gave the speaker a full month to prepare for and present in front of 4 different club members, exactly in the style she wanted! The standing ovation she got on that day was the sweetest sound I heard. After these 2 CCs, I am gearing myself for the next set of speeches in under 6 months. I am now counting the days to upload the second CC when the TMI website becomes functional again, because by now I have learnt to be very patient to announce the success to the world! Looking back, I understand that I have learnt a lot through this journey and I apply these lessons in patience and persistence to my teenaged children. Of late, they are wondering why their mother is not getting angry at all. My club members have followed the club success plan which I had formulated in the beginning and supported me unconditionally through my journey as a VP-E and a person. More than my plans, I believe their dedication, hard work and sense of belonging, focus have rewarded the club with the first award on the education front.

TM Girija Chari is the current Vice President Educationof ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at 15

Area 68 Contests


An Island to escape!

TM Anupama Kashibatla

Travel not to escape life but for life doesn’t escape you! These are the words of my heart .I love travelling and am very lucky on that front because even my husband shares the same passion. Last summer ..after days and days of discussions and deliberations, finally we came to one conclusion, MAURITIUS….Palm trees, coconuts, tanned skin, picturesque sunsets, what more do you want in a vacation…but 10 whole days in a small island of Mauritius!…but somehow this place was calling us and we put a stamp on the idea ..And OH boy! That was one of the best decisions we had taken ever.

Flying in with Emirates hospitality, away from Doha’s heat we landed in the midst of cold wave. Yes! Cold wave as Mauritius is on the Southern hemisphere its cold during the months of June and July! Visa on arrival was quite comfortable and what I liked instantly is the way people receive you with smiles. Our hotel, Heritage The Villas, was an hour’s drive from the airport. What a ride to kick start the vacation. With a cat grin on my face, I was trying to take in all there was in this mysterious island .The journey to the hotel took us through the enormous sugar cane plantations( that’s the main earnings of Mauritius –Sugar). At the back ground were the sharp jagged mountain peaks with lots of drizzle. What caught us unawares were these beautiful temples and that too in huge numbers. Then, it dawned on us about that, Mauritius integrate culture is hugely influenced by Indian subcontinent. Our five star luxury resort was on the southern most end of the island called Bel Omre .We were in for a big surprise .We had been upgraded to a luxurious 3 bed villa with a private pool. Wow! This kept getting better. We had a cook and cleaner services at hand too. That first day it was us just exploring the area in a small golf


The next day we had a travel guide send to us by the hotel who planned all the 9 days we had in hand. The plan turned out to be perfect, giving us the leisure and luxurious family holiday we were looking for. Day 2-We had a private yacht all to ourselves which took us all around the island. The most memorable sight was that of the crystal rock ,and Le Morne mountain which was the hub for the pirates .My daughter enjoyed swimming the deep sea of crystal green waters with her snorkeling gear on .We watched beautiful dolphins in the wild dancing to glory . My first understanding of the coral reefs was that day.

Day 3-Visit to the historical place of Port Louis which is the capital of Mauritius .An old port town with so much of history it sure an eye opener. Le Cauden waterfront got us the best pictures and Central market got us the best bargains. Day4- This was a total relaxing day at the resort, trying our hand at golf and also paragliding. Oh it was hard! The bright spot of the day was a short free ride in the glass bottomed boat which gave us the fantastic view of the marine life. Day5- This was my daughter’s day as she wanted to go to Casella, adventure theme park since the moment we had landed. I tried my hand at the Zip lining, one of the most freighting experiences ever. I will remember it for a long time. Day6- one of my childhood dreams came true this day. Travelling to the northern most tip of Mauritius, Grand baie, I had the most thrilling experience on the blue marine submarine ride. Day7- Ganga taloa here is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and other Gods including Lord Hanuman, Goddess Ganga, and Lord Ganesh along the Grand Bassin. During Shivaratri, many pilgrims in Mauritius walk bare feet from their homes to the lake. The sanctity of this place was beautiful experience.


Day8- Most exhausting day of the whole trip was the visit to the black river gorges national park, where we came to know about the national bird of Mauritius “DODO�. Spectacular changes of scenery will reveal some of the island's unique natural assets. A taste of nature, culture and refined gastronomy are a perfect mix for a treat of a day!! Day9- day started with a wonderful visit to the Sir Siwoosagur Ramgoolam botanical gardens, a beautifully preserved garden with 60 acres of exotic plants. Then came shopping! There are many malls to spoil us in Mauritius but Bagatelle is the belle of the ball. Awesome Mauritian ambience showing the rich culture of the island, this place rocked. Day10- After a great vacation, time to get back to reality. Doha’s heat beckoned us.

Mauritius sure is an island for exploring, with Indian temples, colonial houses, botanical gardens, and opportunities to spot rare birds among soaring ebony trees, walk with lions or swim with dolphins. A must go for any traveler be it with family or friends. Writer Mark Twain once said: "You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven was copied after Mauritius". Well said sir ji!

TM Anupama Kasibhatla can be reached for comments at 19

March 7th Meeting‌.


ICC Eves Gavels Updates... Compiled by TM Prathibha Ramesh A team of enthusiastic Eves, striving to build the youth for the future. And an energetic group of teenagers, eager to learn. This defines the Icc Eves Gavels club. This vibrant club was the brain child of the founder counselor, TM Susan George whose goal was simple and clear. A public speaking platform for the youth, sustained by Eves , whose children are also members of the club. This system makes sure there is no dearth of counselors and members at any point of time. During the instillation ceremony on 28th January , the previous team of counselors headed by Shiny, handed over the baton of the club leadership to the new team of counselors . The new team comprises of, Tm Prathibha Ramesh, TmAsha Shiju,Tm Shanty Veenus and Tm Lesiley Mathew, . A new Executive committee was also installed. President- Gav Divyashri ramesh Vice President Education- Gav. Leah Susan Mathew Vice President Membership-Gav Fida Kabeer Vice president Public Relations-Gav Pratik Gore Secretary -Gav Helmin Jinoz, Gav Sai vignesh Sgt @arms-Gav Zainab Mansoor, Gav Tanya Pinheiro The gavels club is gearing up for the club contest , which is scheduled for 18February. The winners of this contest will represent the club at the inter-gavel contest to be held on May 5th. “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success�-Henry Ford

TM Prathibha Ramesh is the current Councilor of ICC Eves Gavels Club and she can be reached for comments at 21

ICC Eves Gavels Gavel Ex-com

Gavels Councilors... Contests….


22 22


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ICC Eves Toastmasters Newsletter March 2016-17

Quest icc eves march 2016 17  

ICC Eves Toastmasters Newsletter March 2016-17