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THE QUEST VOLUME 8| ISSUE 2 December 4 |2016


Homemakers in TM Guiding Gurus In Toastmasters…..

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Editor’s note


President’s corner


Message from Area Director—Shainy Kabeer


Happy new Year—2017


Meeting—Sept 20th , Newsletter Release


Once a Toastmaster, always a Toastmaster….


Our New Members...


Installation of new Members


Our Achievements so Far


Meetings October 18th & November 1st


Effective Evaluation Tips


Speakathon November 16th


Iceland—Land of Fire and Ice


Think out of the Box


Eves Shining Beyond Club



Editor’s Note Greetings beautiful people. “Toastmaster as Mentor and Member…….”

TM Shanty Rose Editor

Our Editorial Team TM Kanthi Ravichandran President TM Latha Ramakrishnan TM Usha Nagrani

“Ask not what your organisation can do for you, ask what you can do for the organisation and your fellow members”…..As quoted by our international president DTM Mike Storkey, these famous words of John F Kennedy pretty much summarise our roles as members of Toastmasters. We all make a commitment to grow as communicators and leaders with TM. Simultaneously, it comes with responsibilities – the Toastmasters promise that each member individually and collectively strive to fulfil to achieve quality clubs and meetings. Our second issue of Newsletter for 2016-17, focuses on our growth as members and mentors in the club. “Guiding Gurus” is something we all can relate to instantly, especially in our club where we have expertise and new talent in abundance. We have an insightful and enlightening cover story on this theme along with other stimulating articles. Friends, we have achieved so much so far, yet have a long way to go as a club. You can see the colourful visuals of our wonderful meetings on these pages; introducing our new members, recognising our achievers and much more. I thank all who contributed to make this newsletter ,with their contributions and good wishes. We look forward to your valuable suggestions for improvement, hence we strive together to achieve the best in ourselves! Happy Reading!

TM Shanty Rose is the current VPPR of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at


President’ s Corner “ We must find time to stop and thank people who make a difference in our lives “....words of John F Kennedy As I have completed half the term successfully as president of eves I would like to thank all the toastmasters

who have paved my way to where I am today. Life is about discovering who we are… Leading is about striving to become better than we

TM Kanthi Ravichadran

are...all this is not possible without a mentor .

All of us look up to someone to emote and we keep them as role models .It can be someone younger or older than us. No matter whatever your mentor tells you, it's you who need to be open to understand accept and imbibe. Sometimes we might not see eye to eye with our mentor that's because we do not have a good relationship with them .We do not question someone for whom we have high regards and respect, so change to someone with whom you can relate. My first inspiration and mentor was Oprah Winfrey, it was only after watching her shows I was wanting to take up public speaking , I know I can't reach her heights but if I could imbibe her assertive ways of talking ,enriched vocabulary and her confidence to a certain level I would be happy. I have read her books and taken aback many times by her sponta-

neous statements and replies. A mentor need not be someone you talk to or interact with every day, but if you find someone with whom you can relate, admire and they have time for you then consider yourself lucky.


It takes courage to be a real winner, it takes courage to accept a mentor or guiding guru who will lead you to become a winner. There are such mentors in toastmaster who have helped me in one way or another in my toastmaster journey. Those who have given unstintingly of their advice and support, I take this opportunity to thank them. I feel tremendous pride in being the President of eves, The finish line is just ahead and I am pushing myself to do my best to serve our club.

TM Kanthi Ravichandran is the current President of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at Mob: 55998461


Message from Area Director...

Shainy Kabeer Area 53 Director Division S District 20

With great pride I always cherish the memory of being a charter member of this amazing club. We have always maintained our high benchmark with our excellent teamwork and unique skills. No doubt, ICC Eves Toastmasters Club is one of the most happening clubs in Qatar. Keep up the good work done with the sole objective of the development and growth of the club which in turn benefit each and every member, to reach their goal. All of us, have within us that which is necessary to remake the world. The principal motivational force necessary to accomplish this requires our personal commitment and determination. Our lives are original documents which we alone can create. Either we create them or they will never exist. The individual power is within each one of us. It never dies. It only lies dormant until we bring it to life. So let us draw on this power and ‘unleash our hidden talents’. As the contest season is nearing by, I urge more and more members to grab the opportunity to bring out the potential within you. In fact, all the members of the club will also benefit not only by participating or winning, but also experiencing and savoring the moments that is a feast to the eyes.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Success never falls in the beaten path. We have to blaze through a new track in order to create our own destiny. So let us rise up to the challenge and create our own destiny with our strength, potential, commitment and determination which is the hallmark of the ICC EVE’s Toastmasters Club. I take this opportunity to wish all the members the very best for the contests ahead. Remember, we're in it to learn, to improve and to impart knowledge, communication and leadership skills to all in and around us. Hence let this contest season become a season of mutual trust and respect which in turn may induce fairness and foster growth. My best wishes to all the participants and urge you to give your best for “Our ultimate goal is to be better today than yesterday, with a plan to become even better tomorrow”. Be Yourself!


Happy New Year 2017!! Year 2017 is fast approaching! How exciting that sounds, isn’t it?!!! A New year i.e. 365 brand new days to plan out and fulfil our dreams! It’s time again to retrospect on our achievements so far, look to the year ahead and determine how different it’s going to be from the last. On a positive note…..Yes, it is going to be better! American Philosopher, Buckminster Fuller once said, “I am a passenger on this spaceship Earth”. We too are passengers like him on this ship, traveling round and round, not knowing where we are destined.

TM Latha Ramakrishnan But when the New Year arrives, we are full of promises to ourselves. We start thinking of ways to improve ourselves, chuck the not-so-good habits, and start afresh so that we can be happier, more contented in the future. Now coming to the stark reality….do we stick to these resolutions? Why do some succeed, some don’t? Interestingly, most people follow a set pattern – First start off with full determination – midway reach a halfhearted approach – then finally demotivated and chuck it off! Why so?!! The fact is it crumbles due to lack of planning and discipline! Many a times we define the ideas cropping in our head as ‘Goals’. But in reality they may be ‘Wishes’ as they are vague or simply aspirations. “Goal setting is more than wishing, and it takes work to accomplish goals”, says author Robin Sieger. Setting goals is only the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Once you have decided on a clear tangible goal, visualize it. Then make a plan and take action. For eg. If you want to be fitter and lose weight, join a good gym and target to lose weight with the help of an instructor and dietician. Do not set higher standards than you can achieve. Keep it manageable. This will keep you motivated the whole time.


Now to take an example in Toastmasters, if you have completed four projects in your CC by Dec 2016, promise yourself to finish the rest six by Dec 2017. Target one in two months. If you have enough ideas to put in your speeches, and you think one or more is possible each month, do go ahead and inspire others. In fact, you would become a role model to others!

So dear friends‌.Have a fabulous, goals & action packed 2017! Think positive and achieve all your dreams. Best wishes!

TM Latha Ramakrishnan CC, is past secretary and VP Membership of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at


September 20, Newsletter Release….


Once a Toastmaster, Always a Toastmaster…. This is not just a metaphor. Toastmasters is like a fraternity. No, it has nothing to do with caste, color, creed or religion, only to do with being a toastmaster. Once we become a part of this fraternity we cant leave because our heart would not let us.

What does it mean to be a toastmaster?

TM Vinita Nangalia

Public speaker? Confident presenter? Successful leader? Yes we do become all of this eventually. How do we get all these qualities? The most important feature of toastmasters is the support system, which is the integral part of the “cult” as I would call it. We grow in toastmasters by taking from and giving support to each other. Allow me to explain the various forms of support we use in TM:

Motivation: As one joins a Toastmaster’s club he/she immediately starts feeling the camaraderie. The whole group comes together to welcome a new member and encourages and allows them to play various roles in the meetings. There might be a little apprehension in the beginning but that is exactly what we learn to conquer here. They are approached time and again to participate in the club meetings. The benefits of part taking in role-plays are: Along with playing roles new members are also encouraged to participate in table topics, which are short speeches and allow thinking on the feet. The only common factor in role plays and table topics is that there is always a slight prod that one must come up and speak to conquer one’s inhibitions. This is the way one graduates towards delivering proper speeches from the manuals..

Evaluation This is another very important component in the support system. Evaluation is feedback. There is a set of rules that outlines the process for playing various roles at a meeting. Toastmasters is the only organization where we get immediate feedback on our performance whether it is role play or a prepared speech. As the saying goes, “strike while the iron is hot”, we believe in encouraging the speaker and giving suggestions on the spot. Through this one knows what to take home from that day’s presentation, which helps one through their next attempt. Evaluations should be taken and given positively and seriously as they pave the path towards one’s growth as a toastmaster.


Mentoring: This is the most important component of the support system. Mentoring is a fundamental form of development where one person devotes time, knowledge and know how in helping another progress. But before we venture into what the importance of mentoring is in toastmasters let me share with you how the word mentor came to mean what it does. Mentor was the name of a trusted advisor of king Odysseus of Greece. Before going to war Odysseus put his son Telemachus in the deft hands of Mentor, who was to be Telemachus’s teacher and overseer. After 10 years of his father’s exile Telemachus finds him and wins the throne back. Because of the way Telemachus had grown in character in the hands of Mentor, Mentor has evolved from a name to a word that means advisor, friend, teacher and a wise person. In toastmasters each and every one of us is assigned a mentor who has more experience than us. Mentors help us to find our dreams and actualize them. They help us see our dreams realized. There is direct mentoring where the person who is assigned to us as a mentor listens to us, explains why we should do what we should, inspires us to move forward, coaches us to bring out our best and provides meaningful feedback to help us grow. Then there is indirect mentoring. Sometimes when we are asked who our mentor is we can’t say a name at the drop of a hat. It is when you think back ,and realize someone was trying to give a message by sharing a personal story. Or some wonderful presentation that we witnessed. Or the times that we attended the COTs and the educational modules. These are all inbuilt mechanisms in toastmasters that help us become eloquent speakers and awe inspiring leaders. A mentor can change our life forever. Not because we lack in something but for the reason that they can see the treasure trove that we are yet to find in ourselves.. Going forward one takes the role of a mentor to someone else and helps him or her grow. Lead them towards their success as they were led towards theirs, by prodding, motivating, evaluating, encouraging, listening, explaining, inspiring and coaching. All in all supporting each other in the larger scheme of things where we strive for everyone to reach their potential and hit where they aimed for.

TM Vinita Nangalia is a senior member of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at 11 11

Our New Members‌.. Compiled by TM Shanty Rose

TM Girija Chari

Rajani Murthy hails from Andhra, she is a teacher by profession. She started her career in Jamshedpur, India as a software professional. After marriage, due to her husband's deputation she lived in many countries like Paris France. Damascus Syria. Dubai UAE and Doha Qatar. Worked with international community in educational field. . She actively participates in other social forums like Telugu Kala Samithi and ICBF. Currently working as faculty of French language in Pearl School. She is in-charge for French and Telugu language in the school. She intends to improve her communication and leadership skills further by joining ICC Eves as a Toastmaster.

TM Rajani Murthy

TM Rakhi Mishra is a native of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. She is a teacher in DPS-MIS and has been living in Qatar for past 8 years. Besides teaching she enjoys outdoor sports. She was introduced to toastmasters by TM Jaya Majumder. She has joined ICC Eves Toastmasters Club, so as to get an added opportunity to refine herself as a public speaker and to enhance her leadership skill. She likes this club especially due to the friendly atmosphere, and she feels this entire ambiance of the club is highly encouraging.

TM Rakhi Mishra


TM Rajini Naren hails from Hyderabad, India. She had worked in various fields from being a counsellor, a HR professional , a professor and currently a home maker. She loves swimming among other things and always believe in enjoying life to the fullest. Her objective in joining TM , is to be surrounded by like minded people and also to hone her communication skills further.

TM Rajini Naren

TM Shanty Rose is current VPPR of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at


Installation of New Members


Our Achievements So Far…….. While rewards and awards are the destination, the achievements that happen in between are the journey itself. Eves started their journey on 1st July 2016 with a great team of officers and members committed to excellence. So, it is no wonder that we are nearing the mid-point of our term with expected results. The following is the summary of our achievements so far in various fronts . MEMBERSHIP : Five new members were inducted in to our club by 30th September, thus earning us the Smedley award. One DCP Point was earned for adding 4 new members.

TM Girija Chari, CC ALB VP Education E & T

ADMINISTRATION: We secured the “Lead & Win” award for paying the dues of 25 members by 10th September 2016 to the World headquarters. Officer list upload and dues renewal of all members were done in time

TRAINING: The first Club Officer Training (COT) was attended by all our officers but we missed our Super 7 COT award due to error in uploading the names. EDUCATION : Susmita Patnaik received the top most educational award of Distinguished Toastmaster. Out of 4 CCs, one has been completed and 3 more are in the process of getting finished before the required deadlines. Both the CLs required have been uploaded. We are in the process of helping the respective eves complete the advanced communicator awards (ACB). Out of 5 Educational modules required to be conducted for the club achiever award, two have already been conducted with the third one being planned on 6th December 2016. Out of 10 education award required, we have completed 6 already and we will complete the rest also soon. This will help us achieve “Club high achiever award”. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Our first newsletter was released on the second meeting in September as planned with contribution from our members. Compilation work for the second newsletter is going on.


HOME CLUB OF THE AREA DIRECTOR: We were awarded the home club of the area director ribbon for third time in a row. This shows our members are taking up leadership positions which are demanding and challenging. All these have earned us 4 DCP points so far. We aim to earn 2 more by December 31st, putting us on track for “Club DCP achiever award�. All these were possible only due to consistent and relentless efforts by each and every member in the club. With such a good team, I have no doubts that Eves will make a mark in Division S.

TM Girija Chari is current VP Education of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at


Meetings Oct 18th & Nov 1st…..

Education Module


Effective Evaluation Tips How do you evaluate people’s speeches in an honest, supportive manner that makes them want to give more speeches? How do you do so in a way that makes them want to keep improving their skills with each and every speech?

TM Girija Chari

TM Sunita Saini Area Director—68

So first of all I will give you a few examples of BAD evaluation. 1. Your speech today was poorly organized. You failed to give us a good beginning, then your speech meant this way and that, and then you just stopped at the end. Also, you stood behind the podium like you were chained to it. You should have walked around more. I did like your use of vocal variety, and you used some interesting English expressions. But you didn’t project your voice, so people in the back couldn’t hear you. Finally, I don’t like the color of your hair. You should dye it blond.

2. Your speech was wonderful , loved everything about it! You used the entire stage during your speech, and you employed interesting props to illustrate your point. Sometimes your voice was loud, sometimes soft, and you used pauses effectively. I can’t think of a single thing you did wrong. In fact, you were perfect! All I can say is wow! I bet you can even walk on water. Well both the above examples are not going to help the speaker to improve. The first example can hamper her confidence and shatter her completely and she may never come for the next meeting. The second example is a complete whitewash for her; she will never improve and keep on giving her speech in same manner. So why we need constructive Evaluation. Providing immediate feedback: You don’t have to wait for it. And ideally, the feedback is offered in a supportive, caring way, in the genuine spirit of wishing to help you to improve. Offering methods to improve: An evaluator offers you a fresh perspective. He can catch something you didn’t see.


Building and maintaining self esteem. You put in a lot of hard work to write and practice your speech. After receiving feedback, you work to improve your speech the next time. You see that your speaking skills improve as the result of your own efforts. This helps you to build self esteem. In Toastmasters, we use the Tell and Sell approach, where the evaluator talks and the speaker listen. The speaker doesn’t get the opportunity to defend himself, and say: “Well, I know my voice should have been louder, but I have a sore throat.” This allows the speaker to focus on what is being said, rather than what he plans to say in her defense. It also makes meetings efficient, with no time for digression. Please keep in mind the following points when you are an evaluator: Before the speech: Meet with the speaker before the meeting starts. She’ll give you her manual, in which you will fill out a written evaluation. Talk to the speaker about her manual objectives: Note her evaluation guidelines, the questions the manual asks the evaluator to comment on regarding this type of speech. Ask whether she has any concerns, and also ask if she has any additional goals for this speech. During the speech:

Show that you are interested in the speech, perhaps by referring to what the speaker said or did during the speech. Put yourself in the position of the speaker. Is he a novice speaker who you want to handle gently, or is he a seasoned veteran who wants you to be very picky? Take notes, so that you can give detailed feedback. During your evaluation: Choose your words carefully. Stay away from phrases like “You didn’t,” “You should have,” and “You failed to.” Do use phrases like: “I believe,” “My reactions was,” and “I suggest that.” As an evaluator, always keep in mind: “What I saw,” “What I heard,” and “What I felt.” Evaluate the speech, not the person. Focus on what the speaker says, not on who he or she is or what he or she looks like. You only have 2-3 minutes to give an evaluation, but try to allow yourself time for a proper conclusion. In your closing:


Connect to your opening statement. Summarize your key points. Give a personal story or example. Encourage listeners to apply what they heard and learned. I hope that our members will take on the challenge of becoming evaluators. It truly is a rewarding experience that will help you in the workplace when you are called upon to evaluate other employees, and in the club, where you will be serving others.

TM Sunita Saini is Area Director of Area 68, Division S and she can be reached for comments at




Iceland – Land of Fire and Ice…. Exploring the most breath-taking country in Europe with family was the best summer holiday of my life. Iceland the Land of fire and Ice, place of peace and tranquillity that you feel as you absorb the biting cold made us discover the beauty of nature at its best.

TM Asha Shiju

Iceland is a Nordic Island country of sharp contrast that lies between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, very sparsely populated and located in one of the most active volcanic spots in the world. Its a land to be added on bucket list for all adventurers and photography lovers.

Iceland Air took us on our flight to Iceland from Paris almost 6 hours. Coming out of the airport with our warm clothes on we were very sweetly greeted by our guide who was a retired school teacher all set to take us on a memorable journey of lifetime with temperatures as low as 2 degree to minus 10 degree in the night. Caption that caught my attention at the airport was… In Iceland we generate all our electricity from renewable sources-falling water, the heat of the earth and the force of the wind. Isn’t it amazing? We checked into our small cottage on a hill in Reykjavik a small town with all colours of life. Kids were all excited to explore the most beautiful country in Europe.. Day 1 we explored Northern Iceland where we had to just keep our eyes open as we drove to see the spectacular falls that pop out of nowhere. It’s a land of natural beauty still undiscovered and unexplored with beautiful waterfalls. The spectacular golden waterfall is located at the farthest point of the circle an area which offers several natural wonders. Its a land of sharp contrast where we find the ice and the hot geysers too. Visit to the crater of a dormant volcano and to feel the lake formed from the volcanic eruption took me back to my days of geography classes.


After lunch we moved on to a relaxing session that took us to the geothermal spa that offers the most relaxing natural bathing experience you ever had and also the hot favourite destination for many tourists. Evening as we walked down the small town we could hear the church choir from one of the most beautiful church Hallgrimskirkja.. We all decided to keep it for next day morning visit. The church has a typical Icelandic architecture very beautifully located in the middle of Rejvick city. It is the tallest and well-designed architecture made with basalt lava columns. The architecture was inspired by the black falls another Icelandic natural wonder. Day 2 , took us on a journey that was located in the canyon which forms three step terraces river Hvita that plunges creating a powerful stream and Gullfoss. The feeling of mist around the falls with beautiful rainbow striking out in glory with the natural surrounding made me feel happy and relaxed. The view of cascading water against the snow peaked mountains is breath-taking. We decided to spend the day in the countryside cottage relishing the authentic Icelandic food and enjoying the beauty of Icelandic horses grazing all around and tourists enjoying their majestic horse rides.. Day 3, we explored Southern Iceland. Nature at its best with the black sandy beaches, hot springs and the majestic glaciers. It’s just amazing to see a powerful hot stream shooting from the ground. There were hot little geysers all around the geyser park one of the favourite tourist spot. In the freezing temperatures sipping hot soups with Icelandic bread in the panoramic views of the surrounding snow clad mountains was just breath-taking and refreshing. It’s a land of glaciers that attract adventurers to walk into the ice caves and glaciers.

TM Asha Shiju is past president of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at


Think Out Of The Box Toastmaster clubs around the world are always in the pursuit of improving their club quality and increasing the quantity of members. Clubs come out with interesting flyers and advertisement on social media to achieve this end. Well, why not try this out of the box idea to improve the quantity and quality of your club meetings??It’s not only fun but also effective.

TM Prathibha Ramesh LAUGHTER YOGA Laughter yoga came into my life last year, when I was asked to be the contest chair at a humorous contest. I was specifically instructed to make sure the audience remain awake during the humorous speech contest, which was right after lunch. That’s when I decided to use laughter yoga to pep up the audience. The overwhelming response I received from the audience was amazing. Ever since, I have been conducting laughter yoga sessions at various Toastmaster clubs. This gave me a brain wave, why not use laughter yoga to improve quantity and quality of Toastmaster club meetings. What is Laughter yoga?? It’s an exercise where people laugh in groups without using humour or jokes. Laughter yoga was developed by Dr Madan Kataria. Through his research he discovered that prolonged involuntary laughter has as much health benefits as spontaneous laughter. It’s not just an entertainment or comedy session, but a powerful cardiovascular exercise, 10 min of LY is equal to 30 min on the rowing machine. Laughter yoga is the only exercise routine which reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously and brings a balance. People feel the benefit right after the first session. 24

How Laughter yoga does improves the quantity in meetings?? Laughter is the best way to bring in new members and retain existing members. Who wouldn’t want to be a confident leader, effective communicator and a laughter yogi, just by attending club meetings? How does Laughter yoga improve the quality of club meetings?? Laughter yoga session in a club will ensure that members reach on time for the meeting, who would want to miss a chance to laugh It’s the quickest way to reduce stress, hence after a Laughter yoga session members will be relaxed and ready to start the meeting. Relaxation enhances motivation and communication skills People who laugh together work together, it’s a great team building exercise. 5-10 min of Laughter Yoga provides a great energy boost, during a long speech session. It helps attention span, enhances learning skills and concentration. To put it in a nutshell….Group laughter can create a happy and motivated club, having members who care about one another and who will work as a great team.

TM Prathibha Ramesh is the past VPPR of ICC Eves Club and she can be reached for comments at


Eves Shining Beyond Club...

DTAC Dubai... DTM Susmita Patnaik receiving her DTM pin….

Area Directors at Judging Workshop, Division S


Eves Dazzling outside…. ICC ONE Communication Championship…..

At press conference...

Workshop With World Speaking Champion, Aditya Maheshwaran….



Meeting every First and Third Tuesday Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster selfconfidence and personal growth.

Venue: Mazza Restaurant, Doha, Qatar Vision

For more details: (+974)5546 4239/6660 4821 Website

Toastmasters International empowers people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. Through our member clubs, people throughout the world can improve their communication and leadership skills, and find the courage to change.


Quest icc eves december 2016 17 pdf  

ICC Eves Toastmasters Newsletter December 2016-17

Quest icc eves december 2016 17 pdf  

ICC Eves Toastmasters Newsletter December 2016-17