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Article Published in First issue of ICC Eves Newsletter, September Issue Conceptualized and compiled by TM Shanty Rose VPPR ICC Eves Club No - 1334658 Area 68, Division S District 20

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Think Out Of The Box Toastmaster clubs around the world are always in the pursuit of improving their club quality and increasing the quantity of members. Clubs come out with interesting flyers and advertisement on social media to achieve this end. Well, why not try this out of the box idea to improve the quantity and quality of your club meetings??It’s not only fun but also effective. LAUGHTER YOGA Laughter yoga came into my life last year, when I was asked to be the contest chair at a humorous contest. I was specifically instructed to make sure the audience remain awake during the humorous speech contest, which was right after lunch. That’s when I decided to use laughter yoga to pep up the audience. The overwhelming response I received from the audience was amazing. Ever since, I have been conducting laughter yoga sessions at various Toastmaster clubs. This gave me a brain wave, why not use laughter yoga to improve quantity and quality of Toastmaster club meetings. What is Laughter yoga?? It’s an exercise where people laugh in groups without using humour or jokes. Laughter yoga was developed by Dr Madan Kataria. Through his research he discovered that prolonged involuntary laughter has as much health benefits as spontaneous laughter. It’s not just an entertainment or comedy session, but a powerful cardiovascular exercise, 10 min of LY is equal to 30 min on the rowing machine. Laughter yoga is the only exercise routine which reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously and brings a balance. People feel the benefit right after the first session. How Laughter yoga does improves the quantity in meetings?? Laughter is the best way to bring in new members and retain existing members. Who wouldn’t want to be a confident leader, effective communicator and a laughter yogi, just by attending club meetings? How does Laughter yoga improve the quality of club meetings?? Laughter yoga session in a club will ensure that members reach on time for the meeting, who would want to miss a chance to laugh It’s the quickest way to reduce stress, hence after a Laughter yoga session members will be relaxed and ready to start the meeting. Relaxation enhances motivation and communication skills. People who laugh together work together, it’s a great team building exercise. 5-10 min of Laughter Yoga provides a great energy boost, during a long speech session. It helps attention span, enhances learning

skills and concentration. To put it in a nutshell‌.Group laughter can create a happy and motivated club, having members who care about one another and who will work as a great team.

Laughter yoga article single voice prathibha  
Laughter yoga article single voice prathibha