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Article Published in First issue of ICC Eves Newsletter, September Issue Conceptualized and compiled by TM Shanty Rose VPPR ICC Eves Club No - 1334658 Area 68, Division S District 20

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Interview with DTM Susmita Patnaik DTM Susmita Patnaik is a founder member of ICC Eves, currently holding positions as Assistant Division Director for Division Q, as well as the president of ICC Advanced Club. We Eves are very proud of her for being achieved the highest education Award of Distinguished Toastmaster. In an interview with TM Shanty, she shared bits and pieces of her successful Toastmaster journey.

1. Tell us about your current role at a higher level of leadership in Toastmasters and the responsibilities involved? TMI is all about communication and leadership; this makes the journey exciting. And the best part is both leader and communicator complement each other. Even though I joined TM to refine my communication skills, my intrinsic desire to lead, motivated me to embrace leadership roles with outstretched arms, initially at the club level. Later on,, the amount of learning and networking that happened through these activities escalated my interest. Within no time, I realized the magnitude of these roles. As I progressed as a communicator, I ascended as a leader. Despite the challenges involved, those value-added responsibilities made my journey worthwhile. The entire process has convinced me that it is essential for each and every toastmaster to adhere to the mission of TMI and give oneself an opportunity to grow as a leader and communicator as well. My tenure, as Area Director last year, provided me with adequate opportunity to expand my horizon. The exposure motivated me to experience the next level and that is how I became the ADD for the current term. In this tenure of mine I look forward to have a better vision of the nuances of leadership at large. 2. How was your entry in toastmasters and what motivated you to nurture your communication and leadership skills? The Power of both spoken and written words mesmerise me and I have always been fascinated by public speaking. I used to actively participate in all kinds of co-curricular activities during my school and college days and had taken up few leadership roles too. They were the real boosters and had magical effects on my academics. Since I strongly believe in the holistic development of human personality I make the most of every opportunity that allows me to grow. Till date I cherish the moment that introduced me to TMI a decade back, after I landed in Doha. A casual visit to one of the regular club meetings made me realize that this was the forum to rediscover myself and that transformed everything. I decided to join TMI and there is no looking back since then. 3. How has the toastmaster journey helped you in personal life to grow from a homemaker to reach the other leadership roles that you have handled so far?

I am a home maker by choice and enjoy every bit my role as a mother; but my quest for knowledge & self improvement is my constant companion. I live my dreams day in and day out, with the support of my family and friends. Entry in to TMI was a turning point of my life which strengthened my self esteem, giving wings to my dreams. I accepted challenges with renewed interest. Things that seemed impossible were made possible.’ I can do it’ became the Mantra of my life. My continuous strive for a finer self, received a face lift. The process was slow but I enjoyed the journey. 4. Now tell us more about your new role as an translator and your first book released recently? Poetry is very close to my heart and my identity as a poet is the biggest asset of my life. I started writing as a 8th grader and those captivating moments used to enliven me. Later on I focussed on story writing and won some awards. Soon I realized that writing was my forte which gave me immense creative fulfilment. That’s how I continue to write. Recently I got an opportunity to translate a set of books from English to my mother tongue Odia and that was quite an experience. Translation is definitely difficult since you need to do justice to the original author’s ideas and the message he wants to convey, still those moments were spellbinding. The book release function is one of the finest experiences of my life and an incident to remember for life time. The impact is overwhelming. 5. A message you want to give our fellow toastmasters and newcomers to emerge as successful communicators and leaders? “Perseverance” is the key word, applicable to people in all walks of life who want to excel. Anything on this planet is attainable by sheer perseverance. Each small step taken with honesty and sincerity has the potential to conquer the world. So let us discover the treasure, that the world around us provides in abundance to unfold the mysteries of the life. Let the never-ending journey of learning continue......

Susmita Pattnaik

Interview with dtm susmita  
Interview with dtm susmita