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Article Published in First issue of ICC Eves Newsletter, September Issue Conceptualized and compiled by TM Shanty Rose VPPR ICC Eves Club No - 1334658 Area 68, Division S District 20

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Inspiration from an Entrepreneur Susan Mathews is current Area Director, Area 52 and past president of ICC EVES Toastmasters club. She is actively involved in conducting personality development programs for children. A graduate engineer with more than 10 years of experience in IT sector, she is currently a successful entrepreneur. She was a Gavels club counselor for 6 years and later founded ‘CHARISMA’ – a children’s foundation course designed to foster public speaking and leadership skills in children aged 8-13years. In a chat with TM Shanty, she shared her successful journey through Toastmasters….

1. What motivated you to join Toastmasters? The first toastmasters meeting I attended was in ICC GAVELS club. I was there to drop my son and I was curious to know what was in the agenda, so I decided to stay and see. That meeting was an eye-opener for me. I was very impressed to see 12-13 yearr olds oozing with confidence and speaking with flair. It reminded me of my school days when I had been a voracious speaker, actively participating in school debates and elocution. That very day, I decided to try out an adult Toastmasters club and soon signed up in ICC EVES Toastmasters. 2. What leadership roles have you taken up in Toastmasters? What responsibilities does your current leadership role involve? In ICC EVES, I was in the Executive committee for 4 years and I have taken up roles of treasurer, VP Education and President. I am also a member of ICC ADVANCED club and I have been their Secretary and the Immediate past VP Education. I have been counsellor of ICC Gavels club for 5 years and the founder counsellor of ICC EVES Gavels club. I also took up the role of Assistant Division Gavels Coordinator in 2015. As Area 52 Director this year, I am responsible for supporting and assisting the 4 clubs under my area to achieve their mission and fulfil their responsibilities to members. I also serve as a point of contact between the club and division leadership. 3. Tell us more about your new venture “CHARISMA”? While I was counselor of Gavels club, many parents requested speaking classes for children less than 12 years old. During summer of 2015, I conducted a vacation public speaking program for children aged 8-12yrs and it was an enormous success. This motivated me to try out a regular program and ‘Charisma’ was launched in January 2016. ‘Charisma’ is a 10 day’ program conducted once a week, 2 hours per day and includes speech activities, games to encourage impromptu speaking, group activities to build leadership skills and worksheets to improve language. We have finished 5 batches so far and many children are lined up for future batches. I have also recently started a ‘CHARISMA - LEVEL 2’ creative writing program which has been very well received by the participants. CHARISMA is a haven of opportunity for young minds to develop essential soft skills and I hope many will benefit from it. How has

the toastmaster journey helped you in personal life to grow from a homemaker to a trainer? Right from school days, I have always enjoyed public speaking but it was Toastmasters that helped me identify it as a passion and helped me gain the confidence to pursue it full time. The opportunity to work in gavels club was a wonderful experience and it helped me envision ‘CHARISMA,’ which I hope will inspire children to become better communicators and leaders. Researching for my project speeches has converted me into a voracious reader and I feel the wisdom I have collected from reading, hearing and writing speeches is my biggest asset. Last but not the least, the fun moments and the supportive friends that I have gained in toastmasters has truly helped me become a better and more whole individual. All in all, the day I started the toastmaster journey has been a turning point in my life and I will ever be indebted to Toastmasters. TM Susan Mathews can be reached for comments at

Inspiration from an entrepreneur  
Inspiration from an entrepreneur