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Article Published in third issue of ICC Eves Newsletter ‘The Quest’, March Issue Conceptualized and compiled by TM Shanty Rose VPPR ICC Eves Club No - 1334658 Area 68, Division S District 20

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A Multifaceted Winner TM TM Rifna Sadath is the current Vice President Membership of ICC Eves. Besides being a passionate toastmaster, she wears many hats; an entrepreneur par excellence who has a cooking blog with many followers, a teacher by profession, running a business in Indian fashion clothes, catering and a successful homemaker. Here she shares few things on what motivates and guides her to do so many things and how her toastmaster journey helped her in all these 1. When did you join toastmasters and what was your intention of joining ICC Eves? I joined Toastmasters three years ago, to develop my leadership and communication skills. Speaking in front of a group of people was never my forte. After joining ICC Eves, I am more comfortable talking to people, even in large groups. 2. Tell us about your food blog. What motivated you to start something like this? I have a passion for cooking and I always enjoy trying something different. I like to experiment with ingredients which are easily accessible and healthy at the same time. My passion for cooking and desire to express. motivated me to start a blog. It's fun and Challenging. Sharing is caring. 3. What are your other activities apart from food blogging? I am into the field of Indian Fashion. I grew up seeing my mom being a successful entrepreneur. I followed her footsteps. I am handling a catering business. Presently I am working as a Teaching Assistant in an academy. 4. How did the toastmasters journey helped you as an entrepreneur? Toastmasters changed me completely, my communication skills, my behavior, my dressing style, the way I carry myself. I feel proud to say that I am part of this fraternity. 5. What are your future plans as an entrepreneur and a toastmaster? It is a long journey. I like to be active in whatever I am doing. Looking forward to become a better communicator, leader, teacher and an entrepreneur.

A multifaceted winner shanty rifna  
A multifaceted winner shanty rifna