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Grand Slam Sports Flooring Solid Maple Sports Floor

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The Grand Slam Rebound Solid Maple Sports Floor is an area elastic sports floor system. Developed in conjunction with Qiansen Sports Floors (FIBA Technical partner) the solid maple surface provides a perfect balance of performance, economics, maintenance and long life. Grand Slam Rebound - Solid Maple Flooring System Solid Maple Area Elastic Sports Floor

Vented skirting Solid hard maple T & G flooring (2000 x 65 x 22mm)

PE - foil Plywood load distribution joists (2400 x 170 x 12mm)

PE and mesh reinforced high density foam elastic layer (10m x 1.8m x 15mm (offset Joints))

Concrete or existing floor substructure Floor Construction

Floor system is designed to be installed over a level slab or existing floor, to a tollerance of 3mm in a 3m radius. A self leveling topping may be required if surface is out of tollerance.

3mm tollerance in a 3m radius

Elastic layer, joints offset, laid out loosely.


Plywood load distribution joists, tongue and groove ends, glued together, consisting of 12mm Plywood strips at 170mm wide


PE - foil

100 um

Grand Slam Rebound Maple is a solid Maple hardwood flooring. Boards are 22mm x 2000mm x 65mm, tongue and groove to sides and ends. Boards are secret nailed to joists. Boards are pre-finished with a high wear resistant BONA UV Lacquer premium finish. BONA is an official technical partner of the FIBA study centre. Overall height of construction


Nom. thickness 50mm

Performance Characteristics The Grand Slam Rebound Solid Maple Sports Floor complies with DIN 18032-2, EN 14904 and FIBA standards for Level 1, permanent wooden flooring. • Force Reduction (shock absorption) to EN 14808 • Vertical ball behaviour according to EN 12235 • Sliding properties to EN 13036-4 (Min 80, Max 110)

- 55% - 95% - 95

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Grand Slam Sports Equipment 19 Deakin St Brendale QLD 4500

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