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Court Curtains: Indoor


See also Winches on page 57.


Divider curtains are the perfect solution for multi-functional sports areas. Grand Slam can tailor a variety of retractable curtain systems to meet your needs.

Vertical lift curtains These are the perfect solution when superior appearance is required. Vertical lift curtains store neatly in the ceiling when not in use and cannot be damaged while in this position.


Curtains can be supplied in either vinyl and net, or net only. The vinyl section is normally 2000mm high and is made from heavy duty ‘rip stop’ material. Netting can be supplied in either 50mm square white nylon or 45mm square black polyethylene. Standard netting height is 4800mm. CDC2

Side drawn curtains Side drawn curtains are an economical alternative to vertical lift curtains, as they can be drawn across manually — eliminating the cost of an electric winch. Curtains can be stored against one or two walls (if using split curtains).

Curtain operation systems Dividing curtains can be operated by: • Manual draw cord • Manual winch • Winch and electric driver or • Secure key-operated winch. Please call Grand Slam to discuss your particular requirements.


Indoor court curtains


Vertical lift automated system: Vinyl and net Brackets fixed at approximately 1400mm centres to portal frame truss or special beam supplied if fixing points are unavailable. A rail system is fitted between brackets to allow both forward and reverse movement of the winching trolley. Nylon rollers are fitted to each bracket; 3mm diameter braided polyester rope is threaded from base of curtain through netting over each pulley and back to trolley system. Rail system supports trolley which raises and lowers the curtain. Trolley system has a special safety jamming


device which engages if cable is broken eliminating any danger of injury. Netting is manufactured from 50mm square x 1.6mm diameter white nylon sports mesh fixed at top to a 21mm diameter pipe with vertical ropes connected to each support bracket to hold the top of the net evenly. The bottom of the sports mesh is attached to a two metre high section of heavy duty ‘rip stop’ vinyl. The bottom of the vinyl has a 34mm diameter pipe stitched in to hold the net evenly on the floor when the curtain system is in the down position. Supporting beams or fixing points must be very strong to take the weight of this curtain system. The total weight of the curtain is approximately 9kg per lineal metre — including tracking system. Note: Winches must be ordered separately. All vertical lift net curtain systems can also be supplied without vinyl if required. (See CDC4 in Price list.)



Side drawn: Vinyl and net Run on an overhead tracking system. Curtains can be split and drawn to each side or made in one piece and drawn to one side only. When curtains are split, a 300mm overlap is allowed when in the closed position. Brackets are positioned on one or both sides of building to store the curtain in the open position. Rollers are positioned at 600mm centres; netting and vinyl are held vertically by two nylon ropes which are attached to each roller. Draw rope operates curtain from one side of building and is tensioned to keep pressure on rope while opening and closing. System can be changed from manual to electric winch if required. Preference to type of operation must be requested before manufacture of system. Total weight including tracking is approximately 7kg per lineal metre. CDC3B


Side drawn: All net Curtains can be supplied without vinyl in bottom if required. (See Price list.)

Court Curtains: Outdoor



Outdoor court curtains and net cages can be manufactured from various types of netting. Grand Slam also supplies a large range of outdoor divider curtains and wind resistant mesh barriers. Call Grand Slam for more information. CDC


Court dividing curtains



Grand Slam Wind Resistant Sports Screen Grand Slam Wind Resistant Sports Screen is an effective, easy to install windbreak (provides up to 70% wind blockage) that also helps reduce glare and eliminates visual intrusion. Made from UV-stabilised polyethylene for long life, sports screen is resistant

to fraying and mildew and is knitted to give superior strength. All edges are double-reinforced. Eyelets are spaced at 500mm centres to distribute the load evenly over the whole screen. Cable ties or springs can be used to fix the screen to a fence. As well as blocking wind, sports screens are an attractive and functional way to buffer noise and reduce visual distractions.

With these adverse elements removed, concentration and level of play improves. All Grand Slam sports screens are made from superior quality materials and represent attention to detail. Perfect for club, school or private use. Standard height 1800mm. Available in green or black.

Grand Slam can also manufacture divider curtains for various other applications including cricket, tennis, golf and baseball. All our sports mesh is UV treated to give a long lifespan both indoors and outdoors. An invaluable product for uninterrupted play on indoor or outdoor courts. Can be edged on all sides with PVC edging and can also be weighted inside the bottom band with galvanised chain. Solid brass eyelets are also available. Cable and cable fittings can be added. Available in various lengths and sizes.





These are the perfect solution when superior appearance is required. Vertical lift curtains store neatly in the ceiling when not in use and...