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Knight Times Ic catholic prep Elmhurst, IL 2018-2019, Volume 6 May 2019

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Spring Musical

ICCP Senior Prom 2019

By: Emilio Ortega

By: Amber Lewis

“Omigod You Guys!” Legally Blonde Jr. successfully opened Friday, May 3rd, after much anticipation from both cast and audience members alike.

The Class of 2019 surely had the time of their lives at this year’s Senior Prom! Although it was slightly frozen by a bout of winter weather, April 27th was a night filled with laughter and dancing. First, our Seniors kicked off their prom at the River Forest Country Club at 6:15 PM, where teachers, parents, and friends were waiting for pictures. Afterwards, the dinner began, and soon they were on their feet to either take a photobooth-style picture or dance with Father Chris to the Cupid Shuffle. Before leaving to their next event at 11:00 PM, the crowd cheered as they revealed the Prom King and Queen, Michael Johnson and Kelly Murray.

The fun pop musical, based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor motion picture, focused on the redemption story of a “fashion design” major and Delta Nu sorority girl named Elle Woods. Despite her lack of any legal inclination, she manages to get accepted to Harvard Law School to chase her arrogant boyfriend Warner, who rejects her for not being “serious” enough for him. Throughout the show, she manages to solve a major criminal case with her undeniable charisma and hard work while finding her true meaning and purpose in the process. Legally Blonde featured many returning stars on the stage in addition to several new cast members. Returning to the stage, Sophomore Hayley Sennett starred as the lead role Elle Woods along with Sophomore Carl Knable as her righteous, but humble and hard-working attorney coworker Emmett Forrest. Also, returning under the limelight was junior Cate Radoha, as Warner’s new girlfriend and briefly, Elle Wood’s nemesis. Additionally, Nora Kenny played the energetic but kindhearted friend-at-the-hair-salon Paulette. New to the stage were Sophomores Delaney Carroll as Mrs. Wyndham and Frankie Chaidez as Kiki and Serena, both with incredibly choreographed vocal numbers. Legally Blonde Jr. relied on a complete team effort to pull together a magical performance in such a short amount of time. According to Nora Kenny and Carl Knable, the show was a great experience because the cast was able to bond together on stage and build a rhythm very quickly. Junior Louis Narcisi, who played memorable but completely opposite characters Hillbilly Dewey and Harvard Admissions officer Professor Winthrop, noted that it was an outstanding team performance. Hayley Sennett also commented on the team’s chemistry on stage: “We all grew so close as a cast that it seemed like I had known them forever. I think that’s what made the show really good: The fact that we were all so comfortable with each other.” Overall, Legally Blonde Jr’s success is a testament to the hard work of all those that helped in making it possible and the promising future of musical theater at IC.

The night continued at The Cary Company, where students swapped their prom dresses and suits for t-shirts and shorts; raffle prizes, card games, and an inflatable sparring ring were among the highlights of the night as Prom came to a close at around 2:00 AM. While the weather on this amazing night did not cooperate, it did not stop the Class of 2019 from having a night that they will truly never forget!



Monsignor Plunkett Distinguished Scholars Pave Their Futures By: Pete Sykora •Steven Gong plans on attending the University of California San Diego to study mathematics to build a solid foundation for himself so that he may later study Engineering in hopes of becoming an Electrical Engineer. •Suzy Maloney plans on going to the University of Dayton to major in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Spanish. She hopes to be a part of ETHOS (a service club for engineers), intramurals, and study abroad in Spain. In the future, she hopes to work at an innovative company like Tesla or Google while traveling around the world. •Ryan Kenneally plans on attending the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and making a career out of his time in the service as an Officer in the Navy. •Amber Lewis plans on going to the University of Illinois at Chicago where she will major in Psychology and minor in Linguistics. In the future, she would like to do something to improve the circumstances of at-risk youth. •Lance Pollitz plans on going to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study Biology (eventually going into Cellular and Molecular Biology). After college, he hopes to become a medical researcher studying pathogens and bacteria in the hopes of making ground breaking discoveries. •Natalie Murillo plans on going to the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign and majoring in Mechanical Engineering in hopes to be able to travel in her free time to new places around the world while maintaining an Engineering career. •Harry Zhang plans on going to University of California Davis to study Biomedical Engineering.

•Kelly Murray plans on attending The University of Virginia for Nursing where she will work towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner in the future.

An Experience at BPA Nationals

A New Approach To Study Hall By: Peyton Carmicheal A new feature coming to ICCP next year is improved study halls. Study hall is changing next year because the school wants to provide an environment where students can effectively and efficiently focus on their school work. The new study halls can be beneficial for student-athletes, students with a part-time job, and students involved in multiple clubs. If you are wondering why the study halls are being changed, Mr. Davidson, Director of Curriculum, states, “The changes being made for next year are the results of observing how students use the study hall period, the need to provide students with access to technology, and much dialogue between students, faculty and administration.” Study halls will now take place in the Dyer Family Resource Center. The new study halls will be divided into two areas: an independent study area and a group study area. If the student wishes to work in solitude, they have the choice to; and if students want to work and collaborate together, they also have that option. While explaining what benefits there are, Mr. Davidson reveals, “With both Mr. Andrusyk and a study hall teacher available during the 46 minute period, we hope to provide the proper focus, assistance, and resources needed. The computers located in the Dyer Center provide immediate access for students to write papers, do research, and access their assignments on Google classroom.” Since students use their study halls in a competent manner, the school has no problems with the addition of the new study halls. Faculty hopes the change will encourage the students to further develop their education in a way that suits them.

Class Feature: AP Chemistry

By: Katarina Vorne

By: Fran Capannari

On May 1st-5th, Business Professionals of America (BPA) hosted its 52nd annual National Leadership Conference, an event where top qualifiers are sent from each state to compete and learn valuable skills in business, networking, and leadership. This year, IC Catholic Prep sent a student to the event for the first time in five years, Katarina Vorne.

Embracing the values of a small school, AP Chemistry is the smallest class in the school with just eight people. Throughout the course, the students had the many benefits of it being a small class. Ms. Palandri taught the course to just eight students. As a small class, they were able to work as a class to solve difficult problems, Ms. Palandri was always able to answer the students’ questions, and all had the opportunity to participate in class.

The conference kicked off with an exciting opening ceremony. Representatives from each of the 23 states associated with BPA, along with one from Puerto Rico, proudly presented their state flags during the ceremony. Throughout the following days, certification courses were offered to students in office skills such as utilizing the Microsoft Office and Adobe suites. The real focus of the conference, however, was on the dozens of different contests in which qualifying students competed. Top competitors from across the country participate in business administration competitions in areas from video production to spreadsheet applications. Despite these intense competitions, the students attending the conference are also welcome to many social events. The SoCal Bash, for example, featured a block lined with food trucks, games, and even a DJ at one end for students to have the valuable opportunity to meet and build a nationwide network of connections. Throughout the conference, students also participated in BPA traditions such as trading pins with students from different states. Saving the best for last, the dazzling Grand Awards Session wrapped up the week, complete with stage lights, smoke, and even a professional production team! Finalists for each competitive event were called to the stage to receive their awards while the six thousand participants cheered in congratulations. To top it all off, as the awards session drew to a close, fireworks from neighboring Anaheim Disney illuminated the sky, ending the weekend with excitement.

Throughout the year, the students learned eight units and performed many labs. One of their favorite labs was when they designed airbags. In this lab, they designed solutions using ideal gas laws to make the ziplock baggies inflate to the perfect amount. One unit that stood out to nearly all the students was the kinetics unit. During this unit, everyone seemed to fully understand the material. With two AP Calculus students in the class, Annie Guinan and Tommy Sloan, they were able to further study the relationships between the kinetic rate laws and the graphs that are studied in AP Calc. Tommy Sloan mentioned, “The graphs we studied and the rate laws had similar relationships that I had already learned in AP Calc.” Thanks to the small class size, all the students would work together and help each other out throughout the year. As the AP Chemistry exam approached, the entire class worked together to review. Ms. Palandri created a Google Doc for the class to write what was understood and not understood. Each day, the class reviewed new free response questions and multiple choice questions. After practicing former AP questions, the class felt prepared. Coming out of the exam, the students felt that they did well due to all the preparation they had all year. In conclusion, the tight knit AP Chem class, with the help of their teacher, had worked together and prepared all year to succeed on their exam.

Sports Varsity Baseball By: John Falduto

PAGE 3 Girls Soccer

By: Suzy Maloney

The 2019 IC Catholic Prep Varsity Baseball Team finished the 2019 regular season with a record of 13-18, but many players are quick to point out that their record doesn’t accurately reflect just how good of a team they can be: “We’ve had our ups and downs this year, but we believe that when we put it all together, we can beat anyone,” said junior Tommy Ryan. The Knights final regular season game, May 10, resulted in a loss to Chicago Christian, leaving the team eager to redeem themselves. However, on May 16th, the Knights lost a tough Regional Playoff Game to the host school, Westmont. While this loss ultimately ended the season, the team had a positive experience all season long. The Knights were led by 6 seniors: Jake Lytton, Ryan Malek, BJ Howard, Michael Carpanzano, Thomas Hilgart, and Pete Sykora. On his Senior season, Jake Lytton said, “It was tough starting out the year injured on the bench, but when I got back into the swing of things, I’ve really enjoyed the season. It’s been fun hanging with the guys, and some great memories that will carry onto college have been made.” Among those memories is the annual Spring Break tournament, this year in Florida, where many on the team felt that it was a successful trip both on and off the field: “We played well, but more importantly we grew closer as a team off of the field. We learned a lot of lessons about one another, leaving more prepared for the adversity throughout the season than when we arrived,” said Sophomore Will Cooke.

The Knights Girls Soccer team played their last regular season game against University High on May 6th before moving into the playoffs. They beat U High 10 after Olivia Hurt fired a shot on a free kick in the last minutes of the game. Regionals started on Tuesday, May 7; the Knights advanced to the Regional Championship after beating Aspira 7-1. In the Regional Championship Game, the Knights defeated Guerin Prep by a score of 2-0 and then went on to defeat Francis Parker in the Sectional Semis by a score of 1-0. The Knights finished the regular season with a record of 11-7 and were seeded 1st in their Sectional. It has been a difficult season for the Knights, not only playing strong competitors, but also dealing with many injuries. They enter the playoffs with three team members unable to play due to injuries. Rachel Simonides, a Junior starter, said, “I think we’ve overcome a lot of adversity this year such as a lot of injuries and mental tests.” The team has grown very close this season. Kate Sebastian, a Sophomore forward, said, “There’s not just one emotion I feel about soccer. It’s fun sometimes but it’s also a lot of work. My favorite part about soccer is the people.” In the challenges, the team has grown closer and overcome adversity together. The team has faced highs and lows throughout the year. Abi Wagner shares her favorite memory from his season: “My favorite memory from soccer is scoring two goals against Wheaton Academy. We came together as a team for this game. We played the best against Wheaton Academy, our biggest competitor.” The team celebrated their four Seniors on May 1st. It was an intense game against Elmwood Park, but The Knights narrowly secured the win with a score of 4-3. The soccer team will be working hard the rest of May to try to advance as far as they can in the playoffs.

Girls Softball By: Brianna Moreno In the month of April, the ICCP Lady Knights Softball Team took ten wins out of the thirteen games they played. The team has played in some rough weather conditions and still continues to bring the victories home. The team, ed by Coach Frank Reaber, has played very well, despite the tough weather conditions. To commemorate the three seniors on team, senior night was held on May 2nd.The game was against Rosary High School and IC won 13-2. The three seniors are Kayla Faber, Natalie Murillo, and Kayla Cervantes. During Senior Night, the team brought back some of their best memories they shared with their Senior teammates. Each Senior also talked about memories they have made and shared how playing softball has had a great impact on their lives. They all were very successful during the season and have played softball all four years at IC. We wish them the best for their future. To get ready for the IHSA Playoffs, the team was able to win the Knight Invite, hoping that this will give them positive momentum they will need down the stretch. The Lady Knights open up the playoffs against Regina on Friday, May 17th! Go Knights!

Lacrosse By: Ryan Kenneally The Boy’s Lacrosse Team is closing in on its tenth year of existence under the leadership of coach Tom O’Brien. The Knights will begin their quest for a state title this week as they play Wheaton North on Friday, May 17th. The team has experienced a significant amount of adversity while playing numerous very tough opponents. The majority of the schools that they play are much larger. For example, the Knights lost a tough draw to Plainfield 7-5. However, Plainfield was able to pull from its entire school system, nearly 4,000 kids. Also, the Knights had a tough battle with crosstown rival, York High School. They lost a well fought game (11-3) but experienced moral victories in the great effort put forth by the team. The Knights were able to pick up a few wins this year as well. They beat Niles Notre Dame by a score of 13-8. Also, the Knights were able to beat St. Laurence on Senior Knight by a score of 11-2. These wins could not have been possible without stellar offensive performances by Gabe Remy, Joe Bigane, and Jack O’Brien. The defense also has played very well recently lead by Tommy Lamborn in goal. The Knights are still young and have a lot of talent to look forwards to in the future of the program. With only five Seniors, it is up to the underclassmen to determine the future. It is very much in grasp with multiple juniors that have received significant playing time since they were freshmen. Although it hasn’t been the best season for the Knights, they are looking forward to a successful run in the State Playoffs.



Remembering Ms. Levar Picture Perfect By: Victoria Bernero “Ms. Levar has been a fantastic principal for the IC Catholic Prep community. She has kept the school in amazing condition and also has instilled life values in us that will make us extremely successful men and women one day.” -Dom Gaudio

“Ms. Levar, I feel thankful to have known you since Danielle’s freshman year... I will miss seeing you everyday and hearing you tell me to keep smiling and that I’m almost there.” -Cenzi DeSena

“It’s Friday forever for you now; enjoy retirement!”

Remembering Mrs. Thomas “Mrs. Thomas, even though her class was hard, taught me to put an honest effort into my work, and to respect/put pride in myself and my work overall.” -Amber Lewis “Mrs. Thomas, you teach from your heart and have an influence on your students that can never be erased. Your dedication to molding bright, honest, hardworking students has changed so many lives, including my own. Embrace retirement with the knowledge that you are so much more than a teacher to us. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. You have surely made your mark at our school and have left a trail that will never fade. Your legacy will not be forgotten here. Thank you.” -Victoria Bernero

-Evan Gibbons “Ms. Levar’s dedication to Catholic Education and the community of IC is truly something to be celebrated. She has been truly an amazing person to work for, and she will be missed by everyone.”

“One may lose awards, their plaques may rust, and commemorations may be forgotten, but the relationships and impact that Mrs. Levar and Mrs. Thomas have made with their students transcend many lifetimes.”

-Mr. Dronzek

-Emilio Ortega

St. Joseph’s Table Celebrated By: Victoria Bernero The blessed Saint Joseph, one of the most holy saints in the Catholic Faith, was a righteous, honest, and virtuous man. If we reflect on his life, we may learn how to have faith in hard times and truly listen to and obey the voice of God.

ICCP’s annual Saint Joseph’s day table, which happened this year on March 19th, had a stellar turnout; over twenty-five ICCP students and alumni came out with their families. Students and parents provided delicious dishes that made the night memorable for all attendees. Between pounds of baked pasta and trays of homemade cannolis, it is safe to say that nobody went home hungry this year.

Nothing brings people together like good food, and Saint Joseph’s day at IC has proven to do just that. There is a sense of belonging people feel when they come together with their community to celebrate their faith. The ICCP Ciao Italia Club hopes that the annual Saint Joseph’s table will continue to provide this to its attendees for years to come.

Math Team Excels

Newspaper Staff Featured Writers Peyton Carmicheal Johnny Falduto Ryan Kenneally Suzy Maloney Brianna Moreno Emilio Ortega Editors Victoria Bernero Amber Lewis Pete Sykora Katarina Vorne

Congratulations to the ICCP Math Team for taking 7th place in the Division 1A State Math Finals.

Moderator Mr. Dronzek

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