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THEEDITORS Copyrighl (C) 1991 bythc Intemmionlll Federation fo r Choral Music. The 11lfl'1'f/{II;o/lol Choral Bul/clin. lhe official journal of the IFCM , is issued to memOCP.J four limes a year. Editorial T eam: Tom Cunningham . Thomas Rabbow. Julia Tagger. Jean-Claude Wilkens. 11//('l'I/fII;Ol/ol Cellfe/'jo/' Choral MIIJic (CIMe).

ruedcs Bnisscurs 175. B-5(o)Nmnur (BcJgium).

T ransla lo rs: JUlia Tagger. Tom Cunningham. Alaba Lucia Guzma n. A ngel Matute Manin. Carol ine Laws, Genev iève Duboh.. Patricia Abboll. Jean Even. Véronique d'Ursel. JcanClaude Wilkens. Maria Guinand . Thoma, Rabbow Ph otognlphs: Jean -Clau de Wil~e n s, Julia Tagger, Ezgar. Beverly Gazarian, P:urid Moers For ..d\ e rlisin~ in Weslern Hemisphere, con. lact : John Hoffackc r, Midwes tern Stale University, 3400 Taft Boulevard , Wich ita FaJl~. Te1l;us 76308·2099. For ad\'ertising in Europe. Middle East and Africa, contact: Thomas Rabbow, Burg.\tf'asse 33, W·5300 Bonn 2 (Germany). (P/eo.H! ",r;fe for Adl·(.'flÎsing Raft' Card)o format for submilting dO<'uments: When submini ng documents 10 be considered for publicat ion. pieuse send a copy on floppy d isk in one oft hese fOl1nals: IBM Wordperfect, Word or ASC U. Also Word on Macinto:.h ,

by Thomas Rabbow

Th is i.s . . ue oflhe 1r1l em~lIi o nal C hora l Bulletin is kind o f a mirror of Ihi . . ~ uml1l cr·.s c ho ral ~lC li vi li es, The biggc ... 1 international c horal evelll in Europe WiI'" Ihe fe . . li va l EU ROPA CA TAT in the Ba ... qu e Coun try/ S pain , cOI1:-.equ en tly we offered Ihe "w ild card " to the Honorary Pre~ ide nl o rtlle European Federalioll or Young C hoirs - Europa CanlaL Francois Sourel. and g ive you ~o m e informai ion aboui choral music in Spa in . res p. Ihe Basq ue Country. We reg rel Ihal wc cannOI publish .molh e r articl e abou t Ihe "Esco lanîa de Mo ntse rrat ". beca u ...e we were not able 10 finish Ihe Irans lat iom in lime (which re l11 a ins a probl em . as wc IOld you in Ihe lasi iss ue!). but we will prepare il forth e January Bull e tin. Due 10 the saille prob lclll o f tran slations you will read now an article whic h should have been in the la~ 1 i s~ u e foc u'iosed o n Amcrican choml mus ic: " Ba rbersho p M us ic" by John Grant.

a ... k you not 10 he di suppointed if you don'I fïnd your a rticle ri2hl in the following issueof Ihe ICS. We wi ll....lry 10 publish Ih; 111 ail. if they are of gellera l imere ... 1. bUI - as yOll can imagine - wc are limitc d 10 a ce rtain number ofpagc'i per issue (maybe you nOliced Ihal we have already ex tc ndcd Ihe vol ume to the double ). Last but not lea . . 1 wc repon on vario us activilics of the IFCM : Thi, yea r's ~css i on of thc World Youth Choir W il ' anolhe r MJCCess: those who where able to accompagny the \vYC during ilS session o r to li sle n to one o f i l ~ co n ce rt ~ in Hungary, Czec ho::. lovakia, Be lgimll or The Nel he rl ands know Ihat Ih is is one of IFC M 's mm! valuabl c projecis. N umcro us lelt ers From \Vy e participants prove il. ICC M Execu tive DircclOr Jean C laude \Vi lkensorgani zed a very weIl ~1Itended workshop de di ca led 10 Ihe deve lo pm cnl of the "Mus ica" dala bank o f c hora l li le ralure: read more about !hi5 very inleresling and useful projec! under " ICC M News".

Our effons ta ge l il1lo closer COlllaCI with IFCM members and ICB rcade rs produce firs! resuhs. W e are happy 10 recei ve more and more reporls on cho ral life and major c horal festi va ls from ail ovcr Ihe world and wc ki nd ly

Finally - le t me express on be half of Ihe edilor ia l le am our Ihank s for Ih e man y comme nl S we rece ived on Ihe modified ICS. They give us the imprc~s ion 10 he on Ihe righ l way and e nco urage us 10 con ti nue likew ise.

Layout: Jean-Claude Wilkens Printer : Daxheicl. 8 -4280 Av in IFCM Executi\'e Committee: Royee Saltzman, President - Claude Tagger, Vice- Prcsident Thoma ~ Rabbow, Secretary-General - Michael Anderson. Deputy Secretary·Genentl - Marœl Hubeaux, Treasurer. International ecntel' for C horal Musil': Je:mClaude Wilkens. Excc utive Director- Véronique

Bour. Secrelary - Jean-Marie Marchal. Librari:m, Tilt> \·it'ws e.\])N!ssed hy ,he au/hors nj arficJr.f are lIolllca,uarily /I/Ose of the edilor,~ or of/he


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Fo r I1lc mbe r ship in the Weste rn He mis phe r e o r Asia , contac t:

For m e mbe r s hip in E urope, Middle East and Africa , contact :

Michael J. Anderson. Depuly Sec relary ~ General

Thomas Rabbow. S ec re tary ~Gene ral

University or Ill inois al Chicago Departmen! of M us ic (MIe 255) Chicago. Illinois 60607

W-5300 Bonn 2

Burgslrasse 33 Germany

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Mt'mber.hip 1_ pa)Llbk ln currcnq or b) boInk lran , ftr in DM.

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