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October 2013

Volume 1 l Issue 2 l Page 24

Get your eye tested 3 / Save your Eyes, get your eyes tested 5 / Test your vision at home 6 / Ask the Expert 7 / I have donated my eyes 8 / Why the blinds girls are forced ... 9 / Smart Cane 10 / wear the right frame llll

11 / Afa£ffZÔ IYfZ ¶f¨ff¹fZ ³fZ{ ´fSeÃf¯f IYSf¹fZa 13 / Safe Diwali, Happy Diwali 14 / AfÔ£fZÔ ÀUÀ±f ·fe SWZ¦fe Af`S £fbVf ·fe 15 / Afh£ffZÔ IYfZ ¨ffZM ÀfZ ¶f¨ffEÔ 16 / ¸f`Ô³fZ AfÔ£fZÔ ýf³f IYS ýe... 17 / ÀffSZ Àf¸ffþ IYf OS ýÈdáWe³f »fOÞdIY¹ffÔ ¢¹ffZÔ ·fb¦f°fZÔ 18 / ýÈdáWe³ffZÔ IZY d»fE USýf³f llll




October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2

– a monthly news paper


to inform, educate and advocate issues about eye. Why I Care INFO l Approximately 285 million people worldwide live with low vision and blindness l Of these, 39 million people are blind and 246 million have moderate or severe visual impairment l 90% of blind people live in low-income countries l Yet 80% of visual impairment is avoidable - i.e. readily treatable and/or preventable l Restorations of sight, and blindness prevention strategies are among the most cost-effective interventions in health care l The number of people blind from infectious causes has greatly reduced in the past 20 years l An estimated 19 million children are visually impaired l About 65 % of all people who are visually impaired are aged 50 and older, while this age group comprises only 20% of the world's population l Increasing elderly populations in many countries mean that more people will be at risk of age-related visual impairment.

We at Antardrishti believe that the awareness level of the society about eye care, eye donation and blindness must be raised. After a thorough analysis of our experiences of last 7 years, we felt the need of a platform to Bring awareness about eye care and health Create communities for people with vision deformity and visually impaired, l Inform and bring awareness to parents and peer group of affected people l Opinion building on issues related to eye health l Generate content focused on empowerment of visually impaired *100% profit will go to Antardrishti* l l

Antardrishti, a social development organisation is committed to the cause of blind people in our society. Towards this we had made a humble beginning in 2006. It is registered as a Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882.

November 2013 Special

Diabetic Retinopathy ¸f²fb¸fZW ÀfÔ¶fÔ²fe ³fZ{ SfZ¦f (SZdM³ffZ´f`±fe)

Safety & Independence of visually impaired

ýÈdáWe³ffZÔ IZY d»fE ÀfbSÃff EUÔ Afþfýe

email: | Subscriptions: | Advertising: Owner, Printer and Publisher : Akhil Kumar Srivastava. Printed at Navlok Times Press, 14-A, Maghtai, Bichpuri Road, Agra, U. P., INDIA and Published at 113, Tagore Nagar, Dayal Bagh, Agra-05, U. P., INDIA. Editor - Akhil Kumar Srivastava Copyright: I Care Info All rights reserved. Reproduction in any manner, electronic or otherwise, in whole or in part, wtihout prior written permission is prohibited.





October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2

Every five second one person goes blind 90 % blind children don't go to school 89 % of children get blind before they attain the age of 5 If timely treated 80% people could be save from getting blind

Save your Eyes, get your eyes tested


Primary symptoms of eye ailment l Face problem in seeing the

letters written on Black Board or unable to see properly l Had complaining headache l Complaints like redness,

itching, swelling, tears, dryness or pain in eyes l Unclear / foggy vision l Unable to see clear image

or seeing rainbow colors around the source of light l Mode of seeing - whether

they see with both eyes or covering one eye l Blinking of eyes of quite

often l Itching or irritation in eyes

while working l Keeping books and other

Right information and timely treatment can save us from being blind In the modernized age working with machines the life of human has also become a machine. Whether its home or office or in road we are surrounded by machines. Most of us spend 12 – 14 hours either in front of computer, mobile or TV. Even on road we are

intoxicated with the poisonous residue of the vehicles and at office our eyes are watching the computer screen and while at home, TV replaces computer screen. The remaining time is occupied by mobile. And these are all the reasons to harm your eyes. Whether walking on

l Take nutritious food/ balanced diet. l Take fruits, sweet carrot, especially yellow colour fruits like papaya and mango, as these are best source of vitamin A. l Avoid intake of spicy, stale food, nutrition less and junk food. l Maintain cleanliness and clean atmosphere. l Wash the eyes with clean water 2-3 times a day l If eyes are sticky, clean it properly in regular intervals. l Eyes should be properly cleansed soon after getting up from bed in morning. l Never use dirty cloths while cleaning eyes. llll

small readable things near to the eyes l Seeing double images in

one image

road, or riding a scooter our eyes are under some sort of force and pollution plays an important role. Short of time in this rapid life and due to unawareness we fell prey of getting our eyes damaged. Sometimes this ignorance becomes reason of blindness.

Points to be remember l Self medication regarding eye should always be avoided. Consult the doctor l Avoid use of Native / local made medicines. l Take precautions while using kajal, surma and other herbals for eyes. l Protect the eyes from bright light, smoke and chemical substances. l Never try to see the solar eclipse, sun or welding light with naked eyes. l Ensure the proper arrangement of light in room while watching TV, watch the TV from a proper distance and give rest to your eyes time to time while watching continuously llll

Our eyes are very important. Try tying cloth on your eyes and do any work, you would realize how important our eyes are. But we can prevent from these evil effects by bringing changes in our routine work and take care of our eyes.

l Always read in proper light. Light rays should directly fall upon the object which you are reading instead on your eyes l Try to read in straight position instead lying down on bed or any such position which gives much strain to eyes. l Consult the eye specialist on facing any type of eye problems instead of taking advice from Non-medical and lay people. l Avoid superstitions regarding eye problems and solutions l If you encounter any other medical problems which could be a cause for blindness, please consult the doctor for full and information and guidance. llll


October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2

communications, including ICTs and systems and to other facilities and services open or provided to the public".

National Policy on Universal Electronic Accessibility

Major highlights of the policy:

The Union Cabinet approved the National Policy on Universal Electronic Accessibility that recognizes the need to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disabilities as well as to facilitate equal access to electronics and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This policy has been prepared after incorporating comments and suggestions from various stakeholders. India ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in 2007 which, among other things, says that "State Parties shall take appropriate measures to ensure to persons with disabilities, access on an equal basis with others, to the physical environment, to transportation, to information and

• Creating awareness on universal electronics accessibility and universal design. • Capacity building and infrastructure development. • Setting up of model electronics and ICTs centres for providing training and demonstration to special educators and physically as well as mentally challenged persons. • Conducting research and development, use of innovation, ideas, technology etc. whether indigenous or outsourced from abroad. • Developing programme and schemes with greater emphasis for differently abled women/children. • Developing procurement guidelines for electronics and ICTs for accessibility and assistive needs.


Employment Opportunities SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY - Railway Recruitment Cell, South Western Railway, Hubli invites applications for various posts in Pay Band of Rs.5200-20200 with Grade Pay Rs.1800/- in various Divisions, Workshops of South Western Railway and Rail Wheel Factory, Yalahanka. 42 posts are reserved for person with disabilities : oh, hh, and vh Qualification: 10th or ITI or equivalent. Age Limit: 18-33 years Exam : will be conducted on 10th class pattern and question paper format in some regional languages including hindi and english, comprise of 100 marks for 1.30 hr duration , be sure dat negative marking also there... Last date: 28th October 2013 Details can be track from :

Test your Eyes with Android google apps Description When was the last time you had your eyes tested? You can’t remember? Yeah, well, neither do I! With this eye test you can test your vision at home easily and totally free! After doing the tests you should be able decide whether or not you should see an eye doctor (optometrist, optician). Doing the vision tests is fun, and you can also share the results with your friends on Facebook!

The application has 6 types of eye tests:

Eye Test

* Visual acuity tests (based on a Snellen chart, numbers and text, with black or white background) * An Ishihara Color Blindness test * 4 Amsler grid tests * An AMD test for macular degeneration * A Glaucoma survey * A Written test aka. how much do you know about the eye? If you want more tests, download the pro version that has 7 more tests: OKN strip, Red Desaturation, Contrast sensitivity, duochrome test, Landolt C (Landolt ring) test, Tumbling E test, Astigmatism test

I Care Info newspaper will not only provide information of eye care, eye donation and empowerment of visually impaired but would also act as a platform for the organization as well as individuals to share information. We will try our level best to solve problems by our experts and try to incorporate your suggestions, information in our newspaper. If you would like to share your experience, information or suggestions with us please contact us at Email : Antardrishti POST BOX No. 06 Web Agra Fort HO – 03 U. P. INDIA llll


Advt. /Oct. / 2013 / 4



October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2


Always save the eyes from injuries

We can save our eyes from almost 80 to 90 percent eyes injuries. While playing and at home:

Immediately contact or consult eye specialist on detecting any type of diseases or symptoms in eyes. Never try to put any type of eye drop in your eyes like self medication. english adoptation by Rekha Khare / Bilaspur

• Be careful while using pointed objects used in routine life like pointed or sharp toys, knife, needle and scissors, and children should handle them under proper guidance. • While using spray and or spraying any chemicals, be sure that the opening side should be opposite side of your eyes. • Before using the detergent or other harmful chemical substances, carefully read the instructions given over it and wash your hands after the use. • Objects like bow-arrow or pistol should be carefully handled.

At the time of festivals involving fireworks/crackers: • Always burst crackers under the guidance of elder ones, don’t remain standing near the burning crackers. • Never light up the crackers inside the house

We can face problems like dryness in eyes, irritation, pain, headache, back pain or muscular pain because of excessive use of computer. The ways to protects us from its harm:-

• Keep sand or bucket full of water nearby while lighting up crackers for safety • Avoid the use of chemical colors for celebrating holi or other occasions, prefer to use natural colors. • Don’t apply the colors forcefully on others and always be careful that colors should not be applied near eyes. • In case, if eyes are affected with any harmful chemical substance, wash the eyes properly with fresh water, and the problem continues even washing eyes, consult eye specialist.

When something falls into eyes: • Never rub the eyes. • Wash the eyes properly with water • Take the help of others to pull out the fallen object in eyes through clean wet cloth • If the foreign body is not coming out easily, immediately contact eye specialist.

Test your vision at home

Direction • Keep proper arrangement of light in computer room. • The person using computer should keep the monitor (computer screen) at proper distance. • Monitor should be placed lower from eye level. • Required material should be kept near monitor while working on computer • To save eyes from variations of brightness and images, always work in computer in proper light arrangement. • While working, blink eyes many times so that eyes remain moist and can avoid dryness. lll

l l l l l l l

You can use this image to test your vision. Take a print out of this image and tape or pin the chart on the bare wall, level with your eyes. Measure 6 meter or 20 feet distance If you use eyeglasses for distance vision, the glasses should be worn during the test. Cover your left eye and see the 1st E by right eye. One by one see all 4 E and point direction. Repeat the chart (upside down) and repeat the exercise with your left eye.

If you are not able to recognise the direction of E (Minimum 3 E) immediately contact eye specialist. llll


info Reader’s View | AfBÊ IZY¹fS B³RYfZ AJ¶ffS ´fP°fZ We C¸¸feý IYe dIYS¯f ³f¬fS AfBÊÜ ¹fZ AJ¶ffS BÀ»¹fZ þbýf W` dIY BÀf¸fZÔ ³fZ{ ýf³f IZY ¸fbïZ IYfZ ¸ff³fU°ff ÀfZ þfZOIYS ´fZVf dIY¹ff ¦f¹ff W` þfZ IYfd¶f»f- E-°ffSeRY W`Ü ¸fbÓfZ ¹fIYe³f W` dIY AJ¶ffS IYf ¸fbdÀ°fIY¶f»f SfZVf³f Af`S IYf¸f¹ff¶f WfZ¦ffÜ ¸fZSe Vfb·fIYf¸f³ff AJ¶ffS Af`S CÀfIYe Me¸f IZY Àff±f W`Ü

- Of. AfSRYf Sfþ´fc°f / ³fBÊ dý»»fe iCare – a friend who guides us towards the Light at the end of the tunnel and also remains your loyal monthly provider of information. iCare – an effort to bring awareness among the visually impaired and the unimpaired equally bringing them forward to join the revolution called Antardrisht. iCare – a platform that gives us an opportunity to show that we really care for our less fortunate brothers and sisters. An eye-opener that helps us to take better care of God’s most precious gift- Eyes.

- Nilima / Surat Ask the Experts | get specialist opinion for your eye problems, eye donation or blind people rehabilitation queries

October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2


Ask the Expert | Q. I am suffering from redness in my eyes with little pain and blurred vision for the last 4-5 Months. It stays for 2-3 days and recurred within 10 to 15 days or a month. The doctor gave me eye drops. After using them, I got relief but it recurred within a month. Why am I suffering from persistent redness in the eyes? A. You may be suffering from mild dry eye or allergy, for which drops give relief. However, you should continue your treatment as the disease is often related to environmental exposure to allergens.

IY»fS ¶»ffÔO ±fZ, A¶f Af´f A´f³fZ ¶fZMZ IYf ·fdU¿¹f / I`YdS¹fS CÀfIYe Ãf¸f°ffAfZÔ IZY A³fbÀffS ´»ff³f IYS ÀfIY°fZ W`, ¶fÀf ¹fW ²¹ff³f Sd£f¹fZ¦ff dIY ·fdU¿¹f ¸fZÔ UW dþÀf ·fe dU·ff¦f ¸fZÔ þf³fZ IYf ´fi¹ffÀf IYSZ CÀf¸fZÔ IY»fS ¶»ffÔO³fZÀf ¶ff²ff ³fWe WfZÜ Q. I am a 27 years old female suffering from myopia. I use glasses in both eyes of power minus 6D. My vision is stable for the past 6 years. I want to change over to a thinner lens. I was thinking about using contact lens of power like minus 5 and correct the remaining error in vision using glasses. Is there any harm in doing this?

´fiV³f: ¸fZSf ¶fZMf IY»fS ¶»ffÔO W`, ¢¹ff UW NeIY WfZ ÀfIY°ff W`, ¸f`Ô þWfÔ ·fe þf°ff WcÔ CÀfIYfZ »fZIYS WS þ¦fW »ffZ¦f CÀfIYf IY»fS ¶»ffÔO³fZÀf IYf MZÀM IYS°fZ W`, ¢¹ff IYfZBÊ EmÀff °fSeIYf W` dþÀfÀfZ ¹fW ´fSZVff³fe ýcS WfZ ÀfIZY?

A. There is no harm in wearing contact lenses with slight under correction with which you can manage near as well as distance vision without glasses.

C°°fS: IY»fS ¶»ffÔO³fZÀf IYf IYfZBÊ B»ffþ ³fWeÔ W`, IbYL ´fiIYfS IYe IY»fS ¶»ffÔO³fZÀf IYfZ ±ffZOÞf ¶fWb°f NeIY dIY¹ff þf ÀfIY°ff W`, »fZdIY³f UW ·fe ³fWeÔ IZY ¶fSf¶fS We WfZ°ff W`Ü A¨Le ¶ff°f ¹fW W` dIY Af´fIYfZ þ»ýe We ´f°ff ¨f»f ¦f¹ff dIY Af´fIYf ¶fZMf IY»fS ¶»ffÔO W`, A¢ÀfS EmÀff WfZ°ff W` dIY BÀfIYf ´f°ff ¶fWb°f ýZS ¸fZÔ ¨f»f ´ff°ff W`, Af`S ¶f¨¨ffZÔ IYe ¸fZW³f°f ¶fZIYfS WfZ þf°fe W` þ¶f C³WZÔ ´f°ff ¨f»f°ff W` dIY C³fIYe ³ff`IYSe dÀfRYÊY BÀfd»fE ³fWeÔ »f¦fe ¢¹ffZÔdIY UW

A. After the detailed examinations of the donor eyes and corneas doctor reject some donated eyes as they are unsuitable for transplantation; then, the efforts are made to place this tissue with research and educational programs.

Q. What happens if corneas are not suitable for transplant?

³fZ{ ª¹ffZd°f IZY³ýi Of. ´fiýe´f Àff³fZ

E¸f. ¶fe. ¶fe. EÀf., E¸f. EÀf. (³fZ{) Àfe. Àfe. E»f. ´fe.

»fZdÀfIY »fZþS õfSf ¨fV¸ff WMf³fZ IYf Af´fSZVf³f MfZd´fIY»f RZYIYfZ-d¶f³ff B³þ`¢Vf³f, d¶f³ff ´fMÐMe ¸ffZd°f¹ffd¶f³ý IYf Af´fSZVf³f SZdM³ff(´fQÊ)Z IYe þfÔ¨f U B»ffþ FFA EUÔ »fZÀfS õfSf

d³f:Vfb»IY ³fZ{ ´fSeÃf¯f ´fi°¹fZIY ¶fiWÀ´fd°fUfS Àfb¶fW 9 ¶fþZ ÀfZ 12 ¶fþZ °fIY Àf¸f¹f 10 ¶fþZ ÀfZ 2 U 6 ÀfZ 7 ¶fþZ °fIY

165 ³fZWøY ³f¦fS, ßfe MfIYeþ IZY ´ffÀf, d³fIYM þ¹f WfgÀ´feM»f, Af¦fSf - RYfZ³f: 0562 - 2856515, 2854850 ¸ffZ¶ffBÊ»f: 0 9927022020 llll


Advt. /Oct. / 2013 / 3


info Ring…. Ring suddenly breaking the silence in the month of May the phone rings. Everyone was sleeping in the noise of cooler. Yes in Allahabad in the noontime of May the enjoyment of sleeping is different. And that is why I came from my college hostel to home. Since few days I was not able to sleep well. It was because I was waiting for someone to come. From somewhere in the middle of my two brothers I got up carefully and went towards the door. I was hoping that it must b that thing for which I

document in his hands and got the envelope in my room. Everyone was sleeping so I couldn’t switch on the lights…… so I sat in the balcony. Immediately I opened the envelope. I didn’t hope that I would get something beyond my hope. Within the envelop there were many items…. Six cards of eye donation and one dozen posters propagating it. I was really very happy to see the card of eye donation. One month back I requested to donate my eyes in the Hyderabad located Eye bank

October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2 The holidays ended and again I came to my hostel. After entering my room I did the first ting. I put the posters of the donation outside my room and the common room. After this I filled up the donation form and then kept carefully in the purse. I understood that if there is someone who can make someone understand about this then many people can connect to this. People who do good things are many many but there is one weakness that they are lazy and even if they wish they cannot take out tim


these kinds of people I became the medium. The boys who came to my room were interested to know about it. I gave all of them one donation card. And from these the three hundred students of hostel

vision and how life is without vision. Anyway in Agra my new friend is Akhil who runs an institute the work of which is to make blind people independent. At first I hesitated after connecting

started discussing about eye donation. After finishing my studies I came to my job. Even now when the old friends meet we start discussing about how many more people have done something in this direction. After coming in my job stopped propagating eye donation. But I got a new life when after my marriage in Agra my wife came home. Often we cover our eyes by blinds everyday and try to do each and every domestic chore. In a week one day is compulsory. In this practice both of us have successfully understood about what is

with an N.G.O because of bad reputation. Later I came to know Akhil is different. Closeness grew and in Agra I connected with the work. After my transfer I came to Dehradun. This work became stronger. We did many programs among the school students. Along with awareneness what is important is to prepare something related to eye donation. If in one city there are ten cornea collection center then it can make a big difference.

I have donated my eyes Manish Kumar / Dehradun // ETV, Uttara Khand was waiting. After opening the door I got the gush of wind on my face. After opening my eyes when I saw towards the gate I saw the postman wearing a scarf which covered his full face. As soon as he saw me he said….. Brother take the registry. I thought registry………. Rather either writes a letter room his village or sends money by money order. In those days the admit card would never used to come that too by registry. I thought it strange but suddenly remembered if anything has come from Hyderabad. Taking it from the postman when I saw that address was of Hyderabad. From the gush of winds I was shrunk and suddenly I got energy. I started looking at the envelope. In the middle the postman said oh! Brother please sign here, and then you see what mother has said. I immediately kept the

Association of India. There is a strange story behind this inspiration. The members of family were watching television. In the middle of this I came home to eat food since the mess was closed. While eating food there was an advertisement in which Aishwarya Rai was appealing everyone to donate different kinds of eyes. After watching this my brother commented that you gain nothing by doing this….. that donates the eyes….. I protested this. To prove my protest I wrote a letter to the Eye bank. To write a letter was not a less thing. I spent the money meant for film on letter. Ultimately that happened on which I believed. In the evening I showed everyone about how on my one letter the answer came from Hyderabad and one big envelope came.

or programs like donation. Who can find out what is happening where. Oh! Who can find out where what is happening. Thinking about this I have put the poster outside my room and common hall. The effect of this was seen by the next day. First of all about Padam Ram Singh…… Has Manish brother become an engineer instead of a social activist? Along with the poster he may have got the Gandhi printed bag. Is your mind tired of preparing... Saying this Ram Singh moved towards the tea stall. When I went to drink the tea then I came to know that it does make a difference when you tell or make someone understand about something. Whatever I understood I made my friend understand that. Many about them knew about the eye donation but who will do something about it. And for

english adoptation by Eshita Chandra / Mumbai

Drishti 2013 award function, film festival & design / poster exhibition to promote

EYE DONATION 25-26 October 2013 st. John’s College, Agra llll

llll | llll


October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2

Why the blinds girls are forced to face the fear of society How can the blind girls could Most of the blind girls due be made self-dependent? Lots of the girls were normal and were

to social pressure and fear remain at home, unaware of what is going on around the world over and thus, lose their own recognition. Its difficult to bring such girls out of their fear. When they would realize that they are human and when they will be independent. When the parents get old then it becomes very hard for such girls, but till that time, its too late. The parents of these girls should not lend their fear upon them, as they think that how they will go out without being able to see the things. Many a times it is seen that only one girl out of the whole village gets educated, as the parents sent her to school.

able to see till the age of 16 – 17 but now they are blind. The family members kept them in their home and gradually they lost their self confidence. The parents don't believe that they could walk on road alone or they could do the household chores without any difficulty. It’s a challenge to teach these girls to complete such activities without being assisted by anyone. First of all they are taught to complete the household chores and how to walk alone on road. They are trained mentally prepared for all these activities and it takes a long time. Even the modern education should be given to such women and girls. Training which can given them employment also. Computer, Research Training should be given to those girls and women. Those who are totally illiterate should be trained in handicraft work. Recently the training on massage – spa also started as its on high demand.

Blind girls are also part of the society, what is necessary to be done for these girls First of all keep faith on these blind girls and let them do they daily routine work without any support. If by accident if anyone gets blind or are blind by birth then the society should keep special

In my own words…

“Down, but never out”! - Neha Agarwal / Hyderabad Being the eldest child in a conventional Indian family has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Bestow by nature with loads of anxious energy, ambition, enthusiasm, the age of 19 saw my life changing forever. Abolt from the blue brought for her the diagnosis of Stevens–Johnson syndrome [A drug induced reaction during a viral fever] with leaving me with a 95% vision impairment. Being strong, resilient and determined, my struggle had only just begun. Fighting odds both internally and externally I set out to achieve my goals. My family struggled along with me to regain the equilibrium that was snatched from our lives and coping with a condition so far unimagined.


At my flash back, “In 2003, I felt like I was hit by an avalanche. Life was at the peak of destruction, Left with endless despondency, with feeling like life will never be the same hereafter. It was extremely challenging for me to cope with this ambiguity”. “I couldn’t accept, to live the life of a blind person. I would not be able to see my parents anymore and the world around me. left to touch and feel my way around, not knowing where I was or what I was touching. It was the toughest time of my life. I was fighting denial, self loathing, while experiencing varied degrees of rejection from society. I was completely broken from with-

attention on them, specially the girls. Firstly the myth that if you are not able to see then you can't do anything should be kept away. I believe that after proper training these blind girls can be more effective in their working and many a times it is seen that only one girl in entire village gets education, as she is sent to school, but when she returns back to home, she becomes dependent on others, because of the family mentality. It is seen that normally a mentally retarded boys are married to blind girls. These girls are not allowed to do anything and even for food they have to wait that someone would come and feed them.

What is the condition of girls in Indian scenario


Talk with Shalini Khanna, Director, National Association for the Blind (Women), New Delhi by Divya Sahu

The girls are made like bondage at home, what efforts could be done for their safety? We all are having the same problem, that how to give safe atmosphere for the girls. We have trained the blind girls with martial art training, so that they could defend themselves. We have taught them where to call during emergency. The travel on metro is safe, but there is still problem while in buses.

What and how much the family support for making these girls self dependent? Firstly the government should give all of them good education as there are many a schools where there is no such facilities available. Atleast the government should give basic education including English, as it very important for jobs. Many entrepreneurs are also afraid to employ blind girls, thinking how can do the given task. Why the fear of others is enforced upon these girls? Till what time these girls would be made dependent upon others, When they will become self dependent. Their self dependency is more important because till the parents are young its no problem, but when the parents gets old – it is then it becomes hard for such girls.

I don't see any difference between a blind or a normal girl. If the girls are given chance to get educated they are 120 % better than boys and gives better result. Actually these girls had already faced such trauma in life that if they get even a single chance they try to encash that chance to their fullest power. We have arranged many blind girls to work in big factories and they are working their successfully grabbing other's attention. Girls from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar's rural areas also approached and got graduate through open schooling and later completed their B Ed and are now teachers english adoptation by Rekha Khare / Bilaspur

in, Burdened with heavy depression. It was then that someone suggested I should enroll with the course at “Art of Living”. After lots of ups and downs, challenges, acceptance, rejection…, I began to see a faint light at the end of the dark tunnel, and accepted my impairment”. “My road to recovery had begun. I met Payal Kapoor, also blind, in Hyderabad, who counselled me and suggested to continue my education and learn computers. Thereafter I persevered, and completed my graduation majoring in psychology. Simultaneously my interest in information technology grew and I began to spend many hours at my computer”. “July 18th 2011, the day the course of immense change in my life. This was the one chance given to proof myself. I successfully completed a 3 month training for service management in collaboration with IBM by enable-india,


Bangalore. There after I was given a chance to complete my internship, working on project with enable-india’s candidate database for around 3 months, being a novice, I had to fit into a work environment and enhance my skills to work on projects. In march 2012, I have returned to the same house where I have spent 9 years of my life as a blind person, now empowered, confident and happy. Essentially, armed with mobility skills using the white cane, a tool determining the degree of independence and self respect of a blind person. The newly aquired mobility skills added to my new found confidence, and this time around I began moving in the city all on my own. Revisiting some of my favourite haunts, visiting family and friends independently was an unparalleled experience”. “I am living my life independently, with dignity and confidence.Not wasting any

time, I signed up for a course in web development, in Hyderabad. Simultaneously I was being interviewed by IBM Hyderabad for various profiles. Finally my dream to be financially independent is here! On October 22nd 2012, I was offered the position of project coordinator in PMO which I accepted readily. Now I work in an organization of international repute, being called an IBMer! Life has come a full circle; once seeking motivation outside, I am today called upon to be the motivator, not a role to be taken lightly”. My parents have this to say about my journey, “You have changed immensely, acquired skills to deal with not only your peers, but also those which will stand you in good stead to move on in life. The first baby steps have picked pace and are moving from strides to leaps. We are proud of you!”



October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2


boon for blinds

Smart Cane a Report based on discussion with prof. M. Balakrishnan by Divya Sahu from delhi

What is Smart Cane, how it works? Professor M. Balakrishanan from IIT, Delhi says that a special gadget is being installed on the upper part of the white cane, which ultrasonic razor including one transmitter and a receiver. Ultrasonic rays continuously vibrate through transmitter. If any obstacles come on the way, ultrasonic rays fall on it and alarms to receiver, through which a person can come to know about the height and distance of the obstacles. And all these are calculated by White Cane based on the walking speed of the blind people.

Smart or White Cane can be able to identify the obstacles at which distance. White cane is very helpful for blinds people for walking; it is a symbol of independence and safety for them. While walking, white cane indicates the all obstacles and holes on the road. But the problem comes when the obstacles are above the knee level to head. Hoardings on road, air conditioner and boards coming out of wall and branches of trees are such obstacles which create problems while walking for the people and they get injured, but now white cane will solve this problems of blind people. IIT Delhi team had prepared a such gadget which will give the indication or signal of such obstacles before hand, presently the trial of this gadget is going on. Within a short period, a company from Chennai is going to launch white cane in the market.


White Cane Safety Day 15 October 2013


There are two turns on Smart Cane one for walking inside the house and other for outside. Within the house it can identify the obstacles within the range of two meters whereas it is three meters for outside the house. The way your cell phone vibrates at the time of incoming call, in similar way the White Cane will start vibrating while identifying the obstacles on the way, and it can specify the distance also. Like mobiles, White cane also work on the batters and once full charged will continue working for next 10 hours. Generally blind people walks one and a half hour to two hours daily, so once the battery is full charged it can work continuously for one week. In order to the understand the use of smart cane audio and brail manuals are also prepared in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Gujarati languages, blind people can learn the use of White cane by reading or hearing this manual.

Cost of Smart Cane? There are two types of cost of this cane, in market it is available in about 2.5 to 3 thousand, and person had to invest rupees 500 for its training purpose.

visited our lab and keenly saw the scheme in detail. Showing the positive attitude they had demanded for the plan. He informed that Indian technical equipment is very less available in market, if any equipment is prepared here, but with foreign technique. That's why we are getting very positive response from the market. Whatever equipment available in market is very expensive nearly around 40 to 50 thousand. But we are only talking about 2-3 thousand rupees. We have received the positive messages through Britain, Canada and Australia. There is possibility that after the launching of white cane in market, the company will start export also.

How much time is needed to prepare this Gadget? The gadget is prepared in two stages. First of all student project was prepared. Students prepared the gadget in four versions in a span of four years. The team used the IIT resources at first later on the team started searching for the Research Fund and company which could prepare the smart cane and present in market. The company from Chennai came forward.

Whether the cane is water proof? This cane is water proof, but this will not work in heavy rains. Since the ultrasonic waves can return back after getting hit by the water drops. In such condition the cane can give wrong information. The smart cane device is attached on the top of white cane and thus, even if the cane breaks the device could be attached to another cane.

In which areas this smart cane is successful? The testing of this smart cane is underway in Delhi, Dehradoon and Mumbai. Trials will be taken up in Bangalore and Chennai also. Around 125 users were there for the trial. Even in Simla the trial took place. The gadget is successful only in plain surfaces, while in the hilly areas it failed.

Since blind people are generally of low budget people, in that case how Future of this smart cane in India this cane would be available to IIT Delhi team had found a better future of this cane them. in country. Prof. Balakrishnan informed that trial Ministry of Social Justice, Central Government had prepared a scheme to provide subsidy upto rupees six thousand to handicapped to purchase equipments. Regarding this, a discussion was held with Disability Commissioner, Delhi, the Delhi Team, IIT, the team

Normally when-ever we see any person carrying white stick in his/her hand, we never bother about them, whereas this same stick helps a blind person walk freely. It becomes important for us that when-ever we see any person walking with a white stick in his/her hand we should keep caution to help that person walk freely. To make these people join the main stream its important that we should give them the atmosphere in which they are not just save and get equal

stage is quite better. If you think about the blind person, you feel how happy the blind person is. But I consider the real happiness when the blinds will start using this smart cane smartly. english adoptation by Rekha Khare / Bilaspur

right like a normal person but should also get free mobility. Blind person with other problems faces one biggest problem of free mobility. White stick/cane helps them with free mobility. From several decades this white cane is just treated as helping the blind person but in the 20th century it is known to be symbol of blind person and makes the blind person felt among normal person. The president of World Blind Association declared Oct 15 as the World White Cane day way back in


Oct 15 1970. White cane plays an important role in the blind person's life. It not only helps them move freely but also symbolizes a blind among the normal people and its now better known as the symbol of a blind person. The main objective of this day is to bring awareness among people about the blind people and motivate a normal person to be more careful whenever they see any person with white can in his/her hand while they walking on road.



October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2


“E yes are the window to s oul. T herefore, what you wear on eye is equally important to what you wear on your body eac h day.” Eyewear is an important factor in terms of not only protecting your eyes but also because it adds that extra quotient to your looks and personality. But with varieties of eyewear available in the market it gets difficult rather sometimes confusing to choose right pair for oneself.

wear the right frame

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The first step, according to eyewear styling experts, is to consider the different aspects of your life. "What do you really want your eyewear for?" Determining utility and use of the sunglasses will make it easy for you to make an apt selection. Also for different occasions and activities, different styles and colors can be picked.

Mrs. India Asia International-Goodwill Ambassador 2013

Choosing the right lens

For example: If you are a business person, a conservative frame and classic style would perhaps be a fine choice to enhance your professional image. A fashionista or student on the other hand could play a lot with size, colors and unusual patterns.

lighter at the bottom of lens.

Photo chromic lensesThese are the clear indoor lens. On exposure to outdoors it darkens by activation of UV rays from sun.

With a wide variety of lenses available in the market, it is easy to select a right choice of lens that suits well to your needs and budget. However, it is recommended to go for an eyewear with interchangeable lenses that would change its color depending on the activity you are doing.

Polarized lenses- These are very useful for people who work outdoors or while driving a car during daytime. Polarized lenses reduce glare from sun or water and give an improved vision as compared to non-polarized ones

Solid tint lens- Solid tint lens

Drive wear lens- These are

can be applied to almost any lens and is an effective and low cost sunglass option.

Gradient tint lensesGradient tints are the fashionable version of tinted lens. These lenses are dark at the top and fade to lll

Here are some tips that could help you in making up your mind and doing a right selection:

Purpose and need

Megha Arup

The color of the lenses doesn't just affect your fashion statement; it affects how well you detect contrast and differentiate colors.

So what are the factors that determine which eyewear is the best for your face, personality and utility?

Also, it is important to find out where you would be sporting those favorite pair of glasses the most.

For outdoors, you must opt for an eyewear that provides a complete sun protection- that is a polarized sunglass with UVA and UVB protection. For other indoor purposes, a clear indoor lens that would change color on going out in sun would be an ideal choice. For a fashionable event or party you can opt for colorful, bold and stylish frames.

Face shape and style Some pairs are big and others just too small but what adds the real charm to your face is a right frame size that would fit your face just perfectly. So, how do you find what style suits the best to your face?

Let’s weigh-in on the musthave styles for each face type: If you have a heart-shaped face-You can compliment your wide cheek bones and a narrow chin with a classy pair of aviators. If you have an oval-shaped face-You are lucky enough and just any type of frame and style would compliment you. For a square shaped face-The sharp angles of the face and jawbones can be balanced out easily with frames that are circular in shape or the cateye styles. If you have a round shape face- Go for a square or rectangular frame and that would offset the fullness of your face.

Points to remember l While buying sunglasses, make sure it provides a protection

from UV rays. l Look for pairs that block at least 99% of UVB rays and at least 95% of UVA rays. l Refrain from buying pairs, that are labeled as cosmetic and don’t provide any protection. l Avoid using clip-on sunshades as these can damage your lenses. Magnetic sunshades however are a good alternative as they attach to the frame and not lens.

specifically made for use in an automobile. These lenses combine the properties of photochromic and polarized lenses. In different climate condition the lens changes it color accordingly to improve the vision for the driver. llll



October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2

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info ¢¹ff IYSZÔ : Tips for a safe Diwali Do’s: l An adult should always supervise the use of fireworks by children. l Check the area before igniting fireworks to ensure that all inflammable and combustible materials are removed. l Follow all safety precautions issued with the fireworks. l Use a candle or an agarbathi to ignite fireworks. They burn without an open flame and provide a greater and safer distance between your hands and the fireworks. l Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby to extinguish any incipient fire. l Use fireworks only outdoors. l Wear protective goggles while lighting fireworks to prevent eye injuries. l Light only one firework at a time. l Hold lighted sparklers away from the body. l Flying fireworks – rockets, missiles, etc. – should always be lighted in open grounds pointing straight up. l Discard used fireworks in a bucket of water. l Wear close-fitting clothes of thick material instead of loose or flowing garments. l Consult an opthalmologist immediately in case of eye injuries.

Don’ts: l Never give fireworks to small children. l Never ignite fireworks while holding them. Put them down, then ignite them and walk away. l Do not put fireworks in any container to ignite. l Never mix anything with the contents of fireworks or make fireworks at home. l Never use fireworks inside a vehicle. l Never re-light a firework which has not burnt properly. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water. l Never throw or point fireworks at other people. l Never carry fireworks in your pocket. l Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers.

l ´fMf£fZ þ»ff°fZ U¢°f ¶f¨¨ffZÔ IZY Àff±f Àfý`U ¶fOÞfZÔ IYf Àff±f WfZÜ l ´fMf£ffZÔ ¸fZÔ Af¦f »f¦ff³fZ IZY d»fE ¸ffZ¸f¶f°°fe ¹ff A¦fS¶f°°fe IYf We ´fi¹ffZ¦f IYSZÔ Ü l £fb»fZ À±ff³f ´fS We ´fMf£fZ þ»ffEÔ, þ`ÀfZ §fSfZÔ IYe L°f, ´ffIYÊY ¹ff dIYÀfe ¸f`ýf³f ¸fZÔÜ l ´fMf£fZ þ»ff°fZ U¢°f AfÔ£ffZÔ IYfZ ÀfbdSÃf°f S£f³fZ IZY d»fE ¨fV¸fZ IYf ´fi¹ffZ¦f IYSZÔÜ l ´fMf£fZ þ»ff°fZ Àf¸f¹f EIY ¶fOZ ¶f°fʳf ¸fZÔ ´ff³fe S£fZÔ Af`S EÔMeÀfZd´MIY Iie¸f A´f³fZ Àff±f S£fZÔÜ l þ¶f ·fe ´fMf£fZ þ»ffEÔ, CÀfZ VfSeS ÀfZ ýcS S£fZÔÜ l SfgIZYM þ`ÀfZ ´fMf£ffZÔ IYfZ þ»ff°fZ U¢°f CÀfZ W¸fZVff Àfe²ff S£fZÔÜ ´fMf£ffZÔ IYfZ d°fSLZ ¹ff MZPÞe AUÀ±ff ¸fZÔ S£f³fZ ÀfZ WfýÀffZÔ IYe AfVfÔIYf WfZ ÀfIY°fe W`Ü l þ»fZ WbE ´fMf£ffZÔ IYfZ W¸fZVff ´ff³fe ¸fZÔ Of»f IYS ¶fbÓffEÔÜ

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October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2

Every year a number of people across the country, lose their eyesight and sustain burns during the festival of Diwali...

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October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2


Af´f AfÔ£ffZÔ ´fS dIYÀf °fSW IYf ¨fV¸ff ´fW³f°fZ W`Ô ¹fW C°f³ff We ¸fW°U´fc¯fÊ W` dþ°f³ff Af´f A´f³fZ VfSeS ´fS ¢¹ff ´fW³f°fZ W`Ô ¨fV¸ff IZYU»f BÀfed»fE We ¸fW°U´fc¯fÊ ³fWeÔ W` dIY BÀfÀfZ Afa£ffZÔ IYe ÀfbSÃff WfZ°fe W`, ¶fd»IYY BÀfÀfZ Af´fIZY dý£f³fZ Af`S ½¹fd¢°f°U ¸fZÔ ·fe ¨ffS ¨ffÔý »f¦f þf°fZ W`ÔÜ »fZdIY³f ¶ffþfS ¸fZÔ ¨fV¸ffZÔ IYe PZSfZÔ dIYÀ¸fZÔ ¸ff`þcý W`Ô, þfZ EIY ½¹fd¢°f IYfZ ÀfWe þfZOÞf ¨fb³f³fZ ¸fZÔ dý¢IY°f We ³fWeÔ ´f`ýf IYS°fZ ¶fd»IYYIYBÊ ¶ffS ·fid¸f°f ·fe IYS ýZ°fZ Wa`, BÀfed»fE ¹fW þf³f³ff þøYSe WfZ þf°ff W` dIY Af´f dIYÀf °fSW IYf ¨fV¸ff ´fW³fZ þfZ ³f dÀfRYÊY Af´fIZY ¨fZWSZ ¶fd»IYY ½¹fd¢°f°U EUÔ C´f¹ffZd¦f°ff IZY dWÀff¶f ÀfZ ·fe ÀfWe WfZÜ ¹fWfÔ ¨fV¸fZ IZY ÀfWe ¨fb³ffU IZY d»fE Af´fIYfZ IbYL dM´Àf dý¹fZ þf SWZ W`ÔÜ

ÀfWe RiYZ¸f IYf ¨fV¸ff ´fW³fZÔ

AfÔ£fZÔ ÀUÀ±f ·fe SWZ¦fe Af`S £fbVf ·fe

CïZV¹f Af`S AfUV¹fIY°ff A³fbÀffS :-

´fW»ff IYý¸f - AfBÊUe¹fS ÀMfBd»fÔ¦f E¢Àf´fMÊÐÀf IZY A³fbÀffS A´f³fZ þeU³f IZY dUd·f³³f ´fW»fbAfZÔ IYfZ ²¹ff³f IYSZÔ kkAf´f A´f³fZ ¨fV¸fZ ÀfZ UfÀ°fU ¸fZÔ ¢¹ff ¨ffW°fZ W`ÔÜll

d¸fÀfZþ BÔdO¹ff EdVf¹ff BÔMS³fZVf³f»f-¦fbOdU»f E¸¶fZÀOS 2013

»üÔÀffZÔ IYf SÔ¦f dÀfRYÊY R`YVf³f IYfZ We ³fWeÔ ýVffÊ°ff ¶fd»IYY BÀf SÔ¦f d¶fSÔ¦fe ýbd³f¹ffÔ ¸fZÔ SÔ¦ffZÔ IYe ´fW¨ff³f IYfZ ·fe ´fi·ffdU°f IYS°ff W`Ü CýfWS¯f IZY d»fE ¹fdý Af´f IZY ¨fV¸fZ IZY »f`ÔÀf IYf SÔ¦f »ff»f W` °ffZ Af´fIYfZ ÀffSe ¨feþfZÔ ¸fZÔ »ff»f SÔ¦f dý£fZ¦ffÜ ¶ffþfS ¸fZÔ °fSW - °fSW IZY »üÔÀf d¸f»f°fZ W`a, BÀfd»fE A´f³fZ ¶fþM IZY A³fbøY´f A´f³fe ´fÀfÔý IZY »üÔÀf ¨fb³f³ff ¶fWb°f AfÀff³f WfZ þf°ff W`Ü »f`ÔÀffZÔ IYf ¨fb³ffU IYS°fZ Àf¸f¹f BÀf ¶ff°f IYf ²¹ff³f S£fZÔ dIY UW Af´fIZY IYf¸f ¸fZÔ ¶ff²ff ³f ¶f³fZ CýfWS¯f IZY d»fE Af´fIYfZ SÔ¦ffZÔ IYf ¨f¹f³f IYS³ff W` Af`S »ff»f SÔ¦f IZY »üÔÀf Uf»ff ¨fV¸ff ´fW³f IYS Af´f SÔ¦ffZÔ IYf ¨f¹f³f IYSZÔ¦fZ °ffZ d³fdV¨f°f We Af´f ÀfWe SÔ¦f ³fWeÔ ´fW¨ff³f ´ff¹fZ¦fZÔÜ

·fe »f`ÔÀf ´fS ¶f³ff¹fZ þf ÀfIY°fZ W`a Af`S ¹fW EIY ´fi·ffUe Af`S IY¸f »ff¦f°f Uf»fZ Àf³f¦»ffÀfZÀf IYf dUIY»´f ·fe WfZ ÀfIY°ff W`Ü

¦fi`dOEÔM SÔ¦f »f`ÔÀf ¦fi`dOEÔM SÔ¦fe³f »f`ÔÀf Àff²ffS¯f SÔ¦fe³f »f`ÔÀffZÔ IYf R`YVf³f ÀfÔÀIYS¯f W`ÔÜ BÀf¸fZÔ »üÔÀf IYf C´fSe ·ff¦f ¦fWSZ SÔ¦f ÀfZ SÔ¦ff WfZ°ff W` Af`S ³fe¨fZ IZY °fSRY Af°fZ - Af°fZ SÔ¦f W»IYf lll

IbYL ¨fV¸fZ ¶fWb°f ¶fOÞZ WfZ°fZ W`Ô þ¶fdIY IbYL ¶fWb°f LfZMZ WfZ°fZ W`Ô, »fZdIY³f Af´fIZY ¨fZWSZ ´fS þÔ¨f³fZ Uf»fZ ÀfWe AfIYfS IZY RiYZ¸f Uf»ff ¨fV¸ff Af´fIZY ¨fZWSZ ¸fZÔ Af`S d³f£ffS »ff°ff W`Ü BÀfIZY d»fE þøYSe W` dIY Af´f A´f³fZ ¨fZWSZ IZY A³fbÀffS ¶fZW°fSe³f PÔ¦f IZY RiYZ¸f IYf ¨fb³ffU IYSZÔ -

CýfWS¯f IZY d»fE A¦fS Af´f ½¹fUÀff¹fe W`Ô °ffZ Af´fIZY d»fE A´f³fe ´fZVfZUS LdU IZY ¸fb°ffd¶fIY Vff¹fý ´ffS¸´fdSIY Af`S VffÀ{e¹f PÔ¦f IZY RiYZ¸f IYf ¨fV¸ff ¶fZW°fS SWZ¦ff, »fZdIY³f ýcÀfSe °fSRY R`YVf³fZ¶f»f ¸fdW»ff ¹ff Lf{ °f¸ff¸f °fSW IZY AfIYfSfZÔ, SÔ¦ffZÔ Af`S AÀff¸ff³¹f PÔ¦ffZÔ IZY ¨fV¸ffZÔ IYf ´fi¹ffZ¦f IYS ÀfIY°fZ W`ÔÜ

WfZ°ff þf°ff W`Ü

RYfZMfZ Ii fZd¸fIY »üÔÀf ¹fZ dý£f³fZ ¸fZÔ

Àff¸ff³¹f »f`ÔÀf þ`Àff WfZ°ff W` »fZdIY³f þ`ÀfZ We Af´f §fS IZY ¶ffWS Af°fZ W` Àfc¹fÊ IYe ´fSf¶f`Ô¦f³fe dIYS¯ffZÔ IYe ÀfdIi¹f°ff ÀfZ BÀfIYf »f`ÔÀf SÔ¦fe³f WfZ þf°ff W`Ü

¹fW ·fe ´f°ff »f¦ff³ff þøYSe W` dIY Af´fIZY A´f³fZ ´fÀfÔýeýf ¨fV¸fZ IYfZ IYWfÔ ´fW³f³ff W`Ü

´ffZ»ffZSfBþ »üÔÀf ¹fZ ¶ffWS IYf¸f IYS³fZ Uf»ffZÔ IZY d»fE ¶fWb°f C´f¹ffZ¦fe WfZ°fZ W`a dý³f IZY ýf`Sf³f IYfS ¨f»ff°fZ Àf¸f¹f ¹fW »f`ÔÀf ²fc´f ¹ff ´ff³fe IYe ¨f¸fIY IYfZ IY¸f IYS ýZ°fZ W` Af`S A³¹f »ffZ¦ffZÔ IYe °fb»f³ff ¸fZÔ ýZ£f³fZ IYe Ãf¸f°ff IYfZ ¶fPÞf°fZ W`Ü

UfW³f ¨f»ff³fZ IZY ýf`Sf³f ´fW»fZ þf³fZ NfZÀf SÔ¦f »üÔÀf NfZÀf SÔ¦f »üÔÀf »f¦f·f¦f dIYÀfe Uf»fZ »üÔÀf ´ffZ»ffZSfBþ Af`S RYfZMfZ Ii fZd¸fIY

RiYZ¸f IYf ¨fb³ffU

Àf³f¦»ffÀfZÀf IYe C´f¹ffZd¦f°ff d³f²ffÊdS°f IYS³fZ ÀfZ Af´fIYfZ B³fIZY ¨fb³ffU ¸fZÔ AfÀff³fe WfZ¦feÜ dUd·f³³f AUÀfSfZÔ Af`S ¦fd°fdUd²f¹ffZÔ IZY d»fE, A»f¦fA»f¦f PÔ¦f Af`S SÔ¦ffZÔ IYf ¨fb³ffU dIY¹ff þf ÀfIY°ff W`Ü

¸fZ§ff AøY´f

»f`ÔÀffZÔ IYf ¨fb³ffU

ÀfZ ´fcSe °fSW ÀfbdSÃf°f S£fZ, ¹fcUe E Af`S ¹fcUe ¶fe ÀfbSÃff ÀfZ »f`Àf ´ffZ»fSfBªO Àf³f¦»ffÀfZÀf ¸fZÔ ¹fZ £fc¶fe W`Ü §fS ¹ff dIYÀfe EmÀfe þ¦fW W` þWfa ÀfcSþ IYe SfZVf³fe Af³fZ IYe ÀfÔ·ffU³ff IY¸f W` °ffZ C³fIZY d»fE EmÀfZ ¨fV¸fZ þfZ ÀfcSþ IZY Àf¸´fIYÊY ¸fZÔ Af³fZ ´fS SÔ¦f ¶fý»f°fZ W`Ô, AfýVfÊ ¨fb³ffU W`Ü R`YVf³fZ¶f»f AUÀfSfZÔ IZY d»fE SÔ¦f-d¶fSÔ¦fZ, ÀMf¹fd»fVf RiYZ¸ffZÔ IYf C´f¹ffZ¦f dIY¹ff þf ÀfIY°ff W`Ü

»f`ÔÀf IZY d¸fßf¯f ÀfZ ¶f³fZ B³f »f`ÔÀffZÔ IYfZ ¸fb£¹f øY´f ÀfZ UfW³f ¨ff»fIYfZ IZY d»fE ¶f³ff¹ff ¦f¹ff W`Ü B³f »f`ÔÀffZ IYe £ffÀf ¶ff°f ¹fW W` dIY B³f¸fZÔ ¸ff`Àf¸f IZY A³fbÀffS »f`ÔÀf IYf SÔ¦f A´f³fZ Af´f ¶fý»f þf°ff W` Af`S ¨ff»fIY IYe ýÈdá ¸fZÔ C»»fZ£f³fe¹f Àfb²ffS WfZ°ff W`Ü

¶ffWS d³fIY»f°fZ Àf¸f¹f EmÀfZ ¨fV¸fZ IYf C´f¹ffZ¦f dIY¹ff þf³ff ¨ffdWE þfZ Af´fIYe AfÔ£ffZÔ IYfZ Àfc¹fÊ

¹fdý Af´fIYf ¨fZWSf ùý¹f IZY AfIYfS IYf W`, °ffZ Af´f A´f³fZ ¦ff»ffZÔ IYe R`Y»fe WbBÊ Af`S ÀfÔIYSe NfZPÞe Uf»fZ ¨fZWSZ IYfZ AUZMS dIYÀ¸f IZY ¨fV¸fZ ÀfZ Àfþf ÀfIY°fZ W`ÔÜ lY A¦fS Af´f IYf ¨fZWSf AÔOfIYfS W` °ffZ Af´f ·ff¦¹fVff»fe W`ÔAf´f dIYÀfe ·fe °fSW IZY RiYZ¸f Af`S ÀMfB»f IYfZ A´f³ff ÀfIY°fZ W`ÔÜ lY ¹fdý Af´fIYf ¨fZWSf ¨ff`IYfZS W`, Af´fIZY ¨fZWSZ Af`S þ¶fOÞZ IYe WOÐdO¹ffÔ ³fbIYe»fe W`Ô °ffZ Af´f ¦ffZ»ffIYfS ¹ff d¶f»»fe IYe Afa£ffZÔ IZY AfIYfS IYf RiYZ¸f A´f³ff ÀfIY°fZ W`ÔÜ lY ¹fdý Af´fIYf ¨fZWSf ¦ffZ»f W` °ffZ ¨ff`IYfZS ¹ff Af¹f°ffIYfS RiYZ¸f IYf ´fi¹ffZ¦f IYS ÀfIY°fZ W`ÔÜ l

²¹ff³f S£f³fZ ¹ffZ¦¹f ¶ff°fZ lY þ¶f

·fe ²fc´f IYf ¨fV¸ff £fSeýZÔ ¹fW Àfbd³fdV¨f°f IYSZÔ dIY UW ¹fcUe dIYS¯ffZÔ ÀfZ ÀfbSÃff ´fiýf³f IYS³fZ ¸fZÔ ÀfÃf¸f WfZÜ lY EmÀfZ »f`ÔÀffZÔ IYfZ £fSeýZ þfZ IY¸f ÀfZ IY¸f 99 ´fid°fVf°f ¹fcUe¶fe dIYS¯ffZÔ IYfZ Af`S IY¸f ÀfZ IY¸f 95 ´fid°fVf°f ¹fcUeE dIYS¯ffZÔ IYfZ SfZIY°ff WfZÜ lY EmÀfZ ¨fV¸fZÔ £fSeý³fZ ÀfZ ¶f¨fZ þfZ dIYÀfe ·fe ´fiIYfS IYe ÀfbSÃff ´fiýf³f IYS³fZ IYf IYf¸f ³fWeÔ IYS°ff W`Ü lY ¶ffþfS ¸fZÔ »f`ÔÀf ´fS »f¦ff¹fZ þf³fZ Uf»fZ Àf³fVfZO Af°fZ W`Ô, C³fIYf C´f¹ffZ¦f IYS³fZ ÀfZ ¶f¨fZ, ¹fW Af´fIZY ¨fV¸fZÔ IZY »f`ÔÀf IYfZ £fSf¶f IYS ÀfIY°fZ W` Af`S AfÔ£ffZÔ IYfZ ·fe ³fbIYÀff³f ´fWbÔ¨ff ÀfIY°fZ W`Ü RiYZ¸f IZY C´fS »f¦ff¹fZ þf³fZ Uf»fZ Àf³fVfZO IYf ´fi¹ffZ¦f IYS ÀfIY°fZ W` Ü




October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2


Afa£ffZÔ IYfZ ¨ffZM ÀfZ ¶f¨ffEÔ

Afa£ffZÔ IYe 80 ÀfZ 90 ´fid°fVf°f ¨ffZMÔZ EmÀfe WfZ°fe W`Ô dþ³fÀfZ ¶f¨ff þf ÀfIY°ff W`Ü þ`ÀfZ:§fS ¸fZÔ Af`S £fZ»f IZY Àf¸f¹f lY dý³f

´fid°fdý³f IZY C´f¹ffZ¦f IYe UÀ°fbAfZÔ þ`ÀfZ C·fSZ ³fbIYe»fZ ¹ff ²ffSýfS d£f»ff`³fZ, ¨ffIcY, ÀfbBÊ, I`YÔ¨fe Afdý IYf BÀ°fZ¸ff»f ÀffU²ff³fe IZY Àff±f Af`S dIYÀfe IYe ýZ£fSZ£f ¸fZÔ IYS³ff ¨ffdWEÜ lY dLOÞIYf½f U À´fiZ IYS³fZ Uf»fe UÀ°fbAfZÔ IYf C´f¹ffZ¦f IYS°fZ Àf¸f¹f ¹fW Àfbd³fdV¨f°f IYS »fZÔ dIY C³fIYf ¸fbÔW Af´fIYe Afa£ffZÔ IYe °fSRY ³f WfZÜ lY dOMþÊZÔ³M ¹ff °fZþ Wfd³fIYfSIY SÀff¹f³ffZÔ IYf C´f¹ffZ¦f IYS³fZ IZY ´fcUÊ C³fÀfZ ÀfÔ¶fÔd²f°f d³fQÊZVffZÔ IYfZ ÀffU²ff³fe ÀfZ ´fPÞIYS C³fIYf ´ff»f³f IYSZÔÜ C´f¹ffZ¦f IZY ´fV¨ff°f Wf±f A¨Le °fSW ²ffZIYS ÀffRY IYS »fZÔÜ lY °feS-²f³fb¿f, d´fÀ°ff`»f dþ³fÀfZ ¦ffZd»f¹ffÔ d³fIY»f°fe WfZÔ C³fIYf BÀ°fZ¸ff»f ³f IYSZÔÜ

°¹ffZWfSfZÔ IZY Àf¸f¹f lY °fZþ

Afd°fVf¶ffþe IYS°fZ Àf¸f¹f dIYÀfe ¶fOÞZ IYfZ Àff±f ¸faZ S£fZÔ °f±ff þ»f°fZ ´fMf£ffZÔ IZY ´ffÀf £fOÞZÔ ³f SWZÔÜ lY §fS IZY ·fe°fS ´fMf£fZ ³f þ»ffEÔÜ lY Afd°fVf¶ffþe IZY Àf¸f¹f ´ff³fe ¹ff SZ°f ÀfZ ·fSe ¶ff»Me ´ffÀf S£fZÔÜ lY WfZ»fe Afdý IZY AUÀfSfZÔ ´fS SfÀff¹fd³fIY SÔ¦ffZÔ IZY BÀ°fZ¸ff»f ÀfZ ¶f¨fZÔ, ´fifIÈYd°fIY SÔ¦ffZÔ IYf We BÀ°fZ¸ff»f IYSZÔÜ lY ýcÀfSfZÔ ´fS þ¶fSýÀ°fe SÔ¦f ³f RZYÔIZYÔ Af`S SÔ¦f RZYÔIY°fZ ¹ff »f¦ff°fZ Àf¸f¹f BÀf ¶ff°f IYf ²¹ff³f S£fZÔ IYe SÔ¦f Afa£ffZÔ IZY AfÀf-´ffÀf ³f »f¦fZÜ lY ¹fdý Afa£ffZÔ ¸fZÔ IYfZBÊ SÀff¹f³f ¨f»ff þfE °ffZ £fc¶f A¨Le °fSW ÀfZ ´ff³fe ÀfZ ²ffZ¹fZÔ Af`S ¹fdý dRYS ·fe ´fSZVff³fe ¸fWÀfcÀf WfZ°fe WfZ °ffZ dIYÀfe ³fZ{ dUVfZ¿fÄf ÀfZ ÀfÔ´fIYÊY IYSZÔÜ

IY¸´¹fcMS ¸ff³feMS IZY IYfS¯f Afa£ffZÔ ¸fZÔ Àfc£ff´f³f, þ»f³f, °fIY»feRY, ÀfSýQÊ, ´feN ýQÊ, ¹ff ¸ffÔÀf´fZVfe ¸fZÔ EmaN³f IYe dVfIYf¹f°f WfZ ÀfIY°fe W`Ü BÀfÀfZ ¶f¨ffU IZY d»fE IYÃf ¸fZÔ ´fiIYfVf IYe Cd¨f°f ½¹fUÀ±ff S£fZÔÜ lY I¸´¹fcMS IYf C´f¹ffZ¦f IYS³fZ Uf»ffZÔ IYfZ ¸ff³feMS ÀIi e³f Cd¨f°f ýcSe ´fS S£f³ff ¨ffdWEÜ lY ¸ff³feMS IYfZ Afh£f IZY À°fS ÀfZ IbYL ³fe¨fZ S£fZÔÜ lY I¸´¹fcMS ´fS IYf¹fÊ IYS°fZ Àf¸f¹f ÀfÔý·fÊ Àff¸f¦fie IYfZ ¸ff³feMS IZY d³fIYM S£fZÔ Ü lY ¸ff³feMS IYe ¨f¸fIY Af`S ´fid°fd¶fÔ¶f ÀfZ Afh£ffZÔ IYfZ ¶f¨ff³fZ IZY d»fE ´f¹ffÊ´°f SfZVf³fe ¸fZÔ IYf¹fÊ IYSZÔÜ lY Afh£ffZÔ IYfZ ¶ffS-¶ffS Óf´fIYfEÔ °ffdIY Afh£ffZÔ IYe ³f¸fe ¶f³fe SWZ Af`S Afh£fZÔ Àfc£f³fZ ÀfZ ¶f¨fe SWZÔÜ

þ¶f Afa£f ¸fZÔ IbYL d¦fS þfE lY Afa£f lY Afa£f

IYfZ S¦fOÞZÔ ³fWeÔÜ IYfZ £fc¶f A¨Le °fSW ÀffRY ´ff³fe ÀfZ

²ffZEÔÜ lY Afa£f ¸fZÔ d¦fSZ IY¯f IYfZ ÀU¨L ¦fe»fZ IY´fOÞZ ÀfZ d³fIYf»f³fZ ¸fZÔ dIYÀfe IYe ¸fýý »fZÔÜ lY ¹fdý Afa£f ¸fZÔ ´fOÞf IY¯f AfÀff³fe ÀfZ ³f d³fIY»fZ °ffZ °fbSÔ°f ³fZ{ d¨fdIY°ÀfIY IZY ´ffÀf þf¹fhÜ

Afa£f ¸fZÔ dIYÀfe ´fiIYfS IZY dUIYfS IZY »fÃf¯f dý£f³fZ ´fS °fbSÔ°f dIYÀfe IbYVf»f ³fZ{ dUVfZ¿fÄf ÀfZ Àf¸´fIYÊY IYSZÔÜ A´f³fZ Af´f dIYÀfe ´fiIYfS IYe ýUf Afh£ffZÔ ¸fZÔ ³f Of»fZÔ

A´f³fe AfÔ£ffZÔ IYe þfÔ¨f ÀU¹fÔ IYSZÔ

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ÀUÀ±f AfÔ£fZÔ Àfb£fe þeU³f lll


lY BÀf

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±fIZY WbE »fZdIY³f WfSZ ³fWe - ³fZWf A¦fiUf»f

Volume 1 l Issue 2

Ad²fIY°fS ýÈdáWe³f »fOÞdIY¹ffÔ Àff¸ffdþIY ý¶ffU Af`S OS ÀfZ §fS ¸fZÔ ¶f`Ne WfZ°fe W`ÔÜ C³WZÔ ´f°ff ³fWeÔ WfZ°ff W` dIY ýbd³f¹ff ¸fZÔ ¢¹ff WfZ SWf W`Ü EmÀfZ ¸fZÔ UW A´f³fe ´fcSe ´fW¨ff³f £ffZ ¨fbIYe WfZ°fe W` BÀf ¸ff³fdÀfIY Àf¸fÀ¹ff ÀfZ ¶ffWS d³fIYf»f³ff ¶fOÞf ¸fbdVIYY»f WfZ°ff W`Ü Afd£fS IY¶f °fIY UW OS IZY ÀffE ¸fZÔ SWZ¦fe Af`S IY¶f ÀUf½f»fÔ¶fe WfZ ´ffE¦feÜ þ¶f ¸ff°ff d´f°ff ¶fbþb¦fÊ WfZ þf°fZ W`a °ffZ Àf¸fÓf Af°ff W` dIY ÀUf½f»fÔ¶f³f dIY°f³ff þøYSe W`Ü »fZdIY³f °f¶f °fIY IYfRYe IYe¸f°fe U¢°f ¶fe°f þf°ff W`Ü

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¸fZSZ A´f³fZ Vf¶ýfZÔ ¸fZÔ

October 2013

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W`Ü W¸f ýÈdáWe³f ¹fbdU°f¹ffZÔ IYfZ ¸ffVfÊ»f AfMÊ IYe MÑZd³fÔ¦f ýZ°fZ W`Ô, °ffdIY UW Af°¸fSÃff IYS ÀfIZYÔÜ W¸f³fZ C³WZÔ þf³fIYfSe ýe WbBÊ W`, dIY ´fSZVff³fe WfZ³fZ ´fS IYWfÔ RYfZ³f IYSZÔÜ ¸fZMÑfZ ¸fZÔ ÀfRYS ÀfbdSÃf°f SW°ff W`, WfÔ ¶fÀffZÔ ¸fZÔ A·fe ·fe dý¢IY°f W`Ü

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dþÀf °fSW Af´f IY¸´¹fcMS Àfe£f°fZ W`Ô, U`ÀfZ We ýÈdáWe³f »ffZ¦f ·fe IY¸´¹fcMS Àfe£f°fZ W`ÔÜ A¶f °ffZ ¸ffZ¶ffB»f ¸fZÔ ·fe ÀffgμMUZ¹fS Of»fIYS ýÈdáWe³f »fOÞdIY¹ffÔ ¶fWb°f A¨Le °fSW BÀfIYf ´fi¹ffZ¦f IYS ÀfIY°fe W`ÔÜ °fIY³fedIY ¦f`þZMÐÀf A·fe ·fe ¶fWb°f ¸fWÔ¦fZ W`Ô, BÀfd»fE CÀf »fOÞIYe IZY ´fdSUfS IYe Afd±fÊIY dÀ±fd°f ´fS d³f·fÊS IYS°ff W` dIY UW £fbý IZY d»fE IYf`³f Àff ¦f`þZM »fZ ´ff°fe W`Ü §fS IYe SÀffZBÊ ¸fZÔ ·fe ¦fþZMÐÀf W`ÔÜ CýfWS¯f IZY °ff`S ´fS ¸ffBIi fZUZ¶fÜ BÀfIYf BÀ°fZ¸ff»f UW ¶fWb°f A¨Le °fSW IYS°fe W`ÔÜ

d¸f»f³fZ IZY ¶ffý ¸f`a³fZ A´f³fZ Af´f IYfZ ÀfÔ·ff»ff Af`S ¸f³ffZdUÄff³f ¸fZÔ À³ff°fIY IYe ´fPÞfBÊ ´fcSe IYeÜ Àff±f We Àff±f ¸fZSe Àfc¨f³ff Af`S ´fifZôfZd¦fIYe ¸fZÔ øYd¨f ¶fPÞ³ff VfbøY WbBÊ Af`S ¸f`Ô³fZ IY¸´¹fcMS IZY Àff±f ª¹ffýf ÀfZ ª¹ffýf Àf¸f¹f d¶f°ff³ff VfbøY dIY¹ffÜ 18 þb»ffBÊ 2011 IYf dý³f ¸fZSZ þeU³f ¸fZÔ EIY ¶fOXÞf ¶fý»ffU »ff¹ffÜ ¹fW UW dý³f ±ff dþÀf³fZ ¸fbÓfZ ÀU¹fÔ IYfZ Àffd¶f°f IYS³fZ IYf ¸ff`IYf dý¹ffÜ ¸f`³fZÔ AfBÊ.¶fe.E¸f. IZY ÀfW¹ffZ¦f ÀfZ B³fZ¶f»f-BÔdO¹ff ¶f`Ô¦f»ff`S õfSf ÀfÔ¨ffd»f°f 3 ¸fWe³fZ IYf ÀfZUf ´fi¶fÔ²f³f ´fidVfÃf¯f ÀfRY»f°ff´fcUÊIY Àf¸´f³³f dIY¹ffÜ ¸fbÓfZ BÔMS³fdVf´f IYS³fZ IYf ·fe ¸ff`IYf d¸f»ffÜ BʳfZ¶f»f-BÔdO¹ff IZY C¸¸feýUfS OfMf¶fZÀf ´fS ¸f`³fZÔ °fe³f ¸fWe³fZ °fIY ³ff`dÀfd£fEm IYe °fSW IYf¸f dIY¹ff, BÀf ýf`Sf³f ¸fbÓfZ A´f³fZ Af´f IYfZ IYf¸f IZY ¸ffWf`»f IZY A³fbøY´f Pf»f³fZ Af`S A´f³fe Ãf¸f°ffAfZÔ IYf ¶fPÞf³fZ IYf ¸ff`IYf d¸f»ffÜ ¸ff¨fÊ 2012 ¸fZÔ ¸f`a Uf´fÀf W`ýSf¶ffý A´f³fZ §fS Af ¦fBÊ þWfÔ ¸f`a³fZ A´f³fZ þeU³f IZY 9 Àff»f ýÈdáWe³f°ff IZY Àff±f d¶f°ffE ±fZÜ Afþ ¸f`Ô Af°¸fdUVUfÀf ÀfZ ·fSe WbBÊ WcÔ, ÀfRZYý

LOÞe IYe ÀfWf¹f°ff ÀfZ ¸f`a ¨f»f-dRYS ÀfIY°fe WcÔ, A´f³fZ ÀffSZ IYf¸f IYS »fZ°fe WcÔÜ d¶f³ff A´f³ff Àf¸f¹f ¶fS¶ffý dIYE A¶f ¸f`Ô A´f³ff þeU³f ¦fdS¸ff Af`S dUVUfÀf IZY Àff±f ÀUÔ°f{°ff ´fcUÊIY þe SWe WcÔÜ ¸f`Ô »f¦ff°ffS AfBÊ.¶fe.E¸f. W`ýSf¶ffý ¸fZÔ A»f¦f-A»f¦f ´fiIYfS IYe ³ff`IYSe IZY d»fE ÀffÃff°IYfS ýZ°fe SWeÜ 22 A¢Mc¶fS 2012 IYfZ UW §fOÞe AfBÊ dþÀfIYf ¸fbÓfZ ¶fZÀf¶fie ÀfZ BÔ°fþfS ±ffÜ ¸fbÓfZ AfBÊ.¶fe.E¸f. ¸fZÔ ´fdS¹ffZþ³ff Àf¸f³U¹fIY IZY ´fý ´fS IYf¸f IYS³fZ IYe ´fZVfIYVf AfBÊ dþÀfZ ¸f`Ô³fZ £fbVfe-£fbVfe ÀUeIYfS IYS d»f¹ffÜ A¶f ¸f`a EIY £¹ffd°f ´fif´°f ÀfÔÀ±ff AfBÊ.¶fe.E¸f. ¸fZÔ IYf¸f IYS SWe WcÔÜ ¸fZSZ ¸ff°ff-d´f°ff ¸fZSe BÀf ¹ff{f IZY ¶ffSZ ¸fZÔ IYW°fZ W`a dIY °fb¸f ¶fWb°f ¶fý»f ¦fBÊ WûÔ, °fb¸f³fZ EmÀff IYf`Vf»f WfdÀf»f dIY¹ff dþÀfÀfZ °fb¸f ³f dÀfRYÊY A´f³fZ Àffd±f¹ffZÔ IZY Àff±f NeIY °fSW ÀfZ ½¹fUWfS IYS ÀfIYfZ¦fe ¶fd»IY A´f³fZ Af´fIYfZ þeU³f ¸fZÔ Af¦fZ ¶fPÞ³fZ IZY d»fE EIY A¨Le dÀ±fd°f ¸fZÔ ·fe ´ffAfZ¦feÜ ´fW»fZ LfZMZ IYý¸f ³fZ A¶f ¦fd°f ´fIYOÞ »fe W` Af`S °fZþe IZY Àff±f Af¦fZ IYe AfZS ¶fPÞ SWf W`Ü W¸fZÔ °fb¸f ´fS ¦fUÊ W`Ü llll


October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2


ýÈdáWe³ffZÔ IZY d»fE USýf³f ¶f³fZ¦fe

kÀ¸ffMÊ IZY³fl

AfBÊAfBÊMe dý»»fe IZY ´fifZ. E¸f ¶ff»ffIÈY¿¯f³f ÀfZ ¶ff°f¨fe°f IZY Af²ffS ´fS ³fBÊ dý»»fe ÀfZ dý½¹ff ÀffWc IYe dS´ffZÊM

¢¹ff W` À¸ffMÊ IZY³f, I`YÀfZ IYf¸f IYS°fe W`?

AfBÊAfBÊMe dý»»fe IZY ´fifZ. E¸f ¶ff»ffIÈY¿¯f³f ¶f°ff°fZ W`Ô dIY UfBM IZY³f IZY DY´fSe dWÀÀfZ ¸fZÔ EIY £ffÀf ¦f`þZM »f¦ff¹ff þf°ff W`Ü ¹fW A»MÑfÀffZd³fIY SZþS W`Ü BÀf¸fZÔ EIY MÑfÔÀf¸feMS Af`S EIY dSÀfeUS WfZ°ff W`Ü MÑfÔÀf¸feMS ÀfZ »f¦ff°ffS A»MÑfÀffZd³fIY dIYS¯fZÔ d³fIY»f°fe SW°fe W`ÔÜ ¹fdý Àff¸f³fZ IYfZBÊ ·fe AUSfZ²f WfZ¦ff °ffZ A»MÑfÀffZd³fIY dIYS¯fZÔ MIYSfIYS À¸ffMÊ IZY³f IZY dSÀfeUS °fIY ´fWbÔ¨fZÔ¦feÜ BÀfÀfZ ´f°ff ¨f»f þfE¦ff dIY Àff¸f³fZ dIY°f³fe ýcSe Af`S DYÔ¨ffBÊ ´fS AUSfZ²f W`Ü ¹fW Àf¶f ýÈdáWe³f ½¹fd¢°f IZY ¨f»f³fZ IYe ¦fd°f IYe ¦f¯f³ff IYS À¸ffMÊ IZY³f ¶f°ff°ff W`Ü

°fW°f dUIY»ffÔ¦f þ³ffZÔ IYfZ LW WþfS ÷ ´fE °fIY IZY C´fIYS¯f ´fS Àfd¶ÀfOe ýe þf°fe W`Ü BÀf ÀfÔ¶fÔ²f ¸fZÔ AfBÊAfBÊMe, dý»»fe IYe Me¸f IYe dý»»fe dOÀfZd¶fd»fMe IYd¸fV³fS ÀfZ ¶ff°f ·fe WbBÊ W`Ü C³WfZÔ³fZ AfBÊAfBÊMe IZY »f`¶f ¸fZÔ AfIYS W¸ffSe ¹ffZþ³ff dUÀ°ffS ÀfZ ýZ£ffÜ C³WfZÔ³fZ ÀfIYfSf°¸fIY ÷ £f dý£ffIYS ´»ff³f ¸ffÔ¦ff W`Ü AfBÊAfBÊMe dý»»fe IZY ´fifZ. E¸f ¶ff»ffIÈY¿¯f³f ³fZ ¶f°ff¹ff dIY IbYL We dý³ffZÔ ¸fZÔ Sfª¹ffZÔ IZY dOÀfZd¶fd»fMe IYd¸fV³fS IYf Àf¸¸fZ»f³f WfZ³fZ Uf»ff W`Ü CÀf¸fZÔ UW BÀf ¦f`þZM IZY ¶ffSZ ¸fZÔ ¶f°ffEÔ¦fZÜ ´fifZ. ¶ff»ffIÈY¿¯f³f ¶f°ff°fZ W`Ô dIY ·ffS°fe¹f °fIY³fedIY C´fIYS¯f ¶ffþfS ¸fZÔ ¶fWb°f IY¸f W`ÔÜ A¦fS IYfZBÊ C´fIYS¯f ¹fWfÔ ¶f³f°ff ·fe W` °ffZ °fIY³feIY ¶ffWS IYe WfZ°fe W`Ü BÀfd»fE C³WZÔ ¶fWb°f ÀfIYfSf°¸fIY SZÀ´ffZÔÀf d¸f»f SWf W`Ü BÀf ÃfZ{ ¸fZÔ þfZ ·fe C´fIYS¯f W`Ô, UZ Àf¶f ¶fWb°f ¸fWÔ¦fZ W`ÔÜ C³fIYe IYe¸f°f IY¸f ÀfZ IY¸f ¨ff»feÀf-´f¨ffÀf WþfS ÷ ´fE W`Ü »fZdIY³f W¸f ¸ff{ PÞfBÊ-°fe³f WþfS ÷ ´fE IYe ¶ff°f IYS SWZ W`ÔÜ d¶fiMZ³f, IY³ffOf Af`S AfgÀMÑZd»f¹ff ÀfZ ·fe ÀfIYfSf°¸fIY ÀfÔýZVf d¸f»fZ W`ÔÜ ÀfÔ·fU W` dIY ·ffS°f ¸fZÔ »ffÔd¨fÔ¦f IZY LW-AfN ¸fWe³fZ ¶ffý BÀfIYf d³f¸ffʯf IYS³fZ Uf»fe IYÔ´f³fe d³f¹ffÊ°f ·fe IYSZ¦feÜ

BÀfIYfZ °f`¹ffS WfZ³fZ ¸fZÔ dIY°f³ff U¢°f »f¦ff?

ýÈdáWe³f »ffZ¦ffZÔ IZY d»fE UfBM IZY³f (ÀfRZYý LOÞe) ¨f»f³fZ IYf ÀfWfSf W`Ü Afþfýe EUa ÀfbSÃff IYe ´fi°feIY W` ÀfRZYý LOÞeÜ BÀfÀfZ Àff¸f³fZ ³fe¨fZ IYe °fSRY IZY AUSfZ²f U ¦fOÐPfZÔ IYf ´f°ff ¨f»f þf°ff W`Ü »fZdIY³f ¶fOÞe Àf¸fÀ¹ff °f¶f Af°fe W` þ¶f SfÀ°fZ ¸fZÔ §fbM³fZ ÀfZ DY´fS dÀfS °fIY IZY AUSfZ²f WfZ°fZ W`ÔÜ RbYM´ff±f ´fS WfZdOÊXÔ¦f, ¶ffZOÊX Af`S ýeUfSfZÔ ÀfZ d³fIY»fZ E¹fSIYÔOeVf³fS,´fZOÞ IYe Ofd»f¹ffÔ »fMIYe WfZ°fe W`ÔÜ ³fZ{We³ffZÔ IYfZ A¢ÀfS BÀfÀfZ ¨ffZM »f¦f°fe W`Ü A¶f ¹fW ´fSZVff³fe kÀ¸ffMÊ IZY³fl £f°¸f IYS ýZ¦ffÜ AfBÊAfBÊMe, dý»»fe IYe EIY Me¸f ³fZ EmÀff ¦f`þZM °f`¹ffS dIY¹ff W`, þfZ Àff¸f³fZ IZY AUSfZ²ffZÔ IZY ¶ffSZ ¸fZÔ ´fW»fZ We dÀf¦³f»f ýZ ýZ¦ffÜ dRY»fWf»f BÀfIYf ÀfRY»f MÑf¹f»f ¨f»f SWf W`Ü þ»ý We ¨fZ³³fBÊ IYe EIY IYÔ´f³fe kÀ¸ffMÊ IZY³fl IYfZ ¶ffþfS ¸fZÔ C°ffSZ¦feÜ

¹fW ýfZ ¨fS¯f ¸fZÔ °f`¹ffS WbAfÜ Àf¶fÀfZ ´fW»fZ ÀMcOZÔM ´fifZþZ¢M ¶f³ffÜ Lf{fZÔ ³fZ ¨ffS Uþʳf ¶f³ffEÜ BÀf¸fZÔ IYSe¶f PÞfBÊ Àff»f IYf U¢°f »f¦ffÜ VfbøY ¸fZÔ Me¸f ³fZ AfBÊAfBÊMe IZY ÀfÔÀff²f³f ÀfZ IYf¸f dIY¹ffÜ »fZdIY³f BÀfIZY ¶ffý Me¸f IYfZ dSÀf¨fÊ RYÔO Af`S CÀf IYÔ´f³fe °f»ffVf ±fe, þfZ À¸ffMÊ IZY³f IYfZ d³f¸ffʯf IYS ¶ffþfS ¸fZÔ C°ffS ÀfIZYÜ d³f¸ffʯf IZY d»fE ¨fZ³³fBÊ IYe EIY IYÔ´f³fe °f`¹ffS WbBÊÜ

À¸ffMÊ IZY³f ÀfZ dIY°f³fe ýcSe °fIY IZY AUSfZ²f IYf ´f°ff ¨f»f ¢¹ff À¸ffMÊ IZY³f UfMS ´fiRc Y W`? ÀfIZY¦ff? À¸ffMÊ IZY³f ¸fZÔ ýfZ ¸ffZO W`Ü EIY §fS IZY AÔýS IZY d»fE Af`S ýcÀfSf ¶ffWS IZY d»fEÜ §fS ¸fZÔ ýfZ ¸feMS °fIY ¨f»f³fZ IZY d»fE ¶f³ff¹ff ¦f¹ff W`Ü þ¶fdIY ¶ffWS °fe³f ¸feMS °fIY IZY AUSfZ²ffZÔ IZY ¶ffSZ ¸fZÔ À¸ffMÊ IZY³f ¨fZ°ffU³fe ýZ¦ffÜ dþÀf °fSW IYfg»f Af³fZ ´fS Af´fIYf RYfZ³f UfB¶fiZM IYS°ff W`, U`ÀfZ We À¸ffMÊ IZY³f IZY Àff¸f³fZ AUSfZ²f Af³fZ ´fS ¹fW ·fe UfB¶fiZM IYS³fZ »f¦fZ¦ffÜ £ffÀf ¶ff°f W` dIY BÀfÀfZ ýcSe IYf À´f¿M ´f°ff ¨f»f þfE¦ffÜ ¸ffZ¶ffB»f IYe °fSW We BÀf¸fZÔ ¶f`MÑe WfZ¦fe Af`S EIY ¶ffS ¨ffþÊ IYS³fZ IZY ¶ffý ¹fW IYSe¶f ýÀf §fÔMZ °fIY ¨f»fZ¦ffÜ ýÈdáWe³f »ffZ¦f Af`Àf°f³f ´fid°fdý³f OZPÞ ÀfZ ýfZ §fÔMZ ¨f»f°fZ W`ÔÜ À¸ffMÊ IZY³f IYfZ Àf´°ffW ¸fZÔ EIY ¶ffS ¨ffþÊ IYS³fZ ÀfZ We IYf¸f ¨f»f þfE¦ffÜ À¸ffMÊ IZY³f IZY BÀ°fZ¸ff»f IYS³fZ IZY d»fE ´ffÔ¨f ·ff¿ff BÔd¦»fVf, dW³ýe, ´fÔþf¶fe, °fd¸f»f Af`S ¦fbþSf°fe ¸fZÔ AfgdO¹ffZ U ¶fiZ»f ¸f`³fbA»f ·fe ¶f³ffE ¦fE W`ÔÜ ¹fW Àfb³fIYS Af`S ´fPÞIYS ýÈdáWe³f »ffZ¦f £fbý ·fe ´fi¹ffZ¦f Àfe£f ÀfIY°fZ W`ÔÜ

À¸ffMÊ IZY³f IYe IYe¸f°f?

BÀf ¦f`þZM IYe ýfZ °fSW IYe IYe¸f°f W`aÜ ¸ffIYÊZM ¸fZÔ ¹fW PÞfBÊ ÀfZ °fe³f WþfS IZY IYSe¶f d¸f»fZ¦ffÜ BÀfIZY Àff±f-Àff±f ´ffÔ¨f Àff` ÷ ´fE ´fidVfÃf¯f IZY d»fE £f¨fÊ IYS³fZ WfZÔ¦fZÜ

ýÈdáWe³f »ffZ¦f A¢ÀfS ¶fZWý IY¸f Afd±fÊIY Ãf¸f°ff IZY WfZ°fZ W`,Ô C³WZÔ ¹fW ¦f`þMZ I`YÀf ¸fbW¹` ff WfZ¦ff? IZYÔýi ÀfSIYfS IYe d¸fd³fÀMÑe AfgRY ÀffZVf»f þdÀMÀf IZY ´ffÀf EIY ¹ffZþ³ff W`, dþÀfIZY

dUVU ÀfRZYý LOÞe ÀfbSÃff dýUÀf 15 A¢Mc¶fS 2013


Àff²ffS¯f°f¹ff W¸f»ffZ¦f dIYÀfe ½¹fd¢°f IYfZ ÀfRZYý LOÞe IZY Àff±f ýZ£f°fZ W`,a °ffZ d¶f»IbY»f ·fe ²¹ff³f ³fWeÔ ýZ°fZ W`, þ¶fdIY ¹fW LOÞe ýÈdáWe³f ½¹fd¢°f IYfZ Afþfýe IZY Àff±f ¨f»f³fZ dRYS³fZ ¸fZÔ ¸fýý IYS°fe W`Ü W¸f »ffZ¦ffZÔ IZY d»fE ¹fZ ¸fW°U´fc¯fÊ WfZ þf°ff W` dIY ¹fdý W¸f dIYÀfe ½¹fd¢°f IYfZ ÀfRZYý LOÞe IZY Àff±f ýZ£faZ °ffZ ´f¹ffÊ´°f ÀffU²ff³fe ¶fS°fZa °ffdIY UfZ AfÀff³fe ÀfZ ¨f»fdRYS ÀfIZYÜ ýÈdáWe³ffZÔ IYfZ Àf¸ffþ IYe ¸fb£¹f²ffSf ÀfZ þfZOÞ IYS Af°¸fd³f·fÊS ¶f³ff³fZ IZY d»fE þøYSe W`, dIY B³WZÔ EIY EmÀff ¸ffWf`»f ´fiýf³f dIY¹ff þf¹fZ dþÀf¸fZÔ ³f dÀfRYÊY Àf¸¸ff³f IZY Àff±f ¶fSf¶fSe IYf Ad²fIYfS ¶fd»IYY ÀU¨LÔý°ff´fcUÊ ¦fd°fVfe»f°ff ·fe WfZÜ ýÈdáWe³f »ffZ¦ffZÔ IYfZ A³¹f dý¢IY°ffZÔ IZY A»ffUf Àf¶fÀfZ ª¹ffýf Àf¸fÀ¹ff

¹fW UfMS ´ficRY W`, »fZdIY³f °fZþ ¶ffdSVf ¸fZÔ ¹fW IYf¸f ³fWeÔ IYSZ¦ffÜ ýSAÀf»f, A»MÑfÀffZd³fIY dIYS¯fZÔ ´ff³fe IYe ¶fcÔýfZÔ ÀfZ ·fe MIYSfIYS »ff`M°fe W`ÔÜ EmÀfZ ¸fZÔ À¸ffMÊ IZY³f ¦f»f°f Àfc¨f³ff ýZ ÀfIY°ff W`Ü À¸ffMÊ IZY³f IYf dOUfBÀf UfBM IZY³f IZY DY´fSe dWÀÀfZ ¸fZÔ »f¦ff WfZ°ff W`Ü BÀfd»fE ¹fdý IZY³f McM ·fe þf°ff W`, °ffZ ýcÀfSe UfBM IZY³f ¸fZÔ BÀfZ »f¦ff¹ff þf ÀfIY°ff W`Ü

dIY³f B»ffIYfZÔ ¸fZÔ À¸ffMÊ IZY³f ÀfRY»f W`?

À¸ffMÊ IZY³f IYf ´fSeÃf¯f dý»»fe, ýZWSfýc³f Af`S ¸fb¸¶fBÊ ¸fZÔ ¨f»f SWf W`Ü ¶f`¦af»ffZS Af`S ¨fZ³³fBÊ ¸fZÔ ·fe MÑf¹f»f WfZ³ff W`Ü IYSe¶f ÀfUf Àff` ¹fcþÊÀf IZY Àff±f MÑf¹f»f dIY¹ff ¦f¹ff W`Ü dVf¸f»ff ¸fZÔ ·fe ´fi¹ffZ¦f dIY¹ff ¦f¹ffÜ BÀfIYf ´fi¹ffZ¦f ¸f`ýf³fe B»ffIYfZÔ ¸fZÔ We ÀfRY»f SWf W`Ü ´fWfOÞe B»ffIYfZÔ ¸fZÔ ¹fW ÀfRY»f ³fWeÔ W`Ü dVf¸f»ff ¸fZÔ ´fi¹ffZ¦f IZY ýf`Sf³f dý¢IY°fZÔ ýZ£f³fZ IYfZ d¸f»feÜ BÀfd»fE dRY»fWf»f ´fWfOÞe B»ffIYfZÔ IZY d»fE À¸ffMÊ IZY³f IYf ´fi¹ffZ¦f ³fWeÔ dIY¹ff þf ÀfIZY¦ffÜ A¦f»fZ ¨fS¯f ¸fZÔ EmÀff À¸ffMÊ IZY³f ¶f³ff³fZ IYe IYfZdVfVf WfZ¦fe, þfZ ¶f°ff ÀfIZY dIY Af¦fZ dIY°f³ff ¦fWSf ¦fOÐPf W`Ü

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October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2






October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2






Advt. /Oct. / 2013 / 5

October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2






October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2





October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2


Advt. /Oct. / 2013 / 1





October 2013 Volume 1 l Issue 2


Advt. /Oct. / 2013 / 2




i Care info - October 2013  

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