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Learn How to Play Drums- Bring Out the Hidden Drummer in You By Rozarwarm on 2013-02-07 23:46:22

Music is an expression, an art, a language that everyone speaks. Music is something that gives us company in solitude, lightens up our mood, brings joy and happiness, and enhances the ambience. Existence of life without music is therefore not possible. We are all music lovers. We like to listen to songs, sing songs. And for some people, the way of expressing their love for music is through playing different musical instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, flute, etc. Playing drums is a little different than playing any other musical instruments. We will learn why and some important tips on how to play the drums  for the beginners in this  content.


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Playing drums doesn’t require a thorough or profound knowledge of music or rhythms, some knowledge about the rhythms and practice is what will make you a good drummer. If you are just getting started, then you don’t require lessons from the private tutor right away. Before getting in touch with the private tutor for drum lessons, you need to be well prepared. Drumming needs a lot of wrist movement, the speed is acquired with practice. One can practice their wrist speed without a drum kit. Drumming pads are available in the market; you can practice your wrist speed on them. The drumming pads are mainly there to help you gain good amount of wrist flexibility and speed, they make very little sound. Drumming pads are not that expensive either.

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Another very important thing one must keep in mind before starting with drum lessons is patience. Often people are too excited to play and in haste miss out on learning the music notes thoroughly. Instead of rushing into it, give yourself some time; learn to play the beats slowly so that you gradually achieve perfection. You can seek help from the internet for the basic drum lessons. You tube has quite a number of videos for beginners, but after a while one should take help from an instructor or a teacher. Before buying a drum kit, you can buy drumming sticks. You can practice using the sticks on the drumming pad. Drumming kits are available in different sizes and material. Plastic sticks or sticks with nylon tips or not recommended. Buying wooden drumming sticks will prove to be very helpful. And as far the length of the sticks is concerned; one should opt for the ones they are comfortable holding with. Browse through the internet, take help from you-tube and start

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practicing on drumming pads first. But always remember to try the new beats slowly. Finally you can get yourself a five piece drum kit. A five piece drum kit consists of bass drum, snare drum, high-tom, mid tom and floor tom. The drum kit for beginners might look a little different from the professionals or the ones that are seen in band performances. Those kits are customized to suit the player’s needs. Initially one must start with the standard drum kit only. For more details about drumming and drum lesson click here.

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Learn How to Play Drums- Bring Out the HiddenDrummer in You  

Music is an expression, an art, a language that everyone speaks. Music is something that gives us company in solitude, lightens up our mood,...