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What do the kids do when excited or having fun? They jump and start hitting the wall, pillow, table or toy to make some sound to display their enthusiasm. Drumming is the most accessible musical system that we all could have learnt in our childhood effortlessly. But, we didn’t. The reason that made many of us forget our first step towards the musical world is the lack of resources. It is tough to find masters, experts and institutions that can provide better tutorials for becoming an expert drumming professional. The lack of resources and availabilities made us forget our born skill in the musical world. Still today, the aspirants are available with the question “how to play drums?” The scenarios are still the same in musical world. Struggling for a good tutorials and resources are still getting carried away in the musical world for the drum aspirants. Even after spending months and years, the aspirants fail to become an expert in the industry. However, the criteria is slowly getting changed after icanplaydrums has introduced its website. The website is loaded with 250 free drum lessons, incredible examples, and videos to inspire the aspirants.

Since 2006, the company began uploading all the tutorials and resource materials online so that learners can download lessons from anywhere at any time. The free drum lessons includes general lessons, drum theory and notation, rock, jazz and latin, snare exercises and solos, rudiments, pedals and double bass drumming, studio drumming, advanced drumming, drum covers, drum playa longs, famous drum beats – modern, and the famous drum beats – classic.

Be a Born Drumming Professional