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Innovations that Make a Difference A Process for Designing Winning Value Propositions Workshop with Tomasz Rudolf

We create tools that guide teams through strategic decisions so that their businesses can make a difference

Have you ever had these challenges?

Competition has cought up

Volvo: Safety

Commoditization eats up your margins and limits your sales

Your differentiation erodes over time.

You can see many options, but are not clear which one to choose

You do something for everybody, but everything for nobody in particular.

You are frustrated, lost or confused

How do you want to make a difference?

In all of that excitement related to coming out with new products‌

…sometimes the basic questions never get asked

My story of struggle

How do I want to make a difference?

Total benefits Innovation assessment Roadmap New Ideas

Total cost

Low cost access to good innovation practice

University & mentor brand Consortium brands Non-competitive environment

Target market & job done

industry leaders

2.000$ per company 30.000$ sponsorship Time to participate in survey workshop roundtables

Too young? Too academic?

who want to improve innovation performance

Using the Kissinger Principle, we created a strong value proposition

14 industry leaders joined the project 30 global thought leaders shared their knowledge

A successful innovation consulting business was born‌

How do we want to make a difference?

The world is changing fast

We know we have got to change something

DOS was green screens

”It’s graphical”

„It works as one”

It becomes far more difficult to articulate differentiation

„This is a phone that has no wires”

You’ve got to be really precise how you’re going to differentiate

Value propositions evolve faster than you think

Without a clear market & benefits products fail in the marketplace

Engineers tend to rule

A product is thrown over the wall to the marketing department

The tendency is to throw in everything

What is the secret of creating winning value propositions?

The solution

Mohan Sawhney Kellogg School of Management Value Proposition Expert


An organization exists to create value for its customers

Value is subjective and defined by customer

You really need to understand who the target customer is

A car for soccer moms

What does her day look like? Fears? Concerns? Aspirations? What are the things that she does with her car?


The benefits need to exceed the cost of doing business with us

Value Proposition __________________________ Teeter Totter framework by Mohan Sawhney







Reasons to believe


Target market



Total cost


Scenario of use



So what are the 4 steps to craft a winning value proposition?

Pick a challenge – an existing or new product

Pick your target customer & scenario(s) of use

Get insights on current customer experience & frustrations

You need to think through the ”job” lens

Analyze the experience with alternatives

Customer insight is about walking in the customers’ shoes

Be like children.

Talk to your customers

DuPont: “We’re a global company.”

Customers: ”What we want is local presence.”

Come up with value proposition hypotheses

Go and test

Capture the value proposition in the product

Keep checking if hypotheses are valid

A new value proposition needs to be at least 10X better than the status quo to get people over the inertia.

Create a messaging and positioning framework

Align everyone in the organization around that value proposition.

Stay focused – don’t get distracted by the shiny objects around you.

Southwest Airlines


It is very tempting to move into a new segment or add new features‌

It takes years to build the products and reinforce the positioning

What are the biggest mistakes?

#1. Too broad definition of the target audience


#2. Lack of clarity of what your product does that cannot be done by substitutes

The customer always has an alternative


Scooters in India

When should we work on this?

Is there a strong bias in response to your value proposition?


Is there a perception that your offering is distinct, differentiated, relevant & valuable?



Does it translate into preference?



Sales and profits

Does it ultimately lead to sales and profits better than competition?

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iCanPilot Value Proposition Design Workshop  

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