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Design your Value Proposition with Mohan Sawhney Ensure market success of your product in 4 quick sessions

Core questions in this session

Who should attend Activities

Session 1

Session 2

Pick target market and scenario

Field work

Session 4

Understand Conduct Develop your your customer & target customer Value develop interviews Proposition insights

Validate your concept

Put your Value Proposition to work

What is the goal of our project? What customer groups and scenarios of use are we targeting?

What do we know about the current customer experience with existing alternatives? What are the pain points that we can address?

How do customers evaluate the experience with existing alternatives? Are our assumptions on the pain points true?

What benefits can we offer? How do we differentiate from competition? What reasons to believe can we offer?

Is our value proposition resonating with target customers?

How do we want to position our value proposition on the market? What do we want to be known for? How do we align the organization around this proposition for successful delivery?

Core team – product management, marketing, sales

Core team

Core team (or outsourced)

Core team

Core team (or outsourced)

Core team



2. 3.

Intro on value prop design Scoping your project (target group, scenarios of use) Understanding current alternatives that customers have



4. Deliverables, documents or decisions

After this session

Mapping the current customer experience Mapping total cost, effort and risk throughout the experience Mapping assumptions on customer emotions, frustrations and desired experience Preparing a research plan

Field work

Session 3

1. 2. 3. 4.


Debrief from customer research Mapping alternative value propositions Designing desired customer experience Drafting the value proposition – benefits, differentiation, support, cost, effort and risk Preparing a validation plan

1. 2. 3. 4.

Crafting a positioning statement Preparing for messaging Building alignment internally through stories Lessons learned

Description of target customer group and scenario for your value proposition

Hypotheses on current customer experience, frustrations and desired outcomes Questionnaire Research plan

Draft of customer experience Draft of value proposition Validation plan

Value proposition Positioning statement Brief for messaging Brief for value delivery

Confirm project charter with key stakeholders

Conduct customer interviews

Validate your value proposition internally and externally

(Re)launch your product or service with a winning value proposition

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This process helps you ensure market success of your product in 4 quick sessions. Designed by Kellog School of Management Prof. Mohan Sawhne...