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What We Are?  Unnati is a leading training, consulting and learning solutions provider.  Deliver unique customized training and development solutions to manage / enhance organization performance. Why-choose-us ?  Award Winning Pedagogy. Result-oriented work. Maintaining turn-around effect.

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ePaD Leadership Development  ePaD helps participants realize their untapped leadership potential and explore it for constructive usage- both for personal excellence and achieving organizational vision and goals.  We recognize the fact that the people must change their behaviour in order to increase their effectiveness and contribution to self & organization. The process focuses on participants to set and achieve goals ( both personal & organizational), become self – motivated and develop positive self-image.

ePaD Process • The process begins with taking a Focus Goal of the organisation/institution. It is followed by clarification and setting of goals. Professional Goals are set in the direction of the given Focus Goal of the organisation/institution. Participants are encouraged to set personal goals in order to help them become a Complete Person.. • ePaD is a dynamic process that is on-going and offers long-term dividends for participants and their organisation. Participants begin immediate application of leadership techniques designed to help them change their behaviour and develop habits necessary to achieve predetermined goals.

Selling Star Learn a proven selling process that allows someone to buy a business solution instead of being sold a product or service. In a highly interactive environment the participant learn to be Selling Stars. They learn and practice how to increase client satisfaction to create lasting relationships. Some of the areas that are covered are  Accurately assessing customers needs and establish need awareness  Presenting solutions based upon priority needs, not products or services  Using the buyer\’s motivations for increased focus and creating opportunities  Communicating as a problem-solver and a partner  Developing professional business to business relationships

Success Blueprint Success Blueprint helps organisations in charting out a success path. It helps the organisation make a leap from Good to Great. The program is specially designed for organizations that need clarity of their Vision and Goals. The blueprint helps the organization know the  Current Reality  Vision of future  Challenges  Goals to be achieved

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Leadership Solution Our programs and methodology is designed to prepare you for a better tomorrow. Add value to your action and develop a comprehensive attitude to stick to all commitments by attaining our programs on leadership. This solution will help you to channelize your authority, responsibility and accountability. Our leadership solution will help you in:  Assignment of roles and responsibilities  Identifying and managing various organizational stakeholders  Delegating authorities to subordinates  Understanding tactics and strategies to resolve conflicts  Building a strong and smart work-force  Developing an attitude for adopting dynamism at all levels of management

Business Communication Solution UNNATI helps you in organizing an efficient business execution plan for your organization. We will help in providing you multiple strategies to cater your short term as well as long term goals. A wide range of various methodologies help you understanding severity of goal meeting attributes in a systematic and scientific way. Benefits of this program:  Understand the market trend analytics and customize your deliverables

accordingly  Influence your team mates by your high ended quality standards and inspire them  Find a gap between an individual problem and a business problem & balance it tactfully  Let your customers feel delighted by your product/service deliverables  Select an accurate way to implement your plan in a controlled and systematic manner  Keep all your business stake owners happy at different levels of management

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