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spacefurthermore, since the dark trees function as additional vertical layers. In Byparken (the Town Park) powerful metal-halide spots are installed high up (12-15m above the ground) into the tree crowns of the colossal trees lined up along the pedestrian path in the park. Light beams penetrate the tree crowns and draw a playful moonlight-like pattern on the ground. The technically demanding installation was carried out with care without damaging the trees and giving the trees possibility to grow. The park’s distinctive ambience in the night-time is underlined with the new lighting for the small pavilion, which now “glows” as a big lantern in the centre of the park. Apart from that, the edge between the park and

adjacent street is also accentuated by the light – the stone wall which stretches along the park’s edge is illuminated by a system of linear fibre optics. Finally, the waterfront, which is very visible from many viewpoints, is pointed out by means of light as the first vertical layer in the view field. The reflective water surface doubles the height of the edge and makes it even more apparent at night. This continuous illuminated edge was realised with a particularly challenging fibreoptics installation, where the light e gines and hundreds of meters of fibres are successfully concealed in the landscape. The attention was also given to the houses in the background of the waterfront, which got new facade illumination. ■

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