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South Georgia’s “Crazy” weather CRCT


8th Grade Challenger Trip


Black History Month


5th Grade DAR & Seuss


Hoops for Heart




Folk Festival


Special points of interest: • Check out our school website for more information. • Support our sports. • The school store is open daily for your academic needs. • Exploratory Fun Day is March 12. • Club Day is March 30.

South Georgia usually experiences some “crazy weather.” Temperatures could vary from the 80’s to freezing within a couple of days. Although we are used to varying temperatures, not many people expected what happened one Friday in February. Many students were able to experience snow for the first time. Flights were delayed and many schools were canceled as students across South Georgia crossed their fingers, toes, and eyes in hopes of getting some snow. Thomas County Middle School students

were among those awaiting the snow’s arrival. We asked TCMS students how they spent their “snow day”. Here is how they responded. “We went to Albany and played on the side of the road.” Danielle “I ate some snow.” -Samantha “I tried to build a snowman.” -Mya

- Max “I didn’t see any snow.” -Maggie “I was excited because it was the first time I had seen snow.” -Earnest “We stood outside and caught snow flakes.” -Courtney -Kelsey Our students did not have an official snow day. However, they did not mind. The day was still special. Especially since it had not snowed in some places since the 80’s. Students were able to enjoy the day in many ways, and it will be a day they will not soon forget.

“I had a snowball fight.”

Grant for Growth It is important to ensure that students have the best teacher and school possible. However, it is essential that the facility being used is properly maintained creating an inviting environment. Thomas County Middle School has received a $5,000 grant from Lowes to

help with this type of maintenance. This grant comes from the efforts of Mrs. Dukes, EXPLO Science teacher for grades five and six. Mrs. Dukes stated, “The plan is to construct raised garden beds in the front and back of our campus.” Having this design will

definitely complement our learning environment. The group is asking for volunteers to help throughout this process; parents, teachers, and students. Together we can make this project for growth exceed our highest expectations.

8th Graders meet the Challenge TCMS students traveled to Tallahassee, FL to participate in the Challenger Learning Center experience. Students were able to learn about various aspects of science through hands-on activities including the Space Shuttle Simulator, Planetarium, the IMAX theater, and a collection of Flight Director Activities. Our eighth graders were asked to share their experiences, here is how they responded.

“Someone” opened the door and killed the crew.”

“I worked as one of the support people.” -Cheyenne

-Justin -Hannah

“I had fun. I can’t wait to go back.” “We learned about electricity and it shocked us.” -Justice “I blew the probe up.”


Overall the students had a great learning experience which has increased their interests in Science.


Black History is American History February has been selected as Black the Cultural Center. Students had History Month. To celebrate, many mixed emotions as they laughed, teachers have presented lessons cried, and remembered together. about famous African Americans The students recall how the prewho have contributed to society. senter discussed the rights of AfriWe have also had morning trivia can American women in the past. questions during One student announcements in stated that, “It was which students fun!” Another stuwere able to win dent said, “[the prizes. Another actor] should “She inspired me to like Georgia event for this celecomeback every History.” bration was a play year.” The slavery which was held at song sing along

seemed to be a hit with the students. The dance at the end was also something they will not soon forget. The reaction of another of our students is the reason these field trips are so important. This student stated, “She inspired me to like Georgia History.” Although the students participated in different events in various ways throughout our school, they each learned that history should be important to us all.

CRCT percentage low The Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) is the standardized test used for Georgia to ensure that all students are academically prepared. During testing time, many students are openly nervous because this test could determine their grade placement. However, many teachers also feel the pressure of the test since the results could be seen as a reflection of their abilities. As a result of this combination, many schools in GA were investigatived be-

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cause the percentage of incorrect answers being changed to correct answers. Fortunately, Thomas County Middle School did not have this problem. The administration and staff take extra precautions to ensure that the materials are

handled properly. These precautions have allowed us to have less than 1% problems in testing. In addition, our 8th grade scores showed that our students scored better than 88% of students across the state of Georgia. With the continued efforts of parents, administrators, teachers, students, and the community we believe that we will continue to excel in the future.



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5th Graders remember Thomas County Middle School 5th graders have been busy preparing for the Writing Test. One event that helps with this preparation is the Annual National History Essay Contest which is sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). This organization is committed to promoting education and patriotism and conducts an essay contest each year for students in grades 5 - 8. National winners receive monetary awards. This year, members of our 5th grade participated and the winners are the following: 1st Place– Christina Magitas, MacKenzie Brown, Jensen Clements, Haiden Hall, Maggie Martin, Taylor Brinson, Doug Evans, Tia

Wynn, Eric Hudson, Martin Medina, Bailey King, & Cheyenne McCrimon 2nd PlaceEthan Hopper, Logan Covington, Ben Pyle, Emily Hastings, Aubrey Brinkley, Maria Davis, Jacqkeria Jefferson, Alex Dorsey, Desiree Powell, J.B. Smith, Nicholas Cooper, Peyton Miller, Andrew McClellan, & Tyler Williamson

3rd Place-Taylor Searcy, Skylar Gandy, Grace Fletcher, Christopher Cervantis, Brian Odom, Jaylen Leak, Chelsea Jones, Keyton Smith, & Madison Morgan. Honorable Mention– Palmer Nesmith, Logan Covington, Alexis Simpson, Sheldon Ellis, Ellen Ponder, Ally Davis, & Roberto Cruz. We are proud of our teacher and student accomplishments, and look forward to seeing more winners in the future.

Sam I am... March 2nd has be designated as diverse variety of sources available “Read Across America Day.” This thorough books and the internet, day was chosen because it is the teachers are not having any probbirthday of one of lems incorporating this America’s most reading celebration within beloved authors, their lesson plans. Our Dr. Seuss. Today, own 5th grade “If you can read this, thank very people are enteacher, Mrs. Nancy a teacher.” couraged all over Grieb, illuminates the America to take classroom as she encour-Anonymous time and read, ages her students to read. especially to chilDr. Hatcher-Hill has also dren. With the planned an exciting en-

richment lesson about Dr. Seuss. Although today has been selected as a special day of reading, teachers want their students to know that it is important to read everyday. Since many people are experiencing hard financial times, it is also important to remember what Mary Schmich said, “Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.”

Hoops for Heart According to the Mayo Clinic, Heart Disease is the number one killer of males and females in the United States. Hoops for Heart is an organization designed to raise money to fight against this disease. Thomas County Middle School has once again joined in to fight through the recent basketball game fundraiser. Students in grades 5– 8 participated in a basketball game against their peers and/or teachers.

Students had a great time cheering on their favorite teams. We raised over $1,000 for this great cause. Participants were also awarded medals. Caption describing picture or graphic.

Beach & Books NewCentral

Sixth Graders will be traveling


Driftwood Education Center. This center offers students unforgettable learning experiences while developing social Where Hustle and Harmony Abound & Student Learning is #1!

skills. Driftwood, St. Simons Island, is a “coastal classroom” where students explore information discussed in traditional classrooms


through hands on experiences. We’re on the WEB!

7th Grade Hundreds of Thomas County Middle School 7th grade students will be traveling to Valdosta, GA to participate in the Azalea International Folk Fair. This is a three day event that allows visitors to travel the world without leaving Georgia. Middle school students are allowed to experience the event before the public so that they

World Tour can have a more authentic learning experience that coincides with Georgia Performance Standards. The Folk Fair is sponsored by the Valdosta Asian Cultural Association, Inc. Events for this Folk Fair include the following: Asian Cultural Experience, African Cultural Exposition, Latin American Exploration,

Global Bazaar, Puzzle Game Workshop, Games & Toys, Artist of the World showcase, Middle East Discovery, and Arts & Crafts. There will even be places where students can taste the various flavors of the world through the diverse selections provided. This was one of the favorite stations from some of last year participants. No matter which station is visited, the visit is sure to be one that our students will gain valuable knowledge while having fun.


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