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Th e 200 9 An n ua l R ep ort of the Iowa Cit y Area Developm ent G ro up • cel ebrati n g 25 year s

The Iowa City Area Development Group serves the business development needs of primary sector companies in our service territory. We connect business and industry with federal, state and local resources to enhance and stimulate area economic growth through business retention, expansion and attraction efforts, and we advance, develop and advocate for our area workforce.

The inaugural meeting of First Capitol Development, Inc. in May of 1984 brought together the business community, the City of Iowa City, and the University of Iowa for the first time to focus on a common goal of economic development. Just a simple change in approach 25 years ago has helped guide the Iowa City Area Development Group to where we are today. Still, growth and progress are never guaranteed. By adopting a proactive philosophy and adapting core programming, ICAD Group has successfully confronted the changes and challenges of the past year, including flood recovery and economic uncertainty. Our organization remains committed to its mission and dedicated to our clients and investors. The knowledge and vision of our founders, combined with this year’s energy and actions, have helped ICAD Group strengthen our business climate, create new jobs and develop future opportunities. Seven companies received assistance from ICAD Group, resulting in more than $12 million dollars in local capital investment and an estimated 172 new jobs for our area. We continue to grow closer to the goals set forth in our “Creating Advantage | Investing for Results” campaign, having reached or surpassed the halfway mark in three of four key areas. ICAD Group welcomed partners from around the state and brought in speakers from across the United States to address the topic of military to civilian transition and building local workforce from our nation’s service men and women. Perhaps most importantly, the greatest potential for the Iowa City area is on the horizon with two key initiatives that started this year: the Shovel Ready Sites Program and the Wind Energy Supply Chain Campus. Indeed, we have come far, thanks in large part to the support and direction from our past leaders, current and former board members, and most importantly our investors. I look forward to serving as president for one more year and am encouraged by the extraordinary opportunities that I see. ICAD Group embraces the direction set forth a quarter century ago, but understands the inevitability of change and need for flexibility. With a healthy dose of knowledge, energy, vision and action, who knows how far we can go?

Ronald R. Reed, 2009 – 2010 Chair Iowa City Area Development Group

“Change is certain; progress is optional.” Ronald R. Reed

History of the Iowa City Area Development Group Coming off a period of high interest rates in the late 1970s and in the midst of a growing farm crisis in the 1980s, the Iowa City area was in need of economic direction. On May 10, 1984, a group of nine devoted volunteers representing the city, the chamber and the University of Iowa, adopted the bylaws of First Capitol Development, Inc.

Early Founders, Visionaries and Charter Board Members E. Norm Bailey, North Bay Computerware Neal Berlin, former City Manager City of Iowa City Willis “Bill” Bywater, Bankers Advertising/TruArt Color Graphics Dr. Dorsey Ellis, former University of Iowa administrator John Hughes, Hills Bank & Trust Martin “Marty” Kelly, formerly of Thomas & Betts John McDonald, former Iowa City Mayor

Until this point, there was never a common strategy for area development. First Capitol Development, Inc. combined knowledge and energy to establish a collective approach. Plans were instituted to promote the Iowa City area for business recruitment and expansion, as well as to publicize its superb quality of life. New and existing businesses, as well as University research projects, were guided through city and state processes to help them grow into viable economic engines for the community. First Capitol Development was short lived, as the name was changed to Iowa City Area Development Group, Inc. in 1985. Economic development was still the focus, but the name change reflected both a collective and regional approach and a strategic vision to develop a vibrant economic region. More directors were added and a staff was brought on to develop core programming. Over the next twenty-five years, the Iowa City Area Development Group (or ICAD Group), and the Iowa City area continued to grow. Today, ICAD Group, with its 5 person staff and 31 member board, serves the communities of Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Kalona, Solon, Tiffin, Tipton, the Amana Colonies, West Branch, West Liberty and Johnson County.

Lyle Miller, developer Jim Shive, Shive-Hattery D.C. “Sprie” Spriesterbach, former University of Iowa Vice President of Research

2 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the I owa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

From business expansion and attraction to workforce recruitment and retention, ICAD Group is an economic driver for the businesses we support, the investors we represent and the communities we serve. We make our region a profitable location for business and a perfect place to call home.

T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me n t G r o u p 3

4 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the I owa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me n t G r o u p 5

Knowledge Energy Vision Action

Better information leads Workforce Programming The Iowa City Area Development Group develops workforce initiatives based on the immediate and future needs of our area. We assess worker readiness, skills development, employer challenges, and workforce productivity through a series of surveys and a network of partners. It is through these programs and studies that we are able to help our clients and investors with strategies for recruiting and retaining productive employees in our area and the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Technology Corridor. Updated resources are always available for our clients and investors, including local reports on labor force, wages and benefits. Companies utilize these tools to identify worker availability by region or occupational cluster and gain insight on compensation trends. ICAD Group partners with Priority One in Cedar Rapids and Iowa Workforce Development to update these studies every twelve to eighteen months. To identify career-ready skills in candidates and employees, more than one hundred and thirty businesses in our area are recognizing or recommending the Iowa National Career Readiness Certificate. Formerly known as Skills Advantage, the work-ready certificate is based on a series of three assessments developed by ACT. ICAD Group continues to partner with Kirkwood Community College, Iowa Workforce Development and ACT to educate area businesses and grow the number of local employers who support this initiative. Job seekers are motivated to prove their skills and in some cases improve their skills as more employers recognize the Iowa National Career Readiness Certificate.

6 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the I owa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

to better decisions Existing Industry and Entrepreneurial Development

Many of these discussions center on existing local industry data that we collect on an annual basis. Using the Blane, Canada Ltd, Synchronist® Business Information System, we conduct confidential interviews with local executives to review business activities, discuss economic development issues, and forecast trends and opportunities for the Iowa City area. This fiscal year, ICAD Group met with sixty local interstate commerce companies representing six core business sectors in our area. Results from these surveys are available online in our “Minding Our Own Businesses Volume 5” publication.

InsIghts from the 2009 synchronIst ® BusIness InformatIon system

This report provides insight into workforce and job growth, overall satisfaction

with community services and the area, and stability and growth of existing companies.

In FY2009, the Iowa City Area Development (ICAD) Group conducted on-site interviews with 60 executives in the Iowa City area using the Blane, Canada Ltd, Synchronist® Business Information System. These confidential interviews review business activities, discuss economic development issues, and forecast trends and opportunities area. This valuable existing for industry program helps develop the Iowa City picture of our economic an accurate climate in relation to national information and local trends, and has grown in participants each year. This report provides insight into workforce and job growth, satisfaction with community overall services and the area, and stability and growth of existing companies. Where noted, data will be compared national FY2008 information. with area and FY2009 national comparisons available as of publication. were not For the first time in the history of this report, we are also including comments related to local, state and federal legislative policy. Business sectors include (listed by number of companies):

23 Manufacturing

17 Technology (software,

engineering, bio-tech) 8 Warehouse (distribution, transportation, recycling) 5 Educational Services

4 Agricultural 3 Finance/Insurance

Work is already underway based on findings from this year’s report, including creating better communication between our area’s primary sector companies and public and local leadership. Also, ICAD Group is working to formalize a relationship with the Entrepreneurial Development Center in Cedar Rapids to help augment internal capabilities as a way to cultivate and grow more start up companies involved in interstate commerce.

“Working with ICAD Group is a very easy process. They do a phenomenal job of providing current, thorough and accurate information on their website and their staff on the ground is very knowledgeable and professional.” Trey Martin, Chief Operating Officer, Integrated DNA Technologies

T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me n t G r o u p 7

Volume 5 September 2009

Existing firms represent more than 70% of economic growth in a market. The Iowa City Area Development Group works with existing and emerging companies to help them become significant employers in our area. Each year, ICAD Group averages over twenty headquarter visits across the United States, and some overseas, to discuss current and future operations in our area.

Knowledge Energy Vision Action

Keeping pace with today’ economic development t Workforce programming to reach an active audience The Iowa City Area Development Group provides a vital link between employers and both current and future employees. We remain in tune with market demands for workforce and work across multiple platforms to promote quality jobs and the quality of life available in our area. Much of our work is done regionally and we partner with Priority One to develop workforce recruitment marketing strategies. Together, we pinpoint specific populations and promote our area through traditional and non traditional marketing, event sponsorships including RAGBRAI, and targeted alumni outreach. This past year, ICAD Group launched a viral video campaign through You Tube and blasted more than 63,000 engineers and project managers with e-mail marketing to promote jobs and life in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Technology Corridor. Our regional partnership also focuses on maintaining a single website to which we can direct job seekers and employers. Since 1997, has become the premier, local site for career information, and is developed and promoted by ICAD Group, Gazette Communications, and Priority One. Through this partnership, our groups also host a regional career fair each year and provide valuable workshops for job seekers. Additionally, we travel to college career fairs across the state to promote companies and opportunities available in our area. Locally, ICAD Group has partnered with the Johnson County Livable Community for Successful Aging Initiative, Iowa Workforce Development, Elder Services, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, AARP, Kirkwood Community College and a group of community volunteers to host a series of workshops for job seekers above the age of 50. The series of workshops is designed to help them become familiar with new and current resources to aid in a job search.

“Flexible. Driven. Connected. Professional. Even though I’m with a smaller company, ICAD Group was there for me and was a true partner to help me navigate through the whole process. ”

Jeff Quint, Owner, Cedar Ridge Vineyards and Distillery 8 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the I owa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

’s workforce and trends Evolving our online presence Current economic development surveys of national site location consultants show that an engaging and informative website is imperative for development organizations. According to one study released last year by Development Counselors International, “online/website” replaced “dialogue with industry peers” as the primary source for preliminary site location decisions. The Iowa City Area Development Group launched its revised website,, after the 2008 annual meeting and continues to improve the site. In addition to new page and client customization features, as well as new photo integration and local maps, the website platform allows us to create microsites for business recruitment marketing. This past year, ICAD Group launched to promote the Iowa City Wind Energy Supply Chain Campus. Additionally, investors and clients can follow our RSS news feed through the website and the ICAD Group Facebook page. The website won a local design award from the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Advertising Federation and an international honorable mention from the International Economic Development Council in its general purpose website category. Recently, we completed our own survey of national site location consultants regarding the new look and functionality of the website and are currently reviewing new features to launch in 2010. T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me n t G r o u p 9

Knowledge Energy Vision Action

Creating tomorrow’s econ programming today The Nation’s First Wind Energy Supply Chain Campus Working with the City of Iowa City since November of last year, the Iowa City Area Development Group has helped create and market what is believed to be the nation’s first Wind Energy Supply Chain Campus. One hundred and seventy-three acres of land on the city’s east side has been annexed for industrial development and both utility service projects and road improvements are underway. Additionally, it will soon be certified as one of only three “shovel ready sites” in the region. More than three dozen companies have visited or requested information about the campus since ICAD Group first made it public. What is unique for this property is its customization. ICAD Group is able to accommodate specific power and transportation needs and doesn’t need to retrofit projects, unlike other sites across the US. Additionally, the site is rail served, near a major interstate and close to both Acciona North America in West Branch and Clipper Windpower in Cedar Rapids In response to continuous inquiries, ICAD Group has launched The site features a snapshot overview of the campus and important facts about the benefits of doing business in Iowa City. The site also helps companies arrange site tours.

10 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the Iowa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

nomic development The Certified Shovel Ready Sites Program Competition continues to increase for economic development organizations across the nation as they seek to secure projects and investments in their communities. The Iowa City Area Development Group has met this challenge head on by securing support from utility partners, neighboring communities, and the state of Iowa to create a regional Shovel Ready Sites Program. ICAD Group identified this issue at the end of the last fiscal year and has since developed a program for our area. Austin Consulting of Cleveland, Ohio, and Foote Consulting of Phoenix, Arizona, have been hired to serve as independent consultants for the shovel ready program. Both companies have worked to create specific criteria for the application process and will help certify sites which have attributes and conditions that meet the demand of current and future development. Three pilot sites will be certified in the coming months and then marketed as shovel ready. With this program in place, risk is reduced, project flow increases, and the Iowa City market will stay ahead of project requests as the pace of business activity accelerates.

“Having conducted nearly 100 site location projects in the past decade, it has become imperative that communities have fully developed sites ready for our client’s projects. The process undertaken by the Iowa City Area Development Group to create Iowa’s first regional shovel ready sites program is a credit to their vision and leadership in what is already a highly competitive global environment.” Don C. Schjeldahl, Vice President and Director Austin Consulting

T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me nt G r o u p 11

Knowledge Energy Vision Action

Implementing Innovation The Eastern Iowa Airport Airports contribute directly and indirectly to the economic development equation and the Iowa City Area Development Group has been proactive in working with our primary regional airport to help study passenger and cargo usage. Passenger counts and data not only reflect potential usage of area restaurants, hotels and amenities, they also provide a means to track workforce and business development trends, as well as target future destinations. Beginning at the end of this fiscal year, ICAD Group began interviewing both inbound and outbound travelers to identify the positions, titles, and percentages of business decision makers who utilize the Eastern Iowa Airport. This data will be compared to a similar survey conducted in 2005 to determine the leisure/business ratio, update final destination data, and gather comments about the airport and its recent infrastructure improvements. Additionally, ICAD Group has worked with our interstate commerce clients to improve satisfaction scores from the 2008 “Minding Our Own Businessess” report regarding air service in our area. This year, air service satisfaction scores were 26% higher and represented the largest satisfaction score increase of any community services category.

“ICAD Group understands The Eastern Iowa Airport plays a vital role in regional excellence. Their help in gathering customer research has been useful in communicating with our airline partners.” Dan Mann, airport director 12 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the Iowa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

to Create Opportunity Hosting the Most Comprehensive Military/Workforce Workshop in Iowa In response to an ongoing need for a skilled and educated regional workforce, the Iowa City Area Development Group helped host a workshop in March educating employers on military to civilian transition. The growing number of military service members leaving active duty and entering the civilian workforce is a large labor pool, currently at 220,000, that goes mostly untapped. With the help of Iowa Workforce Development,, Priority One and the Employers’ Council of Iowa, ICAD Group developed a daylong event for more than eighty area business owners and human resource professionals. For the first time, experts at all levels of civilian transition were convened to provide a comprehensive overview of this topic. Attendees heard directly from the CEO of the nation’s top military career website, the nation’s only speaker on the business benefits of military service members, the State of Iowa’s Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve, Iowa Workforce Development’s Veteran Affairs, and representatives from the Veteran’s Administration. Lisa Rosser, founder of “The Value of a Veteran,” and our keynote speaker, had this to say about the event: “The Iowa City Area Development Group and their partners recognized the need to improve the hiring of military veterans. They took action by helping area employers learn the business reasons for hiring veterans, how to source veterans and how to attract veterans to Iowa and their companies. I applaud their initiative and their foresight to hold this event in spite of the current economic conditions. When I first began promoting my services in 2008, the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area was the first to contact me about holding a workshop. In doing so they provided a tremendous service to their local employers by empowering them with knowledge so that they could begin developing their military hiring strategies now in preparation for increased hiring activity in the months and years to come. The response to the event was very positive and a follow up event is already planned for late 2009 with updates on new military hiring initiatives underway for the Corridor. That is the most exciting part for me – to see people take the ideas I present and really run with them and customize them to fit the needs of their employer base. I am ICAD Group’s biggest fan and I hope they continue this very important workforce development program.” T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me nt G r o u p 13

Business Recruitment and Existing Industry Projects During FY2009, the Iowa City Area Development Group responded to a substantial number of project requests and site visits. Forty-five project requests received customized research reports and nineteen separate companies visited our area; a few multiple times. A large number of projects were in the wind energy sector, reflecting the growth potential of this market and the results of our marketing efforts. Working with the City of Iowa City, ICAD Group launched the nation’s first Wind Energy Supply Chain campus this past year and we continue to target specific companies through e-mail marketing and conference attendance. ICAD Group also responded to project requests in educational services, software development, traditional manufacturing and a variety of service sector operations. Though we were very busy providing data and hosting numerous prospects, the impact of the national and global economy negatively affected the successful attraction and expansion of projects. Nearly all of these projects were put on hold. Communication continues with many of these companies and consultants as we continue to monitor the status of multiple projects. From the end of 2005 to June 2009, the Iowa City MSA saw 5.6% employment growth and we expect that number to continue to increase. Our annual existing industry report, which surveyed 60 interstate commerce companies this year, forecasts between 740 and 1,500 new, full-time positions for our area over the next three years. Ultimately, economic growth continues in the Iowa City area. ICAD Group provided assistance to seven companies in FY2009, resulting in more than $12 million dollars in local capital investment and an estimated 172 new jobs. Of our seven projects, three were with new companies: Alliance Rock Tenn, Carbon Free Energy and EdLink. Four existing companies either expanded employment, facilities, equipment or all three: – Acciona Windpower, Asoyia, Cedar Ridge Vineyards and Procter & Gamble.

New Companies Alliance Rock Tenn Carbon Free Energy EdLink

14 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the Iowa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

Existing Companies Acciona Windpower Asoyia Cedar Ridge Vineyards Procter & Gamble

FY2009 Financial Report Funding for ICAD Group programming, projects and expenses comes from private and public investment, grants, in-kind support, and revenue generated from projects and events, such as our annual meeting. ICAD Group’s FY2009 revenue was $816,096, up slightly from the year before. Expenses for the year were $734,483, concentrated primarily in our core programming areas of business recruitment, workforce business services, and existing business retention and expansion. Net income of $81,613 has been directed towards ongoing marketing, workforce and business recruitment programs, and future investment campaign needs for FY2010 and FY2011.

FY2009 Investment in Economic Development Total Expenses: $734,483


Communications and Partnerships

Entrepreneurial Development




Workforce Business Services






Existing Business Retention & Expansion



Business Recruitment



T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me nt G r o u p 15

FY2009 Campaign Progress Report In 2006, the Iowa City Area Development Group launched a five-year funding program and plan of action to fund critical business and workforce programs. Since that time, ICAD Group has helped develop more than $155 million in new capital investment, has brought more than $14 million in annual deposit potential for local banks, and has helped new and existing companies create/retain more than 1,200 jobs with total earnings well over $90 million annually. As ICAD Group develops programming for the final years of this campaign, the future looks very promising. Iowa City continues to post some of the lowest unemployment numbers in the nation. ICAD Group is working with the City of Iowa City to aggressively market an industrial park dedicated to the wind energy industry, the first park of its kind in the US. And, ICAD Group is poised to launch one of the most complete shovel-ready site programs in the nation. Our primary goals are to create new, well-compensated jobs that add to the area’s prosperity and tax base and to strengthen our area’s identity as a top local, national and global economic region. Since the beginning of our investment campaign, ICAD Group has provided significant assistance on:

Total to Date

% of Total to Date

9 recruitment projects


15 expansion/retention projects working with existing industry


1,219 direct new jobs paying $18/hour or more in wages and benefits


$155.7 million in new capital investment


16 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the Iowa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

We love talking about life and business in the Iowa City area, and we’re not the only ones. In the past year the Iowa City area and the University of Iowa have been recognized on multiple “best of ” lists, touting many of the extraordinary opportunities and amenities in our area. •

UI Children’s Hospital is the 20th ranked pediatric hospital in America, Parents Magazine, February 2009

• No. 9 “Best Places for Business and Careers” - Smaller Metros, Forbes Magazine,

March 2009 •

Twenty-one University of Iowa programs ranked in Top 10 nationwide - Public Universities, U.S.News and World Report, April 2009

• No. 13 “Top College Towns for Jobs,” Forbes Magazine, May 2009 • No. 25 “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals,” U.S.News and World Report, June 2009 • No. 5 “Best Places to Begin a Career” - Metros Under 500,000, Forbes Magazine, July 2009 •

Iowa City ranks 2nd out of 75 mid-size cities for volunteer rate - “Volunteering in America,” Corporation for National & Community Service, July 2009

“ICAD Group understands their community and workforce and works well to target specific businesses to enhance this area. They do an excellent job of collecting and analyzing data and help build the growth and innovation taking place in the Iowa City area.” Derek Easton, Iowa City Site Leader, Procter & Gamble

T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me nt G r o u p 17

2009 Investors A M Management

City of Coralville

Frohwein Office Plus

A W Welt Ambrisco Insurance

City of Iowa City

Gazette Communications

City of Kalona


City of North Liberty

Graham Packaging

City of Solon

Hawkeye Harley Davidson

City of Tiffin

Hawkeye Ready Mix

City of West Branch

Hawkeye Title & Settlement Services LLC

Acciona Windpower North America LLC Acme Electric Company ACT, Inc. AdPro Design Group AEGON USA Aero Rental Alliant Energy

City of West Liberty CIVCO Medical Instruments

Hayek, Brown, Moreland & Smith LLP

Iowa City/Coralville Convention & Visitors Bureau Iowa City Landscaping Iowa City Press-Citizen Johnson County Board of Supervisors Kabel Business Services Kelly Heating Service King’s Material, Inc. Kirkwood Community College

Alpla of Iowa

Clear Channel – KKRQ & KXIC

Amana Society, Inc.

CompleWare Corporation

Ambrose Development

Cook Appraisal

American Bank & Trust

Coral Ridge Mall

Hills Bank & Trust Company

Arlington Development/ Prime Ventures (John Moreland & Gary Watts)

Corridor Business Journal

HJR Financial Group

Cramer IT Consulting CRANDIC Railway

Hodge Construction Company

Creative Management – McDonald’s

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites

Latta, Harris, Hanon & Penningroth LLP

Dream Catcher

Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center

Leepfrog Technologies

Steve Atkins Bachmeier Interiors Bank of the West Beisser Lumber Company Benson & Hepker Design Bradley & Riley PC Brandt Heating & Air Conditioning Build to Suit Ltd. Carlson, Hartsock & Guither PLC

The Eastern Iowa Airport Economy Advertising/ Bankers Advertising/ TruArt Color Graphics Ewers Men’s Store Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank First American Bank

Carousel Motors

First Trust & Savings Bank

Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO)

Fleck Sales/Miller Distributing

City Carton Recycling

Freedom Security Bank

18 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the Iowa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

Henry Russell Bruce Herteen & Stocker Jewelers

Hospers & Brother Printers Howard R. Green Company Hunter Companies Hy-Vee Food Stores

Kleffmann North America

Mechanical Contractors of Iowa Mediacom Mercer Administration Mercy Iowa City Merit Construction Company Merit Electric Ltd. MidAmerican Energy Midwest Development & Investment Corporation

John & Audrey Kofoed

MidWestOne Bank

KZIA - Z102.9 & 1600 ESPN

MMS Consultants, Inc.

L L Pelling

Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware Lensing Funeral & Cremation Service Lepic-Kroeger Realtors Liberty Bank Liberty Communications Liberty Growth

Integrated DNA Technologies

MainStreet Partners

Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce

Meardon, Sueppel & Downer PLC

Knutson Construction Services

Innovative Software Engineering

Iowa Book LLC

McGurk Meyers

Linn County REC McComas-Lacina Construction McEleney Autoplex

Myriad Developers LC Neumann Monson PC New Ventures OPN Architects Inc. Pearson Peterson Contractors, Inc. Phelan, Tucker, Mullen, Walker, Tucker & Gelman LLP PIP Printing & Document Services Plumbers Supply Company Procter & Gamble/Oral B Laboratories Pulkrabek Law Office Quad City International Airport

Regal Construction

Towncrest Pharmacy

Regions Bank

Toyota-Scion of Iowa City

River City Radio - KCJJ

TrueNorth Companies LC

Roberts Dairy Company

University Athletic Club

Rockwell Collins

University of Iowa Research Foundation

Rohrbach Associates PC RSM McGladrey, Inc. Ryan Companies US Schiller Solutions LLC Selzer Werderitsch Associates Sheraton Iowa City Hotel/ hotelVetro

University of Iowa Research Park University of Iowa Community Credit Union University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Unzeitig Construction


US Bank

Shoemaker & Haaland Professional Engineers

Vetter’s Inc. dba Culligan Water Technologies

Shuttleworth & Ingersol PLC

Weitz Industrial

Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC

West Bank

Skog Development/Town Square Development South Slope Cooperative Communications Company

Wells Fargo Bank West Liberty State Bank West Music Company Wolf Construction/ Modern Manor Inc./ Lake Ridge Inc.

“ICAD Group is dedicated to their area and very proactive in their approach to economic development. From workforce services to sustainability initiatives, they are at the forefront of leading the way for the state of Iowa. They embrace and work for their clients and investors unlike any other group we’ve worked with. When LMS was considering the future of the Coralville group, ICAD jumped in and helped us secure city and state incentives that lead to a long term commitment to the area.” Robert Stevenson, Finance Manager and Treasurer, LMS North America, Inc

Spielman’s Event Services Story Construction Company Streb Investment Partnership Syngenta Seeds

Every effort has been made to provide a complete and accurate listing of our investors. If there has been an error or omission, we apologize. To correct or records, please contact us.

Tipton Economic Development Corporation TMD, LLC T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me nt G r o u p 19

20 Th e 2 0 0 9 Annual Report of the Iowa City A rea Develop men t Grou p

FY2009 Board of Directors Private Sector


Ronald R. Reed, ICAD Group Chair President/CEO, Mercy Iowa City

Dee Baird, Executive Vice President Kirkwood Community College

Scott Fisher, ICAD Group Chair-Elect President, McCrossen Consulting LLC

Jordan Cohen, Interim VP for Research University of Iowa

David Bywater, Vice President/COO Economy Advertising

Tom Sharpe, Associate VP for Research IOWA Centers for Enterprise

Kevin Digmann, Project Manager Hodge Construction Company

Pamela York, Executive Director University of Iowa Research Foundation

Jeffrey A. Disterhoft, President/CEO University of Iowa Community Credit Union Bart Floyd, President, US Bank Tom Gelman, Partner Phelan, Tucker, Mullen, Walker, Tucker & Gelman LLP Tom Goedken, Vice President, ACT, Inc. Tom Hobson, Senior Manager of Government Relations, Rockwell Collins Gary Hood, General Manager, MidAmerican Energy Brad Langguth, Vice President Hills Bank & Trust Company Hass Machlab, President Innovative Software Engineering Dan Mann, Airport Director The Eastern Iowa Airport Kevin Monson, President Neumann Monson PC Architects

Public Sector Regenia Bailey, Mayor, City of Iowa City Pat Harney, Supervisor Johnson County Board of Supervisors Kelly Hayworth, City Administrator, City of Coralville Ryan Heiar, City Administrator, City of North Liberty Dale Helling, Interim City Manager, City of Iowa City

Small Cities Representative and Chamber of Commerce Jerry Melick, Manager, Liberty Communications Nancy Quellhorst, President/CEO Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce

Chuck Peters, President & COO Gazette Communications Dr. Jean Robillard, Vice President of Medical Affairs University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Iowa City Area Development Group Staff

Lynn Rowat, Market President, West Bank Jim Schreck, Technical Services Leader Procter & Gamble/Oral-B Laboratories Damon Terrill, Senior Vice President & General Council, International Legal & Regulatory Affairs Integrated DNA Technologies Madeline Windauer, Director of Tax, RSM McGladrey

Joe Raso, President Mark Nolte, Business Development Director Eric Hanson, Communications Director Sheri Jelinek, Executive Assistant DaLayne Williamson, Workforce Business Services Director

T h e 2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o rt o f th e I o wa C i ty A re a D e v e l o p me nt G r o u p 21

Iowa City Area Development Group 325 East Washington Street Suite 101 Iowa City, Iowa 52240 (319) 354-3939 | Fax (319) 338-9958 Report prepared by Eric Hanson Report design by Benson & Hepker Design

2009 Iowa City Area Development Group Annual Report  

During FY2009, ICAD Group responded to a substantial number of project requests and site visits. Read about our projects and best-in-class...