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January 2013

Welcome 2013 intake! An ICA student in pursuit of Excellence understands that he/she is always striving to achieve a standard not accomplished by anyone previously in a particular field or area of culinary excellence. It is about learning how never to be complacent with mediocrity, but to stop at nothing, never accepting anything but the BEST!

2012 NOTEWORTHY ACHIEVEMENTS CITY &  GUILDS  ICA  FINAL  EXAM  RESULTS   The  ICA  is  the  ONLY  culinary  institution  in  South  Africa  with  a  100%  pass   rate!    20  MERITS  (65%  -­‐   79%)  and  25  DISTINCTIONS  (80%  -­‐   100%)  have   been  awarded  as  final  examination  results  to  students  by  City  &  Guilds,   the   International   certification   service   recognized   in   more   than   100   countries   worldwide.     The   ICA   is   also   the   ONLY   school   to   yield   an   incredible   100%   DISTINCTION   rate  in  Pâtisserie  with  a  class  average  of   90%!     Congratulations   to   all   our   lecturers   and   students   who   have   worked   extremely   hard   during   2012   to   achieve   these   outstanding   results.     We   look  forward  to  the  same  exceptional  outcomes  in  2013.    

ICA KYLEMORE  FRONT  OF  HOUSE  PROGRAMME   In   keeping   with   its   social   ethos,   a   substantial   portion   of   the   ICA’s   resources   are   used   to   assist   deserving   students   who   do   not   have   the   financial  means  to  obtain  a  tertiary  qualification.    The  Kylemore  Front  of   House   bursary   programme   is   one   such   initiative.     All   students   on   this   programme   completed   the   International   City   &   Guilds   examination   in   Food  and  Beverage  Service  (7066-­‐001)  and  once  again  the  whole  group   accomplished  either  Distinctions  or  Merits  with  a  class  average  of  82%.     These  graduates  are  now  equipped  with  an  invaluable  qualification  and   have  become  sought  after  employees  in  the  hospitality  industry.    

2012 EAT  OUT  RESTAURANT  AWARDS   ICA   does   it   again!     The   ONLY   culinary   institution   to   claim   8   places   on   South  Africa’s  Best  Restaurants  list!  

rd 23  GALLIOVA  FOOD  WRITERS  AWARDS  2012   Three  top  winners  in  the  Galliova  STUDENT  Food  Writers  category  were   st ICA  1  Years  Neo  Ramathe  and  Pitsi  Mohoto  as  well  as  Loretta  van  Wyk   from  the  ICA’s  satellite  campus,  Stellemploy  Training  Centre.   ICA   graduate   and   former   top   student,   Herman   Lensing   (Food   Editor   of   SARIE   KOS   lifestyle   magazine)   was   announced   as   runner-­‐up   for   this   coveted  title.  

CULINARY TOUR TO ITALY 15 – 27 June 2013 Join us for an unforgettable experience as we journey into the heart of Italy in Le Marche. Discover true Italian hospitality whilst residing in a fourteenth century old monastery. TOUR HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE truffle hunting & making limoncello visiting local markets & historic towns a culinary feast onboard an old wooden yacht dining at the world’s 5th best restaurant and much more! Encounter authentic Italian art, architecture, ambience and, above all, cuisine while honing your foodie skills in entertaining, educational, hands-on culinary workshops. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE CONTACT THE ICA FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO SECURE YOUR BOOKING T: 021 885 1414 Email:

2012 EAT  OUT  RESTAURANT  AWARDS   ICA  DOES  IT  AGAIN!   The  ONLY  culinary  institution  to  claim  8  places  in  the  EAT  OUT  Awards  ceremony  on  Sunday,  24  November  2012   The  2012  Eat  Out  DStv  Food  Network  Restaurant  Awards  celebrate  excellence  in  a  variety  of  categories.    The  ICA  is   extremely  proud  to  announce  that  no  less  than  8  graduates  are  ranked  amongst  South  Africa’s  very  best.  

This year’s  10  BEST  restaurants  are…   No. 1

Boschendal Style  Awards  

The Test Kitchen Chef Luke Dale-Roberts

Style is   the   elusive   element   that   distinguishes   great   restaurants  from  good  ones.    ICA  graduates  took  up  3  out   of  the  5  places   on  the  nominees  list  for   this  year’s  most   stylish  restaurants.  

3 ICA  graduates  and  1  ICA  student  on  the  team   No. 2

The Tasting Room Chef Margot Janse

ICA student  on  the  team  

1 ICA  graduate  on  the  team  

No. 4

Overture Chef Bertus Basson

3 ICA  graduates  on  the  team  

No. 5

Rust en Vrede Chef John Shuttleworth

No. 6

DW Eleven-13 Chef Marthinus Ferreira

No. 3

Jordan Restaurant Chef George Jardine

FIRST PLACE  -­‐  OVERALL  WINNER   1. Green House at Babylonstoren Chef Simoné Rossouw


Chef and  Owner,  Marthinus  Ferreira,  graduated  from  the   ICA  in  2001.     DW  Eleven-­‐13  has  moved  up  one  place  from   th it’s   7   position   last   year   and   is   one   of   only   two   restaurants   in   Gauteng   to   have   been   recognized   among   the  country’s  best.   No. 7

La Colombe Chef Scot Kirton

2 ICA  graduates  on  the  team  

No. 8

The Greenhouse, the Cellars Hohenhort Executive Chef Peter Templehoff


     Executive  chef  at  Babylonstoren,            Simoné  Rossouw,  graduated  from            the  ICA  in  2001.    


2. The Kitchen at Maison Chef Arno Janse van Rensburg  


     graduated  from  the  ICA  in  2006. 3. Hemelhuijs Chef Jacques Erasmus  


     graduated  from  the  ICA  in  2001.  

4. The Tasting Room Chef Margot Janse 5. Tashas le parc National franchise


Peter Templehoff,   graduated   from   the   ICA   in   1997.     Peter  was  also  awarded  the  prestigious  status  of  Grand   Chef,  one  of  only  two  in  Africa  and  the  Middle  East,  and   the  first  ever  to  receive  this  coveted  title  for  Cape  Town.   No. 9

Terroir Chef Michael Broughton

1 ICA  graduate  on  the  team  

No. 10

Hartford House Chef Jackie Cameron


APPRENTICE RESTAURANT, the ICA’s “living classroom” listed on p. 204 in the 2013 EAT OUT Restaurant Guide: “Full   marks   to   these   youngsters   for   their   elegantly   prepared  and  presented  food.  The  chicken  breast  stuffed   with   chorizo   and   spinach   is   fresh   and   cooked   to   perfection.   The   complimentary   amuse-­‐bouche   at   the   beginning  of  the  meal  is  a  nice  touch”

Top 20  list  continued…   BABEL         Chef  Simoné  Rossouw  ICA  graduate  2001   1  ICA  student  on  the  team    


MAKARON     Chef  Tanja  Kruger,  ICA  graduate  2001   1  ICA  graduate  on  the  team   Culinary  Olympics  Team  in  Berlin,  2012   and  winner  of  the  Chaîne  des  Rôtisseurs  2009.


RESTAURANT MOSAIC  AT  THE  ORIENT   Chef  Chantal  Dartnall  

BISTRO BIZERCA     Chef  Laurent  Deslandes   1  ICA  graduate  on  the  team  


PIERNEEF à  LA  MOTTE   Chef  Chris  Erasmus     1  ICA  student  on  the  team  

PLANET RESTAURANT  A T  MOUNT  NELSON     Chef  Rudi  Liebenberg  

TOKARA Chef  Richard  Carstens       Restaurant  Manager  &  Sommellier,     Jaap-­‐Henk  Koelenwijn,  ICA  graduate  2001  

THE ROUNDHOUSE     Chef  Eric  Bulpitt   2  ICA  students  on  the  team  

DELAIRE GRAFF  ESTATE  RESTAURANT   Chef  Christiaan  Campbell     1  ICA  student  on  the  team    



Institute of Culinary Arts Farm Calenick, Zevenrivieren Road, Banhoek, Stellenbosch – PO Box 6314, Uniedal, Stellenbosch, 7612, South Africa Tel: 021 885 1414 Fax: 021 885 1085 E-mail: W:

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