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KET 1730 - 2012 April Project: “Hobbies”

Course Teacher Paula Gavagnin IT facilitator

Nelba Quintana

DLS Coordinator Emilia Nosenzo The following texts have been produced by the students at IT´s sessions and have not been edited to preserve their authenticity.


Going Shopping Written by: Rosario and Camila

Our favourite hobby is going shopping. Some teenagers are keen on buying clothes while others are interested in buying CDs or shoes. We love shopping for clothes. Some of the most popular trademarks for girls are Kosiuko , Victoria’s secret , 47 street , Forever 21 , Hollister , Abercrombie , and for boys DC , Quicksilver , Levis , Kevinston , Tommy . Our favourite shopping centre is Bal Harbour. It sells clothes, CDs books, etc. We usually go to shopping centres to buy clothes. Going shopping is fun because we love buying things and spending time with friends.


Going to the cinema Written by : Paula and Camila Our favourite hobby is going to the cinema. We love all kinds of films, but we are especially keen on horror films. One of the must popular horror films is “Saw”. Many teenagers are also interested in romantic films such as the Twilight saga. It´s about a girl called Bella who falls in love with a vampire. The actors and actresses are Robert

Pattinson and

Kristen Stewart. Other

teenagers enjoy watching fantasy films like “Harry Potter” .There are 7 films and




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Going to the cinema is fun because it is interesting. We love the big screen and eating popcorn.


Hanging out with friends Written by: Sofia and Mayra. Our favourite hobby is hanging out with friends. We love doing all kinds of activities. For example, we are keen on playing sports or instruments and we are also interested in watching films and TV. During the week we spend time together at school and go shopping. At the weekend we go to the disco or we go to McDonald’s. We usually meet our friends in a park, in the city centre or at the cinema. Hanging out with friends is fun because it is fantastic to share time with them.


Listening to music Written by: Catalina, Agustina and Mora Our favourite hobby is listening to music. Some teenagers are keen on


music while others are interested in pop music. Our favourite kind of music is rock. We are very fond of One Direction. This band took part in the talent show The X Factor in 2010 and they became very famous. Listening to music is fun because it helps us to relax and enjoy good times with friends.


Using our computer Written by: Agustin, Lautaro, Tomås Our favourite hobby is using our computers. Some teenagers are keen on surfing the net while others are interested in playing games and doing homework. We love using our computer to chat and watch films. Our favourite computer game is Counter Strike. It’s about terrorists who face the police and the police have to rescue hostages. Using our computer is fun because we play games and get informed.


Playing Sports Written by : Gianfranco, Santiago and Valentin. Our favourite hobby is playing sports. Teenagers play different sports. Some are keen on team sports like football and basketball while others are interested in individual sports such as tennis and golf. Our favourite sport is basketball. We have to wear our team uniform and trainers to play this sport. Some of the basic rules of the sport are: you can’t make fouls, you can’t carry the ball, and you can’t double dribble. Messi is a famous football player. He is the best in the world. He plays for Barcelona and he is 23 years old. Playing sports is fun because we play with friends and in team.


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