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6th December, 2018 9.00 - 16.30 Science Gallery London King’s College Great Maze Pond London, SE1 9GU

Creativity and Mental Health: How do we Support it within the Fashion Industry? The thriving fashion industry is a popular career path for many. While its exhilarating lifestyle, scope for creativity and magnetising environment are all positive attributes, the chaos and excitement can be a doubleedged sword. The industry has had a long-standing curiosity for wellness practices; and at a time where the spotlight glares so brightly on prevalent mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, stress and burnout, how do we best protect its creative energy? To align creative drive with psychological awareness, to question and reimagine how support can be provided, even whilst operating at the edge, we envisioned a bespoke knowledge hub, where clinical and academic information, best practice and innovative research can be accessed and shared. Our experts are chosen because they understand the intersection between Behavioural, Mental and Emotional Health when it relates to performance in high-pressure environments. Professor Carolyn Mair will define psychological concepts and how they manifest in the context of fashion, while experts like Dr Phil Hopley will explore means to prevent or treat mental ill-health, and eventually transform performance through mental wellbeing. Today, more than ever before, the onus is on us all to take responsibility for our health. From the studio to the factory, the catwalk to the to the shop floor, the set to the executive suite, it is time to claim a space to hold courageous conversations and to challenge our perceptions as individuals and organisations.


Programme 9.00 – 9.30

— Registration —

9.30 – 9.40

Welcome & Introduction Overview of the event, a few words from our industry ambassadors

9.40 – 10.40

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION “THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE CYCLE” (+ Q&A) What are the psychological implications of creativity? In saying the unsaid: what about vulnerability, anxiety and depression? This presentation will weigh the impact of short-lived cycles on creative professionals’ mental health and wellbeing. Professor Carolyn Mair, PhD, Chartered Psychologist and Author of The Psychology of Fashion.

10.40 – 11.00

— Coffee & Networking Break —

11.00 – 12.30

BREAKOUT SESSIONS A space to connect with the various health providers and experts through training and experiential workshops. WORKSHOP 1

Development and Understanding of Mental Health First Aiding and Safe Guarding within Talent Management Hosted by Samantha Parker, Co-founder of Music Support and Chula Goonewardene, BACP registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist.

WORKSHOP 2 Centred Living through “The Kindness Method” Led by Shahroo Izadi, Behavioural Change Specialist and best-selling author. 12.30 – 13.30

— Lunch Break —

13.30 – 14.45

THE DISRUPTER’S VISION (+ Q&A) Opening the stage to decision-makers to share innovative practices, highlighting the challenges faced in fostering healthy company cultures (providing a range of perspectives from SMEs to larger corporations) and reducing stigma around mental health in the workplace. What is the cost of mental ill-health to these organisations? Prevention vs reparation? Panel discussion moderated by leading Management Consultant, Fabian Hirose.

14.45 – 15.00

— Announcements & Coffee Break —

15.00 – 16.00

COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS with SONNY HALL and DR PHIL HOPLEY In sharing personal reflections on Behavioural, Mental and Emotional Health issues, this session will present some psychoeducational insight into the problem, also addressing the various meanings of recovery. Model and artist, Sonny Hall in conversation with Dr Phil Hopley, Consultant Psychiatrist and Managing Director of Cognacity..

16.00 - 16.30

— Closing —


Event Speakers Professor

CAROLYN MAIR Chartered Psychologist/Fellow of the British Psychological Society An expert when it comes to explaining the interaction of human behaviour when met with fashion, beauty and self-care, Professor Mair brings her expertise to the fashion industry via training, research and consultancy. Previous clients include Higher Education establishments, beauty brands, PR agencies and R&D departments.

SAMANTHA PARKER Co-founder of the charity Music Support / Specialist Mental Health & Wellbeing Consultant to the Music Industry Sam has worked in and around the Music Industry since 1991, mostly in artist management. She also trained with Regent’s University and One Spirit Interfaith Foundation in 2017, and qualified as a Minister and Transpersonal Counsellor.

SONNY HALL Model/writer/painter/artist The main face of Tess Management, Sonny has experience fronting campaigns for the likes of Burberry and Fred Perry. He is also a prominent Instagram influencer, posting a mix of aesthetically designed content and lifestyle posts featuring his works.

CHULA GOONEWARDENE BACP registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist Having classically trained as a Pianist, Violinist and Drummer, he previously enjoyed a professional career in the music industry. Chula works across community-based services – as a Drug & Alcohol Practitioner, moving into Treatment Management, Training and Consultancy – and runs a thriving private practice on Harley Street.

FABIÁN HIROSE Management Consultant, Strategy & Development of the Global Fashion Industry, Advocate/Researcher Mental Health & Wellbeing within Business & Creative Industries Fabián works with senior business leaders, managers and cross-functional teams to unlock the potential of professionals and their brands. Using his strong business acumen, design-thinking and developmental expertise to work with the creative and learning process, Fabián is inspired to open the possibility of transforming how we support and care for the next generation. Clients include the likes of Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Valentino, Comme des Garçons, Gucci, All Saints, as well as emerging businesses across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

SHAHROO IZADI Behavioural Change Specialist in private practice/author of “The Kindness Method” Shahroo combines professional addiction training with personal experience to provide clients with a set of practical tools to support them in starting and keeping up positive changes. Her work has been featured on BBC Radio 1, the Telegraph and in Psychologies Magazine. This year, she collaborated with the likes Sweaty Betty and Red Magazine to deliver a series of bespoke workshops.

DR PHILIP HOPLEY Consultant Psychiatrist and Managing Director of Cognacity, leaders in the application of neuropsychology to sustainable high performance in elite sport and business Phil is an expert in stress, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and alcohol/substance misuse problems. He was honoured to lead the LPP team providing on-call specialist cover to the 10,000 competing athletes at the 2012 London Olympics. Phil also advises a range of organisations on people performance and psychological health issues. He is nationally recognised as an accomplished expert witness in a wide range of medico-legal areas.

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Voices of Fashion on Mental Health  

Voices of Fashion on Mental Health