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WHO WE ARE The Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences (Institut Català de Ciències del Clima - IC3) is a public non-profit institution with an autonomous management, created in order to undertake top-level research in the field of climate sciences and with a special focus on the Mediterranean region, Latin America and Africa. We are a research centre within the CERCA network, the programme of excellence in research created by the Generalitat de Catalunya, and a singular institution in the south of Europe. Our vision is to become an institution of reference at the international level within our thematic area. The main objective of IC3 is to provide climate information of highest quality, intended for both society and other stakeholders, via cutting-edge research, education and the development of applications and tools for the evaluation of the current and future climate. Our internal policies are based on the promotion of best practises such as transparency and the optimisation of the resources management. In accordance with our strategy it is one of the priorities of our corporate development to obtain collaborations with the private business sector so we can approximate a higher level of self-financing, permitting us to create a better perspective for advancing in the future.

CONTACT Institut Català de Ciències del Clima C/ Doctor Trueta, 203 ❘ 08005 BARCELONA Tel: +34 93 567 9977 ❘ Email: fewald@ic3.cat www.ic3.cat

OUR IMPACT IC3 is a provider of both local and global information related to climate variability, climate change and the impact of climate on numerous sectors of economic and social activity.


Collaboration with IC3 provide your company important benefits:

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Obtain a competitive advantage for your business, being among the first companies who can utilise the results of research for the business environment via “Climate Services”.

Integrate or strengthen the environmental commitment within your concept of corporate responsibility.

Contribute to raising awareness for climate change within society plus its adaptation and mitigation.




Help us to advance our mission. There are several options for making contributions to the research of IC3, implying different levels of commitment. Any contribution is welcome and will support us to proceed.

DONORS – “Friends of IC3” Private donors and companies who support us via monetary contributions or in-kind products / services, without linking them directly to a specific project. CONTRIBUTORS Companies sponsoring partially or totally any project, activity, award, scholarship or equivalent, up to 10.000€ p.a. or 20.000€ as a single contribution. SPONSORS Companies that sponsor totally or partially any project or programme with 10.000€ and 90.000€ p.a. or via a single contribution between 20.000€ and 180.000€. MEMBERS OF THE BUSINESS BOARD – “Honour Sponsors” Leading companies that assume a general commitment of patronage concerning a specific area, sponsoring a line of research or a laboratory, via an annual contribution of min. 90.000€ or a single donation between 180.000€ and 400.000€. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES – “Strategic Sponsors” Leading companies that acquire a global strategic commitment with IC3, for example via business chairs, supporting the institute with at least 200.000€ p.a. or 400.000€ as a single contribution.

"Understand the interaction between the physical climate system and the biosphere for the benefit of future generations� IC3’s mission