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64th Annual AIESEC International Congress 2012, Russia

Global Youth Voice Conference Check-in & Registration • How to reach MGIMO? • Agenda • Special events Accommodation • What to do in Moscow? • Ramadan Kareem • Emergency calls Important tips • Russian phrases • Important links • Our partners • Contacts

Dear delegate, With the Global Youth Voice Conference fast approaching, we are so close to having this once in a lifetime experience in Russia. Our team of 12 Congress Committee members has been working tirelessly day in and day out to make sure you leave GYVC with a big smile, memorable conversations, impactful experiences and ever lasting relationships. The excitement is at an all time high and we move forward together towards the same goal of creating a platform for carving leaders for a sustainable future. We are the change and we can make a difference. Let’s all use the Global Youth Voice Conference as a place where the change starts and spreads all over the globe. See you very soon in Russia,

Global Youth Voice Team

CHECK-IN & REGISTRATION In order to easy check-in we ask from all the delegates to bring their passports on 17th and look for GYVC desk. Our first day is going to be along with the International Congress delegates. MGIMO requires delegates to show their original passports every morning when they enter the venue. After you enter the venue Conference Team will be waiting for you at the registration desk every morning. In order to make everything as easy as possible and avoid questions we will assign a number to your accreditaion. Before proceeding to plenary you are required to register at the registration desk. All financial issues will be solved on August, 18th.

Address: Vernadskogo prospect, 76 Moscow

As you already know the Global Youth Voice Conference will be held at the beautifully renovated MGIMO University.





We do not provide transport from airport/train station to the venue. However, we want to give you direct instructions how to find us. From the three major airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo we will have people, who will help you to find where to go (15th, 16th, 17th Aug). There are trains going to the city called Aeroxpresses. Just follow the signs at the airport, the ticket costs 320 rubels. The aeroxpress takes you to major metro stations in the city. Make sure you print the metro map here: because in the Metro there is nothing written in English. Please check detailed information visit the following link:


We wait for you everyday of the conference ! 


Meeting point


DAY 0 – 17th August



DAY 1 – 18th August

DAY 2 – 19th August



DAY 3 – 20th August


DAY 4 – 21st August


A – Meeting point metro station “Prospect Vernadskogo” (Проспект Вернадского). (Out of the train and right, meeting point is outside).

B – our Venue MGIMO (Moscow State University of International Relations), New building.

CONFERENCE AGENDA Day 0 Friday 17th 7:00-7:30 07:30-08:00 08:00-08:30 08:30-09:00

12:00-12:30 12:30-13:00 13:00-13:30 13:30-14:00 14:00-14:30 14:30-15:00


Travel to MGIMO

18:30-19:00 19:00-19:30 19:30-20:00 20:00-20:30

Morning plenary GYVC Opening Ceremony

Interactive Workshop Break Symposium


Day 4 Tuesday 21st 7:00-7:30 07:30-08:00

Opening Keynote Speeches Break

Morning plenary Severstal presentation

Contemporary Challenges of the Youth Part 2

Partner Workshops Generation of Heroes



Contemporary Challenges of the Youth Part 1

Coffee Break Lunch


Cross-sector Partnership Part 1

Topic Talks



Cross-sector Partnership Part 2 Travelling to Global Village

Summing up the First Day Global Village


Buffet Dinner

08:00-08:30 08:30-09:00 09:00-09:30 09:30-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-11:30 11:30-12:00


M. Trends of the Modern World Development Lunch

Travel to MGIMO

The Magic of Values Break

Summing up the Second Day

Closing Panel



12:30-13:00 13:00-13:30

Next Steps

20:30-21:00 21:00-21:30

Travel to MGIMO


International Congress Opening Ceremony

Day 3 Monday 20th Travel to SKOLKOVO (From MGIMO)

15:00-15:30 15:30-16:00 16:00-16:30 16:30-17:00 17:00-17:30 17:30-18:00 18:00-18:30

Day 2 Sunday 19th

Travel to MGIMO

09:00-09:30 09:30-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-11:30 11:30-12:00

Day 1 Saturday 18th

More detailed agenda can be found at

13:30-14:00 14:00-14:30 14:30-15:00

Lunch GYVC Closing Ceremony

15:00-15:30 15:30-16:00 16:00-16:30 16:30-17:00 17:00-17:30 17:30-18:00 18:00-18:30 18:30-19:00 19:00-19:30 19:30-20:00 20:00-20:30 20:30-21:00

Global Village

21:00-21:30 21:30-22:00

SPECIAL EVENTS This is the official opening of biggest international event in Russia with participation of almost 1000 participants from International Congress and Global Youth Voice conference, government and media representatives. Speakers on opening ceremony: representatives of Russian federation administration, Moscow government, Ministry of Foreign affairs.






Symposium will bring together in one place the most active and powerful youth in the world: people who have courage to CHANGE the world for a better future. In the end of the working groups all participants are going to create 1000 ideas/actions that we need to start implementing now for making the world a better place to live.

SPECIAL EVENTS Global Youth 2 Business forum is a platform for interaction between business and young people to form a global partnership in areas such as innovation, corporate responsibility, youth entrepreneurship and sustainable development.




Topics: • Entrepreneurship: Youth identifying opportunities in the world and acting on it by starting new companies. The topic is about supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs to see ‘problems’ as ‘opportunities’, take action to identify the solutions and help create more value in society. • Corporate responsibility: The topic is about what youth are aware of and thoughts on how they can support a sustainable future together with the corporate sector. • Innovation: The topic of innovation is about how youth can bring innovation and generate ideas that can connect business to the future needs of society and more specifically the needs that generation Y and Z have.

PRE&POST CONFERENCE ACCOMMODATION The Organizing Committee is not providing accommodation for the duration of the conference. However, we highly recommend the following hostel:


For booking in Bear hostels you need to download the form (Hostel form.doc) in attachment and fill it then send it back to When you make booking you have to write the password: “ocoic-bear” to get a discount!

Check-in: 13:00 p.m. Check-out: 10:30 a.m. Price: 280 – 2500 RUB per night / per person

Services: Fax/Photocopying, Laundry, Room Service, Ironing Service, Shuttle Service (surcharge), Packed Lunches, Vending Machine (drinks), Vending Machine (snacks)

WHAT TO DO IN MOSCOW? CC team has prepared some pretty interesting activities you can do in your free time. Whether you decide to join us on a city tour on 18th of August or chill activities on 19th in Gorky park we guarantee you awesome time!

Official goodbye party is on August 21st!


1 metro ride 28 rub

EMERGENCY CALLS We hope that your visit is going to be nothing but fun and excitement and you will never need to use any of the emergency phone numbers during your trip. However, better to be safe then sorry, so we are: Keep in mind that most of the embassies have Citizens' Services Desk where you can ask for assistance. Go to afor information on embassies worldwide. In case you get lost in Moscow our team is available on: Dina +7 916 020 02 96

Fire 01 Police 02 Ambulance 03

Kate +7 916 221 95 54



Register your visa within 7 working days of arrival at the Imigration service (if you are staying at the hostel they will do it for you). Documents needed: Copy of passport, copy of visa to Russia, Copy of migration card, 2 copies of application form. This procedure costs 400 rubles.

•Carry your passport everywhere with you so you would avoid any unpleasent situation if police requires to see your documents. •Keep migration card you receive at the airport. •Carry the phone number of your embassy with you. •We are available during the conference for onsite help. Come to info desk or mail us at •Please have the exact amount for payments

on 18th in order to make our finance manager’s job easier. •Take care of the badge we give you because it is your entrance card for everything! •The exchange rate for rouble is oscillating around 30-40 roubles for 1 USD (there is and ATM at MGIMO). •Print this mailer and bring it with you just in case 

USEFUL RUSSIAN PHRASES No/Yes Hello Goodbye Thank you What is your name? My name is John Cool I love you How are you Sorry/excuse me Please I don't understand I don't speak Russian Do you speak English? Help! I don't know How much is it? Toilets Stop here please

Net/da Zdrastvuite Dasvidaniya Spasibo Kak tebja zovut Menja zovut Dzhon kruto Ja tebja Lublu Kak Dela Izvinite Pazhalusta Ya ne panimayu Ya ne gavaryu pa-russky Vy gavaritye paanglisky? Pomogitye! Ya ne znayu Skolko stoit? Tualet Ostanavite,pazhalusta

Нет/Да Здравствуйте До свидания Спасибо Как тебя зовут Меня зовут Джон Круто Я тебя люблю Как дела Извините Пожалуйста Я не понимаю Я не говорю по- русски Вы говорите по- английски? Помогите! Я не знаю Сколько стоит? Туалет Остановите, пожалуйста


ATTENTION! Make sure that you filled this 3 questionnaires: Logistic preferences: About arrival to Moscow: Content preferences:

Information about Study Tours:



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