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First Delegate Mailer

Dear AIESECer, The time has finally come for us to dance to the African drum beat; shake off our boots and for a second time raise some dust as we embark on this life changing safari. About a year ago, 8 individuals came together, built a Boma (swahili: Household) and created a dream that has come to echo the power and vitality of youth leadership. This is the pot in which we have brewed its hopes; transformed its vision and built a dream from. As we come closer to our destination: The 63rd AIESEC International Congress 2011, Kenya, we welcome you to this Boma with the full hope and wish that you will dream with us; connect with us and more importantly, Live, lead and leave a legacy. Let’s carve out our future and reshape the world with AIESEC 2015. Your passion, ingenuity and smile are all we want from you! As Timon and Pumba would say: "Hakuna Matata", because there are "no worries" in Africa. So leave your worry baggage at the airport and get ready to enjoy life in the green city under the sun. We can’t wait to see you in Kenya! AIESECly yours, The Congress Committee AIESEC International Congress 2011

In this delegate mailer you will find:

Dates & Fees Registration About IC 2011, Kenya About Kenya Study Tours Before you travel Contact us

Dates & Fees Pre-Meeting: August 18th-19th 2011 AIESEC International Congress: August 20th-29th 2011

Special Events Opening Ceremony: August 20th 2011 Global Youth Forum: August 20th 2011 Global Village: August 20th 2011 Youth to Business Forum: August 23rd 2011 Kenyan Night: August 26th 2011 Gala Dinner & UBS Excellence Awards: August 28th 2011

Study Tours Nairobi City Tour: August 17th 2011 Safari to Maasai Mara: August 29th- September 1st 2011 Beach trip to Mombasa: August 29th-September 1st 2011

Fees Pre-Meeting: 80€ per person per day Delegate fee: 350€ per person (for up to 5 delegates per country) Late Registration Penalty: 90€ (for registrations submitted after 23:59 GMT on June 15th 2011) Damage fee: 30€ (Will be reimbursed to your country in case of no damage) Pre-Study Tour – Nairobi City Tour: 25€ Post-Study Tour – Safari to Maasai Mara: 235€ Post-Study Tour – Beach trip to Mombasa: 55€ IMPORTANT: All payments are to be made in Euros. We recommend that you bring the cash in Euros to Kenya, as you may lose money on exchanging into Kenyan shillings and then Euros. You are encouraged to transfer your fees to the CC bank account ahead of time to ease registration & check-in. Further details will be provided in second delegate mailer.

About IC 2011, Kenya The venue for IC 2011 is MMU Hotel & Conference Centre, which is located about 20 km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and about 10 km from the Central Business District of Nairobi. The venue is right next to Nairobi National Park, which gives us the pleasure of having frequent guests such as baboons and warthogs, providing an authentic African experience. Pre-Meeting will be hosted at the IC venue.

Our vision and aim for IC 2011 in Kenya is for it to be the first carbon managed International Congress in the history of AIESEC, in cooperation with Ages Group. This can only be done through active participation of you and me in reducing our carbon footprint; we hope you are ready to embrace sustainability! More information to come.

Registration Delegate registration has been opened on You will find the registration page here. Important: Registration opens on Friday May 13th 2011 at 12:00 pm GMT and the deadline is on Wednesday June 15th at 23:59 GMT. Late registration penalty is an additional 90â‚Ź for every delegate who registers after the deadline.

About Kenya Kenya is one of Africa’s powerful economies and is the business hub of East Africa. The nation is made up of 42 different tribes and ethnic groups, but Kenyans have strong sense of national pride after achieving Uhuru (Kiswahili: "freedom") - independence from British colonial rule, in 1963. The capital city is Nairobi. Kenya's area is 580,000 km2 with a population of nearly 39 million which is diverse: more than 40 different ethnic groups are present. The country is named after Mount Kenya, a significant landmark

and second among Africa's highest mountain peaks. Kenyans are warm and friendly people, and they truly enjoy the company of visitors as you will find out soon enough. Nairobi is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city. Nairobi has two informal nicknames. The first is "The Green City in the Sun", which is derived from the city's foliage and warm climate. The second is the "Safari Capital of the World", which is used due to Nairobi's prominence as a hub for safari tourism. Traditional music and dance is an integral part of Kenyans' social and religious lives, and forms an important part of Kenya culture. In Kenya, harmonious beats and rhythm are central parts of dance, which is traditionally backed by drums and guitar instruments. Kenya is a country of great ethnic diversity. Most Kenyans are bilingual in English and Swahili. Large percentages speak the mother tongue of their ethnic tribe.

Getting to Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi is the largest airport in Kenya and the main arrival point for most visitors. JKIA offers both domestic, regional and international connections. An example of major airlines that fly to JKIA are Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, British Airways, Egypt Air and Virgin Atlantic. If arriving before the CC shuttle is provided, there is an airport bus that will take you to the city centre for 60 KSH (0.5â‚Ź), a taxi ride to the city centre will cost you around 1000 KSH (10â‚Ź). All pickups will be done from JKIA or bus stations of East African destinations, therefore we request all delegates to book their means of transportation to those locations. If you arrange to arrive to any other destination, we may not be able to pick you up.

We are proud to announce Turkish Airlines as the Offical Carrier of AIESEC International Congress 2011, Kenya. Turkish Airlines will offer all IC delegates special discounted fares as follows: Business Class: For C CL 20%, for D CL 10% discount Comfort Class: For U CL 15%, for A CL 10% discount Economy Class*: For Y/B CL 15% discount, for M/K/H CL 10%, for S/E CL 5% discount

All you need to do is to give this discount code: TKC11001 to your travel agent when you book your flight with Turkish Airlines. Please note that you cannot redeem this discount code online and must call your local Turkish Airlines office (or a travel agent that issues tickets for Turkish Airlines) to do so.

Study Tours Pre-study Tour - Nairobi City Tour The guided tour of Nairobi begins from the city centre and includes a walk through the Maasai market and other shopping bazaars for souvenirs. The tour begins at the baby elephant orphanages which are viewed for only one hour per day before they are whisked away by their handlers. The giraffe center in Karen is the next stop where more time is available to have fun feeding the rare Rothschild Giraffes. After that you will visit the women Kazuri and awe at their beads’ factory. Duration: August 17th Cost: 25₏ Included: Entrance fees to all aforementioned sights, transportation and an English speaking guide. Lunch is excluded.

Post-study Tour - Safari to the Maasai Mara The Maasai Mara Game Reserve is the most popular safari destination in Kenya. It is famous for its exceptional population of big cats, game, the annual migration of zebra, the Thomson gazelle and wildebeest migration from the Serengeti every year from July till October called the Great Migration. Lucky for you, IC falls in the time of the Great Migration so you might just get to see it. You are highly encouraged to sign up for the safari organized by the CC, as safaris can get very expensive due to August being peak season.

Duration: August 29th – September 1st Cost: 235€ Included: Transportation from and to Nairobi, accommodation, food, park fees, safari vehicles & an English speaking guide.

Post-Study Tour - Mombasa Beach Getaway Mombasa lies on the tropical Kenyan coast and is a bustling city with a rich history stretching back to the 12th century. It's the perfect place from which to explore the area: there are many interesting things to see, beaches to relax on and beautiful nature reserves to visit. Optional trips: Snorkeling at Kisite Marine Park and dolphin watching at Wasini Island where you can see turtles, dolphins and reef sharks, elephant sanctuary at Mwalunganj, cultural visit to Kaya Kinondo, Gede ruins, Watamu bay and an afternoon city tour of Mombasa’s old town, Old harbor and Fort Jesus. Duration: August 29th – September 1st Cost: 55€ Included: Transportation from and to Nairobi, accommodation, breakfast, lunch on day 1.

Before you travel Vaccinations We highly recommend that you get the vaccinations for the following diseases before you arrive in Kenya: Diphtheria Hepatitis A Tetanus Typhoid Additionally, you can get the following vaccinations: Rabies, Yellow Fever, Tuberculosis, Meningococcal Meningitis, Hepatitis B and Poliomyelitis, although the risk of contracting these diseases is not high in Kenya. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers over one year of age arriving from infected areas; those countries formerly classified as endemic zones are considered to be still infected by the Kenyan authorities. This applies to countries in Latin America as well as African countries outside of East African Community.

Malaria The risk of contracting Malaria in the highlands of Kenya (where Nairobi is located) is relatively low. Applying mosquito repellant with a DEET level of 30-50% helps prevent mosquito bites (and therefore malaria) as well as sleeping under mosquito net. If you intend to travel to the coastal regions, taking preventative malaria medication is highly recommended.

Health Insurance Health insurance is mandatory for all delegates of AIESEC International Congress. You will need to show proof of travel insurance during check-in, all delegates that do not possess travel insurance will be charged an additional 48â‚Ź for a travel insurance provided by the Congress Committee. You can buy health insurance which is valid worldwide from our Insurance Partner, World Nomads, by clicking this link.

Visas Valid passports or other travel documents, acceptable to the Government of Kenya are required for all persons wishing to enter Kenya. Passports must be valid for at least six (6) Months and must have a clean and a full visa page for endorsement. All delegates shall apply for an Ordinary/Entry visa. Prohibited immigrants The following categories of persons are classified as prohibited Immigrants in Kenya and accordingly shall not be issued with visas or permitted to enter Kenya; a) Any person incapable of supporting himself/herself or his/her accompanying dependants if any in Kenya. b) Any person suffering from a mental disorder or being a mental defective. c) Any person who refuses to submit to medical examination on arrival when required to do so by an Immigration Officer in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Act. d) Any person certified by a medical practitioner to be suffering from a disease, which shall make his/her presence in Kenya undesirable on medical grounds. e) Any person who, not having received a free pardon has been convicted in any country including Kenya, of murder, or of any offence for which a sentence of imprisonment has been passed for any term and who, by reasons of such conviction and imprisonment is considered to be an undesirable immigrant. f) Any person whose entry and presence in Kenya is deemed by the Minister to be contrary to national interests, including persons suspected to be involved with or sympathetic to terrorist groups. g) Any prostitute or person living on or receiving or who has lived on or received the proceeds of prostitution. h) Any person in respect of whom there is in force an order directing him/her to remain out of Kenya. i) Any person who is involved or suspected to be involved in illicit trafficking and trade in narcotics. j) Any person or groups of persons involved or suspected to be involved in human trafficking. k) Any person involved or suspected to be involved in illicit arms trade.

l) Any person involved or suspected to be involved in money laundering. m) Any person who, upon entering or seeking to enter Kenya fails to produce a valid passport to an immigration officer on demand or within such time as that officer may allow. n) Any person whose presence in or entry into Kenya is unlawful under any written law other than the Immigration Act. o) Any dependants of the persons mentioned in the foregoing categories and classes.

A. Nationals of following countries need a referred visa to enter Kenya. Below, you will find a list of countries of which nationals require a reffered visa in order to enter Kenya. This means that if you are a citizen of a country on the list, you need to have your visa approved before you enter Kenya. Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan Cameroon Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) Iraq Jordan Kosovo Lebanon Mali Palestine Senegal Somalia Syria Tajikistan

If you are a citizen of any of the aforementioned countries, the Congress Committee will be able to assist you to have your visa approved by collecting your documents and visa fees and applying for the visa through Immigration in Kenya. The process will take 2-3 weeks. This assistance can only be requested once you have been approved as a delegate by AIESEC International, by July 5th 2011. Following documents are required to apply for a single journey visa:         

Two visa application forms V.I to be duly filled, signed and dated. Two copies of valid Passport with a validity of at least six months. Two passport size photographs of the applicant. Cover letters to be on company/organization’s letterheads. Should specify the reason for applicant’s visit. Specify proposed date of entry and duration of stay. Show connection between applicant and the company/organization. The letter should have the name and signature of the person countersigning it. Referral fee is USD 5.*

*We recommend that you transfer your delegate fees along with the visa referral fee to the Congress Committee’s bank account as well as send required documents to us as soon as you have been confirmed as a delegate. Bank transfer details can be found in the delegate mailer and visa documents shall be sent to

B. Nationals of the following countries do not need to a visa to enter Kenya: Belize, Botswana, Brunei Darusssalam, Burundi, Dominica, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Grenada, Jamaica, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi, Malawi, Malaysia (for less than 30 days stay), Maldives, Mauritius, Namibia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Samoa, San Marino, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapora, Solomon Islands, South Africa (for less than 30 days stay), St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Swaziland, Tanzania, The Bahamas, The Gambia, Tobago, Tonga, Trinidad, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

C. Nationals of the following countries may be issued with visas on application, and without reference to the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi, provided that they do not fall under the classes and categories of prohibited immigrants. If you are a citizen of any of the following countries, you can receive your visa upon arrival in Kenya for $25 or 20€. Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Bangladesh Barbuda Belarus Belgium Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso Cambodia Canada Cape Verde Central African Rep Chad Chile (Nationalist) China Colombia

Comoros Congo Brazzaville Cote d’ Ivoire/ Ivory Coast Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominican Rep. DRC East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Estonia Finland France French Guyana Gabon Georgia Germany Greece Greenland Guatemala Guinea Guinea Bissau Haiti Herzegovina

Honduras Hong Kong (HKSAR) Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Korea (South) Kuwait Laos Latvia Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Madagascar Malta Marshall Islands Mauritania Mexico Micronesia

Moldavia Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Myanmar (formally Burma) Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Palau Pacific Isles Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Salvador Sao Tome and Principe

Saudi Arabia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sri Lanka St. Chris. Cape Sudan Surinam Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Timor-East Togo Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan U.S.A. Ukraine UAE United Kingdom Uruguay Uzbekistan Vatican City Venezuela Vietnam Yemen

*The Congress Committee recommends citizens of People’s Republic of China and Taiwan to contact the Kenyan embassy in their respective country to enquire about departure/entry requirements. All information is from Immigration of Kenya and can be found at

Contact us Please send all questions & queries to: Freyja Oddsdottir, CCVP Delegate Servicing Email: Phone: +254 738 609173

IC 2011 1st Delegate Mailer  

A delegate mailer containing valuable information for delegate preparation.