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Issue 5 March 2021

Sustainability Then, Now and Tomorrow Parents and teachers influence the attitude and behavior of their children and students towards the environment. Children tend to copy adults’ actions, IC’s sustainability team invited IC parents, faculty and staff to the first in a series of ECO webinars on Thursday 25 March.

Rita Hajj Sawaya, IC’s Sustainability Officer, tackled the history, meaning and importance of sustainable development, the pillars and dimensions of sustainable development, the current environmental and socio-economic challenges, the impact on sustainable development and the Athropocene and the risks of current unsustainable trends.

Issue 5 | March 2021


IC Responsibility Initiative

Save the environment

Ain Aar’s 5eme and Grade 7 students invite you, through the song they invented, to take action and save the environment! Join them and sing along!

Musical instruments made from recycled materials The Ain Aar upper elementary students designed and created musical instruments from recycled materials. Using recyclable objects in different ways, triggers their imaginative play, builds creativity and problem solving skills. Children are able to express themselves freely.

Issue 5 | March 2021


IC Responsibility Initiative Capacity Building Workshop Within the context of the Community Service Program activities, grade 10 Lebansese Program students took part in a workshop about “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” with the NGO INJAZ-Lebanon. The workshop provided our students an opportunity to learn how to turn an idea into a business and introduced them to the process of design thinking as a problem-solving process. It also provided an inspiring entrepreneurial experience for students with each session building toward a product-pitch competition. In this workshop, our students were able to acquire life skills in the following areas: Entrepreneurship, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Team Building, and Sustainability.

Our students enjoyed working, thinking together and sharing creative ideas, hoping these ideas will blossom and turn into actions. This workshop will continue with grade 10 French sections.

Peer-to-Peer Tutoring with Bassma NGO Grade 10 students volunteered in peer-to-peer online tutoring in collaboration with Bassma NGO. Students adopted children with academic difficulties, and reached out via whatsapp calls to support all their needs. Make sure that you follow the account: @sscommunityservice_ initiative and choose to stay tuned to all our volunteering activities.


‫ف ّ‬ ‫(الص ّ‬ ‫الثامن ‪( HL‬‬ ‫اإلنسان والبيئة‪ّ :‬‬ ‫الس ّيدة لينا المعلّم‬ ‫عالج تالمذة ّ‬ ‫الص ّف ال ّثامن ‪ HL‬مع ّ‬ ‫عويدات في محور "نتشارك الكوكب" مستندات كثيرة‬ ‫مرئ ّية‪ ،‬ومرئ ّية مسموعة ومكتوبة‪ ،‬حول عوامل تل ّوث البيئة‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫الطبيع ّية‪ ،‬وكيف ّية اتّخاذ خطوات عمل ّية وبنّاءة ليحفظ‬ ‫اإلنسان لنفسه ولآلخرين حيا ًة سليم ًة على الكوكب‪.‬‬ ‫وت ّم ذلك في إطار تعزيز الكفايات والمهارات ا ّلتي يجب‬ ‫على تلميذ الـ ‪ HL‬أن يتحلّى بها من تواصل وتنظيم وإدارة‬ ‫اإلنساني تجاه‬ ‫الحس‬ ‫وإبداعي وتنمية‬ ‫نقدي‬ ‫ذات ّية وتفكير‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫اآلخرين‪ ،‬ونقل ما يتعلّمه إلى مواقف جديدة واالستفادة‬ ‫منها حيات ًّيا‪ ...‬وفي سبيل تحقيق ذلــك‪ ،‬قام ك ّل تلميذ‬ ‫فصلي كان من ضمن ثماره العمل ّية إنتاج فيلم‬ ‫بمشروع‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫قصير مـ ّدتــه دقيقة واحـــدة‪ ،‬يتح ّدث فيه عــن عالقة‬ ‫اإلنــســان بالبيئة وض ــرورة الحفاظ عليها‪ ،‬وعــن ثالث‬ ‫خطوات أساس ّية يجب على المرء القيام بها لدرء الخطر‬ ‫ا ّلــذي يحيط بكوكبنا اليوم‪ ،‬والمساعدة في خلق عالم‬ ‫إبداعا وتم ّيزًا في تحقيق‬ ‫أفضل‪ .‬وقد أظهر التّالميذ‬ ‫ً‬ ‫األهداف المنشودة‪ ،‬وأظهروا حماســ ًة كبيــر ًة لتطبيــق‬ ‫الحلول المقترحة في حياتهم‪.‬‬

‫‪Issue 5 | March 2021‬‬

‫‪IC Responsibility Initiative‬‬

Issue 5 | March 2021


IC Responsibility Initiative

Community Support Projects Inspired by Service Learning Let the Action Research Begin! The community service approach has shifted this year towards online-based projects following the service-learning methodology. Grade 11 French Baccaleaurte (FB) students were given the opportunity to hone their skills and knowledge and build skills of investigation to explore areas of interest within the society and identify specific needs in the community. Some of the projects include: designing a summer school booklet to prepare public school students for next year’s back-to-school, raising funds online to reach out to public hospitals’ staff and nurses and creating an online social networking platform to raise awareness on the wellbeing of young children during and post Covid-19.

NGO Virtual Fair Within the context of the Interdisciplinary Program and as part of the community support action plan, a group of five students in Grade 11 organized and hosted on Friday, February 12, a virtual NGO fair with twelve participating NGOs from different fields, as well as some Secondary School students who have been working on their own initiatives. The fair aimed to inform the IC community about the various NGOs’ projects and activities taking place in town offering volunteering opportunities, and keeping everyone engaged and inspired.

Issue 5 | March 2021


IC Responsibility Initiative

When IB Students Give Back to their Community… Learn, Meet and Grow Karim wanted to express himself and gain the ability to communicate with others in English without having to worry about his speech. We thus worked on improving his general English, with a focus on conversational skills within his job (communicating with foreign customers), in the hopes of providing him with elevated confidence and a competitive edge on the job market”.

IB1 student Jad Haidar, and alumnus Ahmad Tabbara started an initiative called “Learn Meet Grow”, through which they offer online, one-on-one language tutoring in English and French to the underprivileged of Lebanon. A highly personalized and adapted program, as well as an adjusted teaching style is employed depending on each student’s level, objectives, situation and aspirations. This ensures the students’ growth, enabling them to remain motivated throughout their accompanied journey. Talking about this initiative, Jad explains “We started this initiative by tutoring a few people ourselves, and then got some of our friends to start tutoring with us. What differentiates our services is that we focus on strengthening one’s conversational skills, often within the context of his/her job, through highly personalized language tutoring.” “We helped support Karim Merhi, a 26 year old electrical engineer, who works in a company’s branch responsible for the installation and renovation of elevators. Karim’s native language is Arabic. He is able to maintain a conversation in English, but his English isn’t as developed as he wants it to be, and noticeably weak. He says that this can sometimes diminish his confidence, and make him feel uncomfortable especially when dealing with foreign customers, who can only communicate in English.

We have taught more than 15 students, and will potentially double that number in the coming weeks. The people teaching in Learn Meet Grow are distinguished IC high school students (enrolled in either the French Baccalaureate program, Lebanese Baccalaureate program, or IB program). “As an IB student, I have used Learn Meet Grow’s services to meet my CAS requirements. Similarly, most IB students teaching in Learn Meet Grow are using this service to meet their CAS requirements. This makes Learn Meet Grow a CAS project, in which IB students are able to offer online services, one of the few services made available due to the extended periods of lockdown” said Jad.

Issue 5 | March 2021


IC Responsibility Initiative

Farrouj el Eid

In the context of the Interdisciplinary and Service-Learning Project course, IC grade 11 students collaborated with the NGO “Lebanese Food Bank” in the campaign “Farrouj el Eid” to give underprivileged Lebanese families coupons of 100,000 LL which entitles them to receive raw chicken during the holy month of Ramadan. To help as many families as possible, donate on the following link:

Issue 5 | March 2021



Le corbeau et le renard Les élèves de la classe de CM2 de Ain Aar ont célébré la Francophonie en s’appropriant deux fables de la fontaine en français et en arabe ! Ecoutez, regardez et retrouvez sous un masque ou par un cri, le renard, le corbeau ‫الصرار و النّملة‬ ّ

Savez-vous ce que veut dire “camenbérer”? Pour célébrer les 50 ans de la francophonie, les élèves des classes de 6ème et 5ème de Ain Aar se sont engagés dans des activités musicales, culturelles et académiques. Ils ont bien saisi et mis en pratique leur créativité en faisant travailler à la fois le vocabulaire et la grammaire française.

Expressions and Quotes in French and English During their English class, the Ain Aar CM1 students, researched proverbs, quotes and expressions in English and their equivalent versions in French. Afterwards, our enthusiastic learners created colorful posters.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ain Aar

Collaborer en MSA Collaborer, socialiser, s’amuser en groupe et surtout créer de bons souvenirs. Ce sont quelques objectifs de l’activité travaillée en MSA. Dessiner ensemble, sur une même plateforme et en même temps, est-ce possible ? Oui ! Grâce à l’ingéniosité des élèves qui ont suggéré des solutions efficaces et qui ont trouvé le moyen de dessiner en collaborant d’une manière respectueuse. Le premier groupe a suggéré de diviser la page et de respecter le tour de chacun et le deuxième groupe, lui, a rencontré quelques difficultés au début de l’exercice, mais ça ne les a pas arrêtés ! Au contraire ! Déterminés à mener à bien l’exercice et à assurer le bienêtre de leurs amis, ils ont collaboré pour trouver une solution et s’amuser en dessinant ensemble. Que d’émotions, que de réflexion, et surtout, malgré les contraintes et la distance, un esprit d’équipe hors pair.

Les élèves de la moyenne section A sont la preuve que les valeurs humaines surpassent tous les obstacles et que l’altruisme ne connait pas de limites. Bravo !

Musique et civilisations Dans le cadre du thème « Où nous nous situons dans l’espace et le temps », les CE2 de Ain Aar ont travaillé en groupe durant les sessions de musique en ligne. Ils ont fait des recherches sur la musique des civilisations Grecque, Romaine, Mésopotamienne et Égyptienne. Ils se sont renseignés sur les instruments utilisés par ces cultures et sur la façon dont ces instruments ont changé au fil des temps et comment ils sont toujours connectés aux instruments actuels. De plus ils ont distingué l’arrangement musical d’après la culture. Pour leurs présentations, ils ont créé des fichiers ou des power points pour afficher les informations qui ont répondu aux questions posées. Chaque civilisation a été présenté par un groupe de 2 à 3 élèves devant tous les élèves de leur classe.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ain Aar

The Horse Who Needs a Home The youngest learners at IC are fully dedicated to Sharing the Planet! They have been inquiring about all there is to learn about animals in this unit. One of the activities that really engaged the students was the brainstorming of ideas about our friend the horse who needs a home. Can the horse live with us at home? They discussed their ideas and all agreed that horses should live on the farm! But why? The little learners expressed themselves orally and explained that horses need to run on grass, eat hay, drink water from a bucket, and sleep standing or lying down. Amazingly, the students put their thoughts into detailed drawings showing farms with fences and roofs for when it rains. Their creativity was endless as they took their learning one step further and built our friend the horse, beautifully imaginative farms using anything found around the house – from block, Legos, magnetic tiles, etc. Although the learning is taking place virtually, our young learners are showing amazing results!

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ain Aar

Ce sont les idées d’aujourd’hui qui font les projets de demain !

Les élèves de la classe de CM1 de Ain Aar imaginent et proposent le monde de demain ! Ils ont inventé, recherché, organisé et présenté ! Avec les CM1 de Ain Aar, on a une vie plus facile et pleine d’ingéniosité . Les élèves sont Joseph Ibrahim, Mathew Harfouche, Sera Barsoumian et Sophia Younes.

Ain Aar Students Recognized In International Schools Essay Competition Ain Aar Middle School students from grades 6 to 9 have earned recognition for their outstanding results in the 2021 International Schools Essay Competition on Protecting Biodiversity, organized by The Trust for Sustainable Living, based in the UK. Our students’ essays were among 1,350 entries from 213 schools across 59 countries around the world. The finalists’ essays will be sent to the International Judging Panel. The Grand Prize winner and Top Ten medal winners will be notified during the second week of March via their Teacher Champion, Mrs. Samar Tohme, Chairperson of the Ain Aar English department.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ain Aar

Happy Mother’s Day from the Ain Aar

Preschool and Lower Elementary students Our Art and Music departments at the Lower School Ain Aar, joined hands and prepared a project with our children to wish our mothers a beautiful day!

The Ain Aar Preschool & Lower Elementary Students Celebrate World Poetry Day Mother’s Day also coincides with World Poetry Day. The Ain Aar Preschool and Lower Elementary students celebrated World Poetry Day during an online session. Students shared their favorite poems in Arabic, French, and English. The aim of this event, organized by the Ain Aar preschool library, was to revive that art. Such a pure pleasure.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ain Aar

Story Time A book is an adventure waiting to happen! A good story is a joy ride for the imagination! Our Ain Aar Preschool library is always open; even when our little ones cannot make it to school, we open our virtual doors and set a daily date for story reading. Monday through Friday at 5:30 pm and from the comfort of their own homes, our students are one click away from joining the Story Time! They enjoy stories read in the three languages by the teacher librarian or a visitor. Stories are read and discussed, ideas shared and honored, with maybe a few side conversations, here and there, that are always a great way for us all to reconnect.

La Saint Valentin au GS Les élèves de la GSC ont réalisé pour la saint Valentin une activité artistique. Ils ont dû observer et suivre les étapes de réalisation afin d’apprendre à se servir de leur motricité fine. Ils ont découpé, collé et plié des bouts de papier afin de créer un cœur. Une fois terminé, chacun a offert ce petit travail manuel à un membre de sa famille en lui disant “Je t’aime”.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ain Aar

Les lectures ont inspiré aux élèves un univers théâtral. En partageant leur lecture et leur vidéo, les élèves de la classe de CM1 de Ain Aar renforcent leurs compétences de lecture et de compréhension et favorisent le partage et le plaisir de l’écoute avec leur classe et vous ! La lecture à haute voix oblige les élèves à respecter la ponctuation, les enchaînements et les émotions du texte et montrer leur compréhension de son contenu.

Rainbow Milk Experiment For our unit, the grade 1 learners have been exploring how the world works through many experiments. One of those experiments was the “Rainbow Milk Experiment”. They were little scientists using the scientific method to document their inquiries, predictions, test results and finally their conclusions. What a joy to watch them perform the experiments independently, observe the changes happening, and try to figure out the reason behind those changes. Their smiles and excitement spoke volumes. The highlight of the experiment was hearing them shout: “the paint is running away!”

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ain Aar

Ain Aar Science and Math Fairs This year’s Science and Math fairs at the Ain Aar Upper School went virtual! On the day of the fair, students were divided into breakout rooms on Zoom, and presented their projects to their assigned jurors, who visited them in their respective “virtual” rooms. To emulate what usually happens in the regular Science & Math, we asked our students to present their projects by either preparing a video of themselves demonstrating it or doing a live presentation to the judges. Students shared their screens and knowledge with the judges, and engaged in mindstimulating conversations on various scientific topics, which included, but were not limited to, inventions like social distancing sensors and “teddy-bear” thermometers, upcycling projects, research projects such as tackling the coronavirus outbreak, controversies, and vaccine availability. They also modeled and demonstrated how different phenomena work in real life (blood circulation in the heart, converting water to energy, water filters, etc). Topics in Math included (but were not limited to) the important uses of Pascal’s triangle in real life, the toss-coin network, and how math is related to origami! Students then had to defend their projects by responding to questions addressed to them by

the judges, who were then asked to fill out an evaluation form on google forms to assess the quality of the students’ work. It is noteworthy to PROUDLY mention that this event was a “ZERO-WASTE” and clean event, where no papers, cardboards, materials and garbage were left behind. The quality of the projects, the motivation and enthusiasm of the students, and the commitment of the judges and teachers were impressive and made this VIRTUAL Science & Math fair possible despite these difficult and unprecedented conditions/circumstances the world of today is facing! The Science & Math departments would like to thank every person who made this event possible and successful this year!

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ain Aar

IC’s Talented Students Mabrouk Christopher! Christopher Rahbani, Ain Aar’s Grade 7 student, received the dazzling achievement in the long slalom race for boys born in 2008 and 3rd place in the Lebanese Championship for boys born in 20072008 which took place in March at the Mzaar Kfardebian Ski resort.



Mabrouk Alexandra!

This is to certify that

Alexandra Derkaloustian has been awarded

1st Prize at the 1st On-Line Edition of GEORGE MANOLIU Competition VIOLIN Section - 15th of March, 2021 Ed COSTER, President of The Jury

Julieta MIHAI



Gabriel VOICU

Magdalena URSU


Venera BABES Principal of Dinu Lipatti High School of Arts

Congratulations to Alexandra Derkaloustian (grade 8 CPP, IC Ain Aar) for winning First Prize at the Master of Strings International Violin Competition! Alexandra started violin lessons when she was six years old, she is a student at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music. She has been very active during the 2020 lockdown, taking part in online international violin workshops and pursuing her music studies with Professor Brezanu.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut

Classes of Moyenne Section / KGI

How We Express Ourselves Throughout their unit of inquiry, “How We Express Ourselves”, Classes of Moyenne section/KGI invited Mrs. Lina Mahmasani and Mr. Charbel Ghostine as their mime guest speakers. Mrs. Mahmasani and Mr. Ghostine enriched the learning and deepened the students’ conceptual understanding by sharing their knowledge and expertise in miming. Our guest speakers presented a unique approach and perspective into our virtual learning environment.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut

Classes of Moyenne Section / KGI

Different Ways of Expressing Ourselves Students of Moyenne Section expressed their ideas and feelings using different forms of art (drawing, playing, visual art…), thus reflecting and developing their creativity.

The students of MSB celebrating Mrs. Eliane virtually on teachers’ day.

Despite the unprecedented changes in education due to the emergence of Covid-19, PE and art classes continued and were adjusted for online learning mode.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut

Media Debate Who said that online learning can prohibit our students from participating in challenging engagements? The Ras Beirut senior PYP learners employed their research, thinking and communication skills in a debate about the media and its role in our lives. While inquiring about media and the role that it plays in informing us about the world in the unit “How we express ourselves”, students of grade 5/CM2 engaged in several debates that revolve around the impact of media on their lives and the need to be media literate . They had the chance to choose the type of media that interests them. Students spent some time researching to find evidence to support their positions. They divided the roles among themselves between a moderator, a main speaker and a student responsible for rebuttal. Parents and teachers were invited to attend this event, and students took pride in defending their positions.

PARENTS’ FEEDBACK Let me begin by thanking you for providing us with the opportunity to engage in these wonderful debates. The topics chosen were interesting. I particularly liked how students took on different roles in the debates. They were challenged, they listened to each other’s perspectives and expressed themselves maturely.

I enjoyed listening to the kids while they were talking in a confident way.

Mrs. Roumieh Mrs. Mourad

Teamwork, dedication, hard preparation, respectful logical debate, and presentation skills.

Mr. Joujou

I honestly enjoyed watching each and every one of them speaking freely and with high selfconfidence, although they are not living normally and have been passing through tough times since last year.

Mrs. El Sabeh

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut

Quand les élèves de la classe de CM2A de Ras Beyrouth célèbrent la fête des mères. Ils ont interprèté « Les yeux de la mama »

Lifecycle of a seahorse The grade 2 students have been inquiring into how all living things go through a process of change. Here is how a second grader showed her understating of the different stages of the life cycle of a seahorse.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut

Rock and Minerals In the Sharing the Planet (STP) unit, the Ras Beirut Grade 4 students inquired about a rock/mineral of their choice. They collected and gathered information from reliable sources in an E-journal. Then, they learned and applied them to present their work.

CE2 Civilizations Teachers are going over and beyond to design engaging and rich learning experiences that serve to ignite students’ curiosity and deepen their understanding. Their enthusiasm and creativity never cease to impress. The Ras Beirut CE2 teachers introduced their students to ancient civilizations.

Students at the elementary school continue to extend their research skills through different modes of learning. They are constantly encouraged to seek information by interviewing members of the community. Karim Bou Nasr, a Ras Beirut CE2 student interviewed Ms. Kathy Khayatt. Karim’s initial question centered around the reasons why the Phoenicians were constantly defeated.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut

In Preparation for the PYP Exhibition Elementary School Ras-Beirut It is that time of the year, when the senior students of the Ras Beirut Elementary school are preparing for the PYPX which will start on April 6. Teachers have been busy planning and preparing for this in depth inquiry. Take a look at the entire process.

English version

French version - Part 1

French version - Part 2

A PYPX Student Planner has been designed to allow the students to reflect and document their learning journey.

The PYP Coordinators have been conducting online class assemblies to introduce the exhibition and the expectations and roles of all the participants (the students, the teachers, and the parents) in this process. Enjoy watching one of these introductory sessions.


‫الصف الخامس‬ ‫الص ّف‬ ‫في محور "كيف نع ّبر عن أنفسنا"‪ ،‬قام تالميذ ّ‬ ‫األساسي بمعالجة موضوع "اإلعالم"‪ ،‬وتع ّرفوا‬ ‫الخامس‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫االجتماعي‪،‬‬ ‫وســائــل اال ّتــصــال وتــنـ ّوع وســائــل الـ ّتــواصــل‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫وأجــروا أبحا ًثا عن فوائد اإلعــام ومخاطره‪ ،‬وس ّيئات‬ ‫خدمة اإلنترنت وحسناتها‪ ،‬ال س ّيما على األطفال في‬

‫الحالي‪ ،‬وأعطوا نصائح وإرشادات لتفادي الوقوع‬ ‫عصرنا‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫السلب ّية على‬ ‫في أوهام العالم‬ ‫االفتراضي وتجنّب تأثيراته ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫حياة اإلنسان‪ .‬كذلك‪ ،‬أَغنَوا معلوماتهم وأَثروا موضوعاتهم‬ ‫بما اكتسبوه من معلومات ق ّيمة بعد محاورة ضيف من‬ ‫جمع ّية "حماية" واالستفادة من كت ّيب "أبطال اإلنترنت"‪.‬‬ ‫أبحاث التّ الميذ‬

‫"جمعية "‬ ‫أثناء المقابلة مع‬ ‫ّ‬

‫‪Issue 5 | March 2021‬‬

‫‪Ras Beirut‬‬

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut

Dire l’amour autrement! Les élèves de 4ème ont inventé des scènes théâtrales d’amour inspirées des grandes œuvres littéraires: Roméo et Juliette et Cyrano de Bergerac. Et pour rendre leurs histoires immortelles, chacun des élèves a transformé sa scène en un théâtre d’ombres. Ce projet a été conçu par Mme Sarah Hajj Sleiman et Mme Zeinab Khatoun et réalisé en collaboration avec le département informatique et multimédia. Les élèves ont montré beaucoup de créativité au niveau littéraire et artistique.


‫(الص ّ‬ ‫السابع(‬ ‫ف ّ‬ ‫ال ّلغة العرب ّية وقيمة العطاء‪ّ :‬‬ ‫يحتفل العالم في ‪ 18‬كانون األ ّول من ك ّل عام بيوم اللّغة‬ ‫العرب ّية‪ .‬فهي تُع ّد من أغنى لغات العالم وأروعها‪ ،‬وتتم ّيز‬ ‫بمفرداتها وعباراتها وصورها البالغ ّية واإلبداع ّية ا ّلتي ق ّل‬ ‫نظي ُرها‪ .‬واللّغة العرب ّية وعاء ال ّثقافة وأقدم تجلّيات الهو ّية‬ ‫العربي ا ّلــذي يعتبر‬ ‫العرب ّية‪ ،‬وتتداخل مع بنية الوجدان‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫والسخاء والجود من ِّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫الشيَم والعادات التي يتغنّى‬ ‫العطاء‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ويتفاخر بها‪.‬‬ ‫الص ّف‬ ‫أجــواء االحتفال بيوم اللّغة العرب ّية‪ ،‬قام تالمذة ّ‬ ‫بناني و‬ ‫اإلنكليزي‬ ‫السابع‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫والفرنسي في المنهاجين اللّ ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫‪LFA‬‬ ‫المتوسطة‪ ،‬وتحت إشــراف األساتذة‪:‬‬ ‫المدرسة‬ ‫في‬ ‫ّ‬

‫لينا المعلّم عويدات‪ ،‬ندى منيمنة‪ ،‬مح ّمد برجاوي ومنال‬ ‫مكداش‪ ،‬بإعداد عروض سمع ّية بصر ّية حول قيمة العطاء‬ ‫عند العرب؛ ب ّينوا من خاللها شخص ّيات عرب ّية اشتهرت‬ ‫بكرمها وعطائها‪ ،‬وقـ ّدمــوا أمثلة تظهر هــذه القيمة في‬ ‫ممارسات العرب في األعــيــاد والمناسبات‪ ،‬واستذكروا‬ ‫األقــوال ِ‬ ‫والح َكم المأثورة‪ ،‬والقصص واألشعار ا ّلتي تب ّين‬ ‫ذاتي حول أه ّم ّية هذه‬ ‫أه ّم ّيتها عند العرب‪ .‬وقاموا بتف ّكر ّ‬ ‫العربي‪ ،‬بماضيه وحاضره ودورها الق ّيم‬ ‫القيمة في المجتمع‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫في ترسيخ الهو ّية العرب ّية‪ ،‬وضرورة الحفاظ عليها من أجل‬ ‫الصعد كا ّفة‪.‬‬ ‫بناء مجتمعات متماسكة متحا ّبة متط ّورة على ّ‬

‫‪Issue 5 | March 2021‬‬

‫‪Ras Beirut‬‬

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut


Les élèves de Grade 9 ont montré leurs talents à travers des vidéos tutos qu’ils ont partagées avec leurs fans: professeurs et camarades de classe ! Ils ont parlé de la mode, du maquillage, de la cuisine, de l’art, des jeux vidéo et d’autres sujets super intéressants ! Leurs vidéos ont fait le buzz ! Ce projet a été élaboré par les professeurs de FLE Mme Sarah Hajj Sleiman et Mme Hana Kabbani.


‫الص ّ‬ ‫الوجداني‬ ‫ف ال ّتاسع في الوصف‬ ‫مشروع تالمذة ّ‬ ‫ّ‬

‫كم هم رائعون أبناؤنا حين يتسلّحون بالعزيمة‪ ،‬ويتح ّدون‬ ‫تفان ُمتحلّين بــروح التّعاون‬ ‫الحالي بك ّل ٍ‬ ‫صعاب وضعنا‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ُمجتمعين على المح ّبة واأللفة!‬

‫بناني ا ّلذين لم‬ ‫إ ّنهم تالمذة ّ‬ ‫الص ّف التّاسع في المنهاج اللّ ّ‬ ‫ّأملي ُطلِب‬ ‫يتوانوا عن تنفيذ مشروع بالوصف‬ ‫الوجداني الت ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫منهم من قبل المعلّمات‪ :‬دانة ط ّيان‪ ،‬خديجة حمزة‪ ،‬دوللي أبو‬ ‫جودة وريم زيتون؛ فخرجوا إلى أحضان ّ‬ ‫الطبيعة ليمتزجوا‬ ‫بها‪ ،‬وبرعوا في تصوير مشاهد طبيع ّية رائعة قريبة من‬ ‫كني‪ ،‬أو سبق وزاروهـ ــا‪ ،‬ووصفوها بد ّقة‬ ‫محيطهم ّ‬ ‫الس ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫الوجداني ومخزو ًنا‬ ‫الحواس وخصائص الوصف‬ ‫موظفين‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ّ‬

‫معرف ًّيا غن ًّيا‪ ،‬هو ثمرة جهد اكتسبوه في خالل سنوات‬ ‫تعلّمهم اللّغة العرب ّية‪ .‬ولم يقتصر مشروعهم على الجودة‬ ‫والصور البيان ّية‬ ‫اللّغو ّية أو استعمال األساليب اإلنشائ ّية‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫فحسب‪ ،‬بل أتقنوا ً‬ ‫أيضا استخدام الوسائل التّكنولوج ّية‬ ‫الحديثة من ناحية إخراج األفالم‪ ،‬وتنسيق مشاهدها مع‬ ‫الصوت ّية لمقاطع الوصف‪ ،‬فكانت هذه األفالم‬ ‫تسجيالتهم ّ‬ ‫السنوات المقبلة‬ ‫القصيرة‬ ‫ً‬ ‫نموذجا يــد ّرس لزمالئهم في ّ‬ ‫حول خصائص الوصف وتقن ّياته‪.‬‬

‫تالمذتنا فخر لنا ولمدرستنا‪ ،‬هم قادة ال ُمستقبل‪ ،‬هم األمل!‬

‫‪Issue 5 | March 2021‬‬

‫‪Ras Beirut‬‬

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut

MSRB Launches Interdisciplinary Challenges The Middle School Ras Beirut Interdisciplinary Core Team launched four interdisciplinary challenges for grades 6, 6ème, 7 and 5ème. The launching session took place in the presence of all participating students and teachers as well as chairpersons and advisors. The students were shown how teachers model the use of ATLs, and the importance of teamwork was highlighted. The launching session offered the students a glimpse of the effort and hard work that takes place behind the

scenes in order to provide them with meaningful and engaging learning experiences. It also set the learning context emphasizing the interconnectedness of the disciplines and their relevance to real life, knowing that the themes of the interdisciplinary challenges for this year were COVID-19, immigration, and empathetic and socially responsible citizens addressing the Lebanese economic crisis.


‫ندوة عن الفساد في لبنان‬ ‫ّتــم تقديم نــدوة مخصصة لتناول مــوضــوع الفساد‬ ‫ومظاهره في لبنان و ّقد تعرض تالميذنا في الصف‬ ‫التاسع بقسميه اإلنكليزي والفرنسي لهذه الظاهرة في‬ ‫محور اإلدارة العامة في مادة التربية‪.‬‬ ‫و ّقد ق ّدم هذه الندوة مدير البرنامج اإلقليمي لمكافحة‬ ‫الفساد في البلدان العربية السيد اركان السبالني من‬ ‫خالل تطبيق ‪. Zoom‬‬ ‫ت ّم تنظيم وتحضير العمل من خالل معلمة المادة ‪:‬‬ ‫منيرة يموت‬

‫أهمية المرئيات‬ ‫ت ّم اعتماد هذه التقنية في شرح درس (لبنان خالل الحرب‬ ‫العالمية األولى) في الصف التاسع (البرنامج اللبناني)‪.‬‬ ‫التحضير لهذا العمل من قبل معلمة المادة‪ :‬منيرة يموت‬ ‫تّم‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫وذلــك بعد مشاركتها فــي ورشــة عمل "نحو فهم أفضل‬ ‫للماضي‪ :‬مقاربات جديدة في تعليم التاريخ‪".‬‬ ‫تقنية قراءة الصورة‪:‬‬ ‫الــصــورة تعتبر مــصــدراً مهماً فــي الــتــاريــخ‪ .‬والــمــؤ ّرخــون‬ ‫يتفحصون الصور ويستخدمونها كأدلة لفهم ما حدث في‬ ‫الماضي‪.‬‬ ‫نبدأ بدقة المالحظة والموضوعية ثم ننتقل الى تطوير‬ ‫مخيلة التلميذ ومن ثم نصل الى مرحلة جمع المعلومات‬ ‫وبناء المعرفة والتحفيز للتفكر‪.‬‬ ‫ • من خالل (ماذا ترى في الصورة؟) ننمي دقة المالحظة‬ ‫والموضوعية (التج ّرد من أي تأثيرات خارجية)‪.‬‬ ‫ • مــن خــال (مــا ال تظهره الــصــورة؟) تطوير مخ ّيلة‬ ‫التلميذ ونح ّثه على التفكير ابعد ما يراه‪.‬‬

‫ • من خالل (ما يجمع الصور؟) بناء القدرة على التوليف‬ ‫(المعرفة لدى التلميذ)‪.‬‬ ‫ • من خالل (استعمال درجات االقناع) نساعد المتعلم‬ ‫على إصدار أحكام أكثر دقة حول المشهد الذي يراه‬ ‫حيث يحول المصدر الــى دلــيــل‪( .‬تثبيت األحــداث‬ ‫والعمل على إطالق احكام مرتبطة باألدلة)‪.‬‬

‫‪Issue 5 | March 2021‬‬

‫‪Ras Beirut‬‬

Issue 5 | March 2021


Ras Beirut

Secondary School Clubs Online clubs have been created at the secondary school to bring students together, enrich their extracurricular experience, boost their mental health and unleash their hidden talents during this challenging time. Two hundred and fifty students are enrolled in the twenty three clubs. Some are student led. Activities run on daily basis from 5:00 to 6:30pm.

Activism Club

Animal Welfare Club

Arts & Crafts Club

Art Appreciation

Atelier de Lecture

Business Club

Chess Club

Creative writing and Book Club

Engineering Club

Instrumental Club

Graphic Design

IC Media team

MUN I Club (Grade 10)

MUN II Club (Grade 11)

MUN III Club (Grade 12)

Public Speaking


Senior Choir Club

Senior Performing Arts Club

Safe Space Club

Support Club

Mental Health Club

Issue 5 | March 2021


Delve into IC

Open Houses The IC Ain Aar Middle School organized three virtual Open Houses to give people the chance to learn about IC’s four programs, accreditations, vision, approaches to learning, and virtual and hybrid learning models. Attendees took a virtual look at our campuses and listened to testimonials from students and alumni. They also e-met President, Joel Peinado, Vice-

President, Paula Mufarrij, Ain Aar Upper School Director, Jean-Christophe Breillad, Ain Aar Preschool and Lower Elementary Director, Lina Muchantaf, Ras Beirut Preschool Director, Zeina Abu Khalil, Ain Aar Upper School Assistant Director, Lara Kmeid, Head of IBDP, Rasha Daouk and Ain Aar Head of School Life, Jaana Lundholm.

Ain Aar Middle School

Use Passcode: VC+t2Zd7

Ain Aar Preschool

Use Passcode: n39E+.&k

Ras Beirut Preschool

Use Passcode: 4d!ge.8u

Issue 5 | March 2021


Delve into IC

In-Service Day We all strive to be lifelong learners, and for the faculty at IC, that involves professional development and continuous work on our teaching practices. On February 8, the ERC, collaborated with the upper admin, directors, and pedagogical leaders and organized a day of training for teachers. The day started with warm greetings from President Joel Peinado, VP for Academics Ms. Paula Mufarrij, and Director of the ERC & Director of Technology Dr. Mahmud Shihab. They all expressed gratitude for the work of the faculty and staff and commended the resilience of all members of the IC family. Their kind words spoke volumes to the tenacity of our community. After the opening session, each school broke into three school level sessions. Teaching is a practice and we can constantly adjust and tweak our practices. With a school as large as IC, there are many moving pieces, and the in-service day was planned to meet the different needs of the schools. Some of the breakout sessions looked into the updated Danielson Framework with a focus on teacher self-care and wellbeing. Sometimes it seems as if we all live at work, and it is important to remember to take breaks from our computers. EdTech specific workshops also helped us all improve our mastery of the online tools available for learning. These workshops focused on assessment and teacher efficacy in the digital learning environment. There were also levelspecific workshops on curriculum mapping to ensure the integrity of the covered curriculum

in this academic year. IC strives to be efficient and transparent in the digital learning ecosystem. In addition, IC has begun working on our Self Study for re-authorization from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). This program involves both the PYP and the DP programs. We are fortunate to have IB experts and IBEN members on faculty who graciously helped other faculty members become acquainted with the processes and needs of the re-authorization process. IC faculty and staff will continue working on the self-study this year to collect evidence of learning, reflect on the new IB standards and practices, and develop plans for future improvement and growth. We expect the IB visit to IC to take place in the spring of 2022. Although we all wish to be back in person as soon as it is safe, it is comforting to know that even during the current situation, IC faculty and staff continue to learn and develop their practices to serve our students best. In-service days help to hone skills and build community. We are building a brighter future together.

Issue 5 | March 2021


Delve into IC

Collaborative Elementary and Preschool Meetups The lower schools of Ras Beirut (Preschool and Elementary) have been getting together over numerous occasions to share, learn and reflect. These opportunities have created a collegiate community, where faculty members of both schools immerse themselves in a collaborative culture that focuses on

enhancing teaching and learning. Our most recent joint meetings have provided a deeper understanding on how a clear purpose, an effective teaching environment and a culture of best practices, all jointly contribute to the driving force behind in-depth, active learning.

Issue 5 | March 2021




Middle School Ras Beirut The MSRB counselor Ms. Diala Itani has been busy helping on all fronts: students, parents and teachers. She has been preparing and conducting several activities for students on topics such as stress, anxiety, coping with uncertainty, online learning, studying skills, and soft skills including time management, anger management, positive communication and dealing with change. Some of these activities took place in small groups and others during the advisory session, the latest of which was the wellbeing and social emotional wellness session on time management, procrastination and prioritization. For parents, Ms. Itani has recently facilitated a “Coffee with the Counselor” session on sexual education and conducted several smaller group sessions

on conflict resolution with teenagers, particularly in relation to the extra stress and misunderstanding between students and parents arising from lockdown. Furthermore, Ms. Itani has been working on integrating social emotional learning into the middle school curriculum by emphasizing relevant interdisciplinary links. Her latest activity on this front has been working with the grade 8 biology classes to highlight how social emotional components play a major role in eating disorders in general and obesity, anorexia, and bulimia in particular. Students were very interactive during these joint sessions, and their interesting questions and concerns were addressed and tackled.

Issue 5 | March 2021



Keys on How to Communicate with your Spouse On March 17th, the elementary counseling department held a “Coffee with the Parents” session to discuss keys on communicating with your spouse. The session was hosted by marriage therapist, Fadi el Halabi. This session is one among several others that the counselors have been holding every other week. Previous topics included: anxiety management, emotional regulation in kids and sibling rivalry.

Handling Sibling Rivalry

In this month’s virtual Coffee with the Preschool Counselor, we discussed sibling rivalry, the causes of the rivalry and various ways to deal with it. Parents shared their own experience and were also given some tips on how to promote a strong sibling bond and help create a positive atmosphere at home.

Issue 5 | March 2021


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