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Great Food, Great Wine and Wonderful People

Story and Photos by Al Hague Where do you want to go? e suggest you try to decide what region you would most like to visit and we will suggest accommodations that will allow you to see the main interests in day trips from a central location such as a village or agritourismo that are much less costly than three and four star hotels. Day tripping is so easy in Italy and it is nice not to pack your belongings every couple of days. However, if you have the energy for moving around it is also easy to see more than one region in a trip of eight days or more.


Visit the regions: Italy is divided into regions and each region has its unique culture. Many of the regions derive their culture from the food that is native to the region. In Italy food is selected and prepared fresh each day, therefore it is common to make all meals from those foods that are readily available in season. For example, the Veneto region is heavily influenced by the sea where 4

the Tuscany region is more influenced by agriculture. The most popular region of Tuscany has different fare than southern Italy. The sauces and the make up of the dishes are very different. However, they are all delicious. Tuscany is very popular as a grape growing region although every region in Italy has fine wines with characteristics unique to that growing region. All disciplines of art are found in every city, village, church and building in Italy. Statues, frescos, fountains and buildings will keep you in a constant state of awe. Florence in itself is at a minimum two days of visiting the famous places such as the Duomo and the Uffizzi. It is wise to spend some time researching the different cities and regions to be able to have a good idea of whats most important to see in the time you have allotted to spend in Italy. We can help you with your research or if you are too busy just follow our lead. Live the culture‌ Traveling and staying in hotels

regardless of level can often help you miss an important part of the experience. To enjoy the culture ask your travel agent to find you an apartment or home to stay in. It is often much more affordable, the accommodations are very comfortable, safe and clean and you can even prepare some of your own meals. Visiting the local markets is a great way to eat fresh and what is in season just like the locals. The shopping experience itself is fun and interesting. Download a translator program to your smartphone and the language barrier disappears. Plus you will eat amazing food. However, if hotels are your preference, focus on the location to make it easy to get around and if in the summer be sure to ask about air conditioning. Not all hotels have it. To be sure the higher level hotels can be quite pricy. We can help with recommendations on what kind of schedule is comfortable and will not require you to have a vacation after your vacation. TS

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