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Above: Peggy Bergin (far right), CoDirector, works with Alicia painting a plank from the garden bridge collaboration.

Above: It takes both sun shine and rain to make a rainbow. Mikayla and Rac hael (first left, second left) who are peer counse lors with Tim Kelly, Camp Jinka’s artist in residence and Cheryl Questori (right), who lost her husban d to a brain tumor and volunteers regularly.

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Above: Caitlyn, a bra in tumor survivor, shows off her puzzl e piece. Can you figure out what it sa ys?

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Above: Camp Jinka Art Exhi bition at the Middletown Arts Center, Ne w Jersey, USA

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CAMP JInka is sponsored by the Jinka Foundation, The David S. Zocchi Brain Tumor Center at Monmouth Medical Center, Middletown Arts Center and Poricy Park (all in New Jersey, USA). The camp was named after the founder’s first children’s book Jinka Jinka Jelly Bean, which helps young children when a loved one passes. Jinka was the nickname of Zocchi’s cousin Jeanmarie, who died young and was the inspiration for the book. Camp Jinka runs each summer through the month of July and also facilitates mini-camps and family outings throughout the year to keep the children and families together. Middletown Arts Center is the home base for the camp and space is always available for a child in need. For more information about Camp Jinka, contact Jessie Chism at

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Brain Tumour Magazine: World Edition 2015  
Brain Tumour Magazine: World Edition 2015  

The sixth annual edition of the official magazine of the International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA).