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6 mistakes to avoid in website development A perfect website is the backbone of any online business. Though it seems very simple to say that minor mistakes don't make any difference, but in website development, minor to minor mistake can dramatically impact your website and overall business. To ensure that you don't have to compromise with the quality of website, we have compiled a list top six mistakes every website development company should avoid while designing a website. Take a look at the list and make sure that you hire a website design and development company that understands the drastic impact of these mistakes and ensure you that your website won't suffer from these mistakes. 1. Ease of access: Easy and hassle free accessibility of the website is the major feature of any website. This is not limited to just any particular browser, rather the users should be able to access the website with same ease on different browsers and only an experienced company that has worked with a number of clients can understand this requirement. 2. Missing contact details: You must have seen some website, where finding contact details of the business owner is not less than winning a battle. This is one of the critical factors for success of any website. Incomplete or no contact details on website also raises questions on authenticity of your business. 3. Use of too much flash: Though flash can make your website look appealing and engaging, but it should be used very effectively and intelligently. Too much use of flash can not only drastically reduce uploading speed of your website, but can also drive away the visitors who are interested in some useful information rather than some attractive images. 4. Use of excessive graphics: Graphics are used on website to enhance its beauty and user experience. While designing a website, the website development company needs to be very careful and use the graphics in a balanced way to ensure both attractiveness and functionality of the website. Excessive use of graphics creates clutter on website and spoils the complete user experience. 5. SEO friendly design: To drive traffic to your site, you need to have a website design that complies with search engine's requirements. It will help you get better search engines rankings and will make it easy for the users to find your website. Some of the features of SEO friendly website include site map, Meta tags, use of right keywords and description. 6. Poor color scheme: Selection of right colors has high impact on success of your website and the time users spend on your website. A website with poor color schemes can never hold attention of users as it will be very difficult for them to read the text. So, next time be very careful while choosing a website design and development company for your website development requirement.

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Website is representation of your business in online market and that needs to be perfect and free of any kind of mistakes. So, to ensure suc...