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International Business Service Group The Relationship Specialists ORLANDO - NEW YORK VIENNA - BELGRADE - Phone: +1.407.412.9434

About us International Business Service’s (IBS) organizational leadership & management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities through strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, mergers & acquisitions, across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional expertise, and are known for our holistic perspective. We capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven to be a multiplier effect by optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces. • IBS hosts events and conferences that cover a wide range of topics related to international business and trade. Our consultants also attend and speak at trade and industry events around the world. • IBS Coffee Talk is an open and informal discussion forum on doing business in foreign markets including opportunities and challenges in a specific country. • IBS hosts Export Forums around the world for small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs looking to develop new export markets. • IBS plans and coordinates In-Country Business Immersion Tours to provide owners of small-to-medium sized companies with first-hand market exposure. • Our consultants and associates frequently attend industry and trade events around the world. We invite you to meet with our team at these events. • IBS offers cultural informationaltraining workshops and seminars to help you build more successful business relationships with international clients. • IBS offers training courses specific to different market regions at the Central Florida Facility. • IBS offers product testing at its 10 acre Central Florida facility. We are and have tested in the past products for market compatibility such as Solar Technology, LED Technology, Fire Prevention, Cleaners, Heavy Equipment, Industrial

Our integrated solutions include: • Performance Improvement Diagnostic: Change industry boundaries to redefine full potential • Cost and Capability Assessment: Quick diagnostic to identify immediate and longer-term opportunities • Sustained Cost Transformation: Transform the cost structure across the organization to obtain cost leadership and gain competitive advantage • Complexity Management: Effectively manage all elements of complexity to unlock value and turbocharge the organization • High Velocity Performance System: Implement processes and systems to engage the front-line in continuous improvement and learning cycles through high velocity feedback loops • Business Process Redesign: Achieve operational excellence at a company’s most critical processes to deliver high quality service at a competitive cost

Our point solutions include: • Supply Chain Management: Turn supply chain into a source of competitive advantage for meeting short- and long-term cost, flexibility and servicelevel goals • Manufacturing Optimization: Optimize the manufacturing footprint and shop-floor operations • Service Operations: Deliver the promised customer experience at the right cost across service channels • G&A Optimization & Org Design: Create lasting improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of G&A functions, aligning process goals to business objectives • R&D/Product Development: Optimize the R&D function to maximize the return on investment in R&D

• Capability Sourcing: Acquire the right capabilities from the right source, and the right shore, at the right price • Cash and Capital Management: Create cash visibility and a disciplined capital allocation process • Procurement: Make procurement a source of competitive advantage by finding quick cash and building procurement capabilities

Licensed Service IBS has a line of Licensed Services • IBS has access to a Licensed Feasibility provider for Project Appraisal and Analysis by the United Nation Industrial Development Organization. • IBS has direct access to Licensed Yacht and Ship Broker to assist you with your Luxury Services. Our Clients hire IBS to help identify and stream line the purchase. Employing Broker Lic#6695 State of Florida. • IBS consultant team members are also Licensed Real Estate and Mortgage professionals who assist in purchases to our customers. • Social Media Intelligence Used for Public Safety

The Fish Tank The ocean is large, and no, it’s not always the shark that wins. Typically, the Shark is the bully of the Ocean and you don’t want to be involved with the loan shark and be put in a shark tank. Our Fish Tank is designed to operate with institutional investors, as well as private investors or venture capital firms. We have an established network of over 30 years of business experience and investors around the globe. We can assist in your projects for investors, partners or simply joint venture projects.

IBS can help you prepare your business for investors, IBS can work with the investor and show them the value of your business. IBS can also help in pairing foreign investors with US businesses or projects and vice versa. Register to be qualified as an Investor with IBS today.

TRADE MISSIONS Now that the U.S. economy is rising, many business executives, are going to give serious consideration to taking their US based business on the across the U.S. boarders. Trade missions are frequently mentioned in the “how-to-export” literature as a surefire way to quickly develop sales in foreign markets. As with most things written about in the general business press, the reality is quite significantly different than the perception. Unfortunately, this is the problem for many small and medium sized companies. First of all, there is a persistent notion that merely bringing business people together will result in business deals. Business development specialists frequently make this argument and are often very persuasive. However, anybody who has ever actually sponsored a trade mission or overseas business development conference and then taken the time to do a follow up evaluation will readily tell you that the results are quite often mixed, even in the most optimistic scenarios. IBS will follow-up after each trade mission to prepare analysis for the customer, assist in legal contracting through its network of consultants and legal members. There exists, in the minds of too many people, the notion that most business

deals are actually done in what are social situations; grown men playing golf, women executives getting together for lunch, after hours cocktail parties etc. For this, we have Hollywood writers to blame. While all of these occasions can be a part of the give and take of developing a business relationship, they are often not the focal point upon which “closing a deal” exists. There are many complicated factors that go into making a buying decision, or closing a business deal across national borders. Therefore, it is not realistic to assume that merely bringing the parties together in the same physical space with free or cheap alcoholic drinks will supersede these other very important issues. Business development specialists will argue that the trade mission is an integral part of the international marketing mix. Historically, this has been true to some extent. What has been true is the fact that industry organization sponsored trade missions are probably more successful than those sponsored by government agencies. Trade missions are supposed to be about developing trade opportunities. However, once government agencies become involved, the mission of the trade mission has been fundamentally changed. The reason for this is very simple. Trade missions sponsored by private industry

groups tend to pick venues and choose local partners who have the necessary expertise to produce successful events. Industry organizations represent the industry and are not beholden to other private political interests. When government agencies become involved, the actual reason for doing the trade mission may have nothing at all to do with the particular industry selected or the actual companies selected to participate in these events. To suggest that this is troublesome is an understatement. Politics, especially international politics, and business do not mix. IBS has many years of experience in trade missions private and or government sectors, IBS understands how to keep it separate to succeed with its clients. Trade missions are designed to transport business executives into a foreign business environment within the “protective umbrella” of the mission itself. The mission itself compensates for the inherent weakness of many individual executives with little or no foreign business experience. In order for your venture into a trade mission to be successful, you have to be open minded. If you are open to the aforementioned ideas, then you will be able to successfully participate in a trade mission and accrue tangible benefits.

Executive Staff Joseph Klein BSA, BSM

Douglas A Baznik

Executive Director Business Develpment

Executive Consultant

Matthew L. Cersine Esq.

Georgiy Melnikov

Florian Stiglitz

Richard Canelon

Ahmed Selim

Marty Orten

Chief Legal Officer

Executive Consultant / EU Attorney

Executive Director of Infomation and Technology

Commissioner Dr. C.G. Walwyn, Ph.D

Executive Consultant Executive Consultant Executive Consultant

Vladimir L. Yarosh

Executive Director of Public Safety

Executive Consultant

Kiselev Valeriy Vladimirovich

Executive Consultant

Executive Consultant

Larry Langston

Global Managment Team Leader

• Florian Stiglitz Vienna Austria Legal Team • Alexandar Antonic Balkan Region Investment Team • Emre Townley Turkey Project manager

• Andreas Hug Palma de Mallorca Spain Real Estate Investment Spain • Ash Huesein India Pakistan Project manager • Luka Josica Bosnia Project manager

Global Consultants

IBS Centrilized Business Hedquarters Orlando Florida and Vienna Austria

IBS Resource Companies with complete R&D results Consultant’s Network Highway

IBS Consultants connecting Industry needs and resourcess

IBS Natural Resource Suppliers

IBS Clients seeking entry into new markets Overall growing need to enter in multi-cultural markets

Consultants, Client & Investor Relations IBS Group has a worldwide network of more than 150 Consultants with expert concentrations in a vast array of specialties from business and logistics to law and medicine. Our Consultants can be found in nearly every country throughout the world and are ready to connect with you immediately to assist you with your needs no matter how complex they may be. Supporting our network of Consultants is a team of 14 Executive Consultants making up the IBS Group Board of Directors with over 400 years of combined experience and expertise in their fields. Our Executive Consultants personally oversee numerous aspects of each endeavor of IBS Group to ensure the efficiency, accuracy and economics of each and every project for all clients.

Consultant Client Relations •

IBS Group Consultants work with diligently with our clients to create and distribute information designed to create maximum exposure for the client to receive the best possible pool of potential investors.

IBS Consultants also provide professional advice and guidance through traditional legal and accounting sources to assist our clients to reach their goals in raising capital to grow and expand their international and domestic business ventures through investment.

Consultant and Investor Relations •

IBS Consultants are experts in pairing investors with the most sound and profitable potential investment projects. IBS Consultants are privy to a vast conglomeration of information regarding projects and investment seekers globally. As an investor, you will maximize return and minimize risk with our tested systems of finding the perfect investment opportunity to fulfill your short, medium and long-rage investment goals.

Client and Investor Relations •

Not only will your IBS Consultant provide you with your desired pool of potential investors or investment projects, but they will facilitate discussion on a business to business level for the proper implementation of strategic planning, funding, governmental approvals, and security for each and every business opportunity. IBS also has a network of attorneys, compliance professionals and accounting firms to carry out the expeditious administration of each venture specifically tailored to meet the client’s needs both domestically and internationally.

European Business Concierge Service Our Business Concierge Service is only available to a limited number of Clients and Investors. IBS Group has developed a system that allows US Companies to have a presence in Europe for a nominal fee. The centralized location is in Austria. The safest, cleanest, and second richest country in the European Union, located within the heart of Central Europe.


Austria Reasons


• In the heart of Central Europe • Easy Access • Compact, clean, green, and safe


• Stable economy, politically neutral • Outstanding infrastructure • Experienced Suppliers • No language barriers

USA Business Concierge Service Our US Business Concierge Service is also available to a limited number of clients and Investors alike. IBS Group has developed a system that allows foreign companies to set its presence within United States of America for a nominal fee. The centralized U.S. location is in Central Florida. The most visited region for business and leisure in the world. The research facility is located within the heart of Central Florida and just minutes from Walt Disney World, Orange County Convention Center the second largest convention center in the world, and access from three international airports

IBS Central Florida Reasons • In the heart of Central Florida • Easy Access to Business Hubs • Rural By Design • International Product Receiving • US Project Staging • Research and Testing • International Business HUB

IBS Concierge Benefits US Companies have a misconception that the global English language skill is only in North America and England. Therefore many small to medium sized companies find it impossible to break into the International Market (ie: Europe) due to the high cost in conducting business in the United Kingdom. Here are some calculations that will only allow conglomerate or make you think that only they can make it….. UK Business 1500 sq foot office per year in the UK (London office rental guide) $205,554.00 2 London Based Employees (per Forbes Magazine) $113,540.00 2 US Based Employees dedicated to UK Project ( $246,300.00 Travel Cost, Hotel, Car Rental, Per diem cost (independent research) $112,962.00 $678,356.00 46% of London, UK foreign Business’s fail within the 1st year due to failure of preparing before entering the EU market.

25 Reasons Why IBS Group is the Best Choice for your Business. • Reduced Capital Risk. • Reduced Upfront Investment. • Reduced Overhead Cost. • International Market Exposure. • Central Locations / USA & Austria. • Low Cost Alternative to Competitors. • Access to Legal Professionals in USA. • Access to Legal Professionals in European Union. • Access to Legal Professionals in Central and Eastern Europe.

Why IBS? Why Vienna and Why go Global? The most obvious reason to seek international markets is to expand sales. Breaking it down, here are five benefits. • Diversify your markets and customer base. • Extend the sales life of current products. What’s already established in the domestic market, could be a hot new item elsewhere. • Reduce dependence on current markets by spreading your risk • Counter seasonal fluctuations. If you sell a seasonal product, when it’s summer here, half the world is experiencing winter and vice versa. • Learn how to compete and grow, and you may want to expand from market to market.

• Access to 100+ Consultants Worldwide.

Austrian Business Environment: • Austria is the Second Richest Country in the EU • Highly developed infrastructure • High Personal Security • Low Corporate Tax • Best CEE-activities • 16000 JV between Austria and Eastern Europe • Eastern Europe Coordination Center for over 1000 foreign companies • VIE Airport most important gateway to Central and Eastern Europe

• Renewed Perspective on Global Business.

• Assistance with US Banking. • Assistance with European Union Banking. • Assistance with Central and Eastern European Banking. • Private Partnership Vehicles. • Government Partnership Vehicles.

• Existing Global Network. • The Most Current Technological Interface and Networking. • Direct Access to Consumers Abroad. • Direct Access to Overseas Manufacturing and Distribution.

Austria’s official language is German, but the fast majority of Austrians have a strong proficiency of english as well as most of the Eastern European Languages known by the • many Austrian businesses. Austria’s Gross Domestic Product over € 324 billion and local unemployment rate for 2014 is 5.2%, the inflation rate is1.9% and Export Rate of 40.8% in • 2013. Business Concierge Service per year for EU presence $15,995.00 • Consulting Fee’s a la cart average of $250 per hour $20,000.00 Consultant Travel / Business / Convention average $34,000.00 • 69,995.00 IBS can offer larger exposure, for an 89% savings per year to expose your company to EU

Access to Foreign Direct and Indirect Investment. Complete Executive Level Concierge Services. Direct Access to Accounting and Tax Professionals. Assistance with Regulatory and Government Necessities.


I ndu s t r i e s b eing S er v iced Accommodation and Food Services, Administrative and Support Services, Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, Air Transportation, Ambulatory Health Care Services,Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries, Animal Production, Apparel Manufacturing, Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation, Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing, Broadcasting (except Internet), Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies aDealers, Chemical Manufacturing, Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores, Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing, Construction, Construction of Buildings, Couriers and Messengers, Credit Intermediation and Related Activities, Crop Production, Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services, Education and Health Service, Educational Services, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing, Electronics and Appliance Stores, Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing, Finance and Insurance, Financial Activities, Fishing, Hunting and Trapping, Food Manufacturing, Food Services and Drinking Places, Food and Beverage Stores, Forestry and Logging, Funds, Trusts, and Other Financial Vehicles, Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores, Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing, Gasoline Stations, General Merchandise Stores, Goods-Producing Industries, Health Care and Social Assistance, Health and Personal Care Stores, Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction, Hospitals, Information, Insurance Carriers and Related Activities, Internet Publishing and Broadcasting, Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing, Leisure and Hospitality, Lessors of Nonfinancial Intangible Assets (except Copyrighted Works), Machinery Manufacturing, Management of Companies and Enterprises, Manufacturing, Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods, Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable Goods, Mining (except Oil and Gas), Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction, Miscellaneous Manufacturing, Miscellaneous Store Retailers, Monetary Authorities - Central Bank, Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries, Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers, Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions, Natural Resources and Mining, Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing, Nonstore Retailers, Nursing and Residential Care Facilities, Oil and Gas Extraction, Other Information Services, Other Services (except Public Administration), Paper Manufacturing, Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries, Personal and Laundry Services, Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing, Pipeline Transportation, Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing, Postal Service, Primary Metal Manufacturing, Printing and Related Support Activities, Private Households, Professional and Business Services, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, Publishing Industries (except Internet), Rail Transportation, Real Estate, Real Estate and Rental and Leasing, Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations, Rental and Leasing Services, Repair and Maintenance, Retail Trade, Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities, Service-Providing Industries, Social Assistance, Specialty Trade Contractors, Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, and Music Stores, Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry, Support Activities for Mining, Support Activities for Transportation, Telecommunications, Textile Mills, Textile Product Mills, Trade, Transportation, and Utilities, Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation, Transportation Equipment Manufacturing, Transportation and Warehousing, Truck Transportation, Utilities, Warehousing and Storage, Waste Management and Remediation Services, Water Transportation, Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents and Brokers, Wholesale Trade, Wood Product Manufacturing

Board of Directors Matthew L. Cersine v Gary L. Basham v Derrick Wallace v Mario Aleksic v Joseph G. Klein “Our diversification-based strategy continues to evolve, and has resulted in sustained growth and continuous improvement in every line of business endeavourers. “ “Behind our success is a great team of people”

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IBS Group Research Facility USA 3626 State Road 33 Clermont, FL 34714

Tel : 407.412.9434 - Em ail. office@ib -s. co - w w w. ib -s. co Fa ceb ook . com/IBS1Group

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