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The International Business Review is a student-run publication, featuring business-related editorials as well as internationally oriented interviews and articles. We aim to provide a platform to exchange ideas, opinions, and perspectives on economic issues, as well as to enhance communication and spark debate amongst students, faculty, alumni, and the business community, alike.

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The spring 2010 edition of the International Business Review focuses on the future of financial

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division and extent of power and responsibilities remain unresolved. While the most important

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regulation. As the world emerges from The Great Recession the complexity mounts because the financial institutions operate globally, governmental regulators continue to operate locally. As Oswald Gruebel, the CEO of UBS, put it during our interview: “nobody is looking at the interconnection of banks on a global level.” In fact, just as Prof. Herring noted, the first bank to fail was not a bank located in the United States, but, indeed, a German bank. However complex the situation may be today, Professor Muhammad Yunus, the nobel Laureate and Grameen Bank chairman, insisted that “this is a good time to use our understanding of what has gone wrong, apply new ideas, redesign the system, start new, and fresh.” By focusing this issue of the IBR on the status quo of financial regulation, we hope to provide a few additional insights on the matter to all our readers and the community. This magazine is your magazine, too! We invite all of you to contribute. Read, engage and enjoy!

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SprinG 2010

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International Business Review - Spring 2010  

The Spring 2010 edition of the IBR.

International Business Review - Spring 2010  

The Spring 2010 edition of the IBR.