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chapter 2 exam

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A ________ computer has a touch screen that swivels, enabling the tablet to be used like a computer in one position or like a clipboard in the second position. A) desktop B) PDA C) tablet D) notebook Answer: C 2) ________ are large, powerful, and ultrafast computers that perform specialized tasks such as processing-intensive scientific calculations and multi-scale simulations. A) Embedded computers B) Macrocomputers C) Supercomputers D) Mainframe computers Answer: C 3) Which of the following is NOT a component in the system unit? A) Plastic enclosure B) Motherboard C) Monitor D) Integrated peripherals Answer: C 4) Which of the following is NOT an input device? A) Mouse B) Speakers

C) Keyboard

D) Joystick

Answer: B 5) The power supply, cooling fans, memory, and internal hard drive are all examples of: A) storage devices. B) input devices. C) integrated peripherals. D) external peripherals. Answer: C 6) A computer system: A) can be broken down into the two major components of hardware and software. B) refers to the operations in the information-processing cycle. C) is a collection of related components that have been designed to work independently of each other. D) is a collection of unrelated components that have been designed to work together. Answer: A 7) The ________ handles operations such as addition and division and makes comparison decisions. A) system unit B) control unit C) RAM D) ALU Answer: D 8) Which of the following is NOT an output device? A) microphone C) printer

B) multimedia projector D) monitor

Answer: A 9) The two main categories of software are: A) task software and instructional software. C) system software and application software.

B) internal software and external software. D) user software and computer software.

Answer: C


10) Which of the following is NOT performed by application software? A) word processing B) presentations C) file backup

D) accounting

Answer: C 11) The CPU is often referred to as the ________ of the computer. A) brain B) soul C) core

D) heart

Answer: A 12) Which of the following drives is NOT a storage device? A) DVD drive B) VRAM drive

C) Hard disk drive

D) CD drive

C) DVD drive

D) CD drive

Answer: B 13) Which of the following is NOT a storage device? A) Primary drive B) Hard drive Answer: A 14) NIC is an abbreviation for which of the following terms? A) Network information card C) Network interface capability

B) Network interface card D) Network integration card

Answer: B 15) A modem allows computers to access the Internet through all of the following types of connections EXCEPT: A) offline. B) cable. C) wireless. D) telephone lines. Answer: A 16) Two or more connected computers are known as a(n) ________ A) modem. B) interface. C) computer system.

D) network.

Answer: D 17) What do storage devices enable the computer to hold for later use? A) Data B) Application software C) System software D) All of the above Answer: D 18) Which of the following computers would be used in a large corporation to complete huge processing needs, such as airline reservations? A) Mainframe B) Supercomputer C) Minicomputer D) Server Answer: A 19) Monitors and printers are the most common ________ devices. A) output B) input C) processing

D) storage

Answer: A 20) A server is a computer that: A) is ultrafast and designed to handle large processing jobs. B) plays a less important role in today's businesses. C) makes programs and data available to people who are connected to a computer network. D) is designed for individual use. Answer: C


21) Of the following, which is the most common input device? A) Microphone B) Digital camera C) Keyboard

D) Scanner

Answer: C 22) ________ are computers that make programs and data available to users connected to a network. A) Mid-range computers B) Terminals C) Servers D) Clients Answer: C 23) A ________ is a collection of Web pages designed to enable collaborative or community Web sites. A) communal web B) Google Docs C) wiki D) Google Groups Answer: C 24) Online social network sites include all of the following EXCEPT: A) MySpace. B) Twitter. C) Yahoo.

D) Facebook.

Answer: C 25) ________ is a free, real-time social messaging utility that limits postings of 140 characters or less. A) Tweeter B) Instant Messaging C) Twitter D) Facebook Answer: C 26) Output refers to: A) displaying the results of the processing operation so that people can understand it. B) performing operations on the input data. C) information that needs further computer activity in order to have meaning to people. D) sending the results of computer processing to a permanent location. Answer: A 27) The most important kind of memory that a typical computer uses during the processing operation is ________ memory. A) read-only B) random access C) flash D) storage Answer: B 28) During the processing operation, the computer: A) transforms information into data. B) follows a series of unorganized steps. C) uses complex processing actions organized into an algorithm. D) transforms data into information. Answer: D 29) A byte: A) is the smallest unit of information that a computer can process. B) can be compared to the state of one light switch being either on or off. C) represents one digit in the decimal numbering system. D) is the equivalent of eight binary digits. Answer: D 30) Computers count with ________ numbers. A) binary B) decimal

C) digital

Answer: A 3

D) regular

31) A(n) ________ is a series of steps that results in the solution to a problem. A) algorithm B) pseudo-solution C) object

D) module

Answer: A 32) Which of the following is NOT an example of an input device? A) Digital cameras B) Speakers C) Microphones

D) Scanners

Answer: B 33) CPU is an abbreviation for ________ processing unit. A) complex B) common

C) calculation

D) central

C) images.

D) All of the above

Answer: D 34) Data can be made up of: A) numbers.

B) words.

Answer: D 35) Application software includes all of the following EXCEPT ________ software. A) word-processing B) Web browser C) e-mail

D) system

Answer: D 36) Which of the following is NOT carried out by spreadsheet software? A) Applying Data mining to look for hidden patters in the data to anticipate future patters. B) Performing calculations on numeric data with user-defined formulas. C) Converting data into one or more charts such as, column, pie, or line charts. D) Creating different scenarios and perform what-if analyses for making sound decisions. Answer: A 37) A computer system's hardware: A) consists of the physical components of the computer. B) may include a keyboard and monitor but not speakers. C) includes only output components. D) includes the system unit and software. Answer: A 38) In the binary numbering system, one binary digit is called a: A) byte. B) bit. C) word.

D) character.

Answer: B 39) The type of software that sits on top of the operating system and utilizes the computer's capabilities to perform a user task is called: A) utility software. B) system software. C) application software. D) internal software. Answer: C 40) Of the following, which represents the largest amount of data? A) Terabyte B) Megabyte C) Kilobyte Answer: D


D) Petabyte

41) A computer ________ is a malicious code or software designed to invade your computer system and alter or destroy data without your knowledge and against your wishes. A) virus B) botnet C) trojan horse D) star Answer: A 42) Which of the following components would NOT be found inside the system unit? A) Motherboard B) Cooling fan C) Power supply

D) USB port

Answer: D 43) The processor uses a ________ to store and retrieve data by going directly to a single location in random access memory (RAM.) A) memory address B) random algorithm C) RAM locator D) sequential address Answer: A 44) The CPU contains ________ subcomponents. A) six B) three

C) five

D) two

Answer: D 45) Which of the following types of memory is erased when the computer is turned off? A) RAM B) ROM C) RIM


Answer: A 46) Which subcomponent of the CPU takes instructions from memory and decodes and executes the instructions? A) Data bus B) Microprocessor C) Arithmetic-logic unit D) Control unit Answer: D 47) RAM stands for: A) repeated auxiliary memory. C) reliable associated memory.

B) rapidly accessed memory. D) random access memory.

Answer: D 48) The central processing unit (CPU): A) is different from a microprocessor. B) is an integrated chip capable of processing signals. C) plays a minimal role in processing data. D) is a fairly simple device. Answer: B 49) Which of the following would NOT be found on the motherboard? A) Microprocessor B) Input/output buses C) Drive bays D) System clock Answer: C 50) A ________ is either in an on or off state. A) bit B) decimal

C) byte

Answer: A


D) hexadecimal

51) The system unit: A) replaces the need for a storage drive. B) comes in a variety of sizes such as desktop, tower, or minitower. C) is a box-like case that ideally should have a large footprint in order to support the weight of the components that are mounted inside the case. D) cannot be plastic. Answer: B 52) A yottabyte represents 1 ________ bytes. A) trillion B) million

C) quadrillion

D) septillion

Answer: D 53) Which of the following types of devices are NOT housed in the system unit? A) Output B) Storage C) Keyboard

D) Input

Answer: C 54) The RAM type usually contained in the newest and fastest PCs today are either : A) RAM07 or RAM 09. B) DDR2-SDRAM or DDR3-SDRAM. C) DDR1-DRAM or DDR2-DRAM. D) primary or secondary RAM. Answer: B 55) The ________ contains a computer's main hardware components. A) master case B) CPU C) motherboard

D) system unit

Answer: D 56) A computer uses ________ when RAM gets full. A) storage B) ROM

C) addresses

D) virtual memory

Answer: D 57) Which of the following types of memory is NOT erased when the computer is turned off? A) RIM B) REM C) RAM D) ROM Answer: D 58) Which of the following is still the most common method for data entry? A) Stylus B) Scanner C) Microphone

D) Keyboard

Answer: D 59) A person using a kiosk would typically use a ________ to make selections. A) light pen B) pointing stick C) joystick

D) touch screen

Answer: D 60) Touch screens can accept all of the following EXCEPT: A) finger movements. B) graphics. Answer: C


C) voice.

D) handwriting.

61) ________ include desktop publishing and multimedia authoring programs, animation programs, image-editing programs, and 3-D rendering programs. A) Home and educational programs B) Personal productivity programs C) Applications that work through and run from the Internet D) Multimedia and graphics software Answer: D 62) ________ include e-mail programs, web browsers, instant messaging software, and videoconferencing software. A) Personal productivity programs B) Applications that work through and run from the Internet C) Multimedia and graphics software D) Home and educational programs Answer: B 63) The main storage devices in today's computing devices are ________ and ________. A) hard drives, CDs B) hard drives, flash memory C) memory sticks, floppies D) CDs, DVDs Answer: B 64) ________ include word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation graphics, and personal information management applications. A) Applications that work through and run from the Internet B) Home and educational programs C) Multimedia and graphics software D) Personal productivity programs Answer: D 65) ________ personal finance software, tax preparation software, computer-assisted tutorials, and home design and landscaping software. A) Multimedia and graphics software B) Home and educational programs C) Applications that work through and run from the Internet D) Personal productivity programs Answer: B 66) The ________ provides the environment in which the application software runs. A) operating system B) multimedia C) general-purpose D) personal productivity Answer: A 67) Application software is used to do all of the following EXCEPT: A) derive entertainment. B) create products. C) communicate with others. D) perform input and output functions. Answer: D


68) ________ personal finance software, tax preparation software, computer-assisted tutorials, and home design and landscaping software. A) Applications that work through and run from the Internet B) Home and educational programs C) Personal productivity programs D) Multimedia and graphics software Answer: B 69) PowerPoint is an example of a: A) presentation graphics program. C) spreadsheet application.

B) personal information manager. D) database application.

Answer: A 70) Outlook is an example of a(n): A) e-mail database program. C) personal information management program.

B) high productivity program. D) rendering program.

Answer: C 71) Excel can be used for a presentation, but which application is better for presentations? A) A desktop publisher B) PowerPoint C) Word D) Access Answer: B 72) Programs that enable users to manage, track, report, and share information are known as ________ software. A) multimedia B) operating system C) graphics D) personal information manager Answer: D 73) Bitmapped graphics are composed by ________, which are tiny individual dots. A) pinnacles. B) pixels. C) bytes.

D) bits.

Answer: B 74) Multimedia involves ________ or more media. A) two B) three

C) four

D) ten

Answer: A 75) Which audio sound file format enables the user to compress CD-quality audio by a ratio of 12:1 using a lossy compression format? A) MP3 B) WAV C) MIDI D) AU Answer: A 76) Which of the following is NOT an example of multimedia and graphics software? A) Database B) Image-editing C) Computer aided design D) Animation Answer: A


77) ISPs are responsible for: A) providing and maintaining Internet connections. B) protecting their sites from external threats and viruses. C) providing 24-hour customer service. D) All of the above. Answer: D 78) Which search condition will produce the minimal set of Web pages related to the Chicago Cubs sports team? A) "Chicago Cubs" B) Cubs-animals C) Sports D) Chicago OR Cubs Answer: A 79) Which of the following is the most frequently used search engine? A) AOL B) Yahoo! C) Bing

D) Google

Answer: D 80) You should exercise caution when downloading files of unknown origin due to the potential of: A) viruses. B) inaccurate information. C) piracy. D) hijacking of your computer. Answer: A 81) The top-level domain .eg indicates that the hosting computer is located in: A) Egypt. B) California. C) Either A or B.

D) Neither A nor B.

Answer: A 82) The domain name has ________ parts. A) two B) three

C) several

D) unlimited

Answer: A 83) When accessing Web pages, you can generally omit the ________ designation because the browser assumes you are browsing hypertext pages. A) http:// B) ftp:// C) http D) // Answer: A 84) Which of the following is NOT a top-level domain name? A) .news B) .com

C) .info

D) .mil

Answer: A 85) FTP is an abbreviation for which of the following terms? A) File transport program C) File transfer program

B) File tagging program D) File transfer protocol

Answer: D 86) Which of the following is an example of a top-level domain name? A) www. B) ftp C) http:// Answer: D


D) .edu

87) In the fictitious URL given below, what is the most likely type of organization hosting the Web site? A) An Internet service provider B) An educational institution C) A commercial business D) A nonprofit organization Answer: B 88) What is the name of the path that houses the Web page in the fictitious URL given below? A) welcome.htm B) C) classroom/welcome.htm D) classroom Answer: C 89) An IP address consists of ________ groups of numbers, separated by periods. A) 5 B) 7 C) 4

D) 3

Answer: C 90) What is the domain name of the Web server in the fictitious URL given below? A) http B) screen.htm C) welcome


Answer: D 91) A complete URL has four parts: protocol, ________, path, and resource name. A) server name B) IP address C) network id

D) domain name

Answer: D 92) Which of the following is an example of an Internet protocol? A) HTML B) URL C) HTTP


Answer: C 93) URL is an abbreviation for which of the following terms? A) Unified Record Locator C) Uniform Resource Locator

B) Unified Record Label D) Unique Resource Label

Answer: C 94) A complete URL has four parts: ________, domain name, path, and resource name. A) protocol B) network id C) high level server name D) None of the above Answer: A 95) The ________ identifies an Internet resource's type and location, and the ________ identifies the address that is assigned to devices on the Internet. A) IP address; server address B) IP address; URL C) URL; IP address D) server address; URL Answer: C 96) A(n) ________ is a series of characters that specifically identifies an Internet resource's type and location. A) DNS B) IPA C) URL D) WWW Answer: C


97) Every computer, server, or device connected to the Internet is assigned a(n) ________ address. A) IP B) home page C) index D) location Answer: A 98) To locate a resource on the Web, you must know: A) how to find the Web server on which it resides. B) the owner of the server. C) the indexes where the resource is listed. D) the physical network where the resource is located. Answer: A 99) Google's Internet browser is called: A) Google Choice. B) Google Gold.

C) Google Chrome.

D) Google Find.

C) NextGen Web.

D) Web i2.

Answer: C 100) The next generation of the Web is known as: A) Web 3.0. B) Web 2.0. Answer: B 101) The information on a web page is in ________ or XHTML format. A) HTML B) GML C) OOP


Answer: A 102) The Internet is a(n) ________ whereas the Web is a(n) ________. A) network of hardware; Internet information resource B) collection of servers; network connections C) information resource; physical connection D) physical resources, URLs Answer: A 103) The Web page that is viewed first when you enter a Web site at its top level is called a(n): A) hypertext page. B) home page. C) welcome page. D) HTML page. Answer: B 104) A ________ is a Web site document that contains media such as text, graphics, or sound. A) Web page B) Web browser C) URL D) Web site Answer: A 105) A ________ is a location that is accessible from the Internet and makes Web pages available. A) Web page B) Web site C) Web browser D) URL Answer: B 106) Which of the following is the default Microsoft Windows sound file format? A) SND B) WAV C) AU

D) MP3

Answer: B 107) All of the following are types of Internet access EXCEPT: A) cable. B) DSL. Answer: C



D) dial-up.

108) Comcast, Verizon, and AOL are examples of: A) Internet service providers (ISPs). C) Web portals.

B) Web access agents (WAAs). D) Internet access points (IAPs).

Answer: A 109) IP stands for: A) Internet provider. C) Internet Protocol.

B) Internet priority. D) Internet procedures.

Answer: C 110) ________ programs permit embedding formulas, which result in fast and accurate recalculations where appropriate. A) Spreadsheet B) Database C) Word processing D) Presentation graphics Answer: A 111) ________ is Internet software that is installed on a person's computer without their knowledge or consent. A) Commercial software B) Custom software C) Proprietary software D) Spyware software Answer: D 112) Spyware software can perform all of the following EXCEPT: A) It can avoid compatibility problems. B) It can allow others to take control of your computer. C) It can relay information about you to the spyware's source. D) It can monitor your computer or online activity. Answer: A 113) Which of the following is the native Microsoft Windows video file format? A) MOV B) MPM C) WMV


Answer: D 114) Which audio format is similar to MP3 but compresses files at a higher rate? A) WMA B) MIDI C) WAV

D) Ogg Vorbis

Answer: A 115) Application software: A) provides the environment in which the operating system functions. B) includes programs that you use to complete a specific task such as letters and presentations. C) refers to background programs that prepare the computer to start up. D) is used to find the source of computer malfunctions. Answer: B TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 116) Information is data that has been processed so that can be presented in an organized and meaningful way. Answer:




117) Mainframe computers are large computers used by large businesses, organizations, and government agencies with thousands of users simultaneously using data and resources of their institution. Answer:



118) The term PC applies to any personal computer. Answer:



119) Components such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and printers are called peripherals. Answer:



120) The motherboard is a large printed circuit board to which all the other components are connected. Answer:



121) The two main parts of the CPU are the system unit and the arithmetic logic unit (ALU). Answer:



122) Storage devices are used to keep data, information, and programs for future use. Answer:



123) Application programs handle many important tasks involved with the management and maintenance of your system. Answer: