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Contagious are a young and dynamic company, whose energy and creativity I've found rather unique. We have worked with them for two years now and have repeatedly found their eye for detail and ability to accurately interpret our ideas and thoughts quite uncanny. Working with them is a real pleasure as they bring novelty to the way we convey of our message to the public in a way that is quite simply put...genius. Olukayode Odebiyi HEAD, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & STRATEGY GROUP TROJAN ESTATES LIMITED ROYAL GARDENS ESTATE

Contagious is perhaps the best example of a company that knows and shows how technology can be employed to bring branding ideas to life and engage the consumer in a truly memorable way.


Engaging Sola and the Contagious team at inception (year 1) of their business was phenomenal. Not only did they exhibit high sense of responsibility in the way business was executed, it was smartly carried out with passion, professionalism and cut-through creative ingenuity only expected from a +15 years consultant. At 3, I see a huge hunger for more success in the dynamic display at work. Indeed, making the office fun and homely is key success, productivity and creativity driver. Congrats!!! Joshua Akinbanjo SENIOR MANAGER, SPECIAL PROJECTS & PROMOTION STRATEGY AT GLOBACOM

Contagious are cutting edge marketing solution providers who think of nothing short of probably the most apt, yet highly engaging solutions to client's needs. Run by some very smart and intelligent dudes, Sola Adewumi and Godson Madu. Try them and your expectations will be exceeded, you'll definitely be affected positively by their way of thinking. George Enema MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER IBM WEST AFRICA

Contagious simply represents 21st century ground breaking brand marketing solutions. Phemmy Odukoya AFRICAN PRACTICE (R&B)

For the innovative ideas that revolutionized marketing communications in Nigeria, I doff my abeti aja cap for you guys. Your consumer engagement products has been able to connect many consumers and brands effectively. Keep wowing us with unexplored ideas. Thumbs up Jide Adeyemi BRAND STRATEGY & NEW BIZ MANAGER BTL SOLUTIONS

Contagious Media has been in the forefront of new media in Nigeria. They have demonstrated an uncanny ability to understand customer needs and provide cutting edge solutions that provide simple, yet savvy solutions to complex issues. Wishing the company continued success!


“Excellent, Marvellous, Intelligent, Smart Super ... some of the words that can define Contagious and its been pleasure to know them and work with them - I wish them great success in every endeavour they take up... Femi Olamjibiti REGIONAL CUSTOMER MARKETING MANAGER GUINNESS AFRICA AT DIAGEO AFRICA

“I have worked with Contagious on so many briefs in the last 2 years. both Ambient and Outdoor. On every occasion, they demonstrated outstanding understanding of client problem, schedule. deliverables. Contagious possesses an impeccable knowledge of Out Of Home Media. You will also find them excellent team players, good listener and passionate solution developer. I recommend them to any one seeking to create the WOW and ISH experience” Musek Manik M-I-C AT ENCYCLOMEDIA NETWORKS PVT. LTD., SPECIALIST ADVERTISING AGENCY AND PRODUCTION HOUSE ONTARIO CANADA MUMBAI INDIA

A rare mix of creativity and 'early' business acumen is one way to describe Sola. A trend spotter and entrepreneur would be another way to describe him. Always one to grasp a good opportunity, his company Contagious can be counted to deliver, successfully for you the right blend of technology driven direct marketing solutions. And they are always on the hunt for the next big thing - thus growing into experts in the direct digital activation segment of digital marketing. We have done a few projects together and the results have always been exemplary and with tons of value added stuff thrown in. Contagious is reliable and will deliver almost always. I am delighted to give this recommendation for Contagious. To his success and yours."

“Working with Contagious was inspiring and challenging. We've participated together on several projects and have achieved some excellent results. Maarten Wulffers CEO SEEAS B.V. OPEN SOURCE BUSINESS SOLUTION SPECIALIST AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

Contagious Testimonial  

Testimonials from some of Contagious Media's Clients.

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