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Tyrannosaurus Rex

Ted Rechlin. This educational brings the Cretaceous world and Tyrannosaurus Rex to life, like never before. 978-1-59152-174-7 • $16.95 (Hardcover) Available from Ingram, Baker & Taylor Published by RexTooth Studios SHELF: RexTooth Studios Shelf (company)

HEALTH & WELLNESS 30 Minute DIETWALK for Women: Lose 12 Lbs., Shape Up, & Look Younger in 2 Weeks

Fred A. Stutman, M.D. For Women: Lose weight and shape up quickly, and look and feel younger in only 14 days. 978-0-934232-48-7 • $19.95 Available from and published by Medical Manor Books SHELF: Health & Wellness

The Complete Guide to Autism Healthcare

Anita Lesko, BSN, RN, MS, CRNA. A comprehensive guide for healthcare professionals to develop special care/practices in medical facilities for autistics. [BISAC: Psychology/ Autism Spectrum Disorders; Medical/Physician & Patient] 9781941765449 • $16.95 Available from Ingram Wholesale (IPS), Amazon, Baker & Taylor Published by Future Horizons, Inc. SHELF: Future Horizons, Inc. Shelf (company)

GYM3/AYUSH, 4th Edition

C.K. Hiranya Gowda, MD, FACS. We are the masters of our health. Apply simple, easy practices as show in GYM3. A new healthimprovement program. [Health & Fitness] 9781578430963 • $26.00 Available from and published by Hiranya Gowda SHELF: Health & Wellness

Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds

Avital Miller. Insight and inspiration from healing experts who cured themselves and others despite dire medical prognoses. [Health and Healing] 9780999678527 • $24.95 Available from Ingram Published by APG Publishing SHELF: Health & Wellness

Killing Heel Pain: Your Final Freedom from Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Karen L. Smith, DPM. The ultimate “how-to” guide for getting rid of plantar fasciitis. [Health & Fitness/Disease/Musculoskeletal] 978-09981675-3-4 (paper) 978-099816754-1 (eBook) • $15.95 Available from Ingram, Baker & Taylor Published by Blue Viper Books SHELF: Health & Wellness

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission

Janet Maker, Ph.D. Learn all your treatment options, success-rates, side-effects, how to choose the best doctors and hospitals. [Health & Fitness > Women’s Health > Cancer] 978-0-9976619-1-0 • $16.95 Available from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Brodart Published by Jane Thomas Press SHELF: Health & Wellness

What’s Your Season – Healing Principles and Recipes for Your Body Type

Brielle Kelly, Cherisse Godwin, Kristy Hsiao. Valuable approach to living well, bringing together the best of Eastern and Western medicine to help optimize your health. [Health/ Cooking] 978-0-9993114-2-4 • $21.95 Available from New Leaf Distributors, Ingram, Baker & Taylor Published by Kelsin Press SHELF: Health & Wellness

Yoga For Pain Relief: A New Approach to an Ancient Practice

Lee Albert, NMT. Identify specific muscle imbalances causing YOUR pain; create safe yoga practices to rebalance YOUR body. 978-1-940013-32-9 • $29.95 Available from Small Press United; Baker & Taylor Published by Dudley Court Press SHELF: Health & Wellness

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