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By: Whitney Holtzman

ust be yourself, because everyone else is already taken.” That quote by Oscar Wilde serves as an inspiration to me. In order to be a CEO, or an entrepreneur of any sort, you must have an unwavering belief in yourself. Growing up, sports was my release when I didn’t want to do homework. I always felt life was short, and I wanted to have a job that I loved. While I come from a family of all lawyers, I knew that I was meant for my own, unique career path. If I’m the first me, how could I do it wrong?! I always say a job is like a spouse; they’re hard to predict, but you know it when you see it. That’s how I treat all of my career opportunities. I reach for the moon, and I land among the stars.

My original goal was to be a sideline reporter on Monday Night Football, so I went after that dream with every ounce of my being. In college, I had internships with the Tampa Bay Rays, Turner Sports, and ESPN. My career dream became my priority. Everything else took a back seat. I think success in any aspect of life comes from depth over width – going all in on what you care about most and sacrificing other opportunities.

Dabbling a little here and there doesn’t elicit fulfilling results. Thinking about what you’re missing out on is the biggest distraction and waste of time. It’s important to be at peace with who you are and the decisions you make. One of the most important life lessons I learned was from my mentor, Gary Vaynerchuk: The best gift you can give yourself is being self-aware. Know exactly how you’re perceived, how your actions impact those

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Breezin' Magazine - The Entrepreneurial Edition