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Hustle hustler can best be described as ambitious and driven to succeed. Debbie Lundberg, founder of Presenting Powerfully, is one example of how hustling can build your business, brand, and influence. She also exhibits other lesser known hustler qualities which have furthered her success.


Learning the art of hustling was never an issue for Debbie Lundberg. It seems she was born with those tenacious qualities that make for powerful entrepreneurs. In fact, her first entrepreneurial efforts began in elementary school. Debbie created a circus in her parents’ backyard, where she charged 10 cents for entry, performed all the tricks, and ran the games. In the third grade, she ran a marker checkout at her school where fellow students could rent markers by the day, or save with a weekly rental. A business woman was very clearly in the making.

started her own shopping service with a friend called “Bargain Hunter’s Shopping,” and after graduate school, Debbie and a General Motors colleague had a side hustle called “Gift of Rhyme,” where she wrote limericks for people based on their responses to six questions. Her partner then printed and framed them for gifts, announcements, and more. At the age of 33, the hustles from her youth drove her to leadership roles at General Motors. At the time she was the head of Legal and Product Allegations for the US, Puerto Rico,

and the Virgin Islands. She spent most of her time traveling back and forth with her teams in Florida and Michigan. When General Motors announced their consolidation efforts back to Michigan, Debbie and her fiancé found themselves carefully considering their next steps. They knew they didn’t want to live in Michigan, but Debbie wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the corporate world. Instead of panicking or simply quitting, Debbie ambitiously proposed a solution. She offered seven months of work to find a replacement or fill in for others

By high school, she was pushing herself to play on the varsity golf and tennis teams while also working at McDonald’s. During her undergraduate years at the University of Michigan, she ——————————————————————————————————— 40 ———————————————————————————————————

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