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magine a job where you can create new products, services, and systems. A job where you have the financial support of a company, but do not have to follow the corporation’s usual routines or protocols. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But, there are people within companies that create innovative changes and products within those companies. These people are called intrapreneurs, and you could be one of them. The first step to becoming an intrapreneur is thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur. This mindset requires having a driving, innovative dedication to the company to which you work. It requires having the will to take on extra roles, more projects and presentations, and the ability to put yourself in a risky situation to better the company. The hands-on experience associated with being an intrapreneur allows for your ideas to become a profitable finished product. You serve as a beneficiary to your company, creating innovation from within. Corporations are always looking for new ways to update and make their product better. The creativity offered by someone who claims themselves to be an intrapreneur follows the goals of the company, while also looking for new ways to enhance their work. Another characteristic of a successful intrapreneur is their out-of-the-box thinking abilities. They form new ideas to change the strategic

direction of the company, helping the corporation grow. Looking at the work behind the hustle of intrapreneur, it’s clear that their job is anything but easy. They spend countless hours looking for unheard of ideas to bring innovation to the company. They are the people who go above and beyond without being told to do so, and by doing so, they gain influence and leadership positions. The ability to serve as a leader within your own organization can help you grow and build relationships throughout the company. Several intrapreneurs have even expanded outside of their companies once they have reached their full potential. Pro-activating yourself as an intrapreneur in your own business requires the skills to motivate not only yourself, but the others you work with. Having the ability to persuade others about changes you want to bring within the company is needed to execute your plans. Even in times of uncertainty, you need to be able to stand steadfast in making decisions. Understand, though, that it may be difficult at first to generate ideas that benefit the company. The difference between managers and intrapreneurs is intrapreneurs have to be ready to start out small and not receive all of the credit for everything they do before they build up a name for themselves.

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Breezin' Magazine - The Entrepreneurial Edition  

Breezin' Magazine - The Entrepreneurial Edition