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Canon was fouded in 1943 by Goro

Yoshida and saburo Yoshida as confounder. Consequently, the company changed its name to date as Canon, canon in the following year to 195 offices worldwide.1930, the company that produces the most popular camera is the leica and Contax cameras, Canon has created a high quality to compete with the camera from Germany that have high cost. The capital are from their closefriends named Takeshi Mitarai and then he is president. Canon has developed all the time from camera to camera to camera.SLR Camera EOS cameras and the latest digital. The digital camera is acompact camera,light weight and hight quality picture, interchangeable lens. This is very helpful for consumers who want a modern technology. The company has developed advanced technology to be able to compete with competitors in the global economy.


C anon was fouded in 1943 by Goro onclusion onclusion onclusion