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ore than 1,500 years ago, Italian artisans learned to mix marble scraps—waste material from other projects —with cement to create beautiful flooring designs for lobbies, plazas, and other public spaces. The reuse of materials is as important today as it was centuries ago. As green and sustainable architecture becomes a more powerful touchstone, terrazzo’s characteristics of longevity and use of recycled materials remain strong assets. Terrazzo flooring is ideal for use in municipal and public facilities like hospitals, libraries, schools, courthouses and other government offices, hotels, theaters, college and university buildings, and churches.


ecause terrazzo uses recycled materials, and often can be sourced locally, it works well for projects that need LEED-certified green building design and construction practices. In this edition of Hard Facts we take a look at some shining examples of sustainability and design working beautifully together.

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West Ridge Elementary

Crisler Center Kinowerks Albany Park Middle School

ABOUT THE COVER PHOTO Detail of Kinowerks in terrazzo. See page 3 for more.


Sustainable Design West Ridge Elementary is home to some truly inspiring terrazzo flooring, earning an NTMA honor award as well as LEED Silver certification. Each floor is a creative exploration of various educational themes, from the full number Pi embedded along one hallway to another hallway with images of all of the presidents in chronological order. Inspiring, educating, and sustainable!

West Ridge Elementary Chicago, IL PROJECT: West Ridge Elementary (Chicago, IL) TERRAZZO CONTRACTOR: John Caretti & Company (Morton Grove, IL) ARCHITECT: Wendy Viamontes, Muller & Muller (Chicago, IL) GENERAL CONTRACTOR: George Sollitt Construction Co. (Wood Dale, IL) TERRAZZO MATERIAL(S) SUPPLIER: (Epoxy, Chips) Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies (Wheeling, IL)


Timeless Logos The Crisler Center has been the heart and home of Wolverine basketball since 1967, and it was starting to show its age. With an incredibly tight deadline to have the space open for the 2012-2013 basketball season, there was no room for mistakes. The Micheilutti Brothers covered 50,600 sq. ft. in terrazzo, which not only played a crucial role in the LEED Gold certificate the building achieved, but also stays true blue with the rousing U of M fight song embedded in terrazzo at each column – literally leading the spectators and players alike to victory!

PROJECT NAME: Crisler PROJECT: Crisler Center at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) TERRAZZO CONTRACTOR: Michielutti Bros, Inc. (Eastpointe, MI) ARCHITECT & DESIGNER: TMP Architecture (Portage, MI) GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Spence Brothers (Ann Arbor, MI) EPOXY & CHIPS SUPPLIER: Terrazzo Marble Supply Company (Wheeling, IL) DIVIDER STRIPS: National Metal Shapes (Delaware, OH)

Crisler Center


Business Elegance and Distinction Kinowerks Ravenswood is a remarkable combination of a highly creative space that embodies both a unique design and durable, sustainable construction. By using terrazzo, VOA – the architects on the job – not only created a design as unique as the rest of the building, but met the demanding LEED certification criteria. With locally sourced materials that came from within a 500-mile radius, recycled glass, and remarkable durability, terrazzo helped seal the deal on the LEED Gold certification. VOA architect Bill Ketchum says it best: “Ravenswood Kinowerks is a highly sustainable design that embodies an extraordinary attention to detail within a work environment that is at once technologically advanced, intensely focused, efficient, beautiful and deliberately relaxed.” PROJECT NAME: Ravenswood Kinowerks (Chicago, IL) LOCATION: Chicago, IL TERRAZZO CONTRACTOR: John Caretti & Co. (Morton Grove, IL) ARCHITECT:VOA (CHICAGO, IL) GENERAL CONTRACTOR: W.B. Olson, Inc. (Northbrook, IL) TERRAZZO MATERIAL(S) SUPPLER: (Epoxy, Chips) Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies (Wheeling, IL) PRECAST WORK: John Caretti & Co. (Morton Grove, IL) PHOTOGRAPHY: Barbara Karant

Kinowerks Chicago, IL


Tradition of Recycling A few years ago, Chicago Public Schools system set forth an initiative requiring all new schools to be LEEDcertified. For Albany Park Middle School, in Chicago, IL, terrazzo was the clear answer. Recycled post-consumer glass composition, low-emission epoxy, and regional manufacturing all helped to make terrazzo a contributor to the school’s LEED certification.


Albany Park Middle School Chicago, IL




he concept of a regional terrazzo association was sparked by Lou D’Agnolo Sr. and Narch Modesto in 1965. The two discussed various benefits offered by such an organization, and then proceeded to research potential members. Initially, this new group, called North Central Terrazzo Association (NCTA), was limited to 23 firms in three states: Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. At the first meeting in 1965 at Chicago’s heralded Como Inn, officers were elected and arrangements were made for specific office functions. In a relatively short time, a full time architectural representative was brought on. Within a year, membership increased to include other Midwestern states. The association became stronger over the years, and subsequently NCTA was approached by MOTCA (Michigan, Ohio Terrazzo Contractors Association) and, after negotiations, MOTCA merged into and became part of NCTA. The NCTA was started to promote the usage of terrazzo—and to educate architects, designers, and building owners on the widespread benefits of selecting this long enduring and always endearing flooring material.

For more information about terrazzo or to schedule a lunch-and-learn presentation at your firm, email or call Christina Canright at 773 220-9433.

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