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Bryant Park at Citytech March 22, 2013

International Business Organization

Bryant Park at Citytech staff

Project Director, Marcus Campbell

Head of Show Production, Jomuelle Anicet Assistant Director of Show Production, Jaribel Abreu Production Assistant, Romel Brewster Assistant Stylist, Ashlyn Concepcion Assistant Stylist, Justin Molina

Director of Marketing, Cherron Blount Assistant Director of Marketing, Max Altidor Media and Public Relations Manager, SImone Solomon Community Manager / Head Stylist, Natalie Agbaje

Lead Model / Runway Coach, Nnena Jobe Lead Model / Runway Coach, Angela Hunter Cosmetic Artist, Keshia Alecia Streeks Cosmetic Artist / Image Retoucher, Tytianna Marshall-Harris

Logo Design, Iliana Quinones LookBook Design, Jer贸nimo Herrera Graphic Design, Jessica Yens

Bryant Park at Citytech Schedule

Red and Black Momento Pre Show | 6 PM

Bryant Park at Citytech | 7:30 PM

Designers ( In Order of Apperance) Stephanie Avril Amy Robin Lina Maria Muriel Kareesa Fraser Janice Days Kimberly Clark Abigail Moreira Romel Brewster Shadeeka Campbell Gevandean Brown

Photography & Networking | 9:30 PM

Faculty Address letter from john dixon I would like to enthusiastically welcome each of you to this very exciting event. It has been two years in the planning stages and finally Bryant Park at Citytech is a reality. The purpose of Bryant Park at Citytech is to display the student interest and desire in the world of fashion with the hopes that this show can illuminate the void that is felt due to the lack of baccalaureate level fashion education. Hopefully, such activities could be integrated into the curriculum and help the students prepare and professionally develop for careers in the fashion industry. There are many people that I would like to thank who have worked tirelessly to make this show possible. First, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to City Tech President Russell K. Hotzler, Vice President Marcela Katz Armoza, Dean Barbara Grumet, the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Life and Development as well as the Business Office for helping us to obtain everything in a timely fashion. I also want to thank all the sponsors, including Dr Jays for providing the footwear, PAJ Cosmetics for coming all the way from Maryland to do hair and makeup, NewTress Virgin Hair for providing the staff shirts and The North Star Group for the Jones / Source magazines. Once again the Student Government Association and Dean Barbara Grumet were essential in providing funding for the event. Moreover, I want to thank all the members of the International Business Organization and particularly the committee of students that handled all of the production and marketing related to this event while rallying a great portion of the student population to support fashion related endeavors of the past year, including Marcus Campbell, Jomuelle Anicet, Jaribel Abreu, Romel Brewster, Angela Hunter, Natalie Agbaje, Ashlyn Concepcion and so many more who are not mentioned but not forgotten. To make this event possible required countless late nights, many sleepless hours, blood, sweat and tears, and yes, there were many setbacks, obstacles and postponements, but they refused to give up on their dream which is being presented to you here at New York City College of Technology for the first time ever. This is truly a student product event! They are the ones who really deserve most of the credit, and while I provided guidance and encouragement and sometimes assisted in putting out fires, they are the ones who supplied boundless enthusiasm, energy, ideas, talent, resourcefulness, creativity and the industriousness to make it possible. Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank all of the supporting team as without them this fantastic show would not be taking place tonight. This group includes all of the Models, Designers, Choreographers, Hair Stylists, Wardrobe Stylists, Make Up Artists, Marketers, Graphic Artists, Photographers, Stage Hands and Advisors, who freely donated their time, money and energy to making this event a success. Thank you so much for attending this wonderful show and I am sure that you will barely be able to stay seated due to excitement as you enjoy the fruits of their efforts.


Dr. John F Dixon Associate Professor Department of Business, NYCCT

designed By Jessica Yens

Romel Brewster Romel lives for a challenge. After suffering

an intense injury, Romel returned to designing as a hobby believing that everything happens for a reason. Case in point, there is no mini-show event or fashion show that Romel has not been a part of in the last two years. As one of the first designers in the show, Romel’s talents have definitely grown over time. He claims that this comes from everyday life around him and the patterns and shapes it forms into his inspiration. Oddly enough, one of Romel’s current inspirations is Bryant Park at Citytech, which he is using as a springboard for his brand Human Element2.

Images courtesy of Kevin Streek Photography

Abigail Moreira Abigail Moreira has always held aspirations

of becoming a fashion designer, as early as her years in middle school. Her talent as a seamstress is top notch, bolstered by her education at High School of Fashion Industries. Abigail has drawn from strong inspirations from popular industry designers Oscar de la Renta and Anna Sue to create a look adequate for the modern working woman, professional yet feminine and full of life. An avid believer in collaborative development, Abigail thrives in situations such as Bryant Park at Citytech, where the whole staff is united in the goal of helping each other reach the industry.

Images courtesy of Kevin Streek Photography


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1/25/13 3:26 PM

Janice ‘Miyoshi’ Days Janice’s unique sense of style seems to be a twist between the modern hipster and a rocker or punk lifestyle attire. This modern rebel has always expressed a natural interest and talent in designing for fashion and her skills were only set to evolve with her acceptance to High School of Fashion Industries (a rite of passage for many local designers). However it becomes amazingly clear that this particular designer / model combination is due to her previous experiences in the industry as a fit model, fabric specialist and design assistant as much as it is due to her acceptance of various experiences in her daily life. Janice sees her future in fashion behind her Miyoshi Label which she believes is her next step in her continued evolution as a designer.

Images courtesy of Kevin Streek Photography

Kimberly Clarke Kimberly Clark is one of those designers that was literally exposed to fashion at a very young age. Both her mother and grandmother were amateur designers that had even sewed part of their own wardrobe. More importantly they often allowed Kimberly to help detail and accent many of the garments until she was able to sketch and sew on her own. These genes manifested into a unique talent for construction particularly in long pattern garments such as gowns and dresses. Kimberly patterns her designs off of inspired themes such as the Aquatic / Mermaid pieces for Bryant Park at Citytech.

Images courtesy of Kevin Streek Photography

Lina Maria Muriel Some designers state that they are inspired by their heritage or background and others indicate their environment. Yet for designers such as Lina Maria Muriel, it is clear that she is not only inspired by her Columbian ancestry but embodies it. In everything from the cuts to fabrics to color choices, Lina’s designs are distinctly Latin American. On top of this, her construction is top notch, one of the best designers in the show by construction alone. Lina’s goal is to open her boutique Niche in her motherland Columbia and sees Bryant Park at Citytech as a leap in the right direction. Fueled by the pressure of succeeding along with the other designers, Lina has proven that she deserved that coveted Golden Needle award she earned while attending High School of Fashion Industries.

Images courtesy of Fulmoonpix Photography

Shadeeka Campbell An always entrepreneurial spirit drove Shadeeka to dabble into fashion, particularly fashion design. Unlike many of the other designers, Shadeeka’s previous experiences were more towards illustration and art. More interested in playing basketball than sewing clothes, Shadeeka’s creative bug did not strike until a little over a year ago. Since then, the brand 6XII has served as her outlet for design and creativity, however, her entrepreneurial spirit has left her to design within the trends of the current and coming season rather than the world around her as the other designers do. While she has modeled extensively in the past, Bryant Park at Citytech represents her first foray into fashion design and according to Shadeeka, it will not be her last.

Images courtesy of Kevin Streek Photography

Kareesa Fraser Kareesa may be one of the most modest

of the designers and will openly admit that she considers design to be more of a hobby than a career. With that said, it’s hard to imagine Kareesa doing anything else as a hobby. With her first love in illustration and animation, Kareesa flexed her creative muscle in many areas of art throughout her teenage years until she became involved in an Earth Day fashion show called “Recycle the Runway”. The result was that her creative muscle manifested as a fashion mind. Kareesa has a knack for converting her environment into an article of clothing. She once said “if I cannot buy Yves Saint Laurent, I will create it”. It is clear that she actually enjoys creating it.

Images courtesy of Kevin Streek Photography

Stephanie Avril A literal bundle of energy, Stephanie is al-

ways seen networking her way up the fashion totem pole and jumps at any opportunity to participate in a fashion related event, whether as a dancer, choreographer, event host, makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe specialist or even just as an assistant. Her true passion however is design where Stephanie’s skill is evident both in sketching and construction. Stephanie is no stranger to difficultly being unable to attend either High School of Fashion Industries or initially enroll at Fashion Institute of Technology. However, she is sure to continue to compete and climb her way up the ladder.

Images courtesy of Kevin Streek Photography

Amy Robin

Amy’s highly defined fashion sensibilities are apparent in every facet of her designs. Through her formal background in design, Amy shows her knowledge of sewing and construction with her throughout her teenage years. In high school, Amy showed a natural ability for organizing fashion events as the Show Manager of the Junior and Senior edition of their Annual Fashion Shows. Since then, Amy has been actively involved in many fashion shows, hoping to take her brand “Freeq” to a higher level. Inspired by the style of Tim Burton and the palettes of Betsy Johnson, some would consider her a little bit of a “Freeq” in the industry, but Amy wouldn’t ask for anything less.

Images courtesy of Raymond Liang

Gevandean Brown Unfathomably cool and laidback, Gevandean immediately comes across the pinnacle of urban menswear typically in a neat bowtie or partial suit ensemble. Upon closer inspection, it might become slightly more apparent that Gevandean is wearing his own label Gevandean: Mise En Scene. Born and raised in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Gevandean takes a great deal of inspiration from his grandmother who was a professional seamstress and bestowed to him some of her skill with the needle. Needless to say, upon arriving in New York City, Gevandean found a location more suitable to his dominant trade. Currently enrolled in Kingsborough Community College to study Fashion Design, Gevandean takes pride in the raw emotional appeal of his designs combining odd fabrics and stylish embroidery into simple and clean fabrics for his models.

Images courtesy of Kevin Streek Photography

Show Models thank you Images courtesy of Fulmoonpix, Raymond Liang and Kevin Brewster Streeks.

Angela Hunter model bio Angela began her modeling journey 15 years ago during a runway show in Atlanta, Georgia. While she was naturally aligned to print work, Angela, always a classy lady, quickly picked up on the art of a great runway presence. Often offered opportunities at modeling agencies in the past, Angela was never one to jump at these opportunities, preferring the business side of fashion and beauty to the glamorous side of design and modeling. This rationale is evident in her judicious involvement with modeling for certain events particularly as she has come to tackle the newer challenge parenting. As a young mother, Angela believes that her daughter is nothing but a blessing and appreciates the way she gains confidence from seeing her mother as a proud fashion model. Angela believes that what the younger generation of models need to “learn is confidence, confidence, confidence! Yes, modeling is a learned talent, but in the moment, you must really believe that no one exists but you – and to me, that is the real key to being a great model�.

Images courtesy of Raymond Liang

Nnena Jobe model bio Nnena feels as though she has been modeling for her entire life, but in actuality Nnena’s first actual modeling opportunity was a little over thirteen years ago. While Nnena has dabbled in print modeling or as she calls it “where the money’s at”, she has been a near demon on the local runway scene. Often cast amongst models almost a foot taller than her, Nnena has stood out due to incredible character and presence on the runway and has been seen in many major events including Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. More than just a model, Nnena has experience in cosmetology, wardrobe styling and runway coaching as she continues to defy stereotypes about height in the fashion industry while raising her daughter to one day combat stereotypes of her own. Nnena believes that the next generation of models needs to have the utmost confidence and prove that they should be the only ones on the runway. A firm advocate of personality and style, Nnena often coaches young women according to their unique walk rather than tailoring them to fit some industry standard. Clearly it has worked for her through this point.

Images courtesy of Raymond Liang

About the staff bios

Images courtesy of Raymond Liang

Jomuelle Anicet – Head of Show Productions Title Description: Jomuelle is in charge of all administrative and organizational planning decisions with the show. She determines the production team, choreography, model training and supervision and management of designers. Biography: Despite being a marketing major with little background in fashion, Jomuelle aspires to be a stylist and executive producer of high quality fashion events. She takes strong inspiration from the world around her in order to create and manage event themes. After receiving her Associate degree in Marketing Management and Sales, Jomuelle is now studying Hospitality Management. Jaribel Abreu – Assistant Director of Show Production Title Description: Jaribel provides technical and research support functions to Jomuelle and the team. Biography: Jaribel is a highly ambitious and interactive marketer for Bryant Park at Citytech, who combines an uncanny selling ability with a ‘will do’ attitude. Jaribel utilizes over five years of retail sales experience to guide her instincts and possesses a great ability to do research and other support functions for the marketing team. Marcus Campbell – Project Director Title Description: As visionary of the show, Marcus mentors and guides all aspects of the show’s production and marketing, particularly in terms of personnel management and outreach. Biography: Marcus acts as team coordinator in Jomuelle’s absence, primarily serving as mentor and guidance to the primary staff. Marcus combines seven years of marketing experience and exposure to business operations in order to guide show decisions and facilitate personnel management. Romel Brewster – Production Assistant Title Description: As Production Assistant, Romel is responsible for supporting and augmenting Jomuelle’s capabilities and communicating the concerns of the designers. Biography: Romel became involved with Bryant Park at Citytech due to a freak accident that caused him to review his current situation and prioritize his education. This allowed the team to benefit from his past experiences in merchandising and retail and general fashion industry exposure as he advised the show’s managers in the best ways to present the event. Natalie Agbaje – Head Stylist / Social Media Manager Title Description: As Head Stylist, Natalie is responsible for styling the designers’ looks to provide the best possible presentation on the day of the event. Biography: Natalie aspires to be a celebrity stylist or corporate stylist and for good reason. Over her nine plus years of retail experience, Natalie has learned how to bring out everyone’s best look with a few well placed accessories or accents. Natalie uses her knowledge of trends and styles to keep the team abreast of the ‘ins and outs’ of fashion as time passes.

Contributors thank you Bryant Park at Citytech would not be possible without the time and generosity of the persons listed below. While most were unpaid, the meager earnings of those that were paid could not equate to the time effort and energy they committed to making this fashion show a reality. Thank you all so very much.

Graphic Artists Iliana Quinones (Logo) | Jessica Yens (Show Flyer) | Jerónimo Herrera (LookBook) | Noah Farmer (LookBook) | Marcus Campbell (Mini-Show Flyers) Photographers Kevin Brewster Streek (LookBook Photography) | Wolf Pamphlie (LookBook Photography) | Raymond Liang (Rehearsal Photography) | Delmar Springer (Event Photography) | Dwayne Philibert (Event Photography) | Romel Brewster (Event Photography) Cosmetic Artistry Keishia Alicia Streeks | Tytianna Marshall - Harris | Latoya Dawson | Latisha Utley | Naomi Baez | PAJ Cosmetics Stylists Natalie Agbaje | Ashlyn Concepcion | Justin Molina Advisors Christina Cross | Antaya McKenzie | Emmy Perry Models Alma Cabral Reynoso | Angela Hunter (Lead Model / Runway Coach) | Brittany Chen | Brittany Williams | Elizabeth Fitts | Gayana Sarkisyants | Genevieve Yosco | Ineeks Lawrence | Ja’Lisa Outcalt | Jennifer Santiago | Karissa Carson | Love Tucker | Nnena Jobe (Model Extraordinaire / Runway Coach) | Nyomi Santiago | Paige Grant | Rajani Sheppard | Roksolana Ivashkeyvch | Samuel Gordon | Shaakira Solomon | Shanice Thompson | Shermon Braithwaite | Siedah Zwahlen | Simone Solomon | Theresa Freeman | Tiara Cowan | Tyesha Hairston Designers Abigail Moreira | Amy Robin | Gevandean Brown | Janice Days | Kareesa Fraser | Kimberly Clarke | Lina Marie Muriel | Romel Brewster | Shadeeka Campbell | Stephanie Avril Without Which This Show Could Not Happen Jomuelle Anicet | Jaribel Abreu

Bryant Park at Citytech 2013


NewTress Virgin Hair PAJ Cosmetics Cynamon Stroman North Star Publishing Group Dr. Jays

Bryant Park at Citytech 2013 LookBook  

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