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Senior I Standard

By: Ivor Lee

On the day of the competition, the two couples of each country were given their own tables and chairs in the changing room. This way, we did not have to fight for space in the changing room to change and rest as in many previous world championships. We were also given ample time right before the competition to practice and warm up on the actual competition floor. AD: Was it a difficult competition? Was there a lot of tension between competitors?


resden, Germany hosted the Senior I Standard Championship this year. Xing Min and Katerina Lu placed 13th, while Andreas Meijer and Jody Frease placed 17th out of a field of 40 competitors. AD caught up with the Lu’s to hear more about the event. AD: What stood out to you the most at this competition? XMK: The one thing that struck us the most was the wonderful logistic arrangements of the competition. Usually, the world championship is organized by a different country each year. Because of this, the organization of the competition varies a great deal. This year, the organization was outstanding. We were greeted at the airport and taken to our hotel in private car without having to wait for other couples for car pooling. We really appreciated this because we were tired after a long flight. Top: Andreas Meijer and Jody Frease and Xing Min and Katerina Lu competing at Nationals 2010 photo by Carson Zullinger

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XMK: We wouldn’t say it is a difficult competition. We have been to more difficult competitions. For example, the first time we made the Blackpool final, we danced the first round at 12:00 noon and danced the final round after midnight. Altogether, we danced 7 rounds in one day. That was a difficult competition. World Championship is not as physically demanding because there were fewer rounds and even in the semi final, there were two heats. There is always a break between dances until the final. But for us, the World Championship is a special competition because we represent our country. As in any competition, there was an atmosphere of healthy rivalry among the competitors. But we would

not describe that as tension. As a matter of fact, over the years, we have become friends with a lot of our competitors. It was a pleasure to see them at the World Championship. AD: How was competing this time different from the previous times you’ve been to worlds? XMK: We did not feel much difference because we always treat each World Championship very seriously. We got ourselves ready mentally, and physically and always tried our best during the competition.

AD: How did the two of you meet? We met as student and teacher. Xingmin was a student of Katerina’s at the beginning. We have been dancing together in the senior division since late 2005. AD: What do you love most about ballroom? XMK: We love many aspects of ballroom dancing. We love dancing to the music, the challenge of learning and understanding the techniques, and improving.

Xing Min and Katerina Lu at Nationals 2010 Photo By Ivor Lee

But the most important is that we share the same passion and can pursue our goals together. In our short dancing career, we had many successes and also many disappointments. But throughout all these, we feel lucky to have each other to share all these moments.

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Katarina and Xing Min Lu  

American Dancer interview with Katarina and Xing Min Lu